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Bible Devotions / Quiet time: Ideas

Unread post by cbollin »

niki wrote:I'm looking for some ideas. Each day we have "quiet time" in the afternoon, minimal one hour. The 2y.o. takes a nap and the 4y.o's have "room time" although one of them falls asleep each day :)

My 1st and 2nd graders need something constructive to do. I'm sure it's just the end of the winter blahs, but they seem to be moping around more than usual. Sometimes we finish up any schoolwork that isn't yet done; other than that I like to let them find something to do themselves, without my direction. Our creative juices are not flowing!! Thanks in advance for any input!!!
Nap time sounds good to me right now. :)

When I need the kids to give me a break, here are some things they do to stay occupied.

*oldest (5th grade) loves to read. She does her "reading" time.
*they play educational computer games
*ok -- I know I'm not the only one --- my kids can watch some TV once in a while. (within limits)
*Back in the old house we had a fenced yard --- I let them play outside in the sand box, or swing set, the pebble pit, dig in the dirt
* play quietly with dolls (this means in separate rooms)

and while you're waiting for more responses, take a look back at this classic conversation from this board. It might spark some ideas too

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**craft boxes with some easy "how to" books or let them create their own (our rule is that if you're old enough to use it you're old enough to clean up!)
**books on tape - either they listen to the tape while coloring, building with legos, playing barbies, etc. or they follow along in the book if it's one we have a book to go with
**computer games
**videos from the library that correspond with a topic we are studying - sometimes I print color page type activities to go with them
**cut and paste from catalogs
**basic drawing books that they try to follow along and create a booklet of art work
**Draw Write Now books
**building with legos or other toys, play dough, moon sand, beading, etc
**cleaning their rooms (always a favorite! ha!)
**nature collecting in the backyard

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.
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ALL of my kids have room time. Even the 9yo. This give me a break. He does Legos or reading mostly. I would encourage you to let even the big kids have quiet time alone.
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Unread post by niki »

I tease my dh about needing a bigger house for our "quiet time"

I would like them to all have their own room time, but I don't have enough rooms (apart from the main living area) for all the kids.

Your ideas are super. I guess I'm just wondering if it's ok for them to have their room time, even if they "think" they're bored. They can figure something out... I just need that time each day without trying to find something to entertain them - they are old enough to do that on their own. Right?!?!

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Unread post by caod »

I love our quiet time and our kids seem to like it as well even though they always say they don't. It is good for them to spend time alone coming up with whatever is they can come up with to do and I get to be alone for 45 minutes. I should stretch it to one hour but they bargain me down!! Even if everyone doesn't have a room I say pick a spot in the house that everyone has to be in and alternate for those who share rooms. It is good for everyone to go to their own corners when you are with one another all day!

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I do not allow the word "bored"--my mom taught me that (See mom, I was listening.). Everyone gets roomtime here except the older two, although I am thinking of re-establishing that as well. I think everyone does better when they have had a little space away from each other. We run out of space too, so sometimes one of them is in the schoolroom with me, but they are not allowed to talk to me during room time. They count it a privilege to get to be the one in the school room so this usually works. We are still trying to have room time even though our whole upstairs is gutted. This is not as effective, but it still helps. People get sections of rooms. Blankets work too. No one gets off their blanket. I will also allow outdoor play right now as space is tight. I do not think it is a bad thing for everyone to have a little alone time to regroup.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:25 am

Rest time is my sanity! My 5, 7, and 9 year old all play "quietly" in their rooms for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Both boys are very active (5 and 7). We worked up to this, but it helps with the entire day. They get to play uninterrupted; they are refreshed from having to be a little calmer, and I get a break. My three year old naps during this time, but as soon as she quits napping she will join them. The baby naps part of this time as she goes down a little earlier. This also gives me an opportunity to work with the two oldest boys. Note: They all "rest" in their own rooms (OK, one gets a hallway) and calling and coming out are cause for discipline or loss of privilege.
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

I just had to comment! All you large families sound like such fun :o) I actually don't know how you accomplish so much, but it sounds very exciting!

I'm sure you need your own space at times; however, we families who are homeschooling only one child need to take a break & have some LOUD time -- I bet you can't imagine that LOL!
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Quiet Time

Unread post by briley »

Something that has helped me and our kids is to type out a list of all the things they can do during their room time. For example, your son might have build with Leggoes, Knex, Tinker Toys, Wedgits, Gears, etc., play with Knights & Castle, dress up with Super Hero outfits, etc. Your daughter might have play with Barbies, jewelry making kit, draw with art set, Polly Pockets, Dress Up, etc.

Our list is actually quite long, so there should never be any "I'm bored!" moments! It is especially helpful to type these lists right after Christmas (when they have so many new things, they forget what all they have) and birthday parties.

I hope this is helpful!

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Unread post by my3boys »

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 6:57 pm

I have a VERY busy 4yo. He never stops moving and can't be left alone for a minute because he's a 'curious george type' (he means well, it just never turns out well). Here are some things that have helped us this year -

*We gave him his own room and put all his toys in there. He has to stay in there and have playtime on his own every morning until I'm ready for him and at other times when I can't watch him directly. At first I had to lock the door to keep him in there, but now he's learned to stay in there nicely on his own. He has a CD player and can listen to music and stories in there. He also has TJ Bearytales, which is a toy that reads stories to him - this is a quiet activity that he enjoys.
*He has a rebounder (an excercise trampoline) which we keep in our living room. He jumps on it regularly between activities all day long - this has been a life saver for us (and a furniture saver too:))
*He likes TV and PC games. I don't over do it and I try to keep it educational with as little commercials as possible, but there are times when this is all the break I get, so I'll take it.
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Unread post by mgardenh »

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:51 pm

Oh yeah quiet time. I can totally relate to your situation. I have a very active dd. She is 6. For quiet time we have done different things.

- She is allowed to have books a few toys, some dinosaurs. I can usually get an hour out of her.
- Sometimes I have let her have reign of her room and she just cannot come out (haha, she always does). So she looses privileges if she does (dessert, videos, toys).
- I would definitely say your dd needs a set place. Her bedroom, bed, your bedroom, blanket on the floor, somewhere.
- Before quiet time make sure she does something really active (running, swinging, push ups, whatever).
- Also explain to her that you need time to recharge your battery, a place to gather your thoughts and be quiet. Explain to dd that she needs this time as well.
- If you need to, start with a 30 min quiet time. Set a timer and have her pick things she wants. Tell her she needs to stay in her spot for that half hour and be quiet. Explain the consequences both natural (grumpy mommy/daddy) and discipline action.
- Tell her how it is helping her (builds character) to be able to do things on her own because somebody on someone is not always going to entertain her. Even though she is five she should be able to grasp some.
- Tell her God made her wonderfully active and God made you quieter and you need her to help you by having time to her self so you can be how God made you.

We go through spurts of doing quiet time. I really should be more consistent. oh yeah that is a key too.
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Unread post by TriciaMR »

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:10 pm

Oh yeah. My dd was a very active 3 year old when I was pregnant with my twin boys. She was taking a nap, but I was needing two.

I started 15 minutes of quiet on the bed. She got to pick out 2 or 3 books. Head and feet had to stay on the bed and no talking (or no words) - or there was training. We did 15 minutes each day the first week, then added 5 minutes each week until we were up to 30 minutes. The first time she made it the full 30 minutes, we did something extra special afterward as a reward.

My boys are now 3 1/2, and I'm working with them occasionally on a quiet time (they still nap regularly, so it's not a big deal yet). I have to stay in the room with them, but I get to be off my feet for 30 minutes.

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Scheduling Quiet Times-What do you think?

Unread post by Angie »

CharleneHoell wrote:I have pondered and prayed...not sure if this is too off-topic. I have a ds9 who is very academic and reads well. He likes to read his Bible and is trying so hard to walk out his faith.

For those of you who have kids this age or have already been down this road, have you made your kids have a daily quiet/devotion time? I want my son to want to spend daily time with the Lord and to own his faith, but is it too early to expect him to do this? I know I struggle with spending consistent time with the Lord, and I do not want him to struggle the same way I have. I want him to exercise those spiritual muscles. On the same topic, can anyone suggest a good quiet time resource for boys? For those of you who institute this in your daily routine, do you ever discuss with your children what God is showing/teaching them in their quiet times? For some reason, this has really been weighing on my heart and you all have been so encouraging in the past with your responses to other questions. :-)

God bless,
I don't know about what to expect from a 9 year old, but I thought I would share what I do with my 5 year old. I was struggling to have my own quiet time without interruption so I have started a daily quiet time for both of us. I do my own quiet time with the Lord and encourage my dd to spend that same time (which she is required to spend in her room quietly) looking at her picture Bibles, singing to the Lord, drawing pictures for Jesus, etc. She can take her picture Bibles, crayons, paper and sometimes her kids praise CD to her room. It is made clear that this isn't time to play with toys, but do do the quiet activities I have suggested for her to do. It has been wonderful. I often hear my dd telling Bible stories to her baby dolls, singing worship songs and praying. When I ask about her quiet time she often tells me that she prayed for someone or something specific or that she sang to Jesus. It is not meant to be a forced time with God, but rather an opportunity for her to develop her own quiet time that I pray in time will grow into a meaningful time spent with her Lord each day. I have to say I enjoy the peace and quiet in the house during this time to get my own personal quiet time in for the day too.
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Re: Scheduling Quiet Times-What do you think?

Unread post by sewardmom »


For years we have put our children to bed and given them time to read for a few minutes prior to lights out time. We gave them X number of minutes to read, BUT if they read their Bible, they got an extra 10-15 minutes (this varied with age, bedtimes....). Picture Bibles were included in this when they were smaller. Prior to home schooling, we sat on the couch beofre breakfast and read a Proverb for the day (I then drew it on paper to give them a visual and they took turns getting to 'keep' mom's drawing) and asked God to teach us what it meant in our lives. Amazing how those Proverbs came alive on the playground!

When we began homeschooling, I built it into their schedule to have private Bible time after breakfast and before school. It usually ranges from 20-30 minutes depending on how much they are 'on task' in the morning. They have been allowed to pray, sing, read... In the beginning I regularly asked them what they thought God might want them to know from their Bible time and what they read. Since they have been old enough (probably started around age 8 or so) they started doing the Kay Arthur Bible studies for kids. Now they have the freedom to read on their own part of the week and/or do the KA study they are in.

Even now I try to remember to remind them to pray prior to reading the Bible for God to speak to their hearts and give them understanding. Children can fall into the trap of 'checking the boxes' just like mom can. I mention that because I want them to be committed to developing a 'relationship' with the King and not bound by rituals.

One last note, I have found that when the children see me set aside time to spend with God they are very open to the commitment of regular Bible study.

Blessings on your endeavor,
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Re: Scheduling Quiet Times-What do you think?

Unread post by dhudson »

All three of mine (10,7 and 7) have quiet devotional time with God in the morning before we do school. It's when I do my quiet time as well. We do discuss what we all learned as soon as we get back together which is when we do Bible anyway so it works.

We have gone through the Kay Arthur's "Inductive Bible Study for Kids - How to Study Your Bible" with our oldest so he has his own markers and pens and go through his Bible on his own or with a study guide ( he really enjoys Revelations and Daniel) and our twins have Devotionals. We have talked about how we need to pray before we read to ask God to show us what we need to learn and then after as well.

Since we are in EXP to 1850 and memorizing James my kids will study there verses for the day as well.

I think it's really important for our kids to learn that they have a relationship with God that it separate from ours and that God wants to speak to them.
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Re: Scheduling Quiet Times-What do you think?

Unread post by baileymom »


My girls ( 11 and 8 ) have there quiet time at night before they go to sleep.None of my younger children do at this time.

I have stopped "assigning" them specific passages, and that seems to be going better for us.They keep journals, and I will sometimes remind them to include things they feel God is telling/showing them...either throughout the day or in their bible reading.I've also shown them how to keep a prayer list.I learned it from a book called Listening for God.It just helps them to see that prayers really do get answered...and sometimes they don't (or atleast not in the way they were expecting).

I don't really ask them too many questions about it, but they will sometimes share things with me on their own.With our school bible reading, their Sunday School lessons, all the different things we do for family devotions with Dad, etc., I really just want them to feel like their quiet time is exactly that...their quiet time.

I don't have any "boy" devotionals to suggest, but my boys (6 and 4) really love the Institute of Basic Life Principle's Character Sketches (they teach character study through nature).

For any moms of daughters, my girls are really enjoying a series of books my MIL got them for Christmas called The Ponytail Girls.They are devotional/story type books for tween girls.They even hung up a chart in their room saying what to do each day, and they are doing them together.They've also mentioned sharing the idea/starting a Ponytail Girl's club with some of the other girls at church.

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Re: Scheduling Quiet Times-What do you think?

Unread post by niki »

We have a quiet time in our house (on good days when we're not running all over the world) and I have the kids spend maybe a 1/2 hour to an hour in their rooms. Our kids get a devotional from our children's ministry called God Time. It's short and sweet and reinforces the Bible taught Sunday and Tuesday evenings. It's only 4 days. When they finish their "God Time" then they can play quietly in their room or read or nap as long as it's QUIET!!! :) Like I said this only happens probably 4 days during the week.


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Thank You, Charlene

Unread post by donutmom »

CharleneHoell wrote:Thank you all for the wonderful responses. I have a few of the Kay Arthur books, but I have been hesitating because my son does not like to write and I do not want his time with the Lord to be labor intensive, but something that he looks forward to each day.
I just want to thank you, Charlene, for asking this question.

The same thing has been weighing heavily on my heart in regards to my 10 year old. It's been such a burden to not know what to do. I've tried various devotionals (the kind with a verse or two and a story/lesson), but son just wasn't interested in them. He wants to read the Bible itself--without all the extra fluff. But consistency is far from there. (And I understand--based on my life). Anyway, I'm glad you asked this question. For as much as it's been on my mind, I never thought to ask it here. So thanks for asking "my" question!! :) I now have some ideas to use and am excited. And feel hopeful, too.

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Re: Thank You, Charlene

Unread post by Julie in MN »

donutmom wrote: He wants to read the Bible itself--without all the extra fluff.
This is what my son desires. His favorite Bible study years were ECC and CTG, with straight Bible, line by line. And he also wants to read it together. He's a social kid. Maybe I should push him to have some quiet time with God, but I'm afraid his mind would wander. He claims that in order to be quiet & still, all he can think about is being quiet and still...

So we read extra Bible together. At the suggestion of our pastor, this year he's been typing a sentence or so about the character he finds most interesting each day. Well, sometimes what he comes up with isn't really a person, but he calls it a character anyways :) I don't really edit his thoughts.

We've also in the past tried a prayer journal (Franklin Graham's ministry had one for kids), to remind him of people to pray for and answered prayers to be thankful for.

Anyways, here's another thread that's not about quiet time with God, but it's about quiet time in general & maybe has something in there that applies? [above]

P.S. The pastor suggested Luke & Acts as having lots of "characters."
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Thanks, Julie

Unread post by donutmom »

Thanks, Julie, for some additional ideas.

I've had my son start to write in a notebook about something he learned, but he tends to just copy a verse. I like the idea of having him focus on a certain thing (like the character). And I think I'm going to read it with him. We do the Bible from whatever year we are on, but I was trying to have him do some on his own. Yet we get into some amazing discussions when we read it together (he has some questions that I'm grossly undereducated to answer--like I'd need a theology degree to have any ideas!!).

Oh, man, as I'm writing this, I'm just thinking about why. . .why push him to read alone, when no one's there to answer a question for him. Am I trying to have him do what is "expected"? My job as a parent, according to Deut. 6, is to teach the Word to my children. . at home, in the car, wherever we go. I don't send him into a room to learn his math all by himself. Why push to send him into his room to learn the Bible? There are times he reads on his own and comes and shares or asks about it. PTL! And I knows he spends time praying frequently. Maybe I just need to pray that his desire to know God increases, and that with that increase, he will read more on his own. And for now, read and learn together. My time to "teach him diligently" is quickly passing by. . . . .

Wow, I got off on track. All of a sudden I just had these thoughts coming into my head. . . God speaking to my heart. And I just kept typing. (I process better by writing--or typing in this case). I guess I should delete it. Maybe not. It can serve as a reminder to myself. Thanks, Julie. Your post made me sit here in the quiet of the evening, and wham-mo. Now I'm even more excited!

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Re: Scheduling Quiet Times-What do you think?

Unread post by lyntley »

Wow! I love God's voice. Praise HIm!
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What does Bible/Devotions/QT look like for your younger

Unread post by gorillamama »

Chrystal in TX wrote:My boys are 8 and 6. Currently, we read the Bible together in the morning and pray together.

I've begun to wonder how to encourage them to have their own personal time with God. I'd love to hear what age you began to encourage your children in this, what age they actually began doing this independently, and what it looks like in your home. Thanks!
We pray and read the Bible/Bible story in AM before school and pray and go over memory verses sometime during the day and/or at night as well as prayer anytime needed/desired through the day.

My 2 youngest don't have a quiet time as of yet but my older 3 do and I have not structured this -it has been God led, I truly believe. As each of them has committed themselves to the Lord, that desire to spend time with Him has grown. My 8 year old son and almost 10 year old daughter surprise me often when they say things like "I just finished reading Leviticus and did you know...fill in the blank" or "Mom, I finally got to Esther and remember when..." My almost 6 year old has a picture Bible and I often find her reading what she can, finding a picture and retelling the story to her younger sisters. I think kids watch Mom and Dad and any other role models to see how important this alone time with God is and will model what they see. I wish I was more diligent and a better example to them, but it is amazing how God works in each of our hearts and minds at age 5 or 55 or 105.

Our Sunday School curriculum has a 4 day mini bible study on the back of the take home paper for the 2 olders and they are required to do this as part of their school day. Everyone studies in their respective AWANA handbook throughout the week, too. And we do all the extras we can to truly flesh out that program. A great book for instilling a love for God in our kids (in my opinion :-) ) is How to Bring Your Children to Christ and Keep Them There: Avoiding the Tragedy of False Conversion by Ray Comfort. Just a bit of what works for us.
Crystal in PA ;)
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Re: What does Bible/Devotions/QT look like for your younger

Unread post by erin.kate »

My older two are also very young (7 and 5 ... my other 5yo doesn't speak English yet) and our Jesus time looks like this ...

We start each morning with Jesus Calling (the kid's version), which my girls really love. We look up the respective scripture from this after dinner ... sort of like food four our souls after food for our bellies. ;) We all sing (including our Ethiopian and 2yo) the hymn we are working on learning, and then we pray for over our day and each other.

I save Bible from Adv until just before we break for lunch and after lunch I read from the Jesus Storybook Bible (gorgeous) to everyone. Boys go down for a nap and I rest with my 2yo for a half hour. In that half hour the girls spend time coloring/illustrating what we read about in the Jesus Storybook Bible. It is quiet time, no talking, just thinking about the Bible story and one-on-one time with Jesus.

Then, after dinner we talk about the devotional from the morning again, and what we learned in Adv, and then when all are in bed daddy and I (when he's home) look up the Jesus Calling scripture and read it aloud, then pray again together and the kids all sing Jesus Loves Me.

I love all that Chrystal said too and I'm eager to watch how this blossoms and develops in my kids, as well!
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Re: What does Bible/Devotions/QT look like for your younger

Unread post by gratitude »

gorillamama wrote: A great book for instilling a love for God in our kids (in my opinion :-) ) is How to Bring Your Children to Christ and Keep Them There: Avoiding the Tragedy of False Conversion by Ray Comfort. Just a bit of what works for us.
Crystal in PA ;)
Thank you for the book idea Crystal.

Thank you also ladies for sharing the very meaningful Bible times that you are having in your homes with your children. Ours has been a bit upside down since the move (why are moves so crazy?), but I am looking forward to re-establishing some structure soon.
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Re: What does Bible/Devotions/QT look like for your younger

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I remember a short conversation about this in the past and I wanted to mention it for those kids who don't really seek time all by themselves, especially in a quieter household like ours. My ds just never got concepts like "pensive" or "deep in thought." Therefore, instead of more "quiet" time, I tended to add more "loud" times like singing hymns with Joni Eareckson Tada :) ... 517#p47646

I will say, though, that now that my youngest is in his teens, he still seeks out friends and family to discuss the Bible with, but now he also has some of his own time with the Word. Lately, his favorite is listening to Uncle Rick read Proverbs at night as he goes to sleep :)


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Re: What does Bible/Devotions/QT look like for your younger

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

I wanted my dd to have something like I do with Beth Moore, etc., studies. I really enjoy the "homework" in Bible Study Guides and it keeps me honest - I have to find quiet time to do it. I really struggled trying to find something appropriate for a young sensitive girl that is not subjected to bullying or interested in hair and makeup. A mom at our homeschool group showed me the Bible curriculum that her kids use, and I loved it. I ordered the 3rd grade set from Christian Light Education for my 4th grade dd. I think it's a pretty good fit for her to be doing that privately while we study CTG in school. I just ask her to "spend some time with God" (which is reading, praying, listening) and she sits alone and does her workbook and prays while I do the same. The workbook is very easy, but after the intro, there are daily Bible reading passages that go along with the homework. It was just what I was wanting for her.

eta: I feel unable to clearly explain this. My dd does Sunday School and memorizes those verses, plus AWANA on top of doing Bible in CTG with me. The workbooks that I got for her are *not* required for school. It is her personal Bible Study time. Very gentle, very engaging for her to do on her own.
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