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Re: Dictation

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Michelle in WA wrote:What do you use for dictation? DD is on week 16 of ADV. It is the Thursday Dictation.

We are using PLL and she really likes it. I thought about using the bible verse, but many of them have too many quotes and I'm not sure of all the rules to be able to explain them. Or they are too short. I've just been picking a book off the shelf & looking for a sentence/paragraph that looks like it would work. Sometimes I try to find one that uses the spelling rule we worked on that week. Otherwise, whatever looks interesting.

I'd like something a little more focused. She is capable of plenty of writing and is writing her own stories. Anyone have a good resource of stuff for dictation?
When I used ADV I used the weekly memory verse for dictation. There is also a CM site out there that has quotes ect to dictate. I had it saved somewhere in my favorites but right now I can't find it. *sigh* Maybe google it if you need more ideas. Also like someone ahead of me said there are plenty in the PLL/ILL books. Even if you don't use them for regular LA lessons they are good for dictation exercises.
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Re: Dictation

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For that Thursday dictation in ADV, I grab an easy reader that we have checked out from the library. That way it's different every week. We've also used the read aloud book. I only have her do a short paragraph, and try not to include many quotes, etc.
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Re: Dictation

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Just so you know, starting in ECC, MFW uses the Bible memory verse for copywork and dictation, and that will be all scheduled for you. I suppose it might be too much for the early years of writing.
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Re: Dictation

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If you use the memory verses, they could be more in the style of copywork instead of dictation. Or you could do like my high school French teacher use to do with dictations: call out the punctuation marks.

You might consider pulling out the Bible reader from first grade.

Real life need of dictation:
*Take down phone numbers over pretend phone (or real)
*learn to write information from dictation such as your house address, phone numbers, birthdates of self and siblings, and parents, to write People's names. Even if you have to spell some of these things out loud letter by letter to help them.
*take a simple message on pretend phone call. (just pretend it is in the days before voice mail and answering machines.)
*grocery lists.....
*which real estate agent called while mom was outside? ;)

Seriously -- don't forget to use dictation for some real life stuff too. Bible verses are good, readers, etc. but don't forget some life skills.

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Re: Dictation

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Oooh. I love the life skills suggestion. Thank you Crystal. She is great at writing grocery lists in the car while I'm driving. :) Addresses and phone numbers would be good too.
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