History - Add in another spine?

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History - Add in another spine?

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Homeschooling6 wrote: I was wondering if it would be doable to add in another history spine to this program or would it be too much? There is one that I would really like to use. Would love to hear your thoughts on adding this in.
Couldn't it just be a permanent part of book basket when you do CTG? And if you see some cool and fun activity and you have time to add it, then you can if you want. I'd probably skip things along the lines of quizzes and such. That's just me.

CTG uses the Bible as a main source text (i.e. spine). Victory Journey through the Bible provides good background information for the readings.

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I like Crystal's suggestion. I have that spine on my bookshelf too and would like to have it in our book basket during CTG (two years down the road).

I have to admit that after picking "this and that" in my first several years of homeschooling, and still trying to get to the basics, and not doing very well..... I am so relieved to just be following the MFW suggestions!

With that said, I certainly think that either having something on hand for additional read-alouds (when time allows) or assigning chapters as independent reading for your older child(ren) could be an option.

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Hi Linda,
I had another history spine (or two) in book basket toward the end of CTG.

However, my ds much preferred the "whole story" from the Bible itself. He felt that reading the summaries of Bible stories was less than adequate :o)

Also, trying to add in this historical figure or that became just more than he wanted to know. I also tried to use it as a review at the end of CTG/beginning of RTR, but again it fizzled compared to what we were studying (we had already had enough of the Romans for us, we were enjoying How The Bible Came To Us, etc.).

But some things you can't know until you try, eh?! Best wishes in your decision.
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I have this book. I did not use it when I used CTG. However, when we hit CTG again (I have lots of kids to cycle through.), I had three thoughts.
(1) I would not use it as a replacement for the Bible readings. We really enjoyed that part of CTG.
(2) As Crystal suggested, I might use it as a book basket staple.
(3) Or, I might use it to replace some of the Streams reading assignments. Since I have the Streams book, I could just read it to myself to see exactly what was being covered and then use those areas of the book for the younger set.

However, since I have only thought about this, I cannot tell you if it would work well or not. That's a lot of help, isn't it (smile)!
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Thank you ladies, as always I really appreciate your advice and in-put =)

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