Books - Ancient World

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Books - Ancient World

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lisaha wrote:What is the Internet linked CTG Ancient World book like? Is there anything in it that would go against the Biblical belief of creation? I do love the pictures in Usborne books, and my children love them and often take them to their rooms to reread them, so I just want to double check on it! ;)
Okay, it's been a little while since I've used this book (about a year - plenty of time for me to forget!!!:). I believe it does start from an old earth perspective (which MFW skips), so yes, that might be a consideration.

We loved the books though and my dd was a bit older when we used it (around 9-10) and understood the different views that people have on old/young earth and evolution/creation etc, so it wasn't a problem for us.
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Re: CTG Ancient World

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Usborne has a book that goes "before" Ancient World (it's called Prehistoric World), so Ancient World picks up with "history." Therefore, there won't be a huge section on their interpretation of pre-history. However, when we did CTG, there was a sentence or two here & there that reflected their ideas. There were warnings in the CTG manual in case we wanted to adjust. I just picked my CTG manual up and Ancient World is first used on the last day of week 3, and the CTG manual says, "In today's reading, we suggest that you substitute "After the flood, people settled in the wide valley..." for the first sentence."

If this is still a concern, I might suggest a few options:

(1) You not put the book on the shelf for free reading until after you have read it as a family this year. That will also keep it fresh each time you read it aloud, anyways.
(2) Or, wait until week 3-4 when you actually start using it, to put it on the shelf. By then, the foundation of studying creation will have been done from weeks 1-3.
(3) Another idea would be to go thru the book yourself and pre-read. This won't take much time, as it's a quick read and the changes will be few.
(4) Or, go thru the CTG manual and make the suggested changes using a marker and pen. You will just need to look at the grids for weeks 3 to 34, for places that it says "Ancient World-see notes." So this would just be skimming one row (history) on 31 pages.

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Re: CTG Ancient World

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Thank you! These are good suggestions! :) I do like the idea of having the picture book-especially with my so many boys who are visual! I'm grateful that there are notes and wonderful suggestions to help make a secular book work for a Biblical perspective.
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Ancient World

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When we hit questionable "times" (heh heh) in a book, I just lean back and let her go --- "Oh really? Well, wouldn't it have been difficult for people to visit North America 15,000 years ago when it didn't even EXIST yet?!" We need to work on debating while still being respectful . . .

Either my dd or I sharpie out the incorrect info and she usually scratches in some appropriate rewording. I think it's a great way to show her that the Bible is the only book without errors. As far as handing off Ancient World for her to take and read on her own, I wouldn't do that - not at 9yo. If she wants to look at a particular page to copy a picture or something, that's fine, but I don't see it as independent reading.
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