Israel - Map, Questions

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Lucy Robertson-

Israel - Map, Questions

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Teresa wrote:I was just looking over the samples on the website for ECC and, unless I'm missing something, I didn't see Israel listed as one of the countries studied! However, I did notice that in the middle of the sample page where "Hello" is written in different languages they have "Shalom" also, which is Hebrew, the language Israel (and the Bible).

But, where is Israel in the scope and sequence? I don't see it, and that's really very disappointing. The sample page gives me the impression that ECC is a great curriculum for studying geography and the countries of the world. But what about the country of the Biblical setting?

I don't have ECC myself to look at, so if you do and it does cover Israel as well as the other countries listed, then please let me know.
Date: 5/25/2004


I think this is a very important issue to understand. Because it is so important, MFW will spend the whole year studying the old testament and the whole geographical area where Israel is today as well as learning how it came to be. You will start with teaching your kids to draw this really cool map of that small area encompassing the promise land. You will cross over the Jordan and see Isreal become a nation, you will see how King Solomon's turning to God split Israel into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, and of course you will spend one of your weeks praying for Israel using the book from ECC.

In ECC you will have your kids learn where Israel is but because all of next year is spent in the Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, ECC chooses other countries from that area to study for a week or so.

I hope this has helped you to see the big picture in MFW.

It has been so much fun and such a learning experience for me.


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Author: Rebecca
Date: 5/25/2004

Lucy did an excellent job exlaining, just one more thing...

ECC has a strong mission focus. as Lucy said, we are praying for the countries we are "visiting" Isreal included. We study the life of Christ through the book of Matthew. Also, we study the lives of key missioaries in the areas.
Just as I said in answer to your previous post, it can be hard to see the big picture from the very beginning.
I recommend you read the Bio of the author, they were missionaries to Russia for 8 years half of which was in Siberia. This program is poured from a heart that is founded in the Word. There are going to be preferences in each family that uses it but we can remember that this curriculum is prayed over, the Lord's will for this company is closely sought. As someone who has used it for several years, and called during tough times for help, these people can be trusted to help us teach our children the Greatness of God. MFW is especially close to my heart because The Lord used one of the kindergarten lessons,to draw my daughter to accept Him.
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Supplies - Map of Israel for ECC?

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amylynn12 wrote:Hello!

We are hoping to start ECC in a week, but I am still trying to locate a map of Israel in Biblical times. Can anyone recommend a place to purchase one? Also, will I need the map immediately, or will it be OK if I have to order it and wait a few weeks to get it?

Thanks in advance for any info. :)
We used the maps in the back of our Bibles and that worked just fine.
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Thank you so much! For some reason, we don't have any maps in the back of any of our Bibles. :(

Did you feel that you referred to it quite a bit? I'm so sorry for all the questions.

Thanks again! :)
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Hey Amy,

I am doing ECC again this year after 5 years with my now 7th grader. I thought of locating a special map but found that it is really only used for a couple of weeks during the first few chapters of Matthew (starting in week 4) to see where some of the major cities and rivers are located. I think the back of the bible and a world map will work fine. That is what I am planning on using.

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We came across a really nice map/book: The Student Bible Atlas by Tim Dowley. I saw it recommended in the Veritas Catalog and then found it somewhere. It was only 7 dollars or something like that. We have used it a lot this year with the first grade curriculum. It is small and easy to carry around.

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Hi Amy,

When we did ECC last year, I just googled "Map of Israel" and I brought up a few choices. I just looked threw them and picked a few I thought were good and then printed them off. It was quit easy. I hope that helps.

In Christ,
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I second that

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I also have The Student Bible Atlas that Connie mentioned. I'm going to be starting ECC in a few weeks, so I haven't used the maps there yet. I have used the book many times in the past 2 years with my children. We've pulled it out during devotions, during Bible times, etc. I've even used it for myself. It contains 30 maps applicable to the Old & New Testament. There are various maps from Christ's time, so it may also be interesting to use as you read through Matthew in ECC. I'd recommend it for something that will also take you beyond ECC.

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Bible Times Map

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lmpsmith wrote:Bible Times Map?
As for the map, in 1st and CTG, you will make one and draw one, and that's the best! But other things we use at our house:
- maps in back of Bible
- my newest book is called Bible Atlas & Companion, by Barrett, Hudson, Bolen, 9781597897792, about $10
- a popular one is Then and Now Bible Maps, which only has a few maps but has a sturdy cardboard cover and clear plastic overlays to current times
- another homeschool standard is The Student Bible Atlas by Tim Dowley, again not a lot of maps but they are simple and clear

Have fun!
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