Books - Celebrating Biblical Feasts

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Books - Celebrating Biblical Feasts

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Mercy wrote:Why do you think MFW picked Celebrating Biblical Feasts vs A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays? Does anyone know the difference? Would this book be worth the purchase? Just curious if anyone out there has any input. Don't think I'd spend the money if the topics covered are similar at all.

I haven't seen A Family Guide to Biblical Feasts but we loved Celebrating Biblical Feasts and have used it many times in the past two years although we finished CTG a year ago.

It also has one of the best white bread recipes that I have found!

Oh, and the TM for CTG refers to Celebrating Biblical Feasts directly and directs you to certain pages through out the year so that may be a consideration as well.
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I have both around here. These are some reasons why I think MFW made the correct choice, even though both are excellent:

* Family Guide is well over 500 pages and retail price is about $40.
* Biblical Feasts is under 200 pages and retails at $13.95.
* Family Guide talks about the meaning of the feasts, including the author's own interpretation of many things, and includes projects that are mostly paperwork or crafts I don't know how to accomplish, like making specific flags for your rotating centerpiece.
* Biblical Feasts tells you how to celebrate the feasts in your family.

But again, I like both. I like books :o)
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JMHO, I don't think I would want to mess with the balance of activities/projects adding another major book would cause. It's been our experience that anything additional should just be for book basket or it takes away from the beautiful flow of a MFW program. I'm sure people successfully add stuff all the time, I am just not one of them! ;)
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