Combining - EX1850 with K/1st child learning to read

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Combining - EX1850 with K/1st child learning to read

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using mfw1 and exploration to 1850 together
sandi wrote:I will be using both of these programs together. What part of 1st will I do? Will I do the phonics and bible? Or just phonics? She is seven years old so she will sit in on the young history parts of expl to 1850 with us.
Those are the exact programs we are doing right now. I've experimented with a few different plans for the day. Currently we are doing Bible and prayer and work on James together (my first grader isn't formally memorizing James, BUT by forcing her to be at the table -- or on the family room floor -- she is learning it without trying). Then I read history during which she sometimes listens and participates and sometimes runs to the basement to dismantle some toy shelves or dump out the Legos (well, someone has to do it, otherwise the basement would be too neat). I throw in art and music and "read aloud" time too. She loves our read alouds.

I bought the resources for the 2nd and 3rd grade supplement for my 3rd grade son. He doesn't really get into them all, so they are perfect for my 1st grader. It's okay if she doesn't "get" it all.

After we're done doing things together, I turn the kids loose and work some with my first grader. Then, we have lunch, and I work with my first grader some more. My big kids let me know when they need help, so often I'm sort of jumping back and forth (oh, the life of a homeschool mom).

One thing we're not doing MFW on is (right now) science. The older two kids are doing Apologia General Science and Biology and we already did botany with a co-op last year, so we have worked through most of the Animals science books, BUT the three older kids are totally absorbed in our homeschool Science Olympiad team (hey, we did great in regionals and we're going to state), so I'm sort of "scienced out"! My first grader is suffering (as she begs for science but I am tired of it) but after the state contest (4/12) we'll be done (I'm assuming that we won't be going to nationals, several teams are stronger than us).

ANyway, you'll do great with both programs. Remember that your first grader will get that history when she's older. So, anything she gets now is "icing on the cake" even if the cake isn't baked yet (bad analogy, sorry).

Have fun!
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sandi wrote: So what areas of the mfw1 do you think I should do? The phonics, bible notebook and science? The phonics, bible notebook and science? Does she do the bible notebook part of mfw1? I am just trying to figure all of this out. I am pregnant and probably will have a new baby either this week or next. We are going to have to school during the summer because my pregnancy was so difficult and we missed alooottt of school!!

I definitely think you should do the phonics, Bible reader/notebooking, math, Proverbs memory work (and let the James memory work be icing or just hanging out time). Or at least use the Proverbs verses for handwriting and copywork stuff and character teaching.

Science in 1st or Science in EX1850??? I think 1st graders can enjoy the science in EX1850 with the Animal Kingdom and World of Animals book, and then some of the botany book when the family is taking nature walks and stuff like that. Or the herb growing, or bean sprout growing in the closet. But, if all of that botany book is too much, then it's nice to know that the 1st grade science will not be overwhelming. But I'd try the science with the olders and then fall back if needed. For example, when you do the 2nd semester science in EX1850, you'll do the botany book. It might be the time to use Science With Plants from first grade for the first grader. Or when you do the full time nature journaling in the last 4-6 weeks of EX1850 (during state history report) --- if your first grader needs more structure, then that might be time to pull out the Things Outdoor book as a guide.

I know that sounds like I'm saying to do most all of the 1st grade program with your first grader, but the day can be broken up and not have to be done all at once.

I didn't do it that way, b/c I did RTR and 1st together. But I've done EX1850. So, maybe something in there will help.

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Hi there Sandi,

I had difficult pregnancies too (this was before we homeschooled anyone) and remember struggling to keep up with laundry and "cooking" (I have to put quotes around it, because often it was more like reheating thawed stuff).

I recommend doing as much as you can of first grade. For me, the "don't miss" list is:

Phonics, copying Proverbs, a few math games (choose the easier ones for you to do), Bible reader and Bible notebook. Oh, and the timeline is nice to do and easy to do. Our first grade timeline is in my dd's bedroom (while our big family timeline is in the basement).

We are skipping a lot of science. Just ended up that way, as I explained. But, my dd likes science so catching up in the summer will be fine. Plus, she is picking up science from her older siblings. We skipped some, but not all, art and music in first grade, since she's getting a lot of it elsewhere.
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Unread post by sandi »

Thanks for the info on the first grade. My daughter will be seven this month and boy she doesn't like to read at all. She has been my hardest so far to teach to read. I am hoping to have some success with this.
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Scheduling K and EX1850?

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Christine in TX wrote:I would love to see some schedules of those of you that are using K and another MFW program and how you fit it all in.

My children are 12, 9, 4, 2, and newborn.
With MFW, it is very doable to run two different programs ... as long as one of the programs is K or 1st. It would be too hard to combine two history years, or Adventures with something bigger than it, etc.

Simply work with your kindergartner (or first grader) while the bigger kids do their independent work. The key is to teach the older kids, who are working independently, to KEEP MOVING. For us, "older kids" are in 3rd, 6th and 8th grades and their independent work includes:

1. Chores
2. Quiet time (this is different than our Bible time together)
3. Math
4. Language
5. Apologia Science
6. Music practice
7. Chores
8. Book basket

So, after we do our history, science, art, music, etc. together after Bible, I turn the big kids loose on their independent work. I start working with my first grader. If a big kid needs me, he knows to use the "interrupt rule" as if I am on the phone. Better yet, he's to wait until I am not working one-on-one with my youngest.

The keys to making this work are:

1. Print out a weekly or daily checklist for older students. Perhaps you THINK they'll remember to do math each day, but sometimes they don't.
2. Train them to stop what they are doing if they get stumped while I am busy. So, if a math problem is a doozy, an older child can put down the math book, do book basket, and come back to math when I am available.
3. Buy each bigger kid his or her own personal timer to use with book basket, music practice, and any other timed subject. Sometimes I use it with subjects that typically aren't timed: "work on math for 25 minutes."

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i heard the best thing today

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I heard the best thing today as i was taking one of my sons to the doctor. We were talking about school and he mentioned doing science during the summer. I told him we will probably do history and science during the summer.(since we finally started with MFW officially this week, we are very behind)

He said "Good, i love history. i like it when you read it to us" Now he is 6.5 years old and is tagging along on the Explorations to 1850's with his other siblings but is enjoying the work!!!! I am so glad we came back to MFW and plan to stick with it throughout the rest of our homeschooling years (if we don't do the public school) This afternoon, we got most work done by 1:30 and started an art project and they have been working,playing together with this art project even as I write!!! i thought it would be too easy, especially for my 7th grader, but she is right in there playing and enjoying! I LOVE MFW and it's been so good!

I love doing the program with the four together-i only wish that i could have found it and have more confidence in it sooner!! Thanks for your words of encouragement everyone!
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Re: Combining - EX1850 with K/1st child learning to read

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These threads have additional ideas about combining,
including links to many more threads with even more ideas:
K & Olders
1st & Olders
ADVentures - NOT needed alongside older programs! (David Hazell reply)
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MFW Adventures for a 1st grader?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

momonthemove wrote:My youngest is in Kindergarten this year. I am afraid we will find that MFW 1st isn't challenging enough for her next year. So, I am wondering, would Adventures be too challenging for a 1st grader? I really want to do Adventures with her and I think next year would be the time to do it. Then she would join her middle brother in the multi family cycle.

I also have 2 older boys doing ECC this year who will move onto 1850-Modern Times (they will be 4th and 8th grade). We are doing This one because I didn't want oldest to have 2 years of Ancients back to back.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
I wanted to check to see if you realized there was a 2nd-3rd grade supplement for 1850MOD? Some of the Adventures activities and books will be in there (more in EX1850 I think, but some). There is also the SOTW Activity Book in 1850MOD, which has a lot of (optional) activities for each SOTW lesson. I remember my son building a Crystal Palace, making Enfield Rifle bullets out of tinfoil, and weaving red and white yarn bracelets from South America, I think. For me, EX1850 was a big year with tons of things we wanted to delve into (see my posts on the ideas board for my enthusiasm there LOL), so spreading myself over another program would have made that more difficult.

However, if you've already considered the 2nd-3rd supplement and really choose to do ADV instead, or to do parts of ADV (such as Bible), then I'm sure it's do-able. You need to tailor some things to each child, anyways, such as language arts and math, so you probably know how to do this sort of thing just from doing K/1st with older kids.

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Re: MFW Adventures for a 1st grader?

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Agreeing with Julie here--MFW has planned for children to join their siblings once they hit 2nd grade or become an advanced 1st grader. Using 2 core programs at the same time will be challenging and since there is already a 2nd and 3rd grade supplement in 1850 to Modern Times it would be less work for you. She would not be expected to do any of the world history component in that year only U.S. History. The supplement even comes with some special pages just for 2nd and 3rd graders.

I would recommend calling the office about using the First Grade before deciding if you should skip it or not. You can also take a look here at some information about advanced 1st graders being ready to skip this year:
A child should have a strong foundation in these skills to skip My Father's World 1st grade:
  • Can your child write or copy 1-2 sentences fairly easily and cheerfully?
    If you were to read the story of David and Goliath to your child, would he be able to write several simple sentences about the story? (Spelling and punctuation do not need to be correct.)
    Have your child read a sample from our Bible Reader ( ... eader.html). Can he read it fairly easily? Please note that needing to sound out words is common at this age.
    If you are considering Adventures for an advanced six-year-old, is he prepared to spend 3 - 3 1/2 hours each day doing school?
The MFW 1st Grade reading program is a complete, step-by-step, in-depth teaching of all necessary phonics to produce an independent reader. However if you decide to continue with another phonics program you will find many other age appropriate activities for young children including Bible, Math, other language arts skills (copy work, beginning composition), art and music appreciation, art instruction. This program takes 1 1/2-2 hours each day. The Adventures program takes about 3-3 1/2 hours each day (with our math and language arts recommendations).

Give the office a call if you have any questions, we would be happy to help you think through the options.

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Teaching Exp-1850 and kinder?

Unread post by jasntas »

Mama Kat wrote:I am totally new to MFW, and just got my curriculum yesterday... I must say I am SO overwhelmed and don't even really know where to begin! I've been trying to go over the TMs and see what the plan is, but it just seems like a lot... I know once we get used to the program it will be wonderful, it's just so out of the norm from what we have been doing up to this point...

I guess part of my question is, has anyone taught Exp-1850 along with kindergarten? Does the kindergarten program really take 60-90 mins, and do the olders really have 60-90 mins of independent work to allow for that? I'm just not seeing it in the manual right now...

Also, I noticed that the kindergarten curriculum uses the butterfly kit in unit 21, and I'm not sure when we would use the ant hill, but exp.-1850 uses the butterfly kit on wk 7 and ant hill on wk 11? Would it mess anything up for my kindergartner if we switched things up so that we're all doing it together at the same time?? Or are the units in a specific order for a reason?
I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. I think that MFW is actually very easy to teach and once you have a chance to go over it all you will feel more at ease. Read all of the intro pages and then pull out all the books and go through the first lesson or two just like you would if you were teaching it. You don't actually have to read each assignment, just pull out the books you would need and mentally check off each assignment. I think you will get a better feel for the program if you do that.

Oh, and as you go through the TM take notes.

I no longer remember how long the K program took but it's not as time consuming as it may seem. Your older kids will have independent work including their own LA, math, reading, book basket, etc. It depends on your children as to how long this would take them but they could also potentially help out with some of the teaching of the K'er.

The K units are in a specific order for a reason. Each letter is introduced and then used in the K readers and worksheets as I recall. I don't think you would want to mix them up. can do the ants and butterfly garden whenever you want to fit them in. They don't have to line up with both programs. You may do them when called for with the K'er and just tell the olders 'remember this'. Or do them whenever it seems to best suit you.

((hugs)) and prayers as you get it all worked out.
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Re: Teaching Exp-1850 and kinder?

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Hi and welcome!
Since you're not starting with ECC as is the usual plan, it might take a tad more time to immerse yourself in the MFW style of manual. I really like Tammie's ideas about going through the manual. And remember, you only have the one manual and don't have to keep opening up a totally new plan for each subject! Also, if you get totally lost, just call the office, they are very willing to help (believe me, I've been there).

Here's a thread that might help on combining the EX1850 and K:
At the end of the thread, there are links to a couple more related threads, too.

I also found a list I brainstormed once upon a time about independent tasks: ... 315#p17315

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