apologia biology and highschool schedule

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apologia biology and highschool schedule

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I've seen MFW schedule for biology. I've seen Sonlight schedule for biology. I've NOT seen the Apologia Biology Study Notebook schedule. Can anyone compare specifically the Sonlight schedule to the official Apologia Biology Student Notebook schedule? which one allows for less pages to read per day (meaning a longer yearly schedule)? Also, I'm new to these boards and I didn't see a highschool board to post on. Am I right to post on the Main Board? If not, please explain. Thanks.
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Re: apologia biology and highschool schedule

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I have not seen the other two schedules so can't help on those, and you've already seen the MFW schedule, so that's good :)

But I wanted to say that yes, this is the main board for all questions. The other boards are for sharing ideas, posting reviews, and then the archives which are saved conversations originally posted on the main board.

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Re: apologia biology and highschool schedule

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We've only used the student notebook for Apologia science once (for General), and the schedule in that spreads out each module a bit more, so you have smaller chunks to read and do each day. I don't know that it makes for a longer year, though. For one thing, MFW's schedule is only for 4 days a week, so if a module is split over two weeks, that's only 8 "school days". But if the student notebook splits that same module over the same two weeks, but done in smaller amounts each of the 10 days (vs. just 8 ) of that two weeks, it comes out to about the same length of year overall.

Disclaimer: It's been a few years since we did that, so I really don't recall if it's *exactly* the same number of weeks for the whole year. I know it wasn't much different, though.

Can you take a look at samples somewhere, or at the Apologia website? Maybe they say in their description of the student notebook. I know they recently revised General so that you now HAVE to use the student notebook with it (whereas before it was optional), but you're talking about Biology, so I don't know.
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