EFRU - Success with younger siblings?

Including using "English From The Roots Up," "God & the History of Art," & Composer Studies
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EFRU - Success with younger siblings?

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Tina wrote:I am wondering who out there has had success with English from the Roots up with a 2nd or 3rd grader. My ds is a young 2nd grade student. I don't want to overwhelm him. Any thoughts and did you have success using this with a 2nd-3rd grader?

(I will still buy the deluxe package because my dd will use this, however, I just wanted your opinion of how your younger students may have done with English from the Roots up)
My second grader (was 7 through most of the school year) does a great job with the Greek root words. I ask them about the definitions often and she almost always knows them. About the only thing that frustrates her is that it takes her longer than her brothers to write all the info on the cards. But she's a little competitive. ;-)
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I did mostly flashcard style with this book instead of all the suggestions to use it. One side had the Greek word, the other side was the definition and a few of the words listed in the EFTRU book. I took a very casual approach to using it with my oldest (3rd grade Greek, 4th grade Latin). I guessed it was more about learning to see the root in the English word to help decode meaning. Very relaxed, easy to do. And child #2 joined in on some of the words (she was in 1st grade this year and is one of my language delayed girls.)

I followed the suggestion in the EFTRU book to have the teacher write front of the cards. And I made two sets so that we could see each side throughout the day. I taped it on the wall above the main white board. Took it down on "test" day and put new one up next week.

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The author of EFRU actually designed the program for her class of 2nd graders. She describes a day in her classroom & the kids sound like they were just as adept as Jill's daughter is. Sometimes things like looking up words in the dictionary are even more fun for the younger ones, who aren't as jaded yet. And once you get about 17 words down, Marie has included some games in the CTG guide that make review fun.

Like Crystal mentioned, the author wrote on the fronts of the cards so they all "looked equally nice." On the backs, I just have my 4th grader write 2-4 words/definitions, rather than all of the examples. I choose the most "commonly known" words. Even one word would give the idea.

I have to share a cute story. This week we learned "para" and my ds had such fun with his little joke -- on the back of his card, after parable and parachute and paraclete, he wrote:
"pairashoes - what Allie buys" (Allie is big sister LOL)
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Thanks for that, Julie.
Reid is quick and witty!
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Hi Tina,

We are using CtG next year (for 4th grade), and EFTRU also--and I just ordered the word cards. I think they will be worth it so Mom doesn't have to copy all that information. AND, I think they will be handy for the games Marie has in the Teacher's Manual for review.

Hope this helps!!
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The TM only has you working with one word a week so it is not overwhelming. Marie also gives some different directions in the TM than the book for the cards and as Julie said the idea is not that they learn all the words in the book but that they just learn a word or 2 to help remember the greek word or prefix so that later they can use that knowlegde to help them understand a new word. I think it is very doable. I only had my 3rd grader write one word on the back of his card. They do other things each day with the words so you do not want them to have too many to have to work with.

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Re: CTG: English FTRU - second grader?

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HeyChelle wrote:So my second grade boy is tripping up on the vocabulary. He has been ok with the amount of writing, but this assignment tips the scale. He is reading and writing, but still has to work at it. He is not reading smoothly, yet, but is improving now that we changed his glasses.

Today we started big Sis on vocabulary and then brother and I did phonics review and read sections of his Bible reader from first grade. I think it makes sense to continue this plan, especially since he will repeat CTG in seventh grade.

Anyone have reasons for me to reconsider?
This sounds almost exactly like my son last year in his second grade year. I had the same thought as you, "He will get this again when it comes back around later in the cycle."

I think it is a great idea to solidify those phonics rules with a review of some 1st grade material. I did some review lessons with ds, too. This year he is really reading more fluently and helping me to see that it was okay to take it a little slower and make sure he was really "getting it" last year.

Tabatha :)
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Re: CTG: English FTRU - second grader?

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I think it is wise to drop the vocab for your son, especially if it is a challenge for him right now. I had already decided ahead of time that I won't require my second grader to do EFRU this year as we do RtR. I keep in mind my eldest dd's second grade year, which was Adventures, and I try to have similar expectations for my second dd at this age. I am already adding more subjects and more work this year for my 2nd grader by adding spelling and asking her to sit in on more of our main program than I did when she was in 1st grade, so I didn't want the vocab to push her over the edge. :-) As you've both already mentioned, I considered that my dd will do EFRU when we do RtR again in 5 years, so I don't worry about her missing it this year. You're in tune to your son's needs. Good decision to skip it for now!
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