# 8 - Dinosaur

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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# 8 - Dinosaur

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Lesson # 8 Dinosaur

Dino craft

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Hi there,

Okay, we're probably a little behind the power curve but are just now doing D-D-Dinosaur with our 5 yos. Anyway, when it came to making the big brown paper dinosaurs, I discovered that we only had one brown paper bag and it was in sad shape. Instead, we used wrapping paper to make our dinosaurs and they sure came out cute. What a fun decoration! We now have a herd (herd?)of dinosaurs under the tree.


dinosaur web site

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Hi My Fathers World Club

Just thought I would share a nice web resource for dinosaurs. For those who do not have an exhibit to view the fossils, try this link with your kids.

Love in Christ


Creation web site

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Author: Cindy
Date: 10/17/2001

Anyone interested in learning more about dinosaurs from a biblical perspective should check out a ministry called Answers In Genesis. Their web site is www.answersingenesis.org

Ken Ham is the founder of this ministry. He is also the coauthor of the book "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?" that MFW recommends in that lesson.

AIG is a ministry founded on the literal 6 day creation as God describes it in Genesis 1-11. They offer many great creation resources including a book called "D is for Dinosaur" A rhyme book and more by Ken & Mally Ham. This is an alphabet book that focuses on a 6 day creation. The 2nd half of the book is a teacher lesson plan for each letter and it's concept using scripture references.

They also offer many other creation resources for various ages, as well as an awesome website.

If you want your family to have a more biblical view of the world, this ministry is a great resource.

Alternative to drawing

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My five year old daughter was a bit intimidated about drawing a dinosaur-- day 2 of Dd -- so instead, we traced a dinosaur using plain vellum paper. Onion paper or tracing paper will do. She chose two dinosaurs and we taped the tracing paper to the page (in a way that the tape can be easily removed from the page and not harm the book) and she traced away. After tracing the picture she cut out the dinosaur, shaded it with colored pencils and glued the finished product on a piece of construction paper. This really was quite fun for her. (A small pointer) First, have the child trace the basic outline of the whole dinosaur, then have them trace the details they pull out of the picture. My daughter finished the project with the long dinosaur name at the top of the paper.
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Some info books we used:
Dinosaurs Big and Small by Kathleen Zoehfeld
Outside & Inside Dinosaurs by Sandra Markle
I Wonder Why Triceratops Had Horns by Rod Theodorou
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Additional Activity

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Instead of making the stuffed dinosaur, I let my children "dig fossils". I cleaned some chicken bones (not all, just a selection) and buried them in sand in a shoe-box sized plastic tub. They then used paintbrushes to brush away the sand and tweezers to pull them out. My kindergartener liked this activity and my 3 year old LOVED it, burying and digging up the bones again and again.

Beforehand, we read "Digging Up Dinosaurs" by Aliki from our public library. This book does not reference evolution, but it does talk about dinosaurs living millions of years ago (several times) and for millions of years (once). It gives a good picture of the range of people working at a dig site and the processing the fossils go through from the time they are found until they are displayed at a museum. We found this to be an exciting hands-on addition to the unit.

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Heard a great, wonderful speaker at church not too long ago. His name is Dr. John C. Whitcomb. He spoke on dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible. No not specifically as the name "dinosaur" didn't even become a word until the late 1800's, but in the Bible it does describe a dinosaur.

Read Job 40:15-19...or on to 24 if you'd like.
I'm commenting from the NKJV.....
Verse 15 references a "behemoth." Dr. Whitcomb says many Bible commentaries refer this to mean an elephant or a hippo. However, in verse 17, it talks about his tail like a "cedar" or tree. The short tails of an elephant or hippo "is not consistent with vs 17 where tail could be translated 'trunk.'"
The commentary from my Bible says, "Some believe God is describing His most impressive creation of land animals, the dinosaur species, which fit all the characteristics."

Just thought I'd share. This is my second time going through MFWK. It will be nice to show verses in the Bible. Speaker came just in time. Man was he good.

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We're doing D-d-dinosaur this week, and I found a fun site:


There are patterns for several different kinds of dinosaurs that you can print and then cut out & make into your very own herd. We did Triceratops and Apatosaurus, our current favorites. :-)
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Dd Dinosaur song

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During our study of "/D/ /d/ Dinosaur" (that's how my dd says all the letters in each unit) my husband & 5yodd made up a cute song.

Bubba, the Dinosaur
Lived out behind the store;
Whenever he went to bed
He would /s/ /s/ snore.
Whenever he got up
He would /r/ /r/ roar!
Bubba, the Dinosaur.

Well, she is just sooo cute when she sings it, that I had to share.

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Here is a really cute snack we made for D-d-Dinosaur week: Take 2 thin slices of apple. Put peanut butter on one side of each slice. Place 4 or 5 mini marshmallows on the peanut butter on one slice. Put the other slice on top of the marshmallows, peanut butter side down. Looks like a dinosaur mouth with big teeth. Tastes delicious! 1 large apple made 9 Dinosaur Mouths.
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There are some great dinosaur resources at www.apologeticspress.org.

They have written a series of easy readers and one is called God Made the Dinosaurs. It sells for around $2. They also have a great dinosaur coloring book which also sells for around $2.
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Dinosaur book that is Biblically based

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In obtaining books from the library I came across, Dinosaurs of Eden by Ken Ham. This book is excellent for the Christian family. Not only does it teach about the dinosaurs but also the fall of man and all of the effects of it. It doesn't go by theory but is based on the Word of God!! It also helps you speak to your child about salvation. It is very wordy (including many verses of scripture) but has wonderful pictures that help explain what is said. I advise reading completely through on your own and then paraphrasing and reading highlights according to your child's comprehension. Even for non-Christian homes this would be an interesting read that may help with any questions/doubts regarding dinosaurs and the theories of age, death, size, and diet.

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cbollin wrote:Great book! Just to let you know, it is part of the basic package in Creation to the Greeks. We even pulled it back out in EX1850 for book basket while studying reptiles.
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Dinosaur Ideas

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One thing that impressed my son was to make stego sandwiches.

The Stego Sandwich
Make a sandwich (peanut butter recommended in original recipe but any will work. Cut to make a triangle. Put on plate with longest side facing you. Put Dorito (triangle corn chips) along the two sides facing away from you. (Makes the body) Put a celery stick/carrot stick/half of a banana at one end for neck/head.

Where to Look for A Dinosaur-Bernard Most
The Berenstain Bears and The Missing Dinosaur Bone- Stan and Jan Berenstain
If The Dinosaurs Came back-Bernard Most

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Great DINO website

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Great DINO website

Ok- I am so excited about this website. It was created by a teacher and would go so well with the dinosaur study for MFW-K or as a preliminary/summer or lover of dinosaurs activity!

Here is the link:
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A cute book that goes along with the Day 5 activity (measuring how long a dinosaur is) is "The Littlest Dinosaurs" by Bernard Most. It lists many different types of dinosaurs and compares their size to things kids understand (the size of a slide, the size of a table, etc.).

Bernard Most has a ton of books about Dinos that the children have loved!
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We loved making dinosaurs of clay both years that we did K! It's so simple, but fun and it does take some thought to make it look like a "real" dinosaur.

We also liked reading:
Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp and Happy Birthday Danny and the Dinosaur - both by Syd Hoff
What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs by Ken Ham is such a wonderful resource and we also have a fun dvd set by his company, Answers in Genesis called Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Gospel.

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We had SO much fun with dd Dinosaurs!! I found this really neat kit--called Design you own Dinos--if you have a little extra $$ it is really a worthwhile activity. The kit is six different dinosaurs that come with cool metalic paints, etc. and a glossy varnish that you paint on after they are finished! The dinosaurs turned out REALLY neat! Just do a search for "Design your own Dinos" to find a place that sells them.

We also watched "The Riddle of the Dinosaurs" a DVD by Answers in Genesis--which so wonderfully explained the Biblical approach to the dinosaurs in a way that kids can understand through the use of cartoons etc.!

We also read the book, "My Visit to the Dinosaurs" This was a very fun unit!

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D- Dinosaur resource

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Someone posted on the K unit forum to use http://www.answersingenesis.org as a source for info. When I went there, I saw a video listing for The Bible Explains Dinosaurs, Part 1 . It was just posted on September 30. Even though I can't hear all of it, it seems really interesting.

The video (and website, from my understanding) is by Ken Ham -- the same guy who co-wrote the What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs book that was recommended my MFW.

Just thought I would share for those who are preparing for the Dinosaur unit.
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Some fun books for Dd dinosaur! My daughter loves books, so they are always one of the best parts of the lesson for us! :)

What Happened to the Dinosaurs? Bernard Most
How Big Were the Dinosaurs? Bernard Most
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? Jane Yolen and Mark Teague
Dinosaurumpus! Tony Mitton
A Trio of Triceratops Bernard Most


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Cute K Craft for Dinosaur Unit

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Cute K Craft for Dinosaur Unit

Posted Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:04 am by amylynn12

We finally made the eggs last night. The kids had so much fun. We invited the neighbor kids over to do it with them. We now have 8 Dino eggs drying on our kitchen counter. :) Hopefully, we will be able to paint them today, or tomorrow. I will try to post pictures when they are done. :)
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MFW-K Dinosaur Idea

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We are on the Dinosaur Unit right now. During the summer, I found a "kit" at the craft store called I Dig Dinosaurs by Earth Lore. (it is ready-to-go right out of the box) It is a block of coarse, sand-type stuff with a dino "skull" inside it. There is also a hammer, chisel, and safety glasses. My DS LOVED being the archaeologist to unearth the fossil. (Of course, it could have been that he was able to pound on something and cause destruction, too) Today, we will paint it with the supplied paint.

I just thought I would share, in case someone else was interested.
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Creation Museum

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We got to go to the Creation Museum last week after ending our Dinosaur unit in K and while studying Creation in CTG. Wow! We were very impressed and had a WONDERFUL time! Yes, there was quite a bit of reading and it was a little above my K'er and 2 year old, but they still learned a lot and had so much fun seeing the dinosaurs and the planetarium and petting a camel and zebra at the petting zoo. We also enjoyed the Dino reading time that was geared to all of their ages. Definitely a field trip I would recommend if you are able to save up the money to do so!
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MFW K with autism

For information book, we ended up using a dinosaur sticker book from a creation science resource. It was a good matching exercise for my autism daughter to match the colorful dinosaur on the right page. Then to just read a little bit of the information, usually just the bolded line on each page.

Not sure if the book is still published. There are probably lots of dinosaur sticker books out there. This one is called God Created the Dinosaurs of the World, published by Master Books c.1989.

We also sang a lot of Laurie Berkner's We are the dinosaurs marching marching.

Also, this was a wonderful unit to incorporate with language therapy to work on Big/Small concepts, big, bigger, biggest, and similar language goals.

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