ADV Weeks 10-11

If you are using Adventures in U.S. History, please share your ideas with us.
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Re: Johnny Cakes and Milk

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KimberlyND wrote:Isn't Advs fun? We just loved it. I was sort of disappointed to start ECC as I thought it couldn't be as enjoyable as Advs was! But you know what? It is!! We are having a great year so far.
I'm glad to hear you are enjoying ECC as much as ADV. I was starting to feel the same way. I was feeling unsure that ADV could be topped. ADV is actually what drew me to MFW in the first place. Now I think I'll feel a little better when it's time to move on.
Cyndi (WA) wrote:We love checking out the American Girl cookbooks and having fun with them, too -- sounds like your dc might enjoy that, too - just a suggestion.
Thanks for the suggestion. We actually requested the American Girl cookbook and craft book from the library but never got around to having time to try anything. They did look great, though. We may try again in the summer.

We also watched Felicity - An American Girl dvd and I think it helped my dc to have a better understanding of the times. I personally enjoyed the behind the scenes extra on the dvd we had borrowed from the library. The actress and her best friend in the movie go around Williamsburg and talk about some of the history. It was really neat.

Some of the books we've read and movies we've watched have included the girls learning to stitch and sew. My 5 y.o. dd really wants to learn to sew but I don't even know how to sew beyond sewing a (sloppy) button or doing very light mending. I'm going to have to find an easy sew book or something and do a special project with her.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and to MFW for being available. So far hs-ing has gone much better than I anticipated Some may already know but I hs-ed my ds in K with another program and we both hated it. I sent him to ps for 2 years and now we are back to hs-ing and he says he never wants to go back to ps. He is a challenge to teach but his enjoyment of the program is well worth the effort to hs (most days ;) )

The program is also helping our family to become more of an outreach. My dh has been taking my dc to the convalescent hospital once or twice a month and we are going to be purchasing baby items and giving them to our local pregnancy resource center. (We know some of the people involved with this Christian based group.)

I don't know why I got into all of that but there it is. Anyway, thanks for listening. Er, reading. ;)
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ADV Bible Study "Rain"

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It's in Week 11, Day 3 (Wednesday). We are to take a walk outside and talk about how the rain shows us that God takes care of us. And how sunny days every day would be a problem. (No rain for grass, flowers, trees, etc.)

It wasn't even cool here in CA at the time of the lesson but today it is raining.

Well, we did the "rain walk" and the kids loved it. They put on their rain coats and waterproof boots and I even let them walk in the puddles. (Something I don't normally let them do but hey, it made school a little more cool. Right?)

They came up with lots of ways the rain could be used. In addition to watering the plants and giving the animals a drink the rain was also washing the cars, tires, roofs, etc.

With the holidays and an upcoming surgery for my dh I've been a little uptight so I'm really glad we did it. It was fun.

I also asked my dc if they remembered the memory verse from John 7:37. My 5 yo dd immediately rattled it off ..."If anyone is thirsty, (my ds chimed in at this point and they both finished) let him come to me and drink."

(We are currently in week 15)

I'm glad we revisited this activity. Just thought I'd share in case anyone was interested in how it all turned out.
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Re: ADV Weeks 10-11

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My girls and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adventures. We are having so much fun that I post a weekly wrap-up of our Adventure experiences on my blog - here's our week 10: ... ek-10.html

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Substitute for Johnny Cakes and Apple butter

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Unfortunately, one of my sons is allergic to corn and apples--so Johnny Cakes are out (we are going to try Hasty Pudding with Bob's Red Mill Creamy Rice cereal). I wanted to try some other kind of cooking project that would reflect the time period. I came across something delightful! If you click on and scroll down a bit to the heading North Carolina, you will see a section titled "Breakfast with the President" (George Washington). When you click on that, you get a true story of George Washington showing up at the home of Colonel John Allen at Cat Tail Plantation on April 20, 1791. The story is short and entertaining...George Washington's party wrongly assumed the Allen home was a public house that served breakfast, while the home was really a private residence. Mrs. Allen, Colonel Allen's wife, neighbors and servants rushed to prepare something special for their distinguished guest. An hour later, they had a huge buffet of foods (ham, sausage, venison, fried potatoes, eggs, fresh bread etc.) and all President Washington wanted was one boiled egg and coffee. ;) I will read the story to my sons and have them help me make a mini-buffet of fried potatoes, pork (bacon), eggs, gluten free toast (wheat allergies too) and jam. It's not Johnny Cakes, but it will be a fun project!
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Re: ADV Weeks 10-11

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I had my son read "Journey Cake, Ho!" by Ruth Sawyer before we made our Johnny Cakes. It is such a sweet and fun story and tells how the Johnny Cake gets its' name. The language is so typical of the time and setting...and makes it so fun to read. If you can get a copy of it, it really added to our fun today! I would HIGHLY recommend it!
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Dairy Free Hasty Pudding?

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TriciaMR wrote:Anyone made Hasty Pudding with Rice Milk? (We have a DF margarine that will probably work fine.) I'm just worried about the consistency/thickness. DD doesn't do well with soy milk either. I could pick up some coconut milk or almond milk if someone thinks that might work better?


I saw your post as I was heading out and planning a quick trip to grocery for week 22 with quiche recipe...
so I picked up some Rice and almond milk. but not coconut milk.. I have my limits...

anyway, so.. the quiche is in the oven, and little gal was hogging the stove making pancakes. But I found an empty eye and made some hasty pudding with the rice milk.

Rice milk works. the consistency is fine. butter/margarine is switchable. I'm eating mine without either right now. I should put a pinch of salt in it though.... yep. needed more salt as I didn't put any in it. I typically make it as 1 cup of milk to 1/4 cup of corn meal. bring milk to near boil (remember to stir the milk so it doesn't burn).... pour in corn meal... stir... thickness right up.

almond milk on stove.
meal added.
cue the song Yankee Doodle cuz it's thick as hasty pudding...
but the rice one tastes better.... almond isn't bad though...
TriciaMR wrote:Crystal, You didn't have to go through all that trouble! I hate trying something and have it not turn out because it didnt' thicken or thin because of our dairy substitutes. We use rice milk, so I'll just make it that way. Reading the directions, I was thinking, "Hey, I have instant grits (grits are just 'specially processed white corn') - should be about the same thing..." But, of course, Toni will want to try the "real thing."
Elvis ate grits. :)

PS, it was no trouble at all. I was on the way to the store already. And yesterday I was thinking of getting rice milk or almond milk to drink after my workout. So... it's all good.

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Re: Dairy Free Hasty Pudding?

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Hey, I'm a native southerner - I can say "Ya'll" with the best of them. Grits are my breakfast when camping... Need something to warm you up in the morning when it's below 45.

Thanks so much, Crystal!

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Re: Dairy Free Hasty Pudding?

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I'm so glad I read this thread. I needed the laugh!

When we did ADV and made hasty pudding, dd was still off dairy, so we used Rice Milk and Nucoa. Everybody in the family loved it. I made it again later with butter and cow's milk. bleh. not as good.

Almond Milk just sounds too nutty to me. (I had to say it.)

We use a lot of almond milk, but not in cooking or baking. I stick with rice or coconut for that. Try Almond Milk with dutch processed cocoa and sweeten with Stevia for hot chocolate. Now, that's good!
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Re: Dairy Free Hasty Pudding?

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oh... almond milk and chocolate hershey's syrup.

YES!!!! we have a hands on activity for our PA state sheet. oh yeah... (oh wait... it's ok to do that a week late, right?) ;) ;)

did you say it was too nutty? sometimes you feel like nut
sometimes you don't.....
I should go into hiding, right?

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Great colonial New England recipe for Adventures

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I found this recipe for Indian Pudding in a little book we picked up from Target's dollar bin. I chose to make this in lieu of the Johnny Cakes since I knew no one in our house would touch them :). From what I've read, it was a variation of the hasty pudding that the English were used to. It uses cornmeal since that was readily available. I was doubtful at first but the picture looked good (kind of like bread pudding). I only made half the recipe in case it was a dud, but it was really good. I made it exactly as shown, although we didn't have ice cream for the top :(. After looking online, I found the exact recipe. There are many others as well; some seemed to use much more molasses or maple syrup. The sweetness in this seemed just right. We even cooked it in a cast iron pot to be more authentic!
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