Is there time for ministry?

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Is there time for ministry?

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karlafoisy wrote:So, do you guys feel like you have time to focus on anything besides your kids? I feel like if I am doing school in the morning, and just simply going to the weekly church potluck/bible study and the wednesday night kid's club, i would be burned out and not energized to do anything else. Is that true? Or do you feel like homeschooling is not as strenuous and energy-consuming as I think it might be?
I think homeschooling is a journey, and each season will not be the same as the next. For those of you with littles underfoot, your ministry may be very close to home.

But I agree that it's an important thing to think about.

There are some ministry idea threads here:

Ministry can look like a lot of different things, as you probably know already, but helping you think thru ministry & homeschooling, it could look like:

* Very occasional service, such as being on the list at church for making a cake when there is a funeral. Have the kids help you and come with to drop it off.

* Service when you're "already there," such as signing up to help at Sunday Service or Sunday School in some way, since you'd be over at church anyways. In fact, someone advised me early in my parenting years that having a "job" at church would help motivate us to get the kids out of bed on Sunday mornings :o)

* Service as part of a family tradition, such as David Hazell's story about making sandwiches for the poor on Christmas Eve.

* Service just for the summer, such as visiting a shelter or a nursing home regularly over the summer.

* Service within your own neighborhood, such as the times when my son is called on to help our elderly neighbor out during the day.

* Service via being the light for neighborhood kids. A second one of ds's friends just chose to be baptized this month. Who knows what may be reaped as we have welcomed different neighborhood children into our home almost full-time over the years, under our watchful supervision. Of course, my son often looks at it like just playing with friends, but there are those times when he invites them to church or stands up for his faith... Those are precious moments.

* Service within your homeschooling community, including your "virtual" community. Encouraging moms that God and academics don't need to be mutually exclusive, and supporting one another through struggles -- that can be service, can't it?! I'm sure children can become a part of this in some way, too. Crystal's daughter has done a read-a-thon to raise money for Bible translation -- an idea which I believe was sparked by a conversation on these boards?!

Just some ideas for thinking,
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Re: Ministry

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It's great to be thinking about ministry. I know I didn't think about it much when my oldest was 5.

God just kept putting small opportunities in our path to be able to serve others. Lots of little stuff adds up. Other people get other stuff that fits the gifts that God has given them. One body, many parts.

My oldest has been able to make crafts for a special needs clinic Christmas party. She got into a small co-op class where she learned how to crochet. She's made stuff for people (baby bibs, some crafts that were sold to benefit a missionary overseas). And yes, Julie is right. There was this thread 2 years ago that inspired the idea of a read a thon. She was in 5th grade then. Did a week long read a thon and the money went to help print Bible in another part of the world. And this year she's stuffed envelopes for the pregnancy center.

My middle daughter will make cards and crafts to give to people who are sick. There's an idea. In MFW K you make these badges in each unit. Maybe your crew can give one away to a shut in at church and take it to them and just visit for a little while. That's ministry.

As a family, we've donated and sorted clothing to go overseas, or even in town. We've sorted food and toys for charities. We've participated in walk a thons for local CPC. We've done caroling to shut ins. We are able to sponsor some missionaries and they send us newsletters. So our kitchen wall is decorate with them and we pray for them.

We'd not in a position like others who can take missions trips easily. So God lets us participate in other ways. It's all for Him.

Homeschooling is work. I like that in MFW, it is designed to get the academics done so you time to do stuff like that.

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Re: Ministry

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This is such an interesting topic to me. I come in on another side of things as far as perspective. I agree with all of those who believe that the majority of our ministry should be in the home. My husband is a pastor. It has been a challenge for me to find a balance in family and ministry, but God has really grown me in this area. With homeschooling and raising my children, most of my time is spent nurturing these children the Lord has given to me. But I also see the importance of ministering outside the home. We have quite a few young families in our church, and our church is rather small. If all of the moms with small children did nothing in the church, we wouldn't have a lot of the ministries that we do. Also, I think it is important to reach beyond your comfort zone to reach out to others. As others have mentioned, there are lots of ways to do this as a family or on your own, and it can be something as small as writing 3 encouragement notes a week or helping out in a Sunday School class. God gave each of us gifts that He wants to use in our local churches.

Now, with all of that said, we are in a unique season in our lives. We have young children that we are discipling. And with the added responsibility of homeschooling, that can have us very busy. I think we each have to determine our priorities and go from there. Our relationship with God should come first, so we need to schedule time each day with him. Then our service to our husband and children comes next. Then we should find a ministry within our church to do, even if it is something small. Homeschooling is a blessing. These years of our children being young are a blessing. I want to cherish them. But I also want to reach out to others when given the opportunity. It's good for our kids to see us reaching out too. It develops selflessness and servant's hearts when they see that life isn't all about them. It's all about God. Ok, I'm starting to get long-winded and preachy here. So sorry about that. I just feel so passionate about being a homeschooling mom and so passionate about serving God too! Sometimes my typing gets carried away! :) I think if you live in obedience to God, keep your priorities in line and operate on a schedule (which can be flexible), God will give you the strength to do whatever He has called you to do!
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