High school- interview with military person

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High school- interview with military person

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I'm wondering what people have done for the writing assignment in week 27 of WHL. What sort of questions did your high schooler ask about being in the Armed Forces? What was their newspaper article about?
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Re: High school- interview with military person

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I'll start the conversation, and hopefully this weekend others will have a chance to chime in. My own son did a LOT of interviews in 10th grade as part of his research project (which was on medical careers), so it looks like I didn't require the exact interview scheduled around Week 27. (Though I did feel the interviews he did were a great experience and good prep for all the college projects he's done.)

However, he did do a military-related interview in 7th or 8th grade, based on one of the Story of the World-4 projects (in 1850 to Modern Times). I thought maybe his questions would help you get started with ideas. Again, these are based on Susan Wise Bauer's questions in the SOTW-4 Activity Book. Your student will be a few years older, so the questions might be phrased a little differently than his :)
  • 1. What branch of service were you in, and why did you choose that branch? Describe your training and locations you were assigned.
    2. What did you eat? Was it very different? Where did you sleep? What kind of bed did you have?
    3. Were there any enjoyable experiences? Did you have good times with your friends at all, or was it just work? Did you get along with everyone?
    4. How did you feel about the people when you were in their country?
    5. What was your job? What kind of equipment did you use? I imagine with your job, you would get to see something cool, either in the war or in training?
    6. Did you get to talk or write to family and friends at home? Did that make you homesick? What “stuff” did you miss?
    7. If you have photos or other things you saved from your experiences, could I look at them?
This is how he started his paper in 7-8th grade:
  • During the years 1965-1972, a battle in Vietnam raged between, well, the USA and north Vietnam. My grandpa served in this war and I got the lucky chance to interview him, and based on the information I got, this is what it was like for a pilot the first year in this war.

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