Teaching - What if I like to plan myself?

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Teaching - What if I like to plan myself?

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KellyP wrote:My question is both a pro and a con for MFW for me....I actually ENJOY the planning process. I LOVE pouring over book lists and finding great ideas for projects and so on. Before kids I wrote and gave presentations, I truly enjoy the prep process as I find it fun and creative. I love that I can choose this book or that - the flip side is it takes an inordinate amount of time (and with me, I'm awful as I look at every angle) that I could be spending having fun with my kids. SO, what i am wondering is....is there any planning involved with MFW - where I can scratch that itch, but not where I am spending hours prepping/mulling/planning etc. I admit, the curriculum I'm using for my son is preplanned and its nice just tweaking it, but I'm wondering if I'd get "itchy" part way through (i've only used his for about 6 weeks). Yes, I am in prayer about this....
Kelly, You mentioned the planning itch. :) What I've found this year with the K program is that there are plenty of ways that I can do that by adapting some of the projects, adding additional activities to the lesson themes, etc. It's well planned enough that I don't have to add anything . . . . but when I get that itch, it's not so jam packed that there's not enough room to do that. :)

Hopefully some of the others who have used ADV & ECC can tell whether that's the case in the older levels as well.

Re: Decisions, decisions

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When you do ECC you can scratch the itch with the Global Arts book and do some little planning there and prep stuff.

No matter what program you are in, I'd encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum for that specific year to scratch the itch if needed. :)

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Re: Decisions, decisions

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ECC is full enough on it's own if you don't want to add but as Crystal mentioned, the art projects require some planning. I got the itch a bit this year myself and added lapbooks. We do one about every 2 weeks. It seems to scratch that itch for me. Yes, there can be room for planning. And, as Crystal also mentioned, the ideas forums are great. HTH
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Re: Decisions, decisions

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I had to LOL. It sounded so much like me!

I am one of those on here who does tweak MFW. I think though it is more my teacher side, love to pour over book lists, 8 years of teaching piano, etc. coming out. You don't 'need' to tweak MFW. There is plenty here without doing it. I too though have fun adding in, and tweaking it here and there to fit what I see as my children's current needs. Completely unnecessary, and for me something I enjoy doing. So I do find room in the MFW curriculum to do so. I am stretching out ADV though as a result. This too though is a choice, it doesn't need to be.
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Re: Decisions, decisions

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Just wanted to add that there are 2 optional weeks in ECC for you to completely plan a unit study on your own for a country of your choice that is not covered in the curriculum. (scratch, scratch . . .) Plus, you are getting 2 weeks of the U.S. in ECC that you could use to tweak and stretch out a bit to fill in those American History gaps you mentioned. Ideas abound! :-)
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