Library - MFW reminded me how wonderful it is!

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Library - MFW reminded me how wonderful it is!

Unread post by ChristyH »

I had forgotten how wonderful the library was. I walked out with a huge box full of books and currents movies for FREE. I don't really even have to store them because they have to be returned. There for they won't be needing shelf space. Did I mention it was free, even the movies? There was so much great stuff.

The book basket aspect of MFW is such a huge plus, because it is unlimited in scope. I found even more great books then the ones listed. Something I do to help myself with extra books from the library is to open two windows in explorer and make one at the library website and one at Amazon. Then I just copy and paste the titles between the sites. Amazon is great for looking at current books and reviews and pictures of the books, while the library makes it all FREE.

For those of us with limited means the library is a God send and fun. Oh, did I mention it was FREE!
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Hi, Christy! Welcome to the library-lovers club! :-) I never imagined that we would use the public library as much as we do. It truly is a God send!

There was a recent fun thread started by kugio, where we all shared what our typical trip to the library looks like!
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I LOVE the library!!!! I've found so much stuff there. I have become a resource for my friends telling them what all they can find. My husband works at a Christian Publishing house and I guess I work against what he's doing when I tell all my friends about all the wonderful books he publishes that they don't have to buy because you can read them for free. I have found ways to get any book I want to read from the library. I've even found leap pad books that can be loaned out! That's fun. There were over 70 titles for the leap pad learning system. FOR FREE!!!

The whole library thing was a big selling point for me. I'm not really wanting a huge home library, but I like having a lot of books around!
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Me too, me too!
My mom and I took our kids to the Central library in Denver today (a five minute drive) for preschool story and craft. My 3, 5 and even 7 year olds love the stories and free craft. Mom helped them with the craft while I and baby searched for Adventures Book Basket books: Columbus, Jamestown, Native Americans, Pocahontas, air, stars and the universe. I checked out close to 30 books and the kids picked 2 movies and 6-8 books each. This is what home school kids need backpacks for! Lol! We have a large open basket next to the tv in the living room for library books only. They have to stay in that room. My oldest has a plastic shoe box for the books she borrowed that she keeps in her bed. She gets to read in bed before she goes to sleep. Three Cheers for Libraries!
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I love our library, I've not had trouble finding books at all for MFW.

Just an FYI, I even got Hooked on Phonics that the kids do on the computer. My boys think it's all fun and games, but it's helping to build their vocabularies as well. LOL
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Unread post by Lucy »

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!!! This was a big selling point for me since the curriculum I came from suggested that you buy them all. We do buy some special ones that become dear to my kids, but it is so great to have the access to them for, what was that wonderful word I kept hearing? Oh yeah, FREE!!

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FREE is a beautiful word!! We were at our library today and I found they even have Genevieve Foster Books! It seems everytime I go there, or search our library's online site, I discover something new that I didn't know I had access to, all for free!
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