Student sheets -- Useful for younger siblings?

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Student sheets -- Useful for younger siblings?

Unread post by Ariasarias »

shawnswife wrote:My question is about including my 5 year old ds in adventures. I'm wondering if I should get him his own set of state cards and state flag stickers. Can anyone tell me what these are used for and any opinions on a kindergartener using them? Thanks!
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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:33 pm
My 4 yo has colored her own state sheets and adds other pages to her US notebook -- sometimes it's just something from the internet that I've found, like a picture or map. I also copy pages from the appendix of the TM for her and let her color them even the words from the songs. Very few times she has wanted me to add her own narration. For the most part she has enjoyed participating. Coloring the state sheets has been good for her in order to notice details and copy it. I also let her color the US Map as we add states. I do see how she has learned this year.
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Unread post by Mommyto2 »

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:26 am

My 5 y.o. colors all the state sheets with her older brother. She listens in on the info. I let her color what she wants but since her brother has to color the bird and flower she wants to also. She also puts on the flag sticker. Often she will color other things on the page but that is up to her.

I don't make her do any of the dictation obviously but often times she remembers many facts her older brother doesn't so between the two of them they help each other remember more information.

I can't wait for them both to be in the same program. I can see how they will spur each other on and help each other.

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Unread post by donutmom »

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:32 pm

Each state is given a day at some point throughout the year. A state card is colored on the day that state is studied. The state cards have an outline of the state and the state flower and bird on the front, and the back contains trivia type information about that particular state (capital, date admitted, history tid-bits, interesting landmarks, things like that). The appropriate state flag sticker is then added to the page.

My five year old (a boy) loved to color the pictures, although I didn't buy a set of cards for him. Instead, I bought a Dover coloring book. (It actually was used by MFW before they came out with the state sheets.) It has a page for each state just like the state cards. I figured he (my 5 year old) couldn't read all the info on the back, so I bought the coloring book (and saved a few dollars). I did buy the state flag stickers and he liked having them. My son wasn't reading in Kindergarten, but this was one thing he could and wanted to participate in. I would recommend the stickers and the coloring book (or state pages) for your kindergartner.

That's my 2 cents.
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Adventures with 1st grader...

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HapyMama wrote:Hi- I'm thinking about doing Adventures next year with a 1st and 3rd grader. How much of the history/bible/science will my 1st grader be able to do? Is it worth it for me to buy an additional set of the student sheets for him? Thanks! :)
This is exactly what I'm doing with mine starting in January. I did purchase the student sheets. My 1st grader likes doing things like that though. I think I recall reading that when someone else had a younger one in the mix, they did the student sheets but theirs had more stickers. ;) I'm sure someone else will be able to answer better since we haven't started yet.

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Re: Adventures with 1st grader...

Unread post by dhudson »

The first grader will do fine and do buy an extra student sheet for them. They will enjoy being involved and take a lot from it well.

Make sure your 1st grader is still doing math and LA at their level. If you are doing the MFW1st then treat 1st as their reading and math and have them do the rest of the subjects with the older child.
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Re: Adventures with 1st grader...

Unread post by jasntas »

Just wanted to add another vote for the student sheets. I had a 3rd and K'er last year and my K'er used most of the student sheets. I was glad and she was glad she had her own.
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Adventure Student sheets Question

Unread post by Metairie »

Mexmarr wrote:I will hopefully be buying Adventures in the spring and and trying to decide who much I need to budget. My older ones are 7, 6, and the next two will almost be 3 and 4, and the baby will be 1. How many kids would you buy students sheets for? What about the map?
We are doing Adventures with my oldest and the younger tags along. I would get student sheets for the older two only. It's a stretch for my younger one, but she likes doing school with big sis sometimes. I would get two maps as well. They are place mats and my girls use them for every meal. :-)

Postby Metairie » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:20 am
One thing I did want to add to the student sheet question; there are colorful State stickers and State cards later on, so while my youngest is not really using the student sheets right now, I am avoiding a sharing issue down the road. Right now the student sheets are mostly notebooking, mapwork and timeline. My youngest is hit and miss with whether she wants to participate. I know I will be glad to have both when we come to the stickers and colored State cards. I think it's worth the money to have since I only have two kids; however, I would still only get them for your oldest.

I would get the maps for every child! What a brilliant idea to have a map placemat! We talk about it constantly since we eat most of our meals at home. She shows Dad what she's learned, my youngest asks questions all the time about where we've been. They are learning so much. :-)
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Re: Adventure Student sheets Question

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I didn't get to do Adventures, but we love the map at our house and use it almost daily. I think extra copies would be optional but helpful if you use something like that a lot (save time over passing it around etc).

I like Cindie's answer about the student sheets. For more views on it, maybe these will help? ... 233#p59233 ... 664#p40664
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ADV student pages.. necessary? 1st grader

Unread post by gratitude »

Renee413 wrote:Hi all. I will have a 1st & 2nd grader for next school year (we've just finished MFW K & MFW 1st). I want to start them working together for next year to make things easier on myself. Ideally, they will sit together for bible, history, and science and then do other subjects one on one with me.

Here's my question: is it a good idea to purchase the student sheets & map of U.S. for my 1st grader? She will be doing her own 1st grade seat work and still isn't writing too well. I don't want her to miss out on anything fun that her older brother will be doing and certainly want to include her in the mix. On the other hand, I don't want to waste money on something she won't use. I'm just not too sure what the student pages entail so it's hard to decide!

Thanks for your help!
Hi Renee,
The ADV student sheets include the following:

Some pages that tie into the History that include a space for a drawing, or a drawing to color, and 3 - 4 lines for a summary. The pages are similar to the ones in the Bible notebook, but some of them have pictures of the Historical figures already drawn. These pages are very apporximately 1/4 of ADV.

Some pages are cut-outs for the Bible poster to cut out and color (the names of Jesus).

Some pages are cut-outs for the hand on activities. For example, a water droplet with the weeks verse, for Jesus being the living water.

Then there are the state pages, which are about 1/2 of the pages. Each page has the state flower & bird to color. The flag stickers can be put on each of these pages. There is also a picture of the state.

My ds7 is doing ADV for the second 1/2 of first grade and then the first part of second grade next year. He is doing the ADV sheets. He did MFW 1 for the second 1/2 of K and first part of 1st. I did not purchase a set for my ds5 who started MFW K last April and is just now starting first grade work.

I hope this helps!
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Re: ADV student pages.. necessary? 1st grader

Unread post by Buttercup78 »

Postby Buttercup78 » Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:05 pm
I currently have 1st & 2nd graders doing Adventures. The younger is the type who wants to do the same thing as the older, so yes, we definitely use the student sheets for both. I feel it was well worth it. And less work than trying to come up with something comparable for the younger one to do.
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Adventures with a kindergartener also

Unread post by Mexmarr »

angieb wrote:I am going to be doing Adventures next year with my 2nd grader and my daughter. She will be almost finished with MFW-Kinder when we start in late August. She is reading VCV fairly easy right now. My plan, right now, is to keep working on her phonics/reading and math at her level and let her join in on Adventures with my son.

My question is, would I order students sheets for her also? I am not sure what all is included in the students sheets or if they would be way above her level?? Thanks!! We can't wait to start Adventures next school year!!!
I just started week 5 adventures with my 2nd grader. My 2nd dd is doing K. I actually took a break on K with her when we started Adv, because she was getting overwhelmed with the reading parts. We are on lesson 11, I think. Right now she is only do Adv. I am glad that I got her the sheets. She colors or draws pictures on the summery page and practices the letters that she knows on the lines below. She can't participate quite like her sister, but she is very happy to do her own modified version. She sits in for EVERYTHING, and pretty much does it all but the writing.

I do plan to pick back up with K and do them both soon, but the break was good for her, and was good for us to get Adv established. I am not recommending you stopping K. I did it because that is what MY dd needed. But you could drop most of the science stuff and do all that with Adv. Oh, just reread and saw that you plan to do that.

All that to say... Yes, on the sheets. Not obligatory, but I do recommend it!
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Re: Adventures with a kindergartener also

Unread post by AudMama »

A few years ago I did ADV with a 3rd, 2nd, and Ker. My Ker did really well with it. He retained just as much as the older children did.
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Re: Adventures with a kindergartener also

Unread post by beaglemamma2008 »

I would order the student sheets if I were you. The majority of them are state sheets, which a 1st grader would be able to do. (The sheets have an outline of the state flower and state bird. The kiddos look at a card that has a picture of the bird and flower for each state, and they color theirs so it looks realistic.) My just-turned-5yo has joined her older sister for this activity all year long. She's not always there for the history readings, but the mapping and state sheets, she loves! :-)
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ADV with a K'er what to buy?

Unread post by gratitude »

tabrett wrote:I will be doing ADV this fall with a 2nd, 3rd and k'er. I know what to buy for the k'er out of the k curriculum, but what do I buy out of ADV for my k'er? Does my k'er need the:

Students sheets
Placemat maps
I Can Do All Things/with cards
Do You do the scrapbook section in Birds, Nests, Eggs? If so then I need a copy per child, right?
Should I get an extra magnet kit since I will have 3 students or will one be enought for all to enjoy?

I did buy student sheets for my Kindergartener last spring but I found that the K program was more than enough work to do for his age, and that the ADV sheets were too advanced for him. Now that he is in MFW1 he has too much work in it to do the ADV sheets too. You will want them though for both the 2nd and 3rd grader.

I did get placemat sheets for my 3 oldest. At the time I bought them they were 7, 5, and just turned 4. They all enjoyed sitting at the table and finding places on the maps. They have used them on and off at the table. Especially as a map next to me on the couch when I am reading the stories. Now they do it on our wall maps quite a bit. They even have games they have made up with one another to have one person have a state in mind and the others have to find it with little hints given.

I Can Do All Things with Cards. I did buy these for all three of my oldest. Only the oldest at the time though was ready for them (7, 6, just turned 4) at the time of purchase. This fall though I did the drawing book with my 3 oldest from MFW 1 (they were 8,6,4), and all 3 of them did great with it. Now this winter I am planning on doing the I Can Do Art for all 3 of them 8,6, just turned 5. It will be great for them, now that all 3 of them can draw from the drawing book. When I had originally bought them only the oldest could draw. Now they will enjoy doing it together. So it really depends on where your students are with drawing and age. Your two oldest (2nd/3rd) could learn from I Can Do All Things without any prior drawing experience. It would be a stretch though for the Kindergartener if they haven't drawn before.

We haven't done the Bird Book yet, so someone else will have to answer that part. I am curious since I only have one copy and my MFW1 ds6 is doing ADV science with big brother instead of MFW1 science.

You only need one magnet kit. My kids loved that kit, and all 3 of my oldest enjoyed it a lot.

I hope this helps...
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ADV student sheets? 5yo

Unread post by kanderson »

tabrett wrote:What is on the sheets?
The daily activities, such as state sheets, notebook pages (for vikings, christopher columbus, etc), lyrics to the songs learned (star spangled banner, etc), also the Jesus Poster cutouts and timeline pieces. - I'm not sure what your reasoning for asking is, but they are definitely necessary for the program. Hope this helps :)
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Re: ADV student sheets? 5yo

Unread post by Melany »

cbollin wrote:are you curious if younger siblings need a set?
I am!

I'm thinking I will probably have my 5 yr old tag along and do some of the activities, etc. along with his big brother.
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Re: ADV student sheets? 5yo

Unread post by 4Truth »

Melany wrote:I am!

I'm thinking I will probably have my 5 yr old tag along and do some of the activities, etc. along with his big brother.
Yes, I'd get a set for him, too. There's a lot in the student sheets that he can use as well. :) When we did ADV the first time, my youngest was 3 and I used a lot of stickers for her. She also colored (however crudely, LOL) maps and other pages, and had her own 3-ring binder, although it was one of the slim ones because she didn't do nearly as many as her sisters. But your 5yo would likely do a lot more than my then-3yo did.
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Adventures -Order extra student sheets for my preschoole

Unread post by Buttercup78 »

marvelousmess wrote:This will be our first year using MFW, and I'm very excited! It really seems like the curriculum will fit our needs. We're going to begin Adventures in August with my 3rd grader and use the preschool package with my 3 1/2 year old (and possibly a 2 y/o and 3 y/o I may be babysitting).

Do I order extra Adventures student sheets for my youngest? The website mentions ordering extra student sheets for 3 and up, but I'm not sure my 3 1/2 y/o would use the sheets. I'm unsure what the student sheets look like, too. Also, would my youngest child actually need his own art cards (I Can Do All Things)? I think the website mentioned ordering extra cards. Same question regarding the map place-mats.

I am just unsure to what extent the little ones are able to be involved in my 8 y/o's curriculum - I want to involve them as much as possible, but is it worth the expense to purchase the extra papers? I would love to hear from some moms experienced in combining kids with 5 year age difference.

Thanks a bunch!
Personally I would not buy the sheets for a 3yo. Some of the sheets would be considered "coloring pages" but not all (there are song lyrics, etc). If your 3yo were actually interested, there are plenty of free coloring pages you could get or print out for him, especially for the states.
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Re: Adventures -Order extra student sheets for my preschoole

Unread post by gratitude »

I used ADV this past year with a 8, 6, 5, and 3 in our home. The 8 year old used all of the sheets. The 6 & 5 used about 1/2 of them. I didn't buy them for the 3 year old, and I would suggest waiting until 4 or 5 for student sheets.
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Re: Adventures -Order extra student sheets for my preschoole

Unread post by lea_lpz »

I wouldn't but have seen some cool coloring books at my local toy store on various topics that would coordinate with MFW themes, including US history, you could use. I've also have seen a USA coloring book on Rod and Staff; they might have some other stuff for your younger child. My son will be in K when my dd is doing Adventures so I am keeping my eye out for things that will coordinate them better!
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Re: Adventures -Order extra student sheets for my preschoole

Unread post by Ohmomjacquie »

I didn't buy them fire my younger two. They listen in on stuff so far but aren't interested in the sheets. I gave rod and staff preschool books and they are happy with that.
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Re: Adventures -Order extra student sheets for my preschoole

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

Hi! We are also doing Adven. this fall - mine are 8, 6, 4 & 3. I bought student sheets for the older two, but not for the younger two. My plan for them is to print out states coloring sheets from crayola and the TM has extras of the Jesus poster pieces minus the Bible verse - it says it can be photocopied (?) so I made blank copies for the littles, precut them out and stuck it all in a large ziploc. And when we hit the birds study, maybe having some coloring sheets handy? Also, check Target's dollar bin and see if you spot a US activity book or something basic - letters, coloring, etc. It helps to have something on hand when moments get chaotic. For art, we are going to use thicker drawing paper for markers/paints, I did buy an extra set of cards for the 6 yo, not sure if she will "get" most of it, but I know she would hate to be excluded. The littles will enjoy finger painting or watercolors.
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Re: Adventures -Order extra student sheets for my preschoole

Unread post by marvelousmess »

Thanks for the input, guys. I couldn't really understand what the preschoolers would get out of the sheets, but I didn't want to leave something out that was suggested by the company. I thought it might be important if they were suggesting it, I guess. I won't be spending the money on the cards and the student sheets.

I'll take a look at Target and check online for coloring pages (and stickers!). I'll keep a folder of them on hand to pull out IF the youngest wants a sheet to do. He might, since last year he kept "helping " his brother with math ;) My 8 y/o didn't appreciate the help, haha.

My oldest enjoys and has a knack for art, so I think he will enjoy some independent art time. I'm sure I can find some fun art projects for the little ones to do during that time, even if it's just free time with color wonder paint or some bathtub painting.

I'm glad I joined the message boards. It will be a nice resource for me.
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Re: Adventures -Order extra student sheets for my preschoole

Unread post by cbollin »

marvelousmess wrote:Do I order extra Adventures student sheets for my youngest? The website mentions ordering extra student sheets for 3 and up, but I'm not sure my 3 1/2 y/o would use the sheets. I'm unsure what the student sheets look like, too. Also, would my youngest child actually need his own art cards (I Can Do All Things)? I think the website mentioned ordering extra cards. Same question regarding the map place-mats.
Welcome along!

art cards are for ages 6 and up. place mat.. that could be fun to have one per person

My heart is to share ideas other ways for preschoolers to also be included, without premade worksheets. It is not intended to make anyone feel bad for using premade worksheets. Standard disclaimer applies' "do what works... ignore what doesn't apply to you. "

background... this morning while making coffee.. I looked at some construction paper and glue and things... from days gone by.... it got me to thinking... now, that would be fun to do again with preschooler if I had one in ADV... maybe I should share? (maybe I shouldn't?) maybe those who have preschoolers but don't want to buy the pre made stuff might like the idea.. maybe I shouldn't? I dunno...

The idea was to draw/trace outline of the state (because in ADV there are these state sheets), onto construction paper. Preschooler could do a variety of fine motor and creativity skills from
*cutting the outline
*going around the shape with glue and yarn. glue and glitter... glue and feathers... glue and cotton... or any kind of craft that is safe for the child's age and household needs in
*get other kinds of stickers - not just the flag stickers
*consider glue stick inside the outline and then make a collage of things in that state.... (pictures from visitors bureau website, or sports team, or something pretty)

I"m old as in so old that homeschool preschool to me was about process over product. so I just wanted to share that for those with preschoolers who ask for seat work or "where is mine?" but you can't afford or didn't want to buy the pre made stuff... or even for those with pre made stuff and need to do something special with them..... so the preschooler isn't just sitting there scribbling on it to be part of the family, but can do something fun and creative and work on fine motor skills.
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Re: Adventures -Order extra student sheets for my preschoole

Unread post by Bessers »

I love this idea Crystal! I am doing Adv this year with my will-be 7 yo. My 4 yo (5 in October) is VERY anxious to join in and learn to read, so I will do K with her, and also got extra Adv student sheets. I am very left brained with perfectionist tendencies as is my 7 yo son, so I have to make a real effort to keep things light & fun. (God has really been working on me in this area, but that's another story!) This sounds like a great idea! I think they BOTH would enjoy & benefit from it. Please don't get frustrated & stop sharing your wisdom and ideas. I've lurked on this board a while and have learned a lot from you without you knowing it. Please keep it up!
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