Choosing - CTG or American History?

Including using "English From The Roots Up," "God & the History of Art," & Composer Studies
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Choosing - CTG or American History?

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I have thoroughly enjoyed using ECC this year and will be finishing up in a few months. I had planned to continue with CTG but am concerned about a few things. My children will be 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades next year. I've read that it's best to teach US History to lower elementary so they know their own history first. Also that there are few books on this level for ancient history.

I would love to hear your opinions on this. My kids have learned so much and would hope they would learn just as well with CTG. I'm just feeling insecure but would love to continue on with MFW. Thanks for any advice!

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My 2nd and 3rd graders have thoroughly enjoyed CTG this year. In my opinion there have been plenty of books for them. They enjoyed many non-fiction books on Ancient Egypt and Greece. They also have loved the Bible stories straight from the Bible and\or narrated and discussed by me.

Some of the read alouds we've done in addition to the Patricia St John books (which they liked also) include Theseus and the Minotaur, The Trojan Horse, Children's Homer, and Black Ships before Troy. For Egypt we did The Golden Goblet.

CTG is set up like ECC with a few more things added. They have vocabulary with Greek roots, Classical Music to listen to and God and the History of Art. They will be making a history notebook and timeline.

I think it's fine to wait on American History. They pick up a little just because they live here, during holidays etc. You could read some biographies of famous americans in the summer. I think it's more important to go chronologically and see how America fits into the context of all of history.

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I think many of us had the same worries, about the prevelence of American History in elementary school. But as my dh pointed out to a nervous *me* last year -- they will be spending TWO YEARS on American history with MFW soon enough -- isn't that plenty?!

And actually, CTG is also about *us* -- it's the history of God caring about *us* -- more than a study of old guys :o) Lori mentioned many of the good books. Plus, honestly, my 4th grade ds loves reading the *Bible* history even more than Egypt & Greece & such. He's been crazy about making his own tabernacle, reenacting the 10 plagues, drawing his own Biblelands map, and reading how dinosaurs fit into the Bible. Favorite science experiments were about the pyramids (and almost everyone in the Bible ends up in Egypt -- Abraham, Jacob, Moses, even Jesus). And ECC laid such a good foundation in praying for the world that it is now helpful to see how the world has ended up like it is.

Best wishes in your decisions!
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Questions about CTG

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Thanks so much for your replies. I have decided I will stick with MFW and start CTG for our new school year. We've had such a great year and it only makes sense to continue. I just needed a little encouragement-THANKS!

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konagirl wrote:I was all set to order Creation to the Greeks for my next year 4th and 3rd graders and do the 1st grade program with my 6 yr old. However, I just found out that my oldest really wants to study America; also none of my kids have much knowledge of American history at all. The idea of studying the U.S. more in depth after studying the rest of the world interests them.
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I think the idea to read some good read alouds and get special holiday books is a good idea. Something we did when our kids where that age is to find the book on tape at the library and this would be a bed time treat or something to do in the car. My kids loved this.

A really good series from Adventures in Odyssey is Star Spangled Stories. These are dramatized and wonderful stories of American history. Several brought tears to my eyes. It covers from Columbus to WWII if I remember correctly. I think it is 6 or 8 tapes worth of stories. My kids loved these and would ask to hear them over and over again.

I agree with the others that going on to CTG is the best choice for your whole family. In a couple of years you will all be doing American (with world history) so reading or listening to a few stories now will give them some reference when they get there.

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