When our children begin to consider missions (David Hazell reply)

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When our children begin to consider missions (David Hazell r

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gressman9 wrote:My dd is considering a mission trip overseas. She is really trying hard to earn the money for the trip. (Don't worry...she is still getting her school done ;) Any advice?
Praising God for the work He is doing in your dd's heart. What a blessing to see Him shaping her heart after His own.

BTW -- I would say this actually is a MFW question.
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I'm sure you have but some things to think about.

How many adults to children are there?

Do you personally know the adults and trust them?

Does the organization do a background check for every person in every state in the US and not just the one they are from?

IF the adults are from another country do they do a background check in that country?

I am a little for being over cautious about sending a child on a missions trip without a parent there.

I would make sure that you know the adults and know that they are trustworthy.

Check out where she will be staying. If it is with a family do they do a background check on that family etc...

I would check and see what is going on in South Africa and the places she will be there.

I went to India just over two years ago and most of India is safe but not all states. It could be the same for South Africa.

SHe will need shots like yellow fever, malaria, others and you have to get those done a certain intervals and a certain number before she goes. So be sure to check on that.

Does dd have any allergies, medications or medical needs? If so get a specific written plan of action of what they will do in case of a problem. It also cannot hurt to get their plan of action for emergency situations. It might be safe to go but something could happen there and you want to know that they are prepared.

Also make sure they have proper medical release for a minor and insurance for your dd. Most US insurances do not cover overseas (check yours out).

Also do you have the money to fly dd home in an emergency (something happens at home that she needs to leave early for). Or money for you to fly there. At least one parent should have a passport as a safety precaution. In case one of you needed to fly there.

From someone who has been on several mission trips, just wanted to give you things to think about for dd.
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It is great to see your daughter has a heart for missions. As you know, we are very committed to missions and mission exposure for our children. It is an honor for us to be stewards of our children for the living King.

Balancing protection and exposure can often be a challenge. We personally have come to the following conclusion at this point for our children. We will look for mission opportunities for our children where either we personally as the parents can be present or we have a confident personal relationship with the leadership of the team. We would likely also consider a trip where a trusted personal adult friend of ours was going as either a participant or a chaperone.

We would not consider sending our children on a trip with just a "reputable organization" because we can't be sure that the teen and adult leadership share our personal convictions on all things (movies, coarse jesting, boy-girl relationships, body piercings, etc.).

We suggest that you or your husband (or possibly the granddad who blessed her) join her on such a trip.
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David Hazell
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Thanks, David! Your wisdom in this area is much appreciated. My husband is praying about this now.
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Hi Carylee,

I think it's wonderful that your dd has a heart for missions. My two oldest children have both been on several mission trips with a reputable missions group (not involved with our church) and they have had the experiences of a lifetime.

May add, when I say that not all mission organizations are alike. I prefer the one we are involved with because they have a very strict code of conduct and very modest dress code.

Teens are not allowed to "pair off". Meaning no boy/girl relationships. Two friends of the same ... are not permitted to pair off, as to exclude other members of the team.

Teen are not permitted to have tatoos, body piercings, colored hair, mohawks, etc. Boys are not permitted to have a haircut below the ears or down the neck.

No lewd jestures or language permitted. Girls are not permitted to wear tank tops, sleeveless tops, midriffs, halter tops or anything baring any skin. All kids are required to wear jeans or long pants and construction boots for the entire trip. At church services, girls are required to wear skirts below the knee, boys wear slacks and tie.

Teens must follow the strict conduct and dress guidelines at all times. If they fail to comply after several attempts by staff/leaders to correct the situation, the child is sent home at the parents' expense.

The organization does not permit anyone to be a disruption to the team's mission.

It is important to check out each mission organizations' rules of conduct and dress codes.

Praying for you,
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Thanks for posting these considerations. It's helpful to me to see what issues are out there that I may not have thought about.
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Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:58 pm

Oh, and for anyone who previously read my post on whether or not we should allow our 13 yr old to go on a mission trip to Africa.....it has all worked out in an interesting way. She instead decided that she wanted to go to Mexico with her older brother and our churches youth leaders (same organization is leading it, though). We feel much more at peace with this.
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