Schedule - Some users like to make a tentative daily plan

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Schedule - Some users like to make a tentative daily plan

Unread post by blessedmom2 »

Ok here is my TENTATIVE schedule, I would LOVE LOVE feedback on it!!Is this something that would work? Our boys are 7 and 9.

8-8:15 Bible
8:15-8:30 First task
8:30-9:15-meet with 2nd grader alone, do Spelling, PLL, and math while
Ryan does math alone
9:15-10:15 meet with 4th grader alone, do spelling , ILL, Writing, and
math while 2nd graders does math
10:30-11 geography,and book basket, then short break
11-12 science
12-12:15 lunch prep
12:15-12:45 lunch
12:45-1 lunch clean up
1-1:30 chores for all
1:30-2 ? music/art
2-4 Productive free time
4-4:30 or 4:45 piano for older son
4:30 clean up house if needed
5:30 Dinner
6:15 showers, brush teeth
7 read aloud to kids, kids read to me aloud
7:45 kids in bed and can read alone in bed
8:15 lights out

I just want a rough idea of how our days will go. On another board, a mom told me she thought I don't have enough time set aside for geography, math and LA. So I changed my schedule to allow more time.

The Hazells said one of the great things about MFW is the shorter lessons (Charlotte Mason) and that they think families often get bogged down with math and LA. So how do I avoid that?

Do most people who do ECC with 2 kids do some of their subjects in the afternoon? I do want my children to have free time, time to be kids, time to pursue other productive activities, not do school all day.
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Unread post by NHMom »

We're doing ECC this year (and 1st). I think your schedule looks good.

I have noticed, though, that it takes us longer than 15 minutes to do Bible and some of the other activities. Science takes a very long time because they love to draw. Geography has taken us 25 min, plus book basket. I guess we're just slow, but I want to make sure we don't rush through just for the sake of the clock.

Have a great year!

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Unread post by kellybell »

It looks good. Be willing to be flexible because sometimes as you DO your schedule you discover some surprises (even something as minor as a certain child does better with math earlier and another child is more attentive right before lunch).

And I agree that often things take longer than planned. Sometimes when that happens, we delay the rest of the day. Other times, we put things away and pick up later (even in the afternoon). Other times, we skip a subject. A lot of it depends on your philosophy. Some moms like to cover everything each day, following a schedule. Others (I'm in this camp) prefer to have a schedule as a guideline but are very willing to let an interesting lesson or conversation take over the majority of a morning. Sometimes I can just SEE the light come on in their little heads and don't want to say, "Yes, that IS interesting, but the clock says 9:45 so put up history and let's get out science."

Your schedule looks good. Just think over how you will handle the real life situations of:

1. Emergency phone call (I screen calls, but I can hear who is on the answering machine -- right now I am waiting for my neighbor, who is due today, to call to have me get her girls as she goes into labor).
2. Illness (I have my healthy kids do 3R's and we put the "unit" stuff on hold until the other child is able to participate).
3. High interest in a subject (like I said, I just go with it -- and if it's an otherwise empty day, we just finish later, other times we skip something else -- good thing we have light Fridays).
4. Finishing a subject early (yippee -- free time).
5. Discipline issues. I've got a kid that requires LOTS of guidance and sometimes the talks and guidance interrupts time I should be with other kids. Oh well.

Let us know how it goes. I make a schedule each year, but always end up tweaking it for things that don't work.
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Unread post by lyntley »

I also typed out my tentative schedule which looks vaguely similar.

My kiddies are also 7 and 9 . There of course is always flexibility but getting it down on paper is nice to some idea of how to roll.

Unread post by cbollin »

Normally I don't like to chime in on schedule check kind of threads. that's because we all teach so differently and our children all need different amounts of time to do things.

One of us says "you don't have enough time for X Y Z subject." I think you have plenty in those same subjects based on using the MFW recommendations. And the fact that some of the language arts (and math) with the 2nd grader could blend over into First Task time. We will do our out loud math drills together during a First Task time. It helps my middle child. But that's my house. It's going to work differently than in your house.

Sometimes when teaching math, our children only need 5-10 minutes of our teaching time and then they can work on it by themselves. And so, when someone is in a workbook on math, we have time to call out the other one's spelling words. Then we switch. So --- it will work out.

Someone says "looks about right for the science. And I think --- you will not need an hour for science in ECC so you'll have cushion time built in there."

Music in ECC will not take the amount of time you're thinking it will. The Music lessons in ECC are very quick. You could even do them as part of Geography time. We're talking about the Wee Sing CD here. right? If you add a hymn study, it will be part of First Task time or even can be done while you are getting lunch ready. We do our hymn study at the very end of breakfast in 1850-MOD. I've had plenty of lunches with read alouds.

Art should be a fun part of the day and often fits well with afternoon time. So don't stress that part.

Also, you could consider calling the MFW office and hearing how David and Marie juggled it with multiple kids. From listening to many of his workshop CD's, I've heard various little things that he has done. But he could tell you better than I can. I remember something about one of the kids used to do his music lessons in the early mornings? I don't know.

Hang in there and adjust as you go. I think you'll find your groove after a few weeks. Remember that in the early weeks of ECC, not all subjects have the same start day. In other words not all subjects will be done in week 1.

Also, if they finish a language arts lesson before the time box expires, move on.

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Unread post by Julie in MN »

I want to send hugs along with Crystal! Don't stress about exactly how long things take even before your year starts :o)

Here are a couple of things I thought I could add:

1. Every subject is not scheduled every day in MFW. Art/Music are usually each only once or twice a week. Copywork is not scheduled on the same days as Writing. Etc.

2. Some math concepts will be simple & some take more time. The same with some history readings, and so on. Real families have piloted this program and most of the kinks have been smoothed out so you do get done by the end of the week, even with the occasional unexpected delay thrown in.

3. There are some built-in breaks -- Light Fridays, some light days/weeks during the year, and two unscheduled weeks at the end. Whatever doesn't get done can get absorbed into those times, if needed.

4. Part of the curriculum is considered "deluxe" -- and larger families may not be able to accomplish, or may not even need, extras in their lives :o)

5. You do have to make some choices. The Hazells did MFW in the mornings with up to 6 kids in the mix. But I have talked with their kids and Marie is indeed up and prepared and starting school at 8 a.m. Some of us are more relaxed in the mornings. But then I need to remind my son that we can't be relaxed in the morning AND all afternoon :o) I also remind him that we can't chat as long as we like about interesting subjects and still get done early. There will be daily choices & trade-offs. It's do-able but it's also enough to do that you provide an excellent education.

6. If you have several kids & some like to spend a lot of time on a particular thing (coloring, copying, etc.), then that may have to be moved to their free time for that particular child. Then they can take as long as they like!

HTH, julie
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Unread post by blessedmom2 »

Thank you all. Maybe I will call David because I really want to have a written guideline, even if we don't stick to it every day. I know we are not going to do every subject every day, and I know music will not take long. I just wanted to have it all done by lunch and I don't see how I will be able to.
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Unread post by Jenneve »

Honestly, I really don't bother with a written schedule. I tried having a written schedule so many times during the last school year. We rarely, if ever, stuck to it. We've just finished our first week doing ECC & MFWK.

What I found worked for us by the end of the week:

My oldest ds had silent reading time while I worked on MFWK with the younger ones. They were done 30min-1hr. DS #1 loves to read so it didn't bother him at all.

When we started his work, I let him choose which subject he wanted to work on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. I gave him choices and let him choose. I tried to alternate between busy work and something with an activity/craft. This seems to work for us and he (ds #1) feels like he has some control over what he's doing.

We're still not quite done by lunch time, but we probably would be if I would get myself (& them) going earlier after breakfast. Something to work on. ;-) I'm sure this will change several times throughout the year, but this is what's working for now.

Oh, I wanted to add that I do try to encourage him to get most subjects done in 15-20 minutes. Whatever isn't done in that time frame, we go back to later. If it's something with coloring (or whatever), we save that for last and he can finish it in his free time.
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Unread post by niki »

I have a schedule -- it's the grid in the TM - then I squeeze in K (usually 1st thing while the older two read or play or handwriting...whatever works). BUT I don't have a time frame, and we're mostly done by lunch. Occasionally we do book basket in the afternoon and sometimes we get carried away with something in the morning and finish up in the afternoon (but that's quite rare). I guess I'm quite laid back about a time frame for each takes what it needs to and then we move on.

My grid for ECC is hanging on the wall and the kids initial the work they've done as they accomplish each task. That keeps them plugging along, because they too want to be free after lunch!!

As for music and read aloud, those are not part of our morning... If they fit in and everyone's happy and in the "zone" we'll press on, but usually they're pretty wiped out and we'll spend time in the afternoon or evening reading and resting.

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Unread post by Blessed Beth »

I have to honestly say we don't have a written schedule either. I pretty much follow the sequence of the lesson plan each day and somehow we end about the same time every day, around 1 p.m.
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Unread post by LSH in MS »

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:02 am
ChristyH wrote:I am thinking about doing the country studies first and then the academics. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions?
We do the Bible, History, and Science earlier in the day and then break up to do what I call individual lessons (Math, English, spelling etc. That way it gets done. And somehow if they don't get finished on time, It's easier for one child to be working on Math until he's finished than to try to get everyone together again later in the day when I'm tired.
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Unread post by lyntley »

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:47 am

It's been great when we do the fun stuff first and it tends to help the kiddies attitude to be more cheerful when it comes time for the not so much fun stuff. Although we often have to work around a little one so it doesn't always work out that way.

ANother thing we did this week was just part of day 1 on monday and the rest on tuesday. tuesdays work on wednesday and so on. Monday is usually a very full day on the schedule and is sometimes hard to get back in gear so since friday is so light we have time for thursdays and friday combined. It just happened that way this week though so who knows...
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Unread post by nehschooler2three »

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 4:56 pm

This is our second year in MFW. I was BRAND new to homeschooling in '06.

This year I have a 4th grader and a 1st grader, the same as you will next year. My 4th grader is doing ECC and my 1st grader is doing MFW1. I also have a just turned 4yo ds.

I find they work very well together. We start out with bible together and then after ECC bible, prayer and read aloud, I send my 1st grader and 4yo off to play for a bit. Then I sit down with my 4th grader and do his spelling, language (ILL) and teach his math. Then he works independently on studying his spelling words, his math, bookbasket and reading.

While he is working independently, my 1st grader and 4 yo come to the table. the 4yo colors or does legos or plays a computer game, or he'll watch "Diego" on TV. My 1st grader only does the reading, math and memory verse portions of 1st grade. They both finish around the same time and then we finish our day with geography, science and music/or art. It works really well. I find that the bible reader and handwriting are INVALUABLE to my dd. (We bought the basic package for 1st grade.)

That being said, I don't expect A TON out of my 1st grader with the geography. She colors the flags, listens to our geography readings and learns some of the countries. she DOESN'T play the geography game, because it frustrates her, but I'm okay with that. She knows the continents and loves the cooking projects. Plus she'll get it again the the cycle when she's older (6th grade).

Make sure to just not expect as much from your 1st grader (I learned the hard way) Just let him join in with what he wants.

The following year he'll join completly in the 4 year cycle. Just remember everything he learns as a 2nd and 3rd grader gets repeated in 7th and 8th. Don't worry about adventures program, that is only for the oldest child who is a 2nd or 3rd grader. I see it as a "fill-in" for the blessed oldest child before they dive into the meat of the 5 year cycle.

We absolutely LOVE MFW!!!!
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How to schedule our day - upstairs & down?

Unread post by my3boys »

wlwest wrote:Hi. This will be our 2nd year with MFW. I'm trying to figure out how to schedule our day. I had a hard time deciding whether to continue homeschooling, and the kids wanted to keep doing it! So, with the 2 little ones, I just really need more order this year. AND, to make it harder, we have a basement, which is finished, so we have most of our school stuff down there, and play stuff, etc. But, sometimes the little kids need to be up here, I'm thinking maybe starting our morning off up here (upstairs) with math and lang arts. Then moving downstairs for the rest of school? Any advice? I'm the kind of person who really hates alot of choices, as you can see.
We made ourselves a school/playroom this year and that is where I keep everyone from 8am until lunch time (except for the days when we go on nature walks). I decided to use the suggested schedule that was in the ECC guide. We're still working out the kinks - it is very different than we have used before, but it is working quite well.
8-8:15 Bible
8:15-8:30 handwriting - all the children sit to do this (the little ones color)
8:30-9:00 third grader - math; I read a story to the little ones at this time
9:00-9:15 spelling or vocabulary
9:15-9:35 English
9:35-9:45 math drill - little ones sit down for a dry snack that I can bring into the school room
9:45-10:15 third grader goes to his room for reading and book basket, while the others have circle time (MFWK lessons)
10:15-10:45 geography
10:45-11:05 science/nature study
11:05-11:15 music/art
11:15-11:45 (add for science experiment or art activity)
11:45-12:00 TV/lunch prep. (here we go to the living room)
12:00-1:00 lunch/freetime
1:00-2:00 little ones have rest time; third grader does his paper route; two of my boys take turns doing MFWK reading lessons with me at the kitchen table
2:00-3:00 we all help to clean an area of the house every day
3:00-5:30 freetime when chores are done
*several evenings a week we try to do a devotional and the read-alouds
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Unread post by mamanamadee »

We have a semi-finished room in the basement that I have set up as a classroom where we do anything messy, disruptive, or that could turn into a long term project--art, music, geography, science, K, etc. I also set up a toddler play area down there with 6 different boxes of Pre-K toys to rotate through. Upstairs,where most of 2yo's regular toys are, we do anything that is mainly books and paper--math, LA, reading, etc. So I intentionally have scheduled some upstairs time and some downstairs time in both the morning and afternoon in order to keep everyone awake and keep 2yo ds from getting bored. I took my MOTH kit and switched the order of a few things on the MFW grid to fit this upstairs/downstairs plan.

Our house is so small that I almost went crazy last year trying to do everything in our living room. I think of the switching up and down as a plus. Our general schedule looks like this:

Individual devotions upstairs
Circle Time downstairs--sing a hymn, learn some ASL and/or Spanish vocab, Bible reading
K downstairs--oldest plays with 2yo and does a little independent work
English/LA upstairs
Geography (or CTG in your case) downstairs
Science downstairs
Independent schoolwork upstairs or downstairs
rest time
Math upstairs
music practice/computer time
Art or Music downstairs
go for a walk
Reading upstairs

We kind of stretch out our day so that it is not so stressful for me. I would really spaz out if I tried to do everything by lunch! HTH!

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Unread post by kellybell »

byhisgrace wrote:Hi. I just received my ECC package and am so excited!! I'm in the process of praying and thinking about our schedule for the fall, and it's starting to seem overwhelming. I have 5 children three of them 4 and under. Can anyone reccomend any resources that can give me practical illustrations?
By His Grace Alone,
Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 10:11 pm

What I'd do is:

1. Make sure you "love on" the little people first and "fill up their tanks."
2. Have a special box of things that the little people get to use only during school time.
3. Assign times for the older kids to play with the little ones. You can work with the 5th grader while the 3rd grader plays with the little guys and vice versa.
4. It's great that you've trained the older kids to work independently. Keep it up and reward it if necessary. Little encouraging remarks work wonders: "Wow, you remembered to wait until I was done with Suzy before you asked me about that math problem; you went on to book basket instead of interrupting. Thanks a lot!"
5. Do your main school stuff during naptime.
6. Videos aren't evil. A well-planned-out video time is just fine. There are lots of wonderful, encouraging, and teaching videos out there. One a day will not turn your toddlers into zombies or worse.
7. Hot Pockets, frozen pizza, take-out food, chicken nuggets, and cereal for dinner are all okay.
8. Dust is your friend. Keep it around as you need all the friends you can get with all the little people in your house.

And, know that God is very much aware of your situation because He put you there. Anyway, it's okay if you skip some school things.
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Unread post by 4Truth »

kellybell wrote:Dust is your friend. Keep it around as you need all the friends you can get with all the little people in your house.
Posted: Fri May 16, 2008 9:00 am

I like this one. :o)

And I second the recommendation for the Titus 2 materials. They've raised 8 kids and kinda' know what the issues are. LOL. There are several sample schedules in the back of the book, and once you've read the book through the first time, you can easily go back and re-read the chapters that pertain to your situation if you need to digest it some more. She gives you step-by-step instruction on how to put the schedule together.

Also, did you read the "Help! How do I fit everything in?" section at the beginning of the ECC TM? The Hazell's talk about how they make it work in *their* family, even with littles ones.

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 6:25 pm

You might want to look at donnayoung dot org for some possible charts and such. You might find something there???

and another second for using the tips in the MFW teacher's manual. :) They have it listed in all of the manuals from ADV through 1850MOD. And I think high school has some helps and hints sections too for the high school students. Lots of great stuff in that section of the introduction of the manual.
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Unread post by 4Truth »

1blessedmommy wrote:I have 4 children I will be teaching next year. 7th grade, 2nd, K, preschool, plus a toddler running around. I am really concerned how this will all work.

My 7th and 2nd grader will be starting RTR. Can they honestly do this together? Will we be reading aloud alot, or will my 7th grader read to herself then I go over it with my 2nd grader? See, my 7th grader is use to working on her own. I know she likes interacting with me in school, we don't get alot of time to do so, because of the younger children.

See, I am really scared about how much time this is going to take 7th grade through preschooler, and if we can feasibly do it with all of the interruptions in a day. Are there others out there who have been in this position? Any advice?
Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 1:23 pm

Yep, you'll adjust to something new each year... new age/grade levels, reading levels, math levels, new program in the MFW cycle, new time requirements, etc. So anything we say here isn't written in stone... you'll have to play with it a bit to see what works in your family.

This is how it's looking for us this summer as we start ECC:

12yo gets up at 7 and is working on her independent stuff by 7:30. (Mom's already been up for an hour or more doing personal stuff and getting laundry going.)

9yo has started getting up with her sister to start her independent work, too, so I'm going to need to make that 7:30-8:00 half hour 1-on-1 with the 5yo.

8:00 meet for Bible time all together.

From 8:15 or 8:30 ( I don't like to rush Bible to keep up with the clock) until 10:15 -- more independent work by the olders, and Mom working with them as needed. 5yo playing alone or watching video. (5yo doesn't work alone very well yet, as her understanding and fine motor skills just aren't there -- it's been a work in progress just to get her to play alone!)

10:15 meet back together for Geography and other "together" stuff.

After lunch -- Olders should be done with independent work, so now we do any together stuff that didn't get finished in the morning, and/or I work some more with the 5yo. We don't have anyone taking naps anymore, but if I did, I would do as much together stuff during naptime as possible.

So basically I have a skeleton with set times to switch gears, which "sort of" follows the suggested schedule in the TM, but not exactly. It's just to keep us on track throughout the day. My 12yo will have more work to do as she moves into 7th grade, so her independent time is going to get stretched longer and longer. Which means I'll be more occupied with the two youngers, as my middle child is at a transitional point with being able to do more writing and other skills, too. Youngest is trying to learn to read and write a little better, so each child is "ramping up" this year.

Part of the key to our success is getting myself and oldest dd going earlier in the mornings.
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Re: Is there a link to some of your school schedules?

Unread post by 4Truth »

4littlehearts wrote:I was just wondering what a day looks like for those of you using ECC with a 6th grader? How does that child's typical schedule flow? Thanks!
I've tried a gazillion different schedules here, but what seems to be most efficient is to follow the Hazell's suggested schedule at the front of the TMs. The exact times don't work for us, but the general order of things is most effective. Then my oldest does the rest of her independent stuff in the afternoon.
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Re: Is there a link to some of your school schedules?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I don't follow exact times, but this is our "schedule"

Snack/Foreign Language
dd does "seatwork"/I do preschool with my twins (30 - 45 minutes)
English or Writing (Depending on the day)
1/2 our Spelling (Sequential Spelling)
Book Basket (while I make lunch)
Lunch, then boys have quiet time
Math (we use the boys' quiet time, so dd can concentrate)
Finish Spelling
Read Aloud

It's been too cold to do Nature Walks this winter, but when we were doing them, we would go to the state park, eat lunch, and then do the nature walk. I would do read aloud while they ate. So, that would be lunch. We usually finished later on those days.

On Wednesdays my dd has worship dance at noon, so we skip seatwork/preschool and squish the morning down as much as we can before I have to make lunch.

My dd really needs quiet to do math, so that's why we do it in the afternoon during quiet/nap time.

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Re: Is there a link to some of your school schedules?

Unread post by RB »

We tweak the MFW schedule a bit. I read somewhere to alternate disciplinary and inspirational subjects. Disciplinary would be things like Math and Spelling, inspirational would be Bible, Literature, history...
This made a HUGE difference for us at the beginning of the year. My kids did not do well with Writing, Math and Spelling in a row.
I think the MFW schedule is a great starting point, and then you can tweak as needed.
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ECC with multiple grades ?

Unread post by SandKsmama »

SusanH wrote:When you have different ages working thru do you do all the 'common' stuff together and then do the individual stuff after that, or do you do a bit together, then individual and then more common stuff?

Just wondering how you order your day.
I've done all 5 years of the history cycle with multiple grades now, and I've done it both ways. It just depends on where we are in our life as to what works best - right now, we do the "together" stuff whenever the baby takes his morning nap LOL. So, they start with their independent stuff, then we do together work, then they typically have more separate work after that. But we've also done it where they did all their math/English, etc. first, and we finished with all our together work (kind of as a "reward", b/c it's our favorite), and that worked well then - we did it this way while I was pregnant, and really for a couple of years before that.

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ECC Questions about Scheduling

Unread post by Julie in MN »

julikins wrote:I have two questions about scheduling:

1. Do you spend separate times during the day on the 3rs and then the program content--geography and science. We always start with Bible and read-alouds, but I've been thinking about splitting that up to. So I guess my question is how do you schedule your day to fit everything in?

2. The other thing, is that I'm way behind this year. Due to an unexpected high-risk pregnancy, and lots of other things (we are newly living in a small village in Brazil), I'm only on week 11. This semester we will be moving (hopefully within the next couple weeks), we will be hosting a couple from the U.S. for most of February, and then we have to move to the capital city at the beginning of March (to be close to a good hospital for when the baby gets here). I would like to finish ECC so that I can start CtG next year (August), but I don't know how to schedule/what to cut out. Do I try to do each country for only a week, what do I cut out? Honestly, I'm stumped, I just don't know what to do! My goal for this year was to strengthen my 4th graders geography and give her a good year with that, with my 1st grader it was to familiarize him with God's world but not in-depth. Any suggestions would be great to try to accomplish this goal, and I need to get rid of this guilty feeling....
We tended to just go down the grid. Each year seemed to have enough variety to mix it up for us. And things that worked for us were in there, such as doing math after the fun stuff in some years, and doing math when fresh in others.

But while you wait for responses, there are quite a few examples on this thread. Maybe one of the families will be like yours.

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Re: ECC Questions about Scheduling

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1.)Right now we are doing CTG and have Independent school in the morning when I can be a bit more distracted with the non school kids (4,3,1 and on the way) and then use naptime for MFW stuff. In ECC I made a printed a list of all the ECC Bible lessons and had DH do them for our morning devotion and I gave him all the read alouds to read at night. This year we do bible together during MFW time because its part of the history lesson and I've assigned the read alouds to my oldest DD to do on her own. Its been one of those years (we are only on week 10!!)

2.) We are like you "way" behind. But I calculated I have 21 weeks to finish 25 weeks of school, before our June baby comes. So hopefully by June we'll be on week 20 or 22, then take 2 or 3 weeks off. Anyway if I do well we can start RTR in September. Not where I want to be but where we are. Maybe we will get lucky and squeeze a couple weeks together, maybe not. :)
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