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God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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Math - Scope, Topics, Manipulatives

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When is telling time taught?
Chrystal in TX wrote:I was browsing through my MFWK teacher guide and although I see clocks being mentioned as a part of the curriculum, I can't find it. Do the kiddos learn to tell time in kindergarten? Am I just overlooking it? If not in MFWK, then when?
Well, if you look at the recommended reading list for K, and look at the sample lesson that is provided (for Lesson 11, I-I-Insect), a book that is recommended is The Grouchy Lady Bug, by Eric Carle. In that book, there are clocks, and time advances by the hour as the story progresses. One of the recommended activities on Day 6--Book Day during Lesson 11 is to make a clock from paper plates, brass paper fastener, and two cardboard pieces for the hands. Look at the clocks in The Grouchy Ladybug and use the clock you made to learn how to tell time to the hour.

I can't remember if time is covered anywhere else, but using The Grouchy Ladybug is a great introduction to telling time by the hour, and then time is covered further in MFW 1st grade.
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Re: When is telling time taught?

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We just covered telling time during one of our kindergarten lessons this week! Look at the Activity Guide for Lesson 1 (Ss Sun). On Day 4 (pg 42) the student makes a sundial. The teacher's manual reads, "Each hour, on the hour, look at a regular clock and help the student read the time. Then look at the sundial, mark the location of the pencil's shadow on the cardboard, and write the time next to the mark."

Hope this helps!
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Math for Kindergarten

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kharpenau wrote:I was just wondering if anyone had a scope and sequence for MFW math for kindergarten or if they have finished it and could tell me of any manipulatives they wish they had had for it?
Welcome along!

Scope and Sequence:
All typical kindergarten goals are taught, including
counting objects,
writing numerals,
preparing and understanding charts and graphs,
understanding ordinal numbers,
fractions (whole/half),
and an introduction to addition and subtraction

Manipulatives? anything that you can touch or count can be good for Kindy math. apples, beans, clock, cookies, etc.
looking forward to more answers on that.

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Re: Math for Kindergarten

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kharpenau wrote:Thank you. That helps alot. I was thinking of getting a judy clock and a smaller geared clock and maybe some play money. If we're going to do addition and subtraction I might add an abacus.
I got a Judy clock (reasonably priced on ebay). However, if you just want to test the waters, Target has foam clocks in their dollar section (with 2 separately movable hands). I kind of wished I'd seen that first...
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Re: Math for Kindergarten

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I haven't really pulled anything out of my teacher stash. It's all in storage. We use a lot of everyday things like Crystal said. My boys like the "real stuff."

As far as clocks, I just use a broken one we had...well one the boys broke but it "works" for what we need. ;)

Place value is also introduced. Craft sticks and stickers work great for place value. Might be something you need to buy extra depending on your craft stash??

I do use a set of foam shapes/animals for counting, sorting, graphing....but it is more for extra practice/workbox activities.

Something else you may want to consider if you have younger ones who might want to tag a-long is extra calender pages, number chart, .... I just found a few on the internet so I didn't have to make them and not break copywrite. I just put it all in a paper pocket folder for each child.

Enjoy K!
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