Academics - Whoever said MFW was light has never done it!

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Academics - Whoever said MFW was light has never done it!

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I am not finding this year to be a "light" year so far. Yes we're only in week 2 of adventures but the learning and time spent learning is very rich! I did another well known curriculum last year and the focus on learning is so much more direct and not so "fluffy". Sure good books are great to read, but having weekly learning centered around central themes is great! We are going to enjoy this year.

Whoever said MFW was light has never done it!
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Welcome to world of Adventures. We did it last year and my boys loved it. I did too.

I caught up on a lot of history that I never learned in public school! Have fun.
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Light - HA! We started ECC Monday, along with K, and we've been working very hard.

I am pleased as we've done MFW since K and the increased workload as the kids mature is perfect. I feel my 2 in ECC are really being stretched as we begin this year, but it's very enjoyable and they are loving our first 2 days of school. (I'm exhausted!) This is my first year with all the kids involved fully.

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We're in week 4 of ECC --- and NO it is not light, yet it is just right. I have a 3rd and 7th grader - I had worried about it being "enough" for my 7th grader. ha! Who was I kidding??? Truly those who dub it as "light" have not followed the TM --- it is meaty and challenging; we love it!

I kept wanting to post about this...I'm glad someone else did so I could reply!

Blessings to all - from a homeschool mama who is so very thankful to have fully embraced MFW this year.

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Got to agree. We're on the final weeks of RTR (yippee) and there is a lot of reading about renaissance artists, reformation leaders, queens and kings, Shakespeare.

It's not light.

But we get things done before the yellow bus deposits its tired charges back to their homes.
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Just agreeing. We previously used another curriculum that is generally never referred to as light. We have learned and retained far more with MFW, AND have had much more time for BIBLE! And in the end, that is all that will really matter anyway.
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Same here.. we did Adventures last year with my sons. They loved it, as did I. Very rich and so many great stories!
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