Academics - Is MFW-K enough

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Academics - Is MFW-K enough

Unread post by kellybell »

Is MFW-K enough to succeed in public school 1st?
FreshKid wrote:We will begin homeschool with K in the fall. Since we haven't decided on whether to homeschool further than that, I was wondering if he would be able to transition into 1st grade public school after MFW-K. From looking at the website, I say yes. But ... it seems that public schools move so fast (reading and writing a lot in K). I had a public school K teacher look at the website too. She thought it looked good, but without looking at the TM, I'm not sure what I'm in for. Has anyone had experience with MFWk then public school? TIA
We've never gone back to school but I would guess that your little one would do just fine after a year of MFWK. By the end of the K curriculum, your he will:

1. Read simple stories.
2. Know many phonics sounds.
3. Do simple math
4. Understand who God is (as much as a kindergartner can!) and know 26 terrific Bible truths.
5. Will have lots of experience cutting, gluing, coloring, tracing, etc.
6. Will understand quite a bit about nature.
7. Will have been exposed to several dozen excellent children's books.
8. Will have created collages, costumes, books, etc.
9. Will have worked in the kitchen some too.
10. Will have worked on penmanship quite a bit.

Sounds like he'll be ahead in many "important" (at least to me) things. There IS a chance that the public kindergarten will have moved further in phonics and math. No big deal as there will be several kids in the first grade class that just didn't "get it" with the fast-paced math and/or phoncis. And, your son won't be the only one that is coming from a possibly less academic (and more age-appropriate, but I better just step off that soap box right now) and first grade teachers are very used to dealing with a variety of academic levels, especially in the fall.

I think you'll be just fine.
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Unread post by Mommyto2 »

If your child finishes the K program and can do what is suggested in the manual and worksheets by the end of the year, they will be able to transition to public school fine.

I am just finishing with MFW K. My dd can read all the little stories just fiine and can do the math. Those are probably the two biggest testing areas to compare with public school at this grade level.

I lead Wednesday night kindergarteners at church. I can tell you that she is equal to or ahead of most of the other kids academically. I believe it was MFW and the one-on-one attention she got with her education. The science she will learn this year I think will be far ahead of what she would learn in public school.

Good luck on your decision

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Unread post by AES »

Hi Freshkid,
I don't know if this would help, but I could let you know what would be expected for the 1st graders in our school district:

Language Arts:
(1) Students should be able to recognize and write capital and lowercase letters.
(2) Students should be able to recognize and say all of the letter sounds.
(3) Students should be able to recognize Pre-Primer Sight words.
(4) Students should be able to write their first and last names.
(5) Students should be able to write on lined handwriting paper correctly.

(1) Students should be able to count, recognize and write numbers to 50.
(2) Students should be able to state their name, address, phone number and birthday.
(3) Students should be able to recognize pennies, nickels and dimes.

Other Areas:
(1) Students should be able to color inside the lines.
(2) Students should be able to cut with scissors on the lines.

We had moved to our current state when dd8 was in the middle of her K year. We did put her in public school and her teacher gave me a handout to prepare her for 1st grade. I didn't do MFW-K with her, but I did do it with dd6. Based on these standards (for our state), I really think your child will be more than adequately prepared!
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Unread post by cbollin »

Fresh Kid,

Teachers and schools are used to dealing with transfer students all the time and it'll be ok :) MFW K covers typical Kindergarten material in skill areas. Some programs do phonics a little differently, but it'll be ok.

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THank you

Unread post by FreshKid »

Thank you all for your responses. DH thinks I am spending WAY too much time on this website and researching homeschooling. He thinks I am making it too complicated and I think he has oversimplified it since it is K. Our pastor's wife is a K teacher in ps. She is helping me to understand the state standards and has reviewed the MFW-K stuff online. I feel confident that the curriculum will get us where we want to be. And that you will all be a great support to me. :)

We have a farm and ds is our "ranch manager." He knows so much about things that other kids his age have no clue about. He started learning to count while we were trying to make sure all the cows were in the field. He goes with Dad to measure the grass to see if it time to move the cows to a new field. He is so ready to learn more. I think this curriculum will fit right in with our own person "land lab." I fear that he will be so eager to learn that I won't be able to keep up!

I plan to go to a used curriculum sale next week. Hopefully, I can get a look at some MFW stuff in person. Then, come home and order my own!

Thank you again.
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Re: THank you

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FreshKid wrote:Thank you all for your responses. DH thinks I am spending WAY too much time on this website and researching homeschooling.
Honey, they all do. :-)
FreshKid wrote:We have a farm and ds is our "ranch manager." He knows so much about things that other kids his age have no clue about. He started learning to count while we were trying to make sure all the cows were in the field. He goes with Dad to measure the grass to see if it time to move the cows to a new field. He is so ready to learn more. I think this curriculum will fit right in with our own person "land lab." I fear that he will be so eager to learn that I won't be able to keep up!
Can we come visit? :-)

Welcome to the board and the MFW family. The folks on this board are a temendous help and encouragement! Glad to have you here. You are going to love MFWK -- it is wonderful!
FreshKid wrote:Thanks Cyndi. You are welcome to come visit ... DS invited the bank teller yesterday. It may take you longer to get here ...we're in NC and it looks like you're in WA.
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Anyone do MFWK by the guide (no extras)?

Unread post by cbollin »

alisoncooks wrote:I've spent some time scrolling through the archived activities for MFWK (all the things you can do for each letter/unit). There are tons of books, crafts, ideas listed....which is great!

(But also a little overwhelming.) :~ :~

So what I'm wondering is: does anyone just follow the guide, not really adding anything in (no additional activities, not tacking on your own phonics/math/Sonlight readers)...NOTHING but the minimum program as written. Does that work? Is that sufficient? Is a child still being taught everything a K'er needs to know by doing that?
Yes it works. Marie did use it in a classroom setting before selling it to homeschoolers and her children in classroom were fine. I've heard stories they came out at same place as the other Kindy classroom. So, yes, it's fine.

this is my opinion. no, You don't have to add any of the things in the ideas forum.
Those are ideas that are extra only if you want to add something or get really excited and just want more. They are not there because the program is lacking. Or it might be a "eh, I don't want to do what they suggested for activity, I'll sub this one out instead."

adding readers:
I think I once heard someone (david?) from mfw say that it is normal to add some kind of extra reading practice from whatever books you have at home. Don't run out and buy readers though, unless you just like doing that. So once your child is learning, he might want to try with more readers than the ones included in the student worksheets. But as the child grows in phonics, you might want to let him practice. check library books, or picture books. just something to let them practice.

me.. let me explain why I've added the things I did. that might put it in perspective.
my youngest, I added only because she's an autistic child who needs speech therapy. She did not do extra math that was not part of the manual. We used different books - but that was based on her level and what our library had. She was sometimes tagging along with older sisters in ECC stuff... but maybe it's because she's my youngest, I never thought MFW K was lacking.
I also added, starfall .com to allow her to practice practice practice until she was ready to stop. It was not because MFW was lacking, but because it gets hard and draining on me to repeat repeat repeat to her. It kept her educationally occupied when I had given out of energy for the day with her. Videos: I added those because she needed video input on science topics to let it sink in. But, she's not a normal child either. ok?

There are tons of ideas that you can easily ignore. I encourage you to ignore as many as possible.

Yes, MFW K as written is plenty for 5 year old if you do everything in the manual (including helping them to make charts of science stuff and clean up after themselves, etc). Many times the extra books listed as there as the "go to library for non fiction" or "extra to read out loud". If they only had one non fiction and one fiction book each week, that is enough for basics. Other children will crave more and you have to feed that. need more? start with Music and c.Rod book from deluxe. Do nature walks.

Others have needs to have school 4 hours per day or something. So, take it all with a grain of salt. The ideas are extra only if there is interest and desire.

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Re: Anyone do MFWK by the guide (no extras)?

Unread post by Dusenkids »

Right now, summer, I am adding a few extras off the the boards. But we are also stretching each unit out over two weeks, three/four days each week.

When school starts, we will be picking up the pace. The only thing "extra" I will be strongly encouraging is a full book basket. Even if he is just looking at the pictures, I want to get him in that routine. I did not buy readers. I have not bought an extra math. There is plenty for a 5y to learn if you follow the tm as written. I have a 5y (loves school) who is learning so much from it. I have a 4y (loves play, easily distracted) is is tagging along when he feels like it. He will repeat the math/reading next year. But he has picked up so much already. In the past two months he has gone from knowing A (first letter in his name) to over half of his letters. Will it work as is? I believe YES!!! We are on L, leaf and love the progress I am seeing!!
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Re: Anyone do MFWK by the guide (no extras)?

Unread post by gratitude »

My first time through MFWK was with my second son. I Loved it. I added nothing to it, unless you count the fact that I read to my children - and I do read books not always listed in MFW manuals or if you count the few readers my son read to me that we had around the house. It was more than enough for K. I would say he is probably beyond your average 6 year old entering 1st grade in the fall. He could easily enter a classroom and be ahead. He won't be though, we plan to continue schooling him at home! :-)

A great story on one of David Hazel's CDs, that I think Crystal was mentioning some, is the following:
Marie Hazel was given the worst K students for reading. The other teacher was given the best students. She used the MFWK program for the year, doing it as written. At the end of the year all of her students were at the same level as the other class room and had caught up to the advanced students. To me this says the program is highly effective.

I LOVE the K foundation my 2nd son has in phonics & math & Bible & science & God. I truly wish it had been my older son's K program. You really don't need to add anything, not at these ages. Unless of course, as Crystal mentioned, that you want to.
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Re: Anyone do MFWK by the guide (no extras)?

Unread post by tabby »

I have done MFWK as written with both of my kids. Loved it. :)
Tabatha :)
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Re: Anyone do MFWK by the guide (no extras)?

Unread post by NJCheryl »

I did MFWK with my son as it is written. My daughter was in adventures that year so he did do some of the activities from that with us. He did great with K. He was already a strong reader going into K, but was lacking in handwriting skills.I felt MFWK gave us the perfect opportunity to really focus on his weakness, and by the end of the year his handwriting and stamina had improved greatly.

This year I will again be doing MFWK with my daughter. I am anxious to see how it goes as she does not have the reading skills that her brother had going into it.

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Re: Anyone do MFWK by the guide (no extras)?

Unread post by far above rubies »

I remember our first time through and I thought I needed to add stuff, but after listening to the CD on hands-on Kindergarten, I "got it" and really wish I'd just used it as written. So this year, that's what we're gonna do. :)
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Re: Anyone do MFWK by the guide (no extras)?

Unread post by jasntas »

Dusenkids wrote: I did make a math notebook for my Ker. Just his calendar, number grid, and a 3 pocket photo page for place value. I did it (for myself originally) to keep his math papers in one place but he feels so BIG having his own "math book".
I did the same thing. How funny. Mine was without the place value page but I really like the idea. I actually did one for both my dc during my dd's K and 1st years. My ds didn't use MFW and I figure any review is helpful. We would pull them out at the beginning of the day after Bible and prayer.

For 1st grade, not for K, I also added in a daily word problem math sheet. The 1st TM suggests adding in a word problem each day and I'm not very creative with coming up with something different so I purchased a couple of different word problem books but settled on, and really liked, Evan-Moor Daily Word Problems Math for Grade 1 . My dc really liked them also as each week would have a different animal theme. Again, we would all do this together and I didn't expect my 1st grade dd to know how to do the problems by herself. But it was a great introduction to all kinds of different math concepts and good review for my ds.

There is also a free resource for daily mental math problems here: ... tml#mental

Again, this is for and starts with 1st grade. (I hope I didn't give too much 1st grade info. Especially since the op was asking about K. :~ )

I did start out my dd's K year going strictly by the TM. I only added or modified if/when I felt my dd was ready or I wanted to do something a little different. I would definitely suggest you start out just doing the TM as written. Then, If you feel you need to, you could peruse through the message board archives for more or different ideas. Otherwise, just ignore it and stick to the TM. It really doesn't need any modifications. :)

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Unsure about MFW-K for my

Unread post by Yodergoat »

hoosiermama wrote:Hello,
For awhile, I have been considering MFW kindergarten for my family, but now I'm having second thoughts and I'm hoping someone can help me out. DS will turn 4 this December, and DD will turn 2 this December. We will be TTC baby #3 soon... that could also mean a newborn in the house next fall, so I know I will need to be gentle on myself.

This "school" year, we are enjoying reading books together and doing basically no activities with them. I just want to read great books and savor them and leave it at that. It's working well. We're also doing a few Kumon cut, paste, color-type workbooks and mazes on occasion. My son loves them, but we don't drag them out very often. Lots of basic preschool-y crafts (cutting up magazines, pasting pictures, coloring, drawing, play-doh, etc). We own the MFW preschool package and play with those toys fairly regularly, but I haven't been good about doing the activities on the supplied cards. My purpose for this pre-preschool year, if you could even call it that, was to keep it light, fun, unstructured. We are meeting those goals (especially the unstructured part, lol!).

My son is starting to click with phonics and reading, and he occasionally will sound out CVC words. He enjoys writing words, and will often ask "How do you spell ...." so he can put it on something he was drawing.

So, concerns for why this might not be a good fit for us:

- The fact that phonics, math and handwriting are integrated in the curriculum. This could be a plus, but what if we want to go faster or slower for any of those 3Rs? Is it too complicated to adjust for those aspects? I do like the thought of having more freedom and flexibility with having individual curricula for the 3Rs.

- Will DS really enjoy these unit topics? I see some topics that I think he would like (the sun, moon, Us, and maybe some of the animals) but there seem to be a LOT of weeks on individual animals. Will we really want to spend a week talking about goats? And octopi? And the other random animals? Will this get old after awhile?

- Do the badges feel like busywork? Does anything feel like busywork?

Finally, are there any types of moms or types of kids that MFW-K *wouldn't* work well for? Part of me loves the idea of MFW-K, but part of me is wanting the freedom to do customized 3Rs + Bible. From there, do some delight-directed unit studies with literature and crafts to go with...but that could be way more work for me than I would want to handle at this stage. Help?
While I have time, I just wanted to address one of your concerns.

You are wondering if doing unit topics on specific animals will remain interesting... I certainly think it can! My girl did K last year and she loves animals, just can't get enough. But even for a child who is only marginally interested in animals, the unit themes can be expanded beyond the specific animal, and if you notice in the manual they refer to a broader topic for each one. For example, the octopus unit. This can become a unit about octopi, of course, but also other sea creatures, about the oceans, about camouflage, etc. And for goat, it can expand beyond just a study of the caprine into other farm animals, farm themes, utility animals that pull carts, goat products like meat, milk and hair, etc. When we studied elephants we went beyond just the two types of elephants alive today and talked about mammoths and mastodons (which led to discussions about other extinct animals), learned about the circus when reading about Jumbo, studied about Africa and Asia. With kangaroo we learned about other marsupials, studied Australia, etc. For nest we studied not just birds' nests but earned about all sorts of animal homes. Those are just a few examples. If you look at the "Ideas" forum here you will see how some others have expanded on these topics.

So, as long as you have access to a wide variety of books on all sorts of topics, you can expand and expound at length on each topic even if the idea of learning about one singe type of animal seems too specific!

That's all I can say for now. Have to get ready to perform in a huge living nativity at church tonight!
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Re: Unsure about MFW-K for my

Unread post by lea_lpz » are my thoughts on this, for what it's worth....
hoosiermama wrote:Will DS really enjoy these unit topics? I see some topics that I think he would like (the sun, moon, Us, and maybe some of the animals) but there seem to be a LOT of weeks on individual animals. Will we really want to spend a week talking about goats? And octopi? And the other random animals? Will this get old after awhile?
I'll admit I've had my favorite units and units I am less excited about, but my children have both enjoyed all the units, and as Shawna said, you can generalize the themes to make broader, like we covered "space" with units 1-2, "ocean and water habitats" for units 9-10, and with units 12-14 we've been covering farm animals and the harvest as a general theme. We just finished up Thursday. So, no, I would not say it is boring.
hoosiermama wrote:Do the badges feel like busywork? Does anything feel like busywork?
Some things might seem like busy work, especially when working with the oldest, but they actually are good for a young child. Tracing the badge print outs, cutting them carefully and if you want, letting them copy the verse on them are all great skills to develop. So is coloring. If a child doesn't have good hand control, they can not learn to write letters. Working on fine motor skills at this age is still important. Let's see, we just cut out our badges and display them in our pocket calendar (one of those preschool types for the duration of the unit. I laminate them so they last and we then same them in an envelop. For Christmas I plan to punch a hole through them, tie some ribbon and hang them on our tree as Christmas ornaments. It'll make my dc happy and will be a good memory of this year latter.
hoosiermama wrote:Finally, are there any types of moms or types of kids that MFW-K *wouldn't* work well for?
hmm...I am a new homeschool mom and we have only used this program. It works for us and we enjoy it, but don't know how to answer this question...Maybe some more experienced moms might know? I can tell you what drew me to MFW K.
1) I liked that lang. went slowly and had repetition to it as well as the multi-sensory approach used to teach handwriting
2) Bible was integrated into the unit themes and had solid Biblical concepts, giving a good foundation for understanding the nature of God and Christian character
3) Hands on projects that are fun (I'm just not that creative :-) )
4) The unit themes- I really felt like they seemed fun for a 5 year old child

Some other thoughts I had:

Your child is only turning 4 this month right? And you have a younger child 2 years younger? My kids are spaced two years apart. I personally would not start your child in MFW K at 4 1/2, especially with a 2 1/2 year old and maybe being expecting / having a new baby in the house. I'd wait until he was 5, even if he seemed ready.

Instead, I'd use the index cards for the MFW preschool toys. This is what I do with my 3 year old for preschool: MFW Preschool toy, row a BFIAR book, do a page or two in a Rod and Staff ABCD (About Three's) series. You could, for more structure, add BFIAR and an age appropriate workbook and use the index cards for the MFW preschool toys, and maybe include the toddler for BFIAR and some of the toys. That's just my opinion and you know your child obviously better than me, but just to let you know, even though some posts say MFW K is more like pre-k on other boards, and it does start off slow and gentle, it's not. It will cover a standard K year and have them reading simple stories by the end of the year. Reading words kick in at about unit 11.

Another could stretch MFW K over 1 1/2 years to 2 years. A lot of people do this so they can start at 4 and use the first half as "pre-k" and the second half as "k". This is typically done by doing MFW K only 3 days a week (but that would be less than 2 years?). Not sure how it works exactly. One reader posted she did 2 days one week and 3 days the other week. Lots of variations though. Like, you could do 2 days a week for the first year and substitute BFIAR or FIAR and some fun extras on off days and do 3 days a week the next year and again, add in FIAR or something if you want more....

Anyway, ultimately you have to decide what's right for you. Think about why you want to homeschool and what your vision is for homeschool, and see if doing MFW K fits that for you.
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Re: Unsure about MFW-K for my

Unread post by hoosiermama »

I didn't take a close enough look to think about/realizing that some units could be expanded if we wanted. That's a good thought!

Also, stretching MFWK if we were in a unit that we really liked, or wanted to slow down something, or work in some other bunny trail is something we could consider.

I'm not dead set on starting him with kindy in the fall, I was just thinking it could be a possibility and I do like a good sale ;).

From this board and others, it seems like a lot of people truly love the kindy curriculum. It has been hard for me to find anyone who used it but didn't love it, so that's really saying something.
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Re: Unsure about MFW-K for my

Unread post by rebeccal2002 »

Just wanted to chime in. :) When you are ready to do Kindy...use MFW! I'm doing it with my 4th child. She just turned 5. We LOVE it. So easy to teach, geared just to where my daugher is at right now. And my DD WANTS to sit down and do school like all her older siblings.

It's really up to you when to start. With my first we didn't do a formal K program because she wasn't really ready to stop playing. :) (Why do school when you can play with playdoh, color, build with Duplos, etc...) We did the 100 Easy Lessons book and left it at that. We started formally "teaching" for her 1st grade year, but it was more like a Kindy program. But that was were she needed to be.

Anyway, if you want the [sale], just buy it and use it when you are ready. Or have faith and wait. Trust that you'll be provided for even if you have to pay full price (gasp!) when the time is right. :) Either way, it's all good. I think the only reason you might NOT like MFWK is if you don't have an hour to sit down with your child regularly to teach. But that goes with any program, really.


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Re: Unsure about MFW-K for my

Unread post by dschurma »

We started in mid August with my son, who will be turning 5 on December 26. He's the type of child who loves to learn, read books with Mommy, do puzzles, and absorb new information. Sitting still & working on school for an hour or so is easy for him. I know that many will say not to start with a 4 year old, but it has worked quite well for us so far. He was begging me to teach him to read, beginning to sound out words on his own, and he loves to do themed activities and read lots of quality literature. MFW K is exactly what we needed at this point! It's just the right amount of time to keep his attention, and he looks forward to our special time together each day. In fact, we skipped a few days of school at Thanksgiving, and my son asked me, "Mama, why did we stop doing school? Can we PLEASE do school again soon?"

When we began in August, our younger son had just turned 3 and our daughter was 16 months old. We choose to do our school time when the little ones are napping in the afternoon, and it works out very well for us. We go online every few weeks on our library's website, reserve books that will work well with the next 2 units, and then I can just swing into the library & quickly pick up the books at my convenience. Both my K son and my 3 year old LOVE to sit and read the weekly books with me, and my 3 year old is so thrilled when he gets to join us for a themed art project or snack.

The ONLY part of MFW K that is challenging for my son as an older 4 year old is the handwriting. We've made our own handwriting worksheets with larger lines because his fine motor skills weren't quite ready for the MFW handwriting pages. He is just now starting to get the hang of writing his letters on the smaller lines of the MFW K worksheets, so we do our own larger print worksheets at the beginning of the week and save the MFW K handwriting sheet for a little extra practice at the end of the week. If I read correctly, it seems that your little guy might already be writing his letters? If that's the case, you might not even have this issue.

So that's our experience so far. We are on Unit 9, and I have no regrets. My son & I are both thoroughly enjoying this program!

That said, with my current 3 year old, I have a feeling we will wait until he turns 5 before we begin MFW K. He's a bright boy, but he is very physically active. Sitting still is not his "thing", and I would never want to push him into something if I didn't feel he was ready.

You know your child best. As the time approaches, you'll have a pretty good idea of whether or not he is ready. Also consider that you're not locked into the public school's time table. If you prefer to wait until he turns 5 and start MFW K in January, that's an option too. Don't be afraid to think outside the box :) Best wishes as you make your decision!

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My advanced dd is LOVING MFW K!

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My dd5 LOVES MFW K! She asks to do more and can't stand when it is over for the day. I was concerned because she is already reading, adding, writing sentences as copywork, spelling 3 and some 4 letter words, etc. I hoped and prayed that she wouldn't be bored with kindy because she likes to be challenged. However, I felt a tugging on my heart to go with MFW K even though I thought it was light. I even purchased another boxed curriculum only to sell it before school started. I couldn't get MFW K out of my head or heart. :)

On the surface, kindy looks very simple. However, after some digging through the manual and actually beginning the program, I am finding many opportunities to challenge dd in her strong areas. The tips in the manual, Facebook group, and MFW message board are great resources for ideas! I can now relax and enjoy the age appropriate bible and science as written. At first I was overwhelmed with the thought that kindy wouldn't provide enough for her. But now...well, now I wish I knew about MFW K a long time ago! I wish I could've used it with my other kiddos. Even my 6th grader sits nearby and listens to the kindy lessons (of course he's pretending not to be interested LOL! But then he creeps closer) :-)

MFW K is treasured by my daughter, which makes it a treasure for me. Thanks MFW for helping me reach the heart of my little one! We look forward to beginning Pre-K and RTR on Monday!
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Re: My advanced dd is LOVING MFW K!

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Yay!!! That's great news! My daughter loves it too and she is reading already also. Both my twins are loving it and I was a bit worried they would be beyond it, especially my daughter. But, it's going great. This is my second time through. Last time I did it with my oldest, he was barely recognizing letters when we started. (he was not early either...a couple months from turning 6.) It was perfect for him too! Woo Hoo for an awesome K program from MFW!!
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Re: My advanced dd is LOVING MFW K!

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I'm so glad to hear that! I LOVED MFW K & so glad I didn't miss it either, even though we waited till my dd was almost 6 to start - so glad I didn't rush forward & get something else. That is a REALLY cherished year in my heart. Now - just hoping my daughter-in-law will decide to let me teach it to my granddaughter in a few years!!! ;)
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