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Cyndi (AZ)
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Re: What do you love about MFW?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 11:35 am

I love MFW because everything I look at makes me think, "I wish I had been taught this way!!!" It amazes me how all-encompassing yet concise it is. I enjoy the curriculum as much as my dd does, and I'm so excited for the coming years.

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:09 am

I'm very happy with MFW for many reasons - the one that sticks out to me right now is that I can "see the future." I can look ahead at the coming years all the way through high school and see what my dd will be studying and how it all connects and supports each other.

Another thing I really like is that in K and 1st, the Bible, Character Lessons, Phonics, Science and Math are all part of the program. There's not an add-on, it's all there for you. It is everything I wanted in a curriculum, and has been my answer to prayer.
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Re: What do you love about MFW?

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Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:38 pm

I love it because it's designed by people who simply LOVE children, understand them, understand how to educate children, and know what is going to make them love to learn. In other words--its designed by parents who've been there!!! I also love it because the Bible is so central to it!

I love that MFW is not overwhelming for me, and that I feel as though each of my children is being blessed and educated by the curriculum. I love that there is an overarching purpose to the curriculum as a whole--so that if I am teaching 1st grade--it is a foundation for all of the learning that comes later on.

I love that there is time for them to play, to serve, to help out, and with all of that--if we get a little behind--there's time to catch up.

I love that it is such a good fit for our family! I too thank God for MFW!

Irmi Gaut
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First Year in MFW

Unread post by Andrea »

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:07 am

Hi Everyone! We are finishing up our school year with one ds in Adventures and one dd in Kindergarten. I wanted to write in and express my excitement and joy in using MFW!

The kids and I have had such fun and have learned SO MUCH! I haven't been homeschooling that long, but I spent much time researching materials and curriculum in the past. What freedom to no longer have to do that!!!! No more pricing long lists and putting together lessons!!!! We are so blessed to have found MFW and will be sticking with it for the duration. MFW is a perfect fit for our family life and educational goals.
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I don't know why we ever left

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Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:19 pm

My dd did MFW K and 1. We loved it! She was working so quickly through it though, we missed many of the fun activities. She loved doing school and regularly wanted more and more. With that I thought that maybe it wasn't academically enough for her.

So the next year we changed curriculums. It was not anymore challenging for her but it was okay. I started 3rd and K this year with that curriculum and it lasted 2 weeks and I'm back to MFW. I don't know why we ever left.

Enjoy it, do all the activities you can, and even when you doubt if its academically enough, just know that IT IS!! DD learned to read with MFW and at age 7 reads pretty much anything you put in front of her with great comprehension, and is doing everything ahead of her grade level now. MFW knows what they're doing! I'll never change again. They are academically ahead of most curriculum out there, much more organized, takes up less time, can teach your family as a family, cost effective,and the kids LOVE it and LEARN from it. I wish I would have joined the boards when I started and I likely never would have left. I hope you enjoy your first grade year. There are many wonderful homeschoolers on here ready to help you and do some handholding if needed :o) Just give a shout!
Teresa in TX
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I just can't hush about this wonderful curriculum...

Unread post by Teresa in TX »

I've bragged on here before about how much we love mfw. I just have to do it again. I think I come from such a point of view that can benefit others because I HAVE TRIED for 8 years previous to find our fit, to do the things that mfw is doing for us, so I know the struggle and work it took and the flop it always was. Mfw IS what I was trying to create on my own. I just didn't know how and didn't have time.

Please don't ask my children. It has become their standard in the past to just say they don't really like school. There is some kind of pride in it by this point in the game...nothing ever flowed right, everything was too demanding, too much seatwork, then not much in the results area in the end.

I can honestly say that this year I can tell that they love it!! I don't ask. I let their enjoyment speak for itself, so don't ask them. I'm just telling you, they love it!! ;)

Last week we were learning the capitals of the southern and northern states. I decided to do some recipes we had missed from weeks before, just because we had more time. One day we made the chocolate cake with the chinese coin emblem on it from SOTW. I thought it looked kind of goofy to do that, like it was just an excuse to eat cake. I was wrong (well, actually it WAS an excuse to eat cake). It was neat to see that coin from long ago and talk about it's meaning and the rebellion it represented. While making the cake, my son was making glop from science from 100 science experiments. My kitchen was an absolute wreck from lunch, cake & glop spread everywhere. The experience of cooking, observing, touching, tasting, laughing, discussing, that was more rich and more educational than most things we have ever attempted that "appeared" more educational! Learning has become an atmosphere here, one I never really thought we'd have. I had prayed for it often, but they always chose the wii or the television.

This is our second year using MFW. I just don't think I "got it" last year. We enjoyed it a lot, but we didn't get as much out if it as we could have. It's flowing so well now. It's hard to explain the perfect combination of each subject with the other, each book with the other, each project with the other. It just works!!! It's just a beautiful, rich, balanced program!!!
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Re: I just can't hush about this wonderful curriculum...

Unread post by KimberlyND »

I know what you mean! This is our 14th year of homeschooling, our second year of MFW. This is what I wanted with our older kids but didn't know how to do. Our first year with MFW was good but we didn't "get it" either. This year is so much better. We are so enjoying ADV and I think it will just get better. I'm planning to stay with MFW!!

Postby KimberlyND » Thu May 28, 2009 5:20 pm
MFW is a great curriculum. I think you will love it. We have used alot of different things throughout our 14 years of homeschooling. Nothing compares to MFW in my opinion! We have used 1st and ADVs so far and loved it. We are looking forward to using ECC this fall. Homeschooling is a great way of life!
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Keep sharing!

Unread post by 4toraise »

I'm so thankful to have found this while my kids are still young. Because of ages, I'll get to use everything twice. I can't wait to re-visit ECC and CTG with my little ones; I know the older 2 will be full of "I remember that."

It's great to share. Our co-op is only 7 families (perfect right now) and last year 2 of us used MFW at different levels. Now 6 of us are using it!

I hear nothing but praises every week. What a blessing to have passed on such godly, well researched material.

The Hazel's truly have a left a legacy.
Take Care,

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Re: I just can't hush about this wonderful curriculum...

Unread post by Tracey in ME »

I was just thinking about how well things flow with My Father's World today, too! You hit the nail on the head! I love the way you put this.
- Tracey
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LA in Baltimore
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Praises for MFW

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

Thanks for sharing your experience Theresa and everyone else!!
I couldn't agree more. This is our 11th year of homeschooling and although I found out about the Charlotte Mason Method about 2 or 3 years into our schooling, I've never been able to pull together a program on my own that I or the children have truly enjoyed. Early on I looked at a few programs, but they seemed sooo overwhelming. This summer a MFW brochure came in a homeschool mailing we received. I just couldn't believe that someone had put together EXACTLY what I was looking for! My husband was very supportive to spend the extra money (I already had all my books bought!) and order Adventures. Although I've made small changes in my curriculum mid-year, I've never just changed the whole thing before I even started! Am I glad I did!! I love this program.

I think I am learning more than the children. Thanks MFW for creating such a God honoring, delightful program.

LA in Baltimore
Homeschooling my 4 (Ages 16, 10, 9, and 8)
First Year with MFW

Postby LA in Baltimore » Fri May 01, 2009 3:24 pm
We (my three youngest and I) are just completing our first year with MFW. Next week is week #34!
I'm hooked! It really was all that I could have hoped for.
The lessons are well planned out, the material is thorough, and the entire year has been a delight!
I transitioned them all into Singapore/Saxon math (as age appropriate) as well.

MFW was able to come to MACHE(MD) this year, so I was able to look through everything!
We'll be studying CtG and AHL this fall.
I'm looking forward to our summer break, but I know I'll be chomping at the bit to get started again!

Posted Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:25 pm by LA in Baltimore
I hear you about trying to find something that really works to teach multiple children at once. Although I don't have as large a family as you, I have found it challenging to teach four students! My last three are all about a year apart. MFW allows me to give them the attention I desire without being stretched so thin that I think I'll break.
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Happy Hubby!

Unread post by cdavis762 »

I came downstairs Saturday morning to find my husband reading our copy of Cameron Townsend. He said ' I am soooo proud of you, for reading these types of books to the kids! If I had stuff like this to read when I was their ages, I would have been a totally different person!" (not going through the desert for so many years instead).
Of course we thanked God, and the Hazells for putting it in our curriculum!
And of course, now my hubby can read to them at night now! ;)
Be blessed,

God is in control!
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Re: Happy Hubby!

Unread post by dhudson »

Yeah! My husband is MFW's biggest fan because of what our kids learn academically and in character training. It's so nice when our husbands are fully on board.
God Bless,
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Re: Happy Hubby!

Unread post by TracyLee01026 »

My husband frequently listens in when I am reading to or teaching the children from this most excellent curriculum. He always comments positively or smiles or nods his head in approval. We also have lively discussions at the dinner table which my husband loves to lead. It is his time to teach and we all enjoy it.
God bless.
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My only regret with MFW

Unread post by faithmom »

Usually by this time of year I am tweaking this or changing that with my curriculum. Not so this year (although I am excited about CTG and K next year). I'm thankful to have finally found just what we need.

My regret? That we'll never do Adv (except maybe long years from now with my youngest) and that we didn't start sooner so my oldest could complete the 5-yr cycle before high school. I guess I really meant it more of a joke than a real lament that the ONLY thing I don't like about MFW is that I can't do it all. I've even contemplated ways to squeeze it in. Of course that would mess with much of the goodness of MFW if I start squeezing. He's a whiz with history, though, so he'll pick it up well enough.

It feels good to not be feeling anxious about whether what we have is working for us or wishing we could finish what we have so we can get on to better things. Of course I'm thankful for the Hazelle's philosophy and how much it aligns with our own. I'm also thrilled with the two extra weeks to plan our own thing. We are really having fun right now studying Christmas traditions around the world. That wouldn't happen if I were trying to keep up with most other curricula. Lots of thanks MFW!!
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K, ECC, and High School -- Loving MFW!

Unread post by amylynn12 »

Welcome! :)

I am currently finishing up MFW K with my 6 year old & hoping to start MFW 1st with her soon. We also are using MFW ECC with our 12 & 9 year olds & MFW High school with our 14 year old. :) We are LOVING MFW!!! I have tried so many different curricula over the years & just never felt that anything really was what we were looking for. We feel so blessed to have found MFW. :)......Infomercial over. :) LOL! :)

I pray that you are as blessed by MFW as we have been.
Amy in Oregon
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Anxiously awaiting another blessing on the way (Due Sept 2011) :)
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Unread post by TriciaMR »

My dd asked yesterday, "Why can't we do school tomorrow?" And, she has kind of hinted a couple of times through this break about school. I said, "Because tomorrow is Saturday. Do you really want to do school on Saturday?" All I got in return was a sad, dejected face.

I think this is the first time my dd has asked to do school during a break. Yeah MFW!

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I am so grateful to have started MFW

Unread post by racegirl »

First let me say that I am so grateful to have started MFW. We have used many different curriculums over the years, always feeling pulled to do the newest and greatest (many failed attempts). We've used a literature program and liked it very much for the literature, but felt we were missing a total, big picture, type of homeschool. For some reason I've looked briefly at MFW over the years but dismissed it without really taking a close look.

After much prayer asking for the Lord to help guide my homeschool, we've been brought here and I couldn't be happier. I've never felt totally at home with a curriculum before, and feel such a sense of joy and relief that the Hazells have pulled together everything I want for my children. In an attempt to pull together the "best" of everything, I've spent a fortune on different curriculum that we don't use. I fill our shelves up with so much stuff, then feel paralyzed not knowing where to start. I think that's why I dismissed MFW early on, because I looked at their simple, modest suggestions (like PLL, for example) and thought it didn't measure up, although in reality, in attempting to want so much, I ended up barely doing anything.

This curriculum, as written, has provided a richness and depth to my homeschool, with just the right amount of work for me and dc. I could go on and on, but I feel such a sense of peace that I finally have a vision of what I want for my homeschool, and this is it. I am so excited about journeying through all future years with this curriculum.

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MFW Roll Call

Unread post by mom2fourkids »

I'm Stephanie and I have four kids. Three biological girls, ages 12, 10, and 8, and one son, age 7, that we adopted from Russia in 2003. We have used K, 1st, ECC, and are finishing up CtG this year.

I have loved using MFW, as it is the perfect blend of "enough", and yet not so much that I can't add things here and there if I want to. I love having the flexibility to do that, as I tend toward an eclectic style of homeschooling. My kids have been happiest during the years we've used MFW, and overall seem to learn more and just thrive. We are looking forward to many more future years with MFW!

Kristi Covey
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Re: MFW Roll Call

Unread post by Kristi Covey »

Hi there-
I've been using MFW since 2006 when my oldest was in 1st grade. I'm still so very thankful God led me to this wonderful curriculum. (Thanks Marie and David!) I knew I wanted to use Charlotte Mason methods, lots of living books, as well as hands on for my boy, but I'm NOT organized nor detail oriented enough to pull it together on my own, at least not in the long run! So the TM was a Godsend for me!

We plan to do CTG and 1st G in the fall. We've also used Adventures, which was wonderful too. I learned soooo much, I'm amazed at what I didn't know before! My son still jokes about me getting teary eyed when reading about Squanto, or George Washington putting his hand on the Bible when he became President, Abraham Lincoln, and the many things Benjamin Franklin did in his lifetime!

I'm so thankful for this board! It's been a great source of encouragement, wisdom, and ideas! Thanks for all of your help and for your silliness! I look forward to checking out the ideas over the summer! ok, I confess I've been looking already and we're not even finished with ecc!
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Kind of neat...

Unread post by TriciaMR »

Now, one of my grandfathers was married 4 times (due to deaths and one annulment). His last wife was into decorating eggs - she would get ostrich eggs, and carve out one side, and do some kind of scene inside, and decorate and paint the outside. They were just beautiful creations. Somehow, one of my aunts (not one of my step-grandmother's kids) ended up with a box of her egg decorating stuff. About 6 years ago, she gave the stuff to me, and it has been sitting in my basement since then.

When I saw that we were decorating eggs this week, I knew I could use stuff in the box. It had ric-rac, string-beads, gold string, egg holders, plus the little things she used for the scenes. We didn't do an inside-the-egg scene, but we were able to use some of the ric-rac for decorating the eggs. I had sequins from other projects we've done.

Anyway, my dd commented, "God had this all planned out a long time ago, didn't he? That we would have this stuff to decorate these eggs." I NEVER would have done this project if we didn't have this box full of stuff. My dd and I each did an egg. I'll post the pics on my blog later.


Posted Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:33 pm by TriciaMR

This was our first year with MFW, and we did ECC. It was great. My dd loved learning about all these places. The missionary biographies brought the different continents and countries alive to her. Real live people with real life situations. Window on the World helped us understand how much these countries around the world really need Jesus.

The other thing I saw in my dd is that she has more of a bigger picture of the world and life. "God must have planned this out a long time ago."

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Hi & welcome!

Unread post by Mom2MnS »

We have found homeschooling to be one of the greatest joys and privileges of our lives. So, so much I could say here - lol! Our years have been fun and full with MFW - just so thankful that the Father led us to it. May the Father bless you as you continue in Him.
WLiC, Quinne

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Re: MFW Roll Call

Unread post by donutmom »

Home schooled since beginning. Tried various things. Nothing gripped/excited me. Started reading a lot about homeschooling. Decided: 1)Bible most important "subject"; 2)loved the Charlotte Mason ideas; 3)liked parts of the Classical; 3)loved living books. Saw MFW at convention one year & liked ADV a lot, and thought, "I can put that type of program together on my own." Well, sure, I could. . .IF I was the organized type. I'm not. &) After talking hubby's ear off during the year, having MFW stay on my mind so often, and realizing that MFW was everything that I wanted to do myself, I bought ADV at the next convention. Oh, if I'd only had it earlier! We're now just finishing up ECC. As of this point, there will be no annual stress about curriculum, until the Lord directs elsewhere--and I'm expecting He'll lead us straight there, so there will be no stress!! :) What a weight was lifted when I finally submitted to what we saw as God's will for our home school. This board is such an encouragement and help.

So it's CTG for next year. Use all MFW recommendations except math (what we used before MFW was working, so we just continued). And now I'll end my "book" with wish for a joyful day that God has made to all the MFW "family". You know, if I was as detailed in my organizational skills as I am in my writing skills, well, . . . the places I'd go, the people I'd see. . . .or is it the places I'd see (the top of my desk). . . .
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First day!

Unread post by sandi »

Today was our first official day of school this year! It feels so good to be back on a schedule. We have about 4 weeks left over of EX1850 from last year, and will start 1850toMod after that.

After looking at all these homeschool catalogs being sent to the house, I am so very thankful for MFW as I am every year. It just feels like home! Hope everyone's planning and school starting is going well! What a joy to homeschool my children!!! With this crazy world right now, I am more thankful now than I have ever been to homeschool my precious children.

Just felt like sharing
His Child,
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I received our box!

Unread post by lisaha »

What a wonderful collection of books! I think this will be an enjoyable year! :) I'm so ready to go our and get the supplies-I have to remind myself we won't start until Sept! LOL! ;) I love the teacher's book, everything is so well laid out, so much work went into putting it all together! Thank you to the husband and wife who put forth so much into it! (((HUGS))) I just love that the library lists are so well thought out with brief descriptions of each book. Wow! :) It's not overwhelming to look through and easy to follow, very nice! :)
Thank you!
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Thank you MFW staff

Unread post by BHelf »

Thank you for for the wonderful job you do creating a curriculum for us to use to raise our children up with a Biblical worldview. Thank you for doing all the leg work for all of us so we don't have to! :)

Thank you for working so diligently "behind the scenes" for our children's education. And mostly (today) thank you for caring so much about your customers and their concerns that you take the time out from doing all that you have to do with MFW and GWN in order to clarify things for us and answer our questions in a prompt, kind and loving manner.

I am so glad God led me to look at MFW almost 2 years ago and I just wanted you all to know how thankful I am for you and this curriculum!

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Re: Thank you MFW staff

Unread post by TammyB »

My sentiments exactly! MFW has been a tremendous blessing to my family. :)
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