Schedule - ECC block scheduling

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Schedule - ECC block scheduling

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This week was my first week trying this new one hour for Science/Geog. It went very well for both science and geog - we are on week #5 (first week of Mexico). The library books we read all week and in book basket are enough review - they love to read. I wish to emphasize the real living books. We will make the game this weekend. I know we will love it.

For geo. we "studied" about Mexico so "we'd know what to pack, where we are going, how to get there, and what to say when we got there." So we checked out the maps to learn about the climate, and physical features from the physical map, boundaries and what is all around it from the political map, learned some Spanish from the Around the World book, the two songs. Then they got up to "go get their suitcases, told me what they would need to wear and thus pack, showed me on the wall map and globe where we were going naming all boundaries, etc., decided to fly, then practiced what to say upon arrival." We all got our chairs, I went to go put on a dress I had from Cancun and became customs patrol, and pilot. They handed me their "passports", I "stamped" it and they wrote the Country name and capital city on it, and then were allowed to board the plane. I spoke English going, but only Spanish once they landed and showed me their passports once again upon arrival. All week we are looking at the Mexico books. Also, check out "Carnival in Costa Rica" video from your library. It is a good old fashioned musical and it is wonderful!

As for science - we studied today about the lack of water and its affects - then did experiments about it. As for drawing - I have tried giving them a set time limit. I even have them draw first, then write sentences (1-3 for dd who is almost 7 and 5 for ds who is almost 10) - then save the coloring for all week long. They really do make lovely detailed drawings. I wish to encourage this - by letting them make one really nice one instead of 3-4 quick ones they still take forever to do anyway. My kids are excellent artists and draw with great detail. Previously, they got bogged down with drawing one picture every day for science - taking usually an hour each time.
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? about ECC scheduling

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saed75 wrote:I'm not exactly sure how to word this question. This will be my first full year with MFW. I have 1st, but just started it about a month ago. In Aug or Sep, I will be starting ECC with my dd 9 and a student from another family who is about 12 (M), 6th grade age but doing 4th or 5th grade level work.

Due to work schedules, her mom and I have come up with a schedule to where I will have her 3 days/week and she will work with M the other 2 days. Is there a way to split up the work in ECC to where I can send work home for her to complete those days she will not be with me? For financial reasons, we will only have 1 deluxe pkg (not including the items where it says 1 per student of course). I would appreciate any and all suggestions!
Look at the TM grid going across the days ... subject-wise rather than day-wise. If you double up when you can on the teaching parts, it will make for long days the three days you are together, but the other two days will be much lighter, leaving room for more read aloud time.

- You can easily send the child home with the WG pages to do on her own.

- Another idea is to have the other kid read a different "book basket" book each week while at their own home and your family reads another one too. When you get together again you can share what you each learned in your respective books.

- You can also have each child/family do their Global Art project on their own time.

- The notebook pages you create yourself after reading from Living World could also be done on your own, especially if a title is written on the page before it's sent home to be drawn and captioned.

You may find it helpful to rewrite the schedule on a weekly list by subject area, just so you're not tempted to keep the work as a day to day thing, but that's quite a bit of work. (I just finished doing that very exercise and it took a few hours over two days. I did it for the purpose of helping my 14 yos grow in independence and learn to take responsibility for his learning though -- not an easy thing for this particular boy.)

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Re: ? about ECC scheduling

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What days of the week will M be doing stuff with her Mom? If they are not Thurs & Friday you could juggle the start day of the week so that at least one of those 2 days away from you would be light and independent Friday.

- It would be easy to give her Mom the Bible reading for those two days (you go through the book of Matthew) and have her do review of Bible Memory with her Mom.

- Also Geography terms could easily be done separately.

- There are some Fridays when there is no read aloud chapter assigned in the TM.

- It would be easy to send home copies of the pages from WG & Trip Around the World.

- You might also decide to shift English & Spelling over to more of the two days she is with her Mom, that might give you some extra time to double up some things like doing extra chapters in the read alouds or spending time on the science together.

Some things in ECC are easy to shift or swap days. You will see as each week progresses what may be easiest to shift over to the days she is with her Mom. You might have them do the cooking projects together and then on a special Saturday do the fiesta with foods that both families have made etc.

Have fun traveling the World in ECC!

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Re: ? about ECC scheduling

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I just did this last year, schooling a friends child. First semester I had him 4 days/wk. and second semester I had him 3 days/wk. I was a bit nervous going into it, but we ended up having a great year. The little games written into the curriculum were especially fun for my ds to play with his friend, rather than just mom and sis ;)

We did 1850-Mod last year, but some of the same strategies would apply to ECC. I think you have a great schedule, start the week off strong with Mon and Tues, and finish it off on Friday! When you get your manual it will make more sense, but I would just pick it up and go through M and T work as laid out on the grid. I am flipping through my ECC manual now and it seems most Wed are fairly light. It is the day for Nature Walks, so no other science scheduled. M can do that at home. The geography for that day can be sent home or squeezed into Tuesdays work, and that may vary from week to week. The Bible reading and memory could easily be sent home to work on mid week. The Hero Tales readings are separate stories each day, so she would be all right missing a couple, or you could spend 5 more min. reading two in row on Tue and Fri so she could hear them all.

What are you doing for lang.arts? Writing Strands is only scheduled on W and Th., so that is something M would do exclusively at home. English is to be done 3 times a week, maybe M could do that at home also, picking up the third day one late afternoon when she gets home. Math is done daily, so it will need to be passed back and forth.

So, all that to say, Wed are lighter and can easily be worked into Tuesday's work load, as far as the ECC specific things go. Then you'll see that Thur are a full load of work, but Fridays are light again. Usually Fridays have no geography or science readings at all. It a vocabulary, letter writing, and cooking day :) It would be a simple thing to swap the Friday cooking part with the Thursday readings. Have M cook with her mom!

Music is scheduled twice and Art is once a week. You and M's mom can figure out a plan for that. Read alouds are the last thing on the grid. You'll have to decide how to handle that too. We have always done our read alouds in the evening before bed. So my extra student wasn't a part of that last year. They read their own stories at home, not tied to history. But that will be another decision to think through.

Once my friend and I worked through the details of each subject, the year ran really smoothly for us. She bought her ds a new backpack to carry things back and forth from "school" each day :) The geography binder went back and forth every day so mom could see what we worked on. He also carried his math book so mom could correct his daily work. He also had in his backpack a pencil box that had his own markers, pencils, scissors, and glue stick. I didn't require this but he just wanted his own stuff 8) I think it's great that you are willing to do this for your friend. It is a big commitment to take on, and I believe God will reward you kindly. You have a great year in store for you !!

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Re: ? about ECC scheduling

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Thanks for the suggestions! She will be with me M, T, & F. Friday morning will be with my homeschool group because her mom really wants her involved in a group to meet more friends outside of church. That means we'll need to do schoolwork afterwards if possible. I've looked through a friend's manual extensively, but haven't actually received mine yet. I don't know how much time I'll actually have to work on rewriting the schedule. I picked MFW not only because of the integrated Bible and chronological history but also for its ease of use. I'm a single parent and also teach art classes for other homeschoolers and work my church nursery so that I can continue to homeschool instead of getting a "regular" job and sending my kids to ps. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear more.

Dawn, it really helps to know that someone else has done this successfully with less than 5 days/week. I plan on using different writing and grammar programs, and both books should be easy to send home since they are scripted and don't take up much time at all. Math will be easy to just send home the required pages. I am nervous about this year, but I do think it is for the best. I should be getting my materials in next week and can't wait to actually have them in hand!
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