** MFW-K Units - Special memories

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum

** MFW-K Units - Special memories

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

MFW-K Units - Favorite memories?

I am continually amazed at how God uses the things I'm supposed to be teaching my children to teach me. It's an almost daily occurrence.

Today, after having a hard time getting my day started, I was teaching my daughter (MFWK) about the ant - our timeless truth for the unit, "I am a wise child, so I work hard." Ouch. My laziness this morning threw off our entire day! But isn't God good to show me so lovingly? So gently?

Looking ahead to other units, I see (with open eyes) that God will continue to be refining out the dross in my life as He pours these truths into my children.

Do any of you have a favorite unit from MFWK? Or a testimony of how God has used one of the truths in these units to spur you on? I just thought this might be encouraging for all of us.

Paige in NC

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It's been a while since we did MFW K.

I remember how God just used the units to help us with language development for dd#2. She has delays with expressive langauge (processing disorder).

It was just a wonderful blessing to me when we came to the Horse unit. I obey right away! We were working on rhymes at that time with dd in her outside speech/language therapy and also teaching pretend play skills.

right AWAY
NEIGH (the sound the horse makes)

it felt like just a nice little gift from above that we really were supposed to be homeschooling her and that HE provided all things.

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Unread post by southernshae »


Although I've not (yet) done MFWK, I want to jump in here and share how convicting those memory verses from Proverbs (MFW 1st grade) were! For me especially, I needed to be reminded that "a fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control." I needed to hide all of those verses in my heart too!

I am also constantly amazed at how God orchestrates things we are learning in MFW with other happenings in our lives. For example, a few weeks ago, our pastor preached about the memory verse we were learning in ADV .....the kids thought that was really neat.

We'll be doing K soon.....can't wait!
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Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Hi Sister - what a great thread :)
I don't think I have a very favorite, as so many of the lessons have been special to us! Some that really stand out have been...
... when Meredith & I talked about the way we reflect Christ's light the way the moon reflects the sun (Mm moon)
... when she learned the new word "persevere" - she still uses the word and loves to discuss examples of persevering (Tt turtle)
... this week in our current unit, we are learning to do "every tiny little thing we do" like we are doing it for Jesus. It has been such a rich blessing to work with that in my life and to see Meredith trying to apply it to hers, too (Ii insect)
WLiC, Quinne

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Hands-on - Butterfly habitat better than a book

Unread post by Poohbee »

Hello, Everyone!
We are almost finished with MFWK (we're studying Lesson 23--Fox right now). It is our first year homeschooling. We've had a wonderful experience, and I absolutely LOVE MFW! I can't help but sing its praises to anyone who asks me about homeschooling and homeschool curriculums! I've already ordered my 1st grade package and have looked through it a bit. Can't wait to go through it and get more familiar with it throughout the summer.

Well, I am just so excited about our amazing day today, and I just had to share with others who might appreciate it, too! We studied butterflies a few weeks ago. We ordered caterpillars, and we've watched them grow and then change into chrysalis, which is absolutely amazing! Well, today, the butterflies emerged! My dd and I looked this morning and discovered that two of them had emerged. We looked a little later and a third one had appeared. I desperately wanted to actually see one emerge from its chrysalis, and sure enough, my dd saw it happen and called to me, and I was able to see the butterfly emerge, too.

WOW! How amazing! It gives me such a new appreciation for God and the intricacies of his creation! It's one thing to read and learn about butterflies and their metamorphosis, but it is another thing all together to witness it. I am just in awe and so excited!

I highly recommend getting a butterfly habitat and allowing your kids to experience the metamorphosis of butterflies! What a great day we've had!

Thanks for reading my rambling! And thanks to everyone who posts on this board! It is interesting and enlightening for me to read!

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Sharing a MFW-K moment: frogs & foxes :)

Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Posted: Mon May 21, 2007 2:11 pm
Hi everyone :) I just had to share this from today...

Last week in school Miss M and I studied the letter 'F' and frogs. The main focus of our Bible lesson was "I use my tongue wisely" (ref Proverbs 21:23). We learned that God made the frogs to use their very special tongues well. They wait patiently in their circumstances, knowing when to keep their mouths closed and when to open them to get the food they need. We learned that He expects the same from us - we must be good stewards of the gift of speech, knowing when to keep quiet and when to speak. We can choose every time we speak with someone to use our kind and gentle words, not harsh or ugly ones.

Today, we are beginning our unit on the letter "X" and foxes. We are focusing our Bible time on "God's Word makes me wise" (ref Psalm 119:98). We talked today about how God made the fox very crafty and smart so that he can catch his prey and escape being caught. We learned that God gives us the ability to be creative and clever, too. Some people choose to use these gifts from God to lie and to cheat others or to hurt them. We must learn the truth from God's Word in the Bible, so we will know what is really true. And we must always use the gifts of widsom and cleverness to bless Him and others.

All of that to say this: dd, dh, and I were having lunch today and dd said, "Mommy, I think that the frogs and the foxes go together." I asked her what she meant, and she said, "Well, what we are learning goes together. Like the frogs, we have to be careful about the things we say, and like we heard about the fox, we have to be sure that words we use are true...

I hadn't even mentioned the connection! What a blessing to see her taking the things we are learning into her heart and to see the Father blessing that :)
WLiC, Quinne

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Bible & Character training is included!

Unread post by southernshae »

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:37 am

You'll be pleased to know that your character training is on it's way :) (saw your other post). I'm sure others will chime in with more specifics, but I wanted you to know MFWK is full of character training.

Just a quick funny, but the "I don't quit, I persevere " (Tt unit) words really made an impact on my K'er. He quotes this often when trying to accomplish something. Well, recently I was weeding outside and I saw a black widow spider . It was too close for comfort, my heart was pounding. I said "that's it....I'm done!!!" He said, "but mommy, you didn't persevere!"

Southernshae (who has arachniphobia)
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Re: Bible & Character training is included!

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:55 am

Big ditto to southernshae on MFWK being full of character training. (And so glad I can't ditto her on the spider!!!)

Open the back cover of your TM when you get it, and there you go -- 26 Biblical lessons tied to your units.

One that was of special interest to us was Aa Apple - If I stay in Jesus I will have much fruit. We made trees by tracing dd's hands and wrists on an 8.5 X 11, and I cut out nine round "cherries" of red construction paper (about 1.5") and wrote the names of the fruit of the Spirit on them. Then dd glued them on her trees. We left it up on the bulletin board most of the year, and talked about growing patience, gentleness, etc. in our lives.

We also posted all the alphabet flashcards like a wallpaper border along the ceiling, then when we finished a badge, we stapled the badge under the flashcard it goes with. We all like them so much, we're leaving it up for MFW1 as well. Neat idea if you have room to do that.

Enjoy your year -- you're going to love it!
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I don't quit; I perservere!

Unread post by AES »

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:45 am

I just wanted to say that I felt the Lord had lead our family to MFW, as well. My 6y/o is basically done with K (we've had to do it in spurts due to health issues). Well, at one point recently I was beginning to feel a sense of hopelessness and my dd (seemingly out of nowhere) says,"I know Mommy, I don't quit; I persevere!" Wow! I went back to the teacher's manual and saw that it was from Lesson 6!!! which she did a while ago!!

Amy E.
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A wonderful choice

Unread post by beaglemamma2008 »

Welcome! We're also in our first year of MFW, using K with our 5-year-old dd. Let me just encourage you that you made a wonderful choice!

We all have fun during "school!" DD has learned so much, and . . . um . . . quite frankly, so has Mommy! But the best part is the Bible/character development. The way Marie Hazell has integrated it into each unit is so effortless; DD really "gets it!" And the special words for each unit are great reminders throughout the year when I feel like I need to guide her heart back in the right direction ("Remember what a turtle would do right now?" or "That doesn't sound like a horse to me!" etc.)

Hope you have a blast in K! Oh yeah, and your kiddo, too! hee hee

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Unread post by Alison »

We just started the K creation last week. We finished up the Creation notebook yesterday. My son LOVES it! And we also spent around 30 minutes. I am so grateful to God for showing us MFW.

I probably wouldn't have started teaching the kids hymns so regularly, but they both love singing This Is My Father's World. My 2 year old is picking it up just as well as my K-er.
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Re: Just ordered k and 3rd grade

Unread post by jasntas »

I have a K-er and 3rd grader starting Adv, too. We have started and have been enjoying the K program this summer and will begin Adv in the fall. My dd woke me up and asked me yesterday morning when we were doing "school" again. That was exciting to me to know she is enjoying the program. Even though he won't admit it, ds has been enjoying joining in on the fun K stuff.

We have completed the first two units of K and both kids really enjoyed the Moon unit. They played with moon sand while listening to the "Nutcracker" (all three versions on the "Intro to Classical Music" cd). My dd seems to love the Classical Music cd and will listen to it over and over. (And over). Then after I read the story about Little Bear going to the moon they both made their own "moon hats" and draped blankets over the table for their space ship. They played for a couple of hours under those blankets. This was after my ds was asking when "school" was going to be over.

I'm excited with you!
Have a great year!
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Precious K moment today

Unread post by Alison »

We're on E - Elephant in K and I asked my son "what are some things God has done for you?" as the teacher's guide suggests. He said, "God gave me a heart to love Him."
I think the whole program is worth it just to hear those precious words come out of his mouth. Thanks MFW for guiding us as we teach our kids school and about God & His world.
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Woohoo for us and MFW K

Unread post by Tx2mum »

The concepts are sticking - ie -

My dad, dh and brother were recently cutting down a tree (something that scares me to death) and DD was hanging out the door yelling - "You can do it, guys! PERSEVERE!!!!!" (Yay! She was listening during "T" for Turtle.)

Thanks for a great curriculum!
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Cute MFW-K story

Unread post by momem3 »

My DD is on Day 2 of Penguin week. We made the balloon penguin today and she LOVES it. She has shown everyone and keeps making it "fly"...she loves it that her penguin can fly and the real penguins cannot. I have to admit, it is a really cute penguin. I'm just waiting for the other 3 to want one of their own.

Have a great day in MFW!
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Just a cute K moment

Unread post by MuzzaBunny »

We are in the middle of I-i-Insect in K. DD loves critters so this is one of her favorites. Last night, she announced that she had an Easter present for us and began to clean every surface she could find, using a baby wipey. After a good 20 minutes of that, she said, "Can you believe I can do this? I am working hard with the ants!!" Sooo cute!
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a K moment

Unread post by NJCheryl »

My k'er brought tears to my eyes when she was saying the blessing before lunch yesterday. We are on day 5 of the creation intro. In her prayer she said "Thank you, thank you, thank you for the 7 days you made." Well I almost fell to pieces. Just thought I would share my proud mommy moment.

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God's fingerprint in our homeschool....

Unread post by lea_lpz »

This evening,seeing as my hubby got off earlier from work and we did not do our outside time bird watch on day 6 of the Unit 5: Nn Nest, which we finished yesterday, we decided to take a hike in a local trail, and guess what we found, right before our feet, on the trail: a nest! Isn't that special? It was like God put it right there for us to find. Awesome day. The Lord is good :)
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Unread post by ♥nbamaboyz »

This week my ADV surprised my K'er with a space helmet & a rocket to go along with the "MOON"
unit & designed it to match the Little Bear Goes to the Moon story. :-) Mine are all loving SCHOOL!

Its so precious & exciting to see how they all want to be involved.
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We got our ants today

Unread post by lea_lpz »

Today ends our water unit and received our ants in the mail just in time, last night dh and I went to check the mail and their they were in two small tubes. It was already 10 and had literally just gotten the kids to bed about 15 minutes before hand as we had AWANA last night, so we went in their rooms to check if they were still awake and they were so we all headed down stairs to get our ant farm assembled! I love that as homeschoolers we can occasionally have them stay up late and just let them sleep in and not worry about having to wake them up early for school. And the ant farm was well worth it! So many parents have hard time the morning following AWANA because kids don't want to get up, but not us ;) We don't even usually have school Fridays! We were mesmerized this morning watching the ants already forming tunnels in the 10 hours they've been home; this'll really get the "I am not a lazy child, I work hard," idea across!
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Re: We got our ants today

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

That is so cool! :-)

I love late nights - star gazing, grocery shopping or just hanging out as a family. Homeschooling has its perks. Heehee.
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Re: We got our ants today

Unread post by annaz »

I so remember doing the ants in K. We loved that one. And we still have the ant farm. :-)
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Good Times in K...

Unread post by eyoung »

We are having fun in MFW K!

My ds had a fun time with the dairy party this morning. When I first saw the activity, I thought, "What?" However, he thought it was great.

Also, our ants finally came in yesterday! We weren't sure the little suckers were going to do anything but we woke up this morning to find they were actually making some tunnels! Ds was excited!

Good times in K!

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Re: Good Times in K...

Unread post by lea_lpz »

We're on the same unit. We start day 3 of unit 13 on Monday!

Our ants also just rested after having water when we set them up the night we found them in the mail. We woke to them being already very industrious! They were so fascinating to watch. Enjoy!

I wasn't to sure about the dairy party either but hearing you enjoyed maybe we will give it try.
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Re: Good Times in K...

Unread post by gratitude »

We are in a similar place too. My dd5 and I are really enjoying MFWK together.

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