Supplies - For ECC crafts

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Supplies - For ECC crafts

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Mercy wrote: Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:46 pm I'm wondering if there is some type of list to tell me what craft supplies I would need throughout the year. I've been reading through the archives and there are so many neat ideas that I'd love to try. But, I'm not good at activities/crafts...SO, I was thinking if I had some type of box set up with supplies set up in the beginning of the year of all the non-perishable stuff, it would be much easier for me to just go in there are grab what I need.

Has anyone else done this? If so, any ideas of what I should plan for.

Plus the school supplies are going on sale around here, so it would be smart of me to take advantage of that!

Thanks so much for any help!!!!
There's no need to list out every single thing that could be used in ECC. Even if you had someone else's list of every possible supply for the crafts, you may not end up using them. That's the one caution I want to mention. It would be more beneficial for you to make it based on the crafts that you will do instead of every possible supply for the whole book.

You have some flexibility with using Global Art. I always felt it was easy to leave out a complicated craft if I thought it wouldn't work for us. Typically supplies are available easily at a grocery store or a place like walmart. You're not going to be tied to a craft and hobby store or *having* to order something from a supply house.

Here is a representative sample of craft and other supplies you would need in ECC and other years in MFW. It is not an exhaustive list, but just enough to help you get an idea.

colored tissue paper and construction paper
clay or modeling clay
tempera paint
paper plate
potting soil
grass or other seed
clean rocks
plain cardboard box w/ lid
brushes for paints
squares of felt
various regular baking items (sugar, flour, etc),
paper towels

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Everyone's craft experience with ECC will be a bit different. Often, there are more than two crafts for a country and you pick the one or two that you are going to do. Therefore your craft list will be different from another ECC'er's craft list.

So, get a cup of tea and send the kids out to play and sit down and select the craft that suits your family best (we omitted some crafts that the kids had already done in a Christian school kindergarten, for example). Then, you can make a list of any exotic items (I don't remember many, but there were a few things that weren't on hand) and make a Walmart or Hobby Lobby run.

So, you'll probably need to plan YOUR crafts for ECC. If you live near a hobby store or a Walmart, you can simply plan as you go...
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I so appreciate the help everyone has given.

Although we do live close to Walmart, I don't do well with the plan as you go thing. I am feeling a little less "behind" since I found out that MFW ships so speedily. I was hoping to get the supply list before the clearance sales are gone. (which just may happen!)

So, thank you for your list and the time taken to answer!!

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Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 8:01 pm

Anytime I need Liquid starch for crafting or science projects I've used Faultless Liquid Fabric Starch - our Walmart and grocery stores carry it - if I remember correctly it's around $5 or $6 for a large bottle and it will last a long time.

Wheat Paste is not plaster of paris - it's kind of like Wallpaper paste. Are you wanting it for paper mache type projects? If you do a google seach you should come up with a recipe for making wheat paste (flour and water). Or you can even - in many instances - use a mixture of diluted white glue or even liquid starch if you're doing paper mache type projects.
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