ADV Weeks 10-11

If you are using Adventures in U.S. History, please share your ideas with us.
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ADV Weeks 10-11

Unread post by Marie »

Adventures in MFW Weeks 10-11

Additional ideas on President Washington might be found on the EX1850 board: ... 37&start=0
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Week 10 - Quill Pen and Berry Ink

Unread post by txquiltmommy »

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 12:15 am

We made our quill pens and berry ink and the kids had a ball with this project! Just wanted to say that we used fresh blackberries to make the ink, and that they worked very well. The ink dried a very intense color. I was debating about which berries to use, and was also wondering if the quills would actually work, so I'm happy to report great success for those of you who have yet to come to week 10.

I am so thrilled with the hands on projects in Adventures. They add so much fun to our day, and my kids look so forward to them!

Blessed week to you all!
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Jesus Poster Wk 10 Question

Unread post by bethben »

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 2:13 pm
Brandi wrote:"Jesus is the Giver of Living Water" in week 10: I've read thru the TM a few times looking for when to color the drop of water and paste it on our poster. I know we're supposed to put it on a glass or pitcher, but is it not part of the poster too? Or did I miss it somewhere?
Look on the weekly schedule - not the notes. It's on Thursday. This trips me up too when I don't look at the weekly schedule well enough.
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Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon

Unread post by Myhandsfull »

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:50 am

If you google Mount Vernon and go to the official site, you can take a virtual tour of George Washington's home. We live a couple hours away, so I was trying to get info for a field trip there. However, w/ three small boys, the virtual tour is going to be safer and infinitely less expensive. :)

I thought this would be a neat addition to the George Washington weeks in Adventures and later on, as well.
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Unread post by momof3nKS »

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:54 am

In September, we went to Virginia and did a lot of site seeing (with my 8,7, and 4yo).

We ended up going to Mt. Vernon, not once, but twice!! It has really changed from when I was there last. We had a neat time there. There was even a 'live' Martha Washington. My kids just sat and talked to her for the longest time! They have a new education center too. My kids talk about that visit all the time.

I had forgotten about the virtual tour. That will be a great way to revisit our trip there. Thanks for the reminder!
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Quill Pen - Paint option

Unread post by KimberlyND »

I should have read about the quill and berry juice before I did it yesterday. Since we have chickens I had ds run out and find a couple feathers for us. I didn't trim them like I was supposed to and didn't do the berry juice right so it didn't work well.

I just decided to get a little of their paints and mixed a small portion with water. That worked well and they got the idea.
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Quill Pen

Unread post by sarajoy »

RachelT wrote:
Both dds loved making the ink out of berry juice and writing with feathers yesterday! The hands-on projects are so much fun and really help our study of history come alive!
I must admit that I chickened out on the quill feather writing!! I know that the kids would have such fun with it, but I couldn't figure out where to get a feather?? I should go brave Wallly world and see if there is one in the craft section, I guess!! Is that the kind of feather that you used?
We kinda cheated on the quill pen. Our pastor and his wife went to Williamsburg this summer and brought us back quills for this project.
LA in Baltimore
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Quill Pen

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

We bought the white feathers at Michaels (local craft store - I'm not sure if they are a national chain). There was an inexpensive package with 4 white feathers. They were the perfect length! All I had to do was trim the bottom and voila...we had really cool quill pens.

LA in Baltimore
Julie in MN
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

Rachel wrote: Is that the kind of feather that you used?
I just have to share my feather story.

I had saved feathers in a large baggie whenever I found one in the yard. I have used one at various times in MFW science etc. However, when it came time to prep to use one to write with in EX1850 this year, I searched all over & couldn't find them -- do you get frustrated when you can't find things, like I do? I'd wake up at night thinking, "I didn't check one more place!" The berries I'd saved were getting moldy, and I just didn't see how I could fit a trip to a hobby shop in my schedule at that time.

Anyways, Thursday of that week I took my son to his co-op class. After a while, I got out of the car to use the restroom. As I was meandering through the throng of teens waiting for rides & came to a clearing, a gust of wind came up and whooshed something into my shin.

What do you think it was?! Yes, a feather!

It seems to me that birds must be keeping their feathers on at this time of year, but there it was -- just for me :o)

My husband & others have smiled when I told this story, but I think you folks will really understand my excitement! God cares about me -- it's so wonderful.
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Unread post by Poohbee »

Julie, your story made me smile! Don't you just love God's amazing care for us and his amazing provision, especially with things that seem small but are important to us? :-)

Rachel, I had a package of feathers in my craft supplies. They were the type of feathers you buy in a craft section to use to decorate various crafts. Well, they weren't big enough, and they weren't the right type of feathers, but I hadn't had a chance to get bigger ones, and my dds were really excited about doing the quill and berry ink project. So, I found the biggest feathers I could from my stash (they were maybe 4 or 5 inches long, if that), and I trimmed the ends at an angle, and my girls just went with it. They weren't the best, but they worked okay, and my girls got the idea of what it was like to write with a quill pen. :-) I was most delighted about how our ink turned out. We used fresh raspberries that I bought at the grocery store. We mushed them up and strained them as it said to in the tm, and we got quite a bit of juice out of them. The ink was red, but it dried purple. My girls had so much fun with this.

I admit that sometimes a project sometimes looks too involved or it seems a bit difficult to me, but when I actually go ahead and do it, it turns out to be easier and more rewarding than I thought it was going to be. I am sometimes tempted to skip things, but after we do them, I'm so glad we did.

When we studied that Jesus is the Rock, one of the project ideas was to paint the name Jesus on a rock. Well, that is a simple enough thing to do, but I was tempted to just skip it one day. But, I knew that my kids would love getting out the tempera paints, so we went outside and found some nice-sized rocks. We took out the paints, and my oldest dd experimented with mixing colors. Both girls had so much fun painting their rocks different colors. We let them dry, and we still need to paint "Jesus" on them, but I'm so glad we painted rocks that day, because my dds had so much fun doing it! So, I'd encourage you to go for it and give the quill and berry ink project a try! Your kids will probably love it!
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Science Experiment Week 11

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

We just finished watching our split peas explode the bowl!
The children enjoyed it, but it would be more impressive if you used larger sized dried beans/peas. The split peas were so dense that very little water fit in the container before we put the top on. Therefore, it only picked the top up a little. Once it did we added more water and, wow!, they were all over the place.
Also, we used an inexpensive plastic container and it stretched a lot, which worked against the idea of blowing the top off. I'd use a stronger plastic or glass container with plastic top next time. Hope this helps the next Adventurer!

LA in Baltimore
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ADV - Week 10 - Hasty Pudding

Unread post by Ariasarias »

amelasky wrote:I think I might have been too "hasty" with our hasty pudding. It seems to be too runny. How thick of a pudding is it supposed to be? Like cream of wheat or malt-o-meal?
Ours was really thick.
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Unread post by momma2boys »

Ours wasn't very thick, but we all really enjoyed it! :-)
Anna (CO)

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Hasty Pudding...Johnny Cakes

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

Our Hasty Pudding was similar to Cream of Wheat at first.
We ate it hot and then poured the rest into a glass container and refrigerated for lunch the next day. Once refigerated, it sliced like polenta and we pan-fried it with butter. Both ways were good.

The next week, we made Johnny Cakes.
I think ours was way too thick. I had to mash it down with the spatula to make it look like a pancake.
(Any feedback from experienced Johnny Cake makers would be appreciated!)
The reason I mention this is that if your Hasty Pudding was on the thin side, maybe your Johnny Cakes will work out better!

Postby LA in Baltimore » Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:25 pm

I think the Hasty Pudding was a bigger hit here.

Apple Butter was a new food item for the children.
One of them fell in love with it immediately!
She put it on anything that even resembled a bread product last week!

Praising God that we are happily homeschooling in Our Father's World!

LA in Baltimore
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Unread post by amelasky »

Maybe I should just try again with the Hasty Pudding. We "tried" to fry it this morning. Still had to pour it out of the skillet. I wonder if it's because we used our mill to grind the corn. Maybe it wasn't course enough, so I should have added extra cornmeal to make up for that.

On the funny side of it, my daughter finally tried a bite, then looked up at me and said, "I'm so glad we aren't colonists!"
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Science in the Kitchen...Moldy Bread...Help!

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

LA in Baltimore wrote:We did the moldy bread experiment in week 11 of Adv last week.
Only problem is...the bread doesn't look moldy and it has been 6 days!
This is scary! Either we didn't do it right (maybe not put enough water on it) or the bread has soooo many preservatives that it will never mold! :(
We'd appreciate any input on what happened and/or what we could do differently.

LA in Baltimore
Posted by dhudson » Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:58 pm
We never got moldy bread either until I made home made bread and it got moldy fairly quickly. It probably is the preservatives.

Posted by cbollin » Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:02 pm
We needed a warm enough and dark place to grow some mold. So I had to find a cabinet or top of fridge or closet without touching outside walls that was warmer than the rest of the house.

maybe some fresher bread too. Although I have seen moldy cheap refined bread. eeewwwwwwwwww

Posted by TriciaMR » Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:26 pm

I have the opposite problem - my homemade stuff doesn't mold (and I use freshly ground wheat), and the stuff I buy from the store molds 2 days past the sell buy date. We keep ours on the counter near the stove.

Posted by Margaret Schrock » Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:24 pm
It took two weeks for ours to mold. Talk about preservatives in the bread.

Posted by momathomewith4 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:40 pm
Just wanted to chime in and say that we didn't see mold until week 6, and then it appeared on the slice with the antibacterial ointment!

This was a great experiment for our entire family. We learned a couple of things--1) You don't always get the results you're expecting & 2)Never, never, never eat store bought white bread again ;-)

Posted by LA in Baltimore » Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:48 pm
We retried the Wet/Dry Bread Experiment.
We used whole wheat bread (from the store) and put a little more water on the fresh side this time.
We also put it in the boys' room closet because it is the warmest room in the house!
Will keep you posted.

Posted by LA in Baltimore » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:59 pm
I'm not sure if anyone is still following this, but just in case :) ...

We STILL are trying to get the bread to mold!
It has been almost 2 months and no mold on either piece.

It was store bought 100% whole wheat.
The next time I pick up a fresher bakery bread I'll give it a try.
It must be something with the preservatives.

We got mold on clementines that we had NO intention of molding!
We just wanted to eat them! :)
I think they were only out of the fridge for a day or two.

--LA in Baltimore
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Johnny Cakes

Unread post by momma2boys »

We made the Johnny Cakes today for lunch and the kids loved them!! They want to fix them regularly. The batter wasn't too thick at first, but then as it sits it does thicken. I just used the spatula to flatten the pancakes a bit, and I served them with apple butter.
Anna (CO)

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Week 10 Supplies - Quill Pen and Berry Ink

Unread post by mommyto4 »

[note: possible edit for some editions of Adventures]

I was just looking over the "recipe" for the quill pen and berry ink (Week 10 in Adventures) and realized that I need vinegar. This was not listed under the "materials" section.
cbollin wrote:You're right. MFW has a typo in the materials list and left it out. Also left out the salt from the list. &) &)
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Week 11 Apple Butter

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Posted Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:55 am by doubleportion

I decided to make our own apple butter to go along with our Johnny Cakes for tomorrow. Here is the recipe for anyone wanting to make apple butter in their crockpot for week 11 of Adventures.

8 large granny smith apples, peeled & cut into 1/2 inch cubes (about 10 cups)
1/2 c apple cider
1/2 c granulated sugar
1/2 c packed light brown sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/4 ground allspice

Combine ingredients in 5 quart slow cooker. Cover and cook on low 6 hours. Mash apples. Cover and cook on Low 6 more hours until deep brown color and spreadable consistency. Cool. Cover and chill 8 hours. Will store in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. Makes 4 cups.


Posted Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:48 am by tabby

For a quicker version, you can substitute apple sauce (1-2 cups, depending on how much needed) for the first four ingredients of the above recipe. Heat through on med. low and add a pinch of the cinnamon and other spices. You may add more brown sugar if desired.

It was a quick fix for us today as we did not have 8 apples to work with (although I am sure the recipe is delish!). :)

Posted Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:21 pm by MJ in IL

I wanted to add that apple butter freezes well and you can can it easily also. I have several trees and have had applesauce/butter going in the crockpot weekly forever (it seems!) Although I am really tired of apples, I feel blessed to have so many jars full in the basement!

When I make mine, I don't use sugar...just apples some lemon juice, water (I don't really measure...and apple cider makes it wonderful!) and then add similar spices. After it cooks down, I pour it into really hot jars, seal them and set them upside down for about 10 minutes. Next, turn them over and check for the "pop" for sealing. This is an inversion method for canning...not as fail-safe as regular hot water baths, but I haven't had any trouble with my butters or jams.

If my jars don't seal or I ran out and used a regular old jar, I simply stick them in the freezer. You just have to make sure to leave headspace so when they expand, the butter won't overflow. I think you could use freezer bags if you need the MIL freezes all of her applesauce in bags-I would imagine it would work the same.

Have fun! I just started making jams, butters and a bit of canning the past couple of years. It is so fun to have a meal that we have produced!
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ADV Picture Book Recommendation

Unread post by Ariasarias »

I just read

Journey Cake, Ho! by Ruth Saweyer, pictures by Robert McCloskey

with my children this afternoon.

I don't remember if it was recommened in the ADV TM, but this is a story about how the Johnny Cake got it's name.
It's real cute!!!

Nicole :)
Nicole, wife to Claudio since 1996, and mom to dd (2000), dd (2003), dd (2005), and ds (2009).
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Johnny Cakes and Milk

Unread post by jasntas »

I just wanted to share my experience with Johnny Cakes today. First, I'm not sure if I made them correctly. I was expecting them to be more of the consistency of runny pancake mix but the mix was pretty dry to me. They were pretty crumbly even after they were cooked. It seems like my version would have been a bit difficult to carry along on a trip. I think by the time I would have gotten anywhere with my cakes they would have been Johnny Crumbs. lol

Also, for fun and to be more authentic I used an iron skillet to cook them in and I served them with apple butter and milk.

My dc will only drink flavored milk. Ds only drinks chocolate milk and dd only drinks strawberry milk. I know, pretty bad. Well, I thought I would fool them and serve them plain milk with their Johnny Cakes to see if they would notice. I put the milk in a covered cup with a straw. The type of cups you get at Applebee's, etc. (When they want to drink something in another room besides the kitchen we will use these cups to help avoid spills. That's why they didn't think anything of the covered cups.)

When we sat down to eat my ds decided he wanted to be as authentic as possible and even ate with a spoon. He wanted a wooden spoon but we don't have one. As he was sucking on his milk (with a straw which they would not have had) he was commenting on how authentic his meal was, except for the chocolate milk. That's when he realized it wasn't chocolate milk he had been drinking all this time. His sis was just sure she had been drinking strawberry milk and wasn't convinced until she took her lid off. It was too funny. The power of suggestion can be pretty powerful. I never told them what kind of milk they had and they just assumed they had their flavored milk. I got a kick out of it and even laughed harder when sharing the story later with my dh.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing. I hope you enjoy.

BTW, we have really been enjoying all our Adventures in MFW. My dd has been loving K and even gets upset sometimes at the beginning of a new unit because she doesn’t want to move on but then doesn’t want to end the next unit. And my ds loves when something pertains to “his” timeline as he calls it. I can’t believe my dc don’t even mind having “school” late in the day on the days we have errands to run, etc. It hasn’t been perfect, believe me. Especially with my 8 y.o. easily distractible, reluctant reader. But what a blessing MFW has been so far.
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Re: Johnny Cakes and Milk

Unread post by SandKsmama »

That's exactly how our Johnnycakes turned out. The second time we made them (just for fun), we put egg in them, and they were less crumbly. My kids LOVED them though!
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Re: Johnny Cakes and Milk

Unread post by KimberlyND »

I remember having trouble with Johnny Cakes as well. But we ate and liked them. I love the milk story!

Isn't Advs fun? We just loved it. I was sort of disappointed to start ECC as I thought it couldn't be as enjoyable as Advs was! But you know what? It is!! We are having a great year so far.

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Johnny Cakes and Milk

Unread post by lisaha »

We made them this week and the batter was very wet and they fell apart just awefull! ;) WE ended up eating the first two crumbly messes and then adding flour and baking powder, that helped out and they tasted about the same. ;) The kids love baking foods from differant time periods. ;) My husband...not so much! LOL! He is gracious enough to hide what he throws away so our children don't get upset that he didn't like thier creations! ;)
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Re: Johnny Cakes and Milk

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

That's just awesome about the milk! --another mom grateful for those spill-proof cups :)

That's pretty much how our johnny cakes turn out, too. And we've recreated them many times, including wrapping them up to take them off to the war! LOL! We love checking out the American Girl cookbooks and having fun with them, too -- sounds like your dc might enjoy that, too - just a suggestion.
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