Music Resources - Hymns, My Father's World(K song), & others

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Music Resources - Hymns, My Father's World(K song), & others

Unread post by cbollin »

If you need help hearing the tune to This is My Father's World, it is on the main site. I hear it only in Explorer, not in Firefox. Speakers on. :-)

Another online source is called cyberhymnal dot org

I enjoy a quick google search with a hymn title and look for something on youtube so that I can hear the vocals. You have to be careful with youtube of course to not link to far away. And preview it without the kids around.

The year I did 1850MOD, I enjoyed finding international singers for various hymns. Among my youtube findings includes: a Filipino Gospel group called the Himig Singers, and a praise and worship band from the First Japanese Baptist Church in San Francisco. Then the Lord allowed my searches to find smaller churches where the hymns were sung in English and then in other heart languages.
Something really touches my heart to hear it from around the world like that.
I'm thankful that HE allowed it.

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Unread post by Poohbee »

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:22 am

In preparing to learn a new hymn a month for MFW 1st, I bought the WOW Hymns CD. That has quite a few hymns on it. It's a pretty good CD.
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Unread post by Homeschooling6 »

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:17 pm

Another way to get the kiddos to learn the hymns that I noticed works is if I learn it and sing it throughout the day. They hear me singing it (they are still at the stage were I am the best singer in the world LOL) and they pick it up.

I have "Come Let Us Adore Him" that has a cd with about ten song from the same author as "Then Sings My Soul" but it's only the music. So I'm hoping that if MFW does get their hands on a companion cd that it has the words as well. Again I know I'm probably asking too much ;) I will add this to my prayer list =)

I'll look into the WOW cd. Thank for recomending it. I didn't even think to look on youtube. I'll check that out too. I have to have the words with it. I know, I'm being really picky =)
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Unread post by JoyfulDancer »

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2007 9:25 pm

I go to Ambleside Online and use their hymn source links to find the one we need, but that forces us to sit at the computer. Here's the link, if anyone is interested:

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Unread post by humpty »

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 7:37 pm

My favorite resource for hymns and it also happens to have "This is My Father's World" on it is Small Offerings, a CD put out by .

On the bottom left of the page, click "music" and you will be able to hear samples of the music. My grandson loves it and since hymn studies are not scheduled in K and 1st, we have listened to it for two years. We love it.
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Unread post by Susan on the Space Coast »

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 5:12 pm

I just found a website that has a lot of the Then Sings My Soul hymns played!! I did a search for "john alexander dowie adelaide pollard" while looking for more info about "Have Thine Own Way" and found the site in a google search.

Dino does a great job playing them on the piano, although I tend to sing them faster as a hymn, but they are beautiful as a piano solo!
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Unread post by Christine in TX »

Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 4:07 pm

Cyberhymnal is what David recommended to me when I asked him at our convention. I never thought of looking on youtube although I look on youtube for EVERYTHING! LOL Thanks for the reminder.

Another good place to check would be as there might be many variations of the hymn (as well as a very traditional version) on there.

Great idea!!

Regarding hymns

Unread post by cbollin »

Jenileigh wrote:I read here that someone was able to download different versions of the the hymns and then burned their children a cd of all of them to listen to around the house. I am interested in doing this.

I did purchase one cd today, Hymns for a Kid's Heart.

If you all don't mind could you share links of where to find these? I would prefer to be able to hear the words with the music if possible. We are very musically inclined here. I would also appreciate favorite cds or ideas of how you all have enhanced this time of your school day.
I haven't the done download and burn thing, so no experiences here on that.

But, I've used youtube to just watch and listen. I don't think I'll link to youtube anymore on the board b/c sometimes there are related videos and icky comments left on youtube and I don't want to link to icky stuff by mistake. (and I noticed MFW has removed all youtube links from the board........)

But, I usually would do a quick google search by the hymn title and preview ahead of time and book mark favorites. My favorite groups tended to be the Himig Singers (a Gospel group from the Philippines) or various churches around the country that had stuff. The Lord allowed me to hear the hymns sung by many people groups. Some of them were even sung in several languages. beautiful.

Also, we went to a local store and bought the Wow Hymns CD. for the website to see if that style fits your preference. I got my copy at walmart or target or some place like that.

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Unread post by dhudson »

I am going to say up front that this took some time on my part, but for us it's been worth it. I sat down at my computer with "The Sings My Soul" and just started searching on ITunes for the hymns. I used the book to make sure that the melody and words were fairly close. On several I found a more traditional version and an updated version and I personally downloaded both because I wanted my kids to be able hear how we can still sing the great hymns of faith in a format more to our liking. Several of the hymns I had out of our personal library and I downloaded those to my computer and then put a playlist together and burned several CD's, one for each kid, one for the car and one for the classroom. We listen to them all the time now and I like that the kids are constantly getting a pre-view of the songs we are yet to learn and a review of the songs that we've already done.

Hope that helps!

P.S. You don't have to have an ipod to be able to use ITunes. You just have to be able to burn a CD. I know this is true because my computer guy husband just said so!
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

We enjoy anything musical in our day, as well! Starting our day with a hymn is such a blessing.

The first thing I did this year was go thru the house & gather anything with hymns I found. I put them all in a plastic shoebox. Some of the hymns may be in your Christmas music, old cassettes, patriotic kid CDs, etc.

Then I searched the used book store in order to have a few more on hand. Finally, I looked online at Cyberhymnal etc. I also listened to snippets on CBC & Amazon & in a bookstore one day when I had time to myself. Through this process, I was also able to realize what songs and styles I preferred and was willing to spend extra on. (I learned that just because a CD had the most hymns from EX1850 didn't mean I liked it the most!) Like Dawn, it took some time, but it was a few days I wanted to invest in this task.

One caution: With this method, you will find that all lyrics are not alike. This week, we are singing Come, Thou Font, and I was glad to have a version sung by a *guy* for my ds (from Billy Graham's band). However, his lyrics are especially out-of-order compared to the Hymns book, with half of one verse matched with half of another, etc. So you may need to get a separate copy of the lyrics if you use a recorded version of the hymn.

Wasn't there one hymn that we read had 100 verses? The Hymns book typically includes 3 verses, but not always the same verses the performers choose. Ah, that's life!
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Unread post by RachelT »

Hi! We have a cd called "Hymns" by Cedarmont Kids (we also have other Cedarmont Kids cd's that we like). I also have the Wee Sing "Bible Songs" and "More Bible Songs". They are not just hymns, but lots of good Sunday School songs. What I like about the Wee Sing cd's is that they come with a book of simple arrangements of the songs (the melody and chord names) and a cd or tape, so I can also play them on the piano and have our own sing along.

Keep singing!
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Great Hymns for Kids CD

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Posted Fri Jun 20, 2008 9:44 pm by Guest
I found a CD set for my dd at the Bible book store this week. It is called Favorite Hymns for Kids by Wee Worship (genius entertainment). We just love it! There are 30 tracks, most of them classic hymns, and it comes with the printed lyrics and split tracks so you could just listen to the instrumental and sing along to the music if you like. We prefer to sing with someone because I can't carry a tune in a bucket! There are other sets available, but that's the only one we've purchased and listened to. Just wanted to share.

Hymn Study - Choosing hymns not scheduled - CTG, RTR, ECC

Unread post by cbollin »

baileymom wrote:We are studying hymns this year with CTG and also next year with RTR. So far, we've done This Is My Father's World (of course), I'll Fly Away, Blessed Assurance, and now Softly and Tenderly. I don't want to break any copyright laws, so I'm asking for someone who has done the last 2 years (Exto1850 and 1850toMod) to give me a list of 10 - 12 hymns that ARE NOT studied those years, so that we don't repeat.

I have an idea for that. In 2007, the ECC manual included a trial run of hymns to try to use in ECC. (I don't know if/when they'll get a new set of hymns that works better for ECC or not) I know a few months ago, someone in the MFW office said that it was ok if I used that list for this kind of purpose. If they've changed their feelings/thoughts about it, then I'm sure the information will disappear. None of those would be in year 4 or year 5. All of them were in Then Sings My Soul.

Turn Your eyes Upon Jesus
America, the Beautiful
Rescue the Perishing
O for a Faith that Will Not Shrink
Our Great Savior
Bringing in the Sheaves
Standing on the Promises
Fairest Lord Jesus
Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus
Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty
Jesus, I am Resting, Resting (we've been singing that at our church recently)
Jesus shall Reign
How Great Thou Art
Search me, O God
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name

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Re: Hymn Study - Choosing hymns not scheduled - CTG, RTR, EC

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Some of my favorite hymns are not in years 4-5, and *are* in the hymn book. I'm not seeing the ones below in Year 4-5. I'm thinking the first 2 may be sung for a day as part of a lesson (Martin Luther in RTR & a read-aloud in EX1850?), but I don't think they were studied as a hymn for 2 weeks?

A Mighty Fortress
Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow
Be Thou My Vision
O Happy Day
Rock of Ages
Holy, Holy, Holy (on the ECC list Crystal gave)
Nearer My God to Thee
Jesus Loves Me
Shall We Gather at the River
Day by Day
Onward Christian Soldiers
How Great Thou Art
Joyful, Joyful
By and By
I Love to Tell the Story

P.S. The hymn book gives some dates and you could easily find which ones would be good for RTR.
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Re: Hymn Study - Choosing hymns not scheduled - CTG, RTR, EC

Unread post by baileymom »

TammyB wrote:Do CtG and RtR include this hymn study, or is it something that you have added? Just curious! :)
cbollin wrote:She's added the specifics. The CTG and RTR manuals just suggest to learn hymns as an option to do extra as a family during "Bible" on the grid. But obviously you can't match hymns as easily to ancient history studies, so it has to be a lot of work to find a good fit.
Like Crystal said, my TM suggested we learn a new hymn every few weeks.

But...I am in NO way trying to match the hymn to our bible study...I don't have that much time on my hands :) Although, I do try to match up the bible song from Wee Sing, right now we're learning the few about David. That's good for me...oh, and we learned all 3 verses to Away in a Manger at Christmas, which I forgot about...maybe I'll try to match one up to Resurrection Sunday too!

I mainly just didn't want to spend time on a hymn that I knew we'd be learning about in the last 2 history years (which are matched up).
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Recommendation for good Hymn CD?

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

melodylw wrote:Hi All:-) We will be doing 1st grade MFW and I wanted to order a Hymn CD so dc can start learning the hymns... Does anyone have a favorite they use? I'm looking for more of a contemporary style of music that's not too cheesy :-) Sorry I'm being picky:-)
Posted Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:42 pm by 705emily
We use Hymns for a Kid's Heart, by Joni Eareckson Tada and Bobbi Wohlgemuth. There are several volumes and each comes with a book and a CD. The books are written for kids--and detail the story behind each hymn--with a full color illustration. The words of the hymns are written out as is the music and the recordings are wonderful to listen to.

We really like these! Blessings

Posted Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:09 pm by Colleen
Well, we haven't really used this as "school", but my daughters and I really enjoy Alan Jackson's "Precious Memories" CD. It's really good and not cheesy at all! Amazon even has samples you can hear.

Posted Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:39 am by smwells
Our family loves wholehearted hymns. We have both cd's and the kids know most of the songs and ask for the cd often.
I got mine on amazon, but couldn't find it there today. Here's a link (they have song samples):

Posted Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:19 am by Cyndi (WA)
We love Wee Worship's Favorite Hymns for Kids. It's a two cd set including Favorite Hymns of Praise and Worship Hymn Favorites. (It even has "This is My Father's World" on it!)

Posted Tue Aug 26, 2008 2:07 pm by baileymom
Another vote for Alan Jackson's Precious Memories, it's great.

We also listen to the Country Music Hall of Fame Presents Country's 20 Classic Gospel Songs of the Century, we may even listen to this one a little more...

Jars of Clay's Redemption Songs is EXCELLENT. The kids and I listened to it over and over and over while DH was overseas in us through some tough times.

(side note)
I'm not a very good singer, I do not play an instrument, and I'm not a big country music fan, but, we have never attended a church that sings the hymns. These CDs are all my kids know...and they've worked...the kids recognize them and sing along. I don't really "school" with them, they are just playing in the kitchen a lot. We have Then Sings My Soul, and we will probably use that this year...learning the stories behind the hymns, and maybe "schooling" with the CDs. The TM suggests that in the intro.

We used Wee Sing Bible Songs for "school" a lot last year, sometimes I think those songs are just as important...especially when you realize your 10 yr old doesn't know them or have memories of singing them in Sunday sad...but on a happy note, my kids do know every song on KLOVE :)

Posted Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:07 pm by cbollin
perhaps the WOW Hymns might help? you could listen online and see if that's the style you like or not. It's traditional hymns sung by "today's top artists" in the Christian music scenes. sound like an ad, don't I? (and of course it has This is my Father's world -- by Amy Grant.)

And I've been youtubing those Alan Jackson version. Thanks for the tip on that. sound nice. off to sample the other things mentioned too :)

Posted Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:38 pm by RB

We really like the Indelible Grace CDs. Also Amy Grant- Legacy.
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Hymn CD?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

jasntas wrote:We are currently in CTG but we listen to a song from a hymn CD to start our day (and get everyone rallied for school). But we are using an old Cedarmont Kids CD and my dc are sort of wanting something a little more grown up. I thought about using a modern worship music cd but my dc don't usually hear hymns anywhere else as most churches today don't play hymns. Does anyone have any suggestions?

BTW, I know we will study hymns specifically in years 4 and 5 of the cycle.
We use youtube for that -- computer with speakers is in the school room. We like to sing several praise and worship songs from church as well as a hymn of the month. That way we have the benefit of the words being on the screen, too.
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Re: Hymn CD?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

We used Hymns for a Kid's Heart for several years. Joni Eareckson Tada puts it out, and she sings some of the hymns as well as sometimes children or other adults. It's not babyish, but it's singable enough for kids. The books have the words, music, and some background.
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Re: Hymn CD?

Unread post by cbollin »

WOW Hymns?

Bart Millard's solo album (he's the lead singer from Mercy Me) "Hymned Again"!/ss:facebook
that was "hymn" on the solo, right.... it still shows up as part of mercy me? (couldn't resist the pun, sorry)

you ok with a hint of country in there, with or without some southern gospel? Honey, you come on over here to Tennesee and we'll sing you a song... (the following is not a paid endorsement of TN tourism) LOL LOL

Alan Jackson's Precious Memories Cd

Randy Travis, Glory Train, or Worship and Faith
who else is singing it with me? Will the Circle be Unbroken.....
sing it Randy!

I feel like a Gaither home coming here.... but I'll skip them. because if I get to youtubing for some of those... I'll never pick a favorite.

Himig Singers - google them. wow! can I just say wow! wow.

moving back here down I-40 Music HIghway....
can I mention Elvis's gospel stuff? how about Elvis Ultimate Gospel?

In other words, don't forgot that the genre of "hymns" offer crosses over with "southern gospel" roots. You can have modern versions and new instruments. and a few of those more modern hymns from the ragtime era in music.... well you can.

or, this one guy somewhere on youtube or something does a lot of "old time memory lane" songs in RagTime on Piano. Strolling Down Memory Lane and with Willie and Billie Pollard. find them on youtube under strolling down memory lane... pm me if you need it..... that will get you a whole new music appreciation. Play those keys Billie! How does he do that after all these years? what a gift!

the funniest thing about this to me? I woke up this morning, thinking.... I can't remember the last time I sang "Beulah Land". I know where I was... It was back home in Indiana and Penny led us all in it. John Smith was half joking and half not. I tell ya, I had never heard so many from the first service know a song without a book in their hand.

I should go find the song now..... found it... thank you Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers. there's a group for you Tammie... wow. this is good on them...

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Re: Hymn CD?

Unread post by jasntas »

Crystal, it's so funny, my dh LOVES Alan Jackson's music and everything else you mentioned right down to the Gaithers and the Gatlin Brothers. 8[] I checked with my dh tonight and he already OWNS Alan Jackson's Precious Memories CD. 8[] I should have known. ;) AND we own a Gaither Homecoming CD as well. :~ :-)

Now I'll have Beulah Land stuck in my head all day. ;)

Thank you to everyone. I've got some work to do researching all these great suggestions.

If anyone else has suggestions, keep 'em comin'. :)
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Re: Hymn CD?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

cbollin wrote:I feel like a Gaither home coming here.... but I'll skip them. because if I get to youtubing for some of those... I'll never pick a favorite.
that'll keep you busy all day. but it'll be a good day! try youtubing andre crouch through it all. my life story, right there.

My poor dd just sits and watches me cry during song time some days.
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Re: Hymn CD?

Unread post by rebeccal2002 »

This is a cool thread. I was just wondering about (yesterday!) a hymn CD. I play piano, but I don't always like to bang on the piano during music time (baby naps in the am). And I can sing better and lead our little group of singers if I'm not playing.

I was listening to samples on Amazon and I'm pretty sure the heavy choir sound of most of the hymn cd's would put our kids off. (It makes me a little sleepy, too.) I really like the WOW hymns. Added it to my "cart." :)

Would the wee sing bible CD be a good resource? I don't have that one yet and I want a reason to buy it. :)

Thanks for starting this thread!

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and 4 year old helping!
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Re: Hymn CD?

Unread post by kacairo1 »

We love the Selah Hymn CD.
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Re: Hymn CD?

Unread post by AnnieMarie »

We LOVE Wee Sing Bible Songs! We are in 1850 to Modern and sing Wee Sing America too. Of Course you COULD go over to the year 4 and 5 pages and "borrow" those songs that a wonderful MFW user has sang and posted. We love that too.

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Hymns on MFW board

Unread post by cbollin »

AnnieMarie wrote:Please o please say that the hymns are not gone forever. My children can only take so much of a frog singing with them. :-) It's saying that a plug-in is unavailable.
ECDaddy wrote:Thank you all for posting. I have updated the code and it appears fine now in all browsers (including chrome) for me.
In the Ideas Forum for EX1850 and 1850MOD, look at the stickies at the top. It goes with those years when MFW uses a book called Then Sings My Soul.

Here is short cut to year 4, EX1850

and year 5, 1850MOD

I think the story goes that someone was at a convention with her father, who was a professor at a local music school. He saw the book, Then Sings My Soul, on the MFW display and heard there was no CD for it. That professor asked some of his graduate students to do the hymns in the program. So MFW put the recordings on the board.
One version is piano only
the other version is professional style music student vocals.

Lots of good options.
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