ADV Weeks 8-9

If you are using Adventures in U.S. History, please share your ideas with us.
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ADV Weeks 8-9

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Adventures in MFW Weeks 8-9
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Stepping stones

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While studying rocks for science these weeks, we decided to each make our own stepping stone. It was a blast. We stamped, "Jesus is our Rock" into them and decorated them with smooth stones. Lots of fun, something useful and long-lasting.
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Science - Trees/Seasons in hot climates

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Ariasarias wrote:In Adventures this week we are to draw a tree in our yard or from a spot here in nature for science in order to begin tracking the seasons. We are then to draw the tree again in the nest season. Although I love this idea, we do not really have seasons here :). Hot and hotter!! :) Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might modify this activity with my children given our present circumstances?
Thank you,
Nicole :)
Hot and hotter! Whew!

Why not find someone here on the list willing to become email penpals with you and take digital pictures of a certain tree once a season (or more)?

Then, you'll make friends and also have an interesting picture of someone else's seasons.

Just an idea.
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*Another idea is to just observe where you are every 3 months. That has value too.

*Another idea is to search a web a bit for tourist places that have seasonal photos of their property.

Here’s a website with photos of Brown County Indiana in the fall and winter and even spring! (major touristy area in the autumn) scroll down to the bottom on that page for the seasonal photos.

My husband suggests:
Another idea would be to use the webcams on the National Park Service's website. Then you could compare from all over the country.

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Hi Nicole. We live outside of Houston, so I know what you mean about hot! We did Adventures last year and I loved the tree project! We took pictures of our Crepe Myrtle and it turned out great. In the fall, it was losing its leaves. In the winter it had no leaves. In the spring it had green leaves. And in the summer it had beautiful flowers. It may not be a traditional tree( I think it's actually a shrub), but it got the point across to the kids and the pictures definitely showed the different seasons. As different as they can be in south Texas! Hope this helps!
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A friend is taking pictures for us from her back yard, closest thing we can get to having the changing of the leaves. Here in Midland they go from green on the trees to falling off the trees without changing color.
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Thank you

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Thank you so much for your ideas. I like the Crepe Myrtle idea. I think I might try that. We just planted one in our back yard in the Spring.
Thank you.
Nicole :)
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To go along with Felicity books

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After reading some of the Felicity series books this week, we found a DVD at our library called Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. It was so well done! I highly recommend it!

Also, you can even take a tour of Felicity's colonial life on the computer--fun games and activites for the kids. ... d_home.php

It sure made colonial America and the Felicity books come alive for my children! Enjoy!
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Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 9:22 am

I came across another book that tells the story of Sarah Whitcher, but for a younger audience - it has large, beautiful pictures, and the writing is very sweet. Its called The Bear Who Heard Crying by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Helen Kinsey. It would be a great addition for those who have youngers tagging along in Adventures!
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Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 9:25 am

Just finishing week 8 of ADV and day 49 of 1st. We got a fun book on tape from the library called "Ben and Me" about B Franklin and his pet mouse, Amos. In the story Amos altered an edition of "Poor Richard's Almanac", so today my girls asked if they could make tiny "Poor Amos' Almanacs" to put in the page protector with their "Poor R's Almanacs. Their sayings inside were, "Never step on a mouse" and "Never steal cheese." :)
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Tricorn Hats

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We completed the tricorn hats today.
They came out great! The children finished cutting and coloring the white part while I did the Read Aloud of Sarah Whitcher. God bless them...they knew which way to put the hats on. They really are paying attention to those pictures in Exploring American History even when I think they are doing anything but listening! :)

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Re: Weeks 8-9

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We found Hanukkah at Valley Forge by Stephen Krensky at our library.

Also, Linnea's Almanac is a good seasons book. It's by Christina Bjork.
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ADV-Paul Revere week 9

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We read The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere for week 9 in Adventures. It's not in the TM book list but was one of the only books on Revere that we could find at our library. This book contains the poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and is wonderfully illustrated (the book says "graved and painted") in a very interesting way by Christoper Bing. He includes a recreation of the letter sent by Thomas Gage to his British troops, a map that follows the British route to Concord, and Paul Revere's own deposition as well as other facts about this time period. I didn't find the poem to be that useful to my dd in learning history, although she enjoyed listening to it, but the maps and letter really give the book character. We were able to use the map when reading our sections from Exploring American History this week. It helped us to visualize where in our country these things took place. I would recommend checking out this book.
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**Glittery** tricorn hat!

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We are working on week 9 of Adventures and are having a blast with this year so far! I wanted to share about our project today making the tricorn hat, while studying George Washington. My 7 year old dd was excited that we were going to make a craft, but frowned a little as I got out the black construction paper. "Did girls wear these hats?"...."Well, no, I don't think so, but it will be fun to make anyway, right?". She proceeds to whip out multiple colors of glitter glue, and VOILA!... a girly tricorn hat! There can never be enough glitter and glamour for this little gal. :)

Loving Adventures! Thanks MFW! :-)
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Re: **Glittery** tricorn hat!

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That sounds great! Just like in colonial days... but with flair. You can add a changed line to Yankee Doodle:
"She put some glitter glue on her hat and called it macaroni!"

I was a little shocked that my own girl was okay with just black... I was ready to let her "accessorize" it but she didn't ask and I didn't offer. I better not let her see this post. ;)

Adventures is fun, isn't it? :-)
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Colonial dress for Adventures (pics)

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I said recently that I would share photos of Gail in a colonial times dress which we'd gotten during a field trip for Adventures. So, here they are!
IMG_3108.JPG (36.74 KiB) Viewed 12290 times
IMG_5613.JPG (56.83 KiB) Viewed 12290 times
In retrospect, I should have taken one of her standing up.

The doll is "Shelby," and Gail was just delighted that the women who made the human-sized dresses also made colonial outfits for DOLLS. And she was especially tickled when she found out they were just $5!

I wish I had learned history this way....
I'm Shawna...
... a forgiven child of God since 1994 (age 16)
... happily wed to William since 1996
... mother of our long-awaited Gail (3/15/2006)
... missing 6 little ones (4 miscarriages, 2 ectopics)
... starting Rome to the Reformation this fall!
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