Feasts - Counting days of school

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Feasts - Counting days of school

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question about feast days in CTG
Kelly1730 wrote:I'm finally getting a chance to sit down with my TM for CTG. I've noticed that no school is required for feast days. Understandably, since we are supposed to use that time to prepare. Just wondering, for those of you who count days, how you managed that? Did you do some school as to count toward a day or just follow the TM and not count the feast day as a day of school? Just trying to get it all figured out. I'm sure as I go through the TM that I will have more questions, so please bear with me:)
I did a bit of both last year. We ended up doing a condensed 30 minute version of Yom Kippur because we did school in the AM and had to stage the house for an afternoon showing. So that counted.

On the other "feast days", I counted it as school day even without "other curriculum". The school day was devoted to a full day of hands on learning about a feast. other schools get to count all day field trips as a school day.

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Re: question about feast days in CTG

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For us, we usually take a week off of boxed curriculum (continuing in Math, Reading, Spelling) to do our project boards for our Geography Fair, so that basically fills in the feast days for us. I, too, had a hard time counting "cleaning the house for Sabbath" as a school activity, so I didn't. But, sometimes there were enough "Prep" things - oldest made a cover for our bread for Sabbath and made decorations and such that it ended up being enough hours to count as a school day.

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Re: question about feast days in CTG

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I never had trouble filling our calendar in CTG. Although, we probably went to co-op one day each week, so that might have been the "feast day." But usually there was Bible, letter writing, math, and just general catching up whenever I had a blank area in the grid!

And I have had public schooled kids. They have spent school days celebrating Kwanza, Hanukkah, and St. Lucia's Day, not to mention Halloween and Valentine's Day. I've been a room mother planning activities for those days. Sometimes previous days were spent preparing for the special days. So I never hesitated to allow my elementary-aged son to include celebration days on his official calendar.

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Re: question about feast days in CTG

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Good point, Julie. I thought about that too. Several of my kids attended Christian school, and we had a Harvest party that took most of the day as well as various other "non-academic" activities. So yes, I think we will count feast days as school:) Thanks for helping me think it through.
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