# 3 - Leaf

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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# 3 - Leaf

Unread post by Marie »

Lesson # 3 Leaf

NOTE: You may also find related Science ideas (on forests & trees) posted on other boards:

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Wedsite to help identify leaves

Unread post by Michelle »

Author: Michelle Maxson
Date: 9/17/2002

Here is the website for learning about raisins and other fruit http://www.dole5aday.com it looks neat for young ones also I found a website on leaves http://www.oplin.org/tree/ this one you can identify the leaf your child has found and match it up to its tree and it shows a picture of the tree it is really informative.
thanks Michelle

L-l-leaf ideas

Unread post by Tuesday »

Author: Tuesday
Date: 6/10/2001

Just had to share our great day in My Father's World. We have been studying trees and plants. We read a science Lets Read and Find Out book "Be a Friend to Trees". Excellent resource. We then watched a Tell Me Why video about flowers and plants.

From there we made a concept map by cutting out pictures from the newspaper and magazines about trees/plants. Finally, we went outside and drew a tree and made leaf rubbings on tracing paper.

All and all a great day. My son is now playing with his lego with a tree in a protected fortress. He says the minifigures are making sure the tree gets lots of sunlight.

My 3yod loved the leaf rubbings. It was just right for her.

Here is a great resource for Leaves and Trees
http://www.highlands.vic.edu.au/trees/a ... urtree.htm

Love in Christ


Leaf Crafts

Unread post by Janie »

Author: Janie
Date: 10/9/2001

Here are two ideas for L-l Crafts.

The first is Framed Foliage. Collect some extra leaves while you enjoying the fall colors. Let your child arrange the leaves on a piece of waxed paper. Lay another piece of waxed paper on top, forming a "sandwich". Cover the "sandwich" with a towel and iron on medium heat to fuse the two pieces of waxed paper together. Let you child make a frame from construction paper. Punch a hole in the top and hang it with ribbon.

The second is Autumn Leaf Placemats. Use 2 pieces of clear contact paper for each placemat. Peel the backing off of one piece, lay the leaves out (I would use the first piece of contact paper as the top of the placemat), cover with the other piece of contact paper. Trim the edges with pinking shears or other decorative scissors, if you like. You could even glue acorns or small pinecones on the top side. Then have a special fall dinner to celebrate 5 weeks of school being done.

Enjoy this beautiful season God has given us.
Janie <><
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Two nice books to go along with L-l-leaf!

Unread post by MichelleD »

Two nice books to go along with L-l-leaf!

One is Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! It gives lots of information but in the context of a mother and son bear who take nature walks. Nice! It's by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace and the artwork is bright.

We got lots of ideas for "leaf pictures" from Look What I Did With a Leaf! by Morteza E. Sohi.

Michelle D.l

Unread post by katyberisford »

Enchanted Learning has some handy print off for leaves, as we are doing this unit in summer, leaves on the ground are a bit hard to come by so we had to find a few other bits to fill in the gaps as we didn't want to pull leaves off in the forest.

We shall "revisit" those activities in autumn so they won't go to waste ;o)
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Leaf Books

Unread post by Winkie »

Extra books we enjoyed:
Leaves Leaves Leaves - Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (I really loved this one!)
Be a Friend to Trees - Patricia Lauber
The Bee Tree - Patricia Polacco
The Tale of Three Trees - Angela Elwell Hunt (can also find on video)
A Tree is A Plant - Clyde Robert Bulla (also goes along with Apple unit)
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Tree Mural

Unread post by ljudah07 »

We found a great way to make "I will live and grow in Jesus" come alive.
On a large sheet of butcher paper, draw the outline of a tree trunk and branches. Then cut a hole large enough for your child's face to fit in somewhere between the branches. We decorated our tree by tearing pieces of brown construction paper and putting them in mosaic form on the trunk and branches. Then we cut out leaf shapes and pasted them on the tree. When the mural is complete, hang it in a doorway and let your child peer through the hole and repeat "I will live and grow in Jesus". Then take pictures!!

It was great fun.
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Music - Lesson 3 (and 13), I don't know this song!

Unread post by nehschooler2three »

Texas Gal wrote:On Day 5 of MFW-K Lesson 3, we sing a song to the tune of "I Will Make You Fishers of Men." I'm not familiar with this tune, and internet searches aren't pulling anything up for me. Does anyone know of a website where I can either find an audio file of this song, or the written music for it? Thanks!
This one has words and music, try this out:

PreciousLordTakeMyHand http://www.preciouslordtakemyhand.com/c ... ofmen.html

Hope this works better!


[note: if link does not work, then do a Google search for:
"I will make you fishers of men" lyrics .]

Unread post by cbollin »

If you have or know someone who does have Veggie Tales: Sing Alongs - More Sunday Morning Songs with Bob & Larry, it's on that CD.

Here's another one:
http://www.higherpraise.com/embed_midi. ... shersofmen
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Free posters - leaves, trees, seeds etc - Beautiful!

Unread post by semushlich »

International Paper will send you a FANTASTIC classroom kit of posters. The posters are free and they don't even charge for shipping.

The posters are high quality, full color and come in wall size and letter size (you get both).

The titles are:

-Do you recognize these leaves and needles?
-Seeds come in every shape and size you can imagine!
-How a tree eats, drinks and breathes
-You can tell a tree by its bark
-This pine lived through a fire, drought and major bug attack (looking at a tree's rings)
-Ever hear of Waste Not, Want Not?
-A well managed forest keeps giving and giving
-Giving our endangered species a second chance
-The bounce-back forest
-Special places, special care

They also included some booklets.

You can preview the materials and order a kit their Learning Center.

Edited 9/30/10 by Moderator to add: This program is now available to download to your computer (they do not mail the kits anymore). Here is a working link to the learning center:
http://www.internationalpaper.com/US/EN ... index.html
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Leaf Science Idea

Unread post by nhneubauer »

None of these ideas are original so I have made reference to where I found them. If I still had that info.

Beat A Leaf- lost reference.
Fresh Leaves
White Cotton Fabric cut into squares
Vinegar in Spray Bottle

This lesson went into photosynthesis and chlorophyll. I mainly used it as an introduction to the words and explained that photosynthesis is the way green plants make food. Chlorophyll is the chemical in green plants that turns carbon dioxide, water, & light into food for the plant. And that these plants give off water vapor and oxygen.

The lesson also goes into Chloroplasts, which I did get into.


Lay one leaf on a steady and smooth surface. I used the concrete garage. Place the cloth over the leaf. Use the hammer to lightly pound the leaf. The chlorophyll should make an impression on the cloth. (My student soon tired of the pounding but I had a great time). The instruction, I have says to peel off the leaf. My was pulverized so I jumped to the step, which is to mist the cloth with vinegar and press with a hot iron, which makes the imprint permanent. Then I washed the cloth in the sink to get rid of the remaining leaf.

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Unread post by Mom2MnS »

We really enjoyed the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert with this study. Also, we added The Lorax by Dr Seuss.

Crayola.com has a precious "fall fingerprint tree" craft that is a great add on to this unit.
WLiC, Quinne

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Unread post by Vic529 »

This Site has a COOL craft for kids. Its leaf magnets that you make and put on the fridge. Have fun!!!!!!


[Edited to add info provided by cbollin:
The salt dough recipe that is commonly used on that craft website is not actually listed on that specific craft. Here's a link to their salt dough recipe on a different craft. Hope it helps.
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Unread post by Vic529 »

Here's an adorable leaf crown for everyone. My son LOVES his and is wearing it everywhere!!!

http://www.teachervision.fen.com/tv/pri ... 44X_65.pdf
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a few great books - one that is amazing!!

Unread post by trinabambina »

I found these books for this unit. I apologize if you have already posted these, but they were favorites for us!

My Favorite Tree - Terrific Trees of North America by Diane Iverson
On the left page is a simple story book page; you could just read these and have a great book!!
On the right page is a tree that matches the left page with details: Tree Traits, Wild Companions, It's a Fact, and Hall of Fame. Great for picking out the trees in your area.

Nature Close-Up - Leaves and Trees
by Elaine Pascoe
Great photos (even some microscopic images) and cool experiments!

Look What I Did with a Leaf! by Morteza E. Sohi
This one is going in my library!!! Great pictures to make with leaves; talks
about shape and size, the leaf life cycle, and a field guide. I can see us
using this one for years!!!

And the best one!!! The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt
This is a great story about three trees and what they want to be when they grow up and what happens in the end will have you in tears!! Another one for our personal library.

Hope you enjoy!!

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MFWK leaves, leaves, leaves

Unread post by Mommyto2 »

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 8:51 am

Leaves! leaves! leaves! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

We also loved this book for leaf week. It clearly explains on an early level what a leaf does for a tree and what a tree does for a leaf.

It would be an easy segue to explain how we need to be with Jesus like a leaf needs to be on the tree to survive.

I highly recommend this book for this lesson.

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Unread post by mrs_mike98 »

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 10:47 am

We're doing L-l-Leaf this week and another great book we found is called Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber. It identifies several types of leaves in a poem, and talks about the fun things to do with them in the fall!

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:46 am

We had a neat extra with the L L Leaf unit. After letting the leaves sit on the counter to dry, 5 y.o crushed them to little pieces. It was a great visual for how I feel. But at the same time a beautiful reminder to me that unless we remain on the vine or tree (that is to say that we have to live and grow in Jesus) that we can be so easily crushed even within a few short days. Even the leaves that are being pressed in the wax paper and look beautiful on the outside --- they were still easily crushed. Much harder to crush a leaf that is still on a tree. See --- even those K lessons can be used for moms too. <g>
Julie - Staff
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Ideas: Doing the Leaf Unit in a Hot Climate

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:39 pm
Author: shera

We are rapidly approaching the leaf unit and it is still over 100 degrees here.

Arizona is not known for its trees as it is. We have maybe 3 varieties in our neighborhood and they aren't even close to starting to drop. I can pick leaves off of my trees but wouldn't feel comfortable pulling them off of anyone else's.

How would you suggest I do the different activites? I'm sure someone has hit this unit when it wasn't the fall. It is also still way to hot to do nature walks and such. Suggestions anyone?

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:16 pm
Author: Julie in MN

I don't know if you've already checked out the Kindergarten Ideas board, but there are a couple posts on a free set that International Paper will send you about leaves. You can also download most of it, if you are in a pinch.

Also, don't forget flower shops and such. Or have family members send different leaves from their part of the country.

Have fun!

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:37 pm
Author: Cyndi (WA)

Sarah --- bonus!!! Your leaves are going to dry out so fast! (If you can keep them from blowing away in a monsoon storm.) Sorry, I just really miss Arizona . . .

I wouldn't worry too much about finding a bunch of different kinds of leaves - you can always look at pictures for that or talk about them while driving around town. Discussing how important it is for the leaves to get water should be really easy to explain -- never leave home without it!

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:37 pm
Author: scmlg

My MIL has mailed out leaves to her grandchildren in AZ. They'd never seen the color changes before that. Do you know anyone up here in the north? Any way you could find books from the library that go over leaves and then make some together from construction paper?

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 2:43 pm
Author: Ariasarias

I live in south Texas and was so disappointed when we hit the leaf unit. We had all of two trees in our yrad and everyone in my neighborhood has the same two :). Just don't do what I did and turn it into a complaint session of where you live :). I like the idea of someone sending you leaves and also just focusing on the importance of water for the leaves. Since then, I have also learned to appreciated the vegation we do have here and have tried to help my children appreciate it to. I will add that my 4 yo dd, who was 2 at the time, still vividly remembers "Mr. Leaf" who decided to go his own way and break off of the branch and how he died. She still asks about him :). My lesson learned!!!

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:32 pm
Author: annaz

We used bushes and flower leaves as well. Maybe you could run to Reid Park either before 8am or after 5pm! LOL!
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Unread post by amylynn12 »

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 6:46 pm

I just ran across these directions for making fall leaf placemats and thought they would be cute with the MFW K Leaf Unit. :) What a fun time of year to do this project. :)

Here's another version of the placemats:
http://crafts.kaboose.com/pressed-leave ... mat-2.html
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Unread post by lyntley »

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:17 pm

We aren't doing K but ECC and did these just last week for fun. They are so pretty we hung them in the window.

I'm the laminating queen and I have my own machine and I highly recommend it.

But I decided to try something different this time. We decided to try the wax paper and it worked great. It wasn't too cloudy especially when we put them in the windows. For a placemat however you may want to try the contact paper or laminate. I had also seen them done with fall colored crayon shavings sprinkled in and they were very nice too.

By the way I noticed today that a few places on our waxed paper window leaves didn't seal completely and the leaves dried out and shriveled.

I would recommend ironing over the leaves with one piece of waxpaper to preserve the leaves a bit better, remove the wax paper and then using your contact paper to seal them. That will make a very nice placemat.

My DS made a pressed flower book mark that way years ago and it still looks nice. Infact Maybe I'll have the kiddies make some placemats this week too.

Unread post by cbollin »

(using K with autism kid)
I'd like to recommend a book called

Look at a Tree by Eileen Curran. This is a fun book to let your young K age child point and look along. I think that even though it is not hard to find all of the things it helps with training their eyes to look.

Then it is fun to take along with you outside on those days when you are doing a nature walk, or Exploring and Enjoying God's Creation. It might inspire some ideas of things to look for in a tree.

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Unread post by cbollin »

MFW K with autism

L L Leaf

We again used very simple text and many pictures in the books we found for trees. I made a large picture of a tree (on easel paper) showing leaves, branches, trunk and roots. I made another picture of a Jesus tree and put my daughter’s picture on the Jesus tree. We wrote our words – I will live and grow in Jesus. For Jesus tree we just traced a picture from a Children’s Bible and took some artistic liberties to show His hands and arms as branches, etc.

Again, we covered it in prayer.

We played outside in a few trees. My daughter enjoyed hanging upside down in a tree. Every opportunity to tell her "I will live and grow in Jesus".

She enjoys playing with crushed leaves and crushed grass. I would just simply say: that leaf is away from its tree, it did not keep growing.

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Science Experiment for Leaf....

Unread post by jenniferblake »

Sorry I don't have the reference for which book this came from, but here goes. It didn't work for us, but we were not patient enough to wait for the leaves to soak.

This experiment shows the hidden orange and yellow colors that are present in green leaves at all times (but are masked by the green chlorophyll). If you do this to compare the green leaves with the colored leaves, you should have double everything needed.


a bunch of fresh green leaves and some changed ones if you have them.
rubbing alcohol- about 1/2 cup-1cup
a glass
a coffee filter
a pencil
some scotch tape
patience :)

cut the coffee filter into a longish strip- maybe 2.5 inches wide and 4 inches long.

tear the green leaves into small bits and put into the glass (it may help to crush them a little first). add the rubbing alcohol and stir. Allow to sit for about an hour (may want to cover to prevent evaporation).

tape the end of the coffee filter to a pencil, lay pencil across cup and allow the filter to just hang below the surface of the alcohol. Allow the filter to soak up the alcohol and when it is about .75 inches from the top, remove and allow to dry.

THEORETICALLY you will see the band of yellow, orange and green seperated out on the coffee filter with the green leaves, and the changed leaves will not have the green because the chlorophyll has died already.

If I were to do this again I would smush the leaves somehow or run them through a blender or something first to help them release more liquid. Then I would resist the urge to do the project quickly.

Remember to supervise SUPER closely because rubbing alcohol is very poisonous if ingested.

I'd be curious to see if anyone gets this to work!
Lucy wrote:This does work. I do not remember what year it was in MFW but this experiment was assigned somewhere along the way. I could almost see it. I think it was when we studied Botany in year 4.

Have fun in K. They grow so fast!
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