Siblings - Using MFW-1 with twins or close siblings

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Siblings - Using MFW-1 with twins or close siblings

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Omma wrote:We've just started MFW 1 and my dc want to do it FIRST in the morning... they both LOVE it!

I am using it with my ds who will be 7 in March AND my dd who just turned 5 in Nov. My ds cried this a.m. when his sister wanted to read something out of HIS NIrV Bible (she doesn't have one yet). He is nervous that she is catching up to him in school (actually she needs quite a bit of help reading out of the NIrV, but she likes to try a verse or two; while he can read a whole chapter with minimal help). When we do the dictation, I encourage him to try and fully write out the whole word whenever he can (while his sister just writes out the first letter.... except she will sometimes write out the whole word as well).

Anyway, my ds is definitely further along in his reading skills.... he just thinks his sister is catching up to him and he is nervous. Hopefully I can still continue with using MFW 1 with both of them at the same time. Any advice??? My hope is that I can use MFW 1 with both dc, but just requiring more from my ds as we do it (such as trying to spell out more words from memory, etc.)

Thanks for any ideas/tips, and we really are enjoying our start-up of MFW 1!!!
Hi Brenda,
My two are 6 and 7, boy and girl, and we are using MFW 1st.
I have just started doing some things that make them more separate as I was seeing my ds working so hard to keep up with my dd and when there was something he couldn't do he would be very frustrated.

We still do the book together and all the reading time together but they read out of two different for fun reading books. Their LA will be different next week and today we are doing some math that they will be individual.

I wanted to try to keep them together as much as possible and they are very close in so many areas but for their image of each other I have seen that it is not the best choice for them.

I guess I would probly have your youngest read out of the Bible reader that came with MFW 1st. It is much easier and it would then separate them in this area.
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The advice that David gave me when I called him about using it with my 8.5yr old and 6yr old was, do not have the older one use MFW1st along with the younger one who is also using MFW1. He said to start my older one first and after 11 lessons or so start the younger one.
Another option would be to separate them. Maybe you can teach one and then then other.
I know it would take longer, but you don't want your older one to feel like he has to rush plus you want to keep his confidence up =)

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I liked the idea of having my dd use the Bible Reader, but she wants to do chapter and verse just like her older brother. She is really not able to, though, at this point. She is plodding along with the Beginner's Bible with dad at night (once again because that is what her older brother just finished doing!).

I am glad we are doing MFW 1 right now, though. It's a great program, and it does seem to be appropriate for my dc at this time.

Homeschooling6: too bad I didn't ask this question BEFORE I had already started the program. I'll just have to be sure that my dc know that they are NOT in the same grade... no matter what material we are working on, my ds will always be one grade above his sister's, throughout our homeschooling years. I don't plan to have my dd "skip" a grade. She will just be an 'advanced K'er" this year (not a first grader just because she happens to be doing MFW 1 along with her brother).

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I think it is fine to use MfW1 with both kids. It sounds like your older has started it but that your younger is not yet using the phonics yet. I could not tell.

It is important to do their phonics and math lessons separately. MFW would suggest this even if you had twins. It is not only for keeping them from comparing themselves but also to tailor the lesson and problems for each child. When done together the weakness of one can be hidden in a lesson by the strengths of another. I am not sure this applies to you Brenda because I am not even sure you have both doing MfW1 phonics together yet. I hope this has not confused and if it has either ignore it or ask again:).

Also as Linda has said MFW would have you start the older before the younger, but if you have already started just be sure to keep the lessons separate and if you can at some time slow your dd down a bit or if your son is ready to cover more than one day then you could take that opportunity to create some distance between them.

I think it is very normal that the younger wants to do what the older does. Let your son know that his sister just looks up to him and wants to be just like him.

I am glad you and your kids are enjoying MFW.

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Thank you, Lucy, for your response. Yes, I am doing phonics and math with both dc. I let them pick different pages for math, but I have been trying to do phonics with both of them at the same time (just requiring more from my ds). I think you are right. I should probably do the phonics with each of them separately.

Oh, BTW, I am realizing the beauty of MFW the more I use it! With another curriculum, there wasn't very much for my dc to actually DO in order to reinforce what they are learning. But with MFW, they actually had to write out the four seasons today and draw a little picture to go with each. Why didn't I think of something so simple, and yet effective, in order to teach seasons??? This is just an example. Thanks, MFW! I do like the way we made a Jewish calendar with months of the year, discussing seasons, and then quick APPLICATIONS for the dc. This is great stuff!

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Ordering supplies

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TriciaMR wrote:Okay, I'll be doing MFW 1st grade program with twin boys this next year (fall). I'm going to get the deluxe, an extra student pack, and an extra Complete Book of Math. Do I need 2 pattern block books and 2 sets of pattern blocks, or can we get by with one set?
I did MFW 1 with twins and it was great. No, you don't need two sets of the pattern blocks. As a matter of fact, it's a good thing so that one can do pattern blocks (or some other independent activity) while you work with the other. With twins, at that age, it's really important to practice reading separately so if you can have an "independent station" set-up it's very helpful.

I don't think you even need the Complete Book of Math. I did just the MFW math with my twins and they tested out into Singapore 2A at the end of their 1st grade year. The MFW math is fun and it has some great activities that are perfect for twins because they can do them together. I threw out the extra math I had bought about 2 months into their 1st grade year.

Twins are fun to teach together but just make sure you are careful to meet each one at their level and needs. It can be really easy to lump them together and that can be a problem sometimes.

Have fun!
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Re: Ordering supplies

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Thanks for the tips. We are doing a different K program this year. I always have them reading to me separately. A lot of the "teaching" I tend to do together, but if I feel like one needs more help with something, I'll work with him by himself. It's a challenge though. I need to remember to set up activity stations for them to do while I'm teaching my oldest to help keep it just a little quieter for her. I have all the pre-K toys, and those would be perfect to reinforce K skills. (I already had the K curriculum that I used with my oldest, and I had all the workbooks, flashcards, etc, so dh wanted me to use that). I could use the puzzle letters for alphabetical order, the pegs for counting and other math, the cuisinare rods and alphabet book for just "fun," etc.

Hmmm. Now to find the time to plan it all.

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Just not sure thread. . . related question

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AnnieMarie wrote:Ok, I have a ? about this topic. I have a 4 yr old dd who was a tag along k last year, almost done with K by herself this year and doing great. However, I have a 6 yr old dd who is in the later days of 1st and a 11 yr old in Exp to 1850. She already listens in on everything that big sisters do. How hard would it be to be have 2 kids in 1st at different points of the year? Or should I just work with phonics with her until next year?
I think I would just work on phonics until next year since we are at the tail end of the school year. Let your youngest sit in on the Bible and activities with the 1st grader and then next year do the first grade program using it as a "Language arts and Math" and let them sit in with the older two for everything else using the 2nd/3rd grade supplement to 1850 -MOD with the youngest two. Does that make sense?
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