Bible - How is Victor Journey thru the Bible used?

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Bible - How is Victor Journey thru the Bible used?

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mdfriederich wrote:I'm wondering how those of you who've done CTG used Victor Journey through the Bible. Did you read it aloud to your kids? Did you have just your olders read it? Did you read it ahead alone and pick out the more interesting facts to share? Did you use it mainly as a reference for yourself?

Thanks in advance for your input!

I did all the above at various times throughout the book. I was using it mostly with my oldest, who was 3rd grade at the time. She usually enjoyed the pictures. Sometimes I would let her read a caption or two, but mostly I read it to her.

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I mainly read it to my kiddos and sometimes I asked questions afterwards or asked them what they learned NEW and what they reviewed that they already knew.

I love the pictures and maps in this book. So, we'd often look at the picture or graph or whatever and discuss it.
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I read it outloud to my girls. Not that they couldn't read it to themselves, it's just that we like to do it together. We really enjoy the pictures and maps too.
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Victor Journey

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When you look at the Bible box in CTG, you will see specific things to do for Bible. For example, "Exodus 1, Victor p51." These really belong together. If you read one as a family, you would read the other as well, and together get the full picture of the Bible story.

Sometimes the Victor section is used FIRST to fill in information, because some parts of the Old Testament must be left out in order to finish in one year. So if the Bible story is about a King, the Victor section might be read first to fill you in on what has happened to bring him to power.

Sometimes the Victor section is used LAST to fill in information about the historical time period. There may be a map or an explanation of the importance of something from the Bible story in ancient times, where we might not think it was important today.

I think at the beginning of the year, you are reading every line of Genesis so there is not anything to fill in, and the times are so ancient that there is not as much supplemental information to offer. Victor will become more important as the year goes on.

And I highly recommend the TM suggestion of reading the Bible in the evenings with dad! It was really a blessing to our family.
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