Books - Questions about using the Atlases

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Books - Questions about using the Atlases

Unread post by Lucy »

Winni wrote:I am wondering what age the "Intermediate World Atlas" is is geared towards. I have a 10yo dd and a 7yo dd who will be doing ECC. I suppose my real question is, why do we need both the Illustrated World Atlas and the Intermediate World Atlast for ECC? Thanks!
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The Intermediate World Atlas is a great atlas and will be used a lot to find countries and landforms throughout the year. So yes your kids will need it. It is used also to label the maps with for each continent and for some of the research that will done as the 10 year old does some of the World Geo. book pages. I love atlases and have several, and this is one of the best. It has also been a resource that we have used in the following MFW years. We just used it this week to locate the exact spot that the Mississippi head waters start in Minnesota.

Hope that helps you decide.

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:35 pm
Just to clarify also that both of these books are scheduled in the T.M. so it would probably be easier to just have the atlases they are selling. If you are buying the package you will not save any money by not getting it and it is only 6.95(less in the package).

Just some more thoughts for using both of the recommended resources.
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

These two atlases are very different resources.

The Illustrated World Atlas has large maps & lists of facts. However, it is more towards a DK book, with many photos & blurbs of information about things unique to each country. POIs as my ds likes to say (points of interest). You won't so much see a map of industry types as you will see a photo and blurbs about a major industry or two in that area

The Classroom Atlas (now called Intermediate Atlas, same book) also includes some photos and information, but the focus is on presenting information via a variety of maps -- political, population, climate, physical, etc. The maps, tho, are slightly simplified and easier to understand than some "adult" atlases.

I also think that the MFW approach really is to learn from a variety of resources (or "living books"), rather than from one source. And along the way, kids are learning about the wider universe available to them in books. I like this about MFW.

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Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:48 am
We use both of them.

The illustrated, imo, is more of a "facts about" the country. It talks about, for instance, the industries of the country, or their agriculture. My kids like this book. It still has the map on it and facts like size and population of the country. It's kind of an usborne type book.

The intermediate is the maps in different forms. It has physical and political maps, along with climate maps and economy maps. It's very helpful for us with the geography packet and just when studying new countries in general. We use them at different times in our study.

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Re: Descriptions

Unread post by kellybell »

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:33 pm
Ditto. They are different and you'll use them both. Plus they aren't that expensive and you'll find yourself reaching for them in future years; they aren't just ECC books.
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Atlas for ECC?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

HomeschoolHarvest wrote:I'm going to be getting ECC soon and I'm trying to economize a bit, plus I already own some of the books required. I was wondering if any illustrated and/or children's world atlas will work with the program?

Hi Kristen,

Here's a thread describing them a bit, in case you want to compare these descriptions to the books you have.

Basically, each is opened up to see what you can learn about a continent in an atlas. So you could open up the atlases that you have at home and see what they contain. You'd have to figure out what pages pertain to the continent you're studying, but that shouldn't be too terribly hard.

I will say that my son continues to use the ECC Classroom Atlas on occasion in high school. And as for the Illustrated Atlas, that had a lot of DK-type info on animals, national resources and products, a few unique architectural sites, etc.

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Re: Atlas for ECC?

Unread post by HomeschoolHarvest »

Thanks, Julie! That is helpful. I'll check them out and also check what I have here. I would love to just buy all the resources..... we'll see.

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Unread post by hsm »

karlafoisy wrote:Hello again all,
We just started wk 3 of Geography, and I see it lists such and such pages in the Classroom Atlas. Are those pages just for reference to the maps, or are we actually supposed to be reading and working with (absorbing) the information included on each page as well?
Good question! We are in week 6 and I have wondered the same thing, so I am looking forward to hearing what others say.

This is what we have been doing ...I go to those pages and read the captions and explain what the maps represent and how to understand the country's make-up (whether it is a population map, political, topography, etc.) I have been using it as a map understanding tool and to glean a little more information about each country.

For my 3rd grader we just go over it together and talk about it along with my 6th grader. My 6th grader finds it more interesting and she likes to look through the pages on her own studying the maps. I don't do much more than that. I just want them exposed to map types and to get more information about each country. My 6th grader likes to look at it during book basket and she is also using it for the country summary sheets and the Exploring World Geography pages.

Hope this helps some. I am not sure if I am doing it "right", but nonetheless this is what we have been doing. Maybe someone else will chime in.
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Re: Geography

Unread post by DS4home »

At the beginning I taught them how to see what the different types of maps showed. Later in the year I would quiz them, turning to the pages and asking "What kind of a map is this? A physical map or a political map?" That's one way I used them.

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Re: Geography

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I point out things about the maps, we look at them. Study them for the geography game, etc.
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