** Praise Reports about how God has used MFW-K in our family

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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** Praise Reports about how God has used MFW-K in our family

Unread post by Omma »

I just wanted to say how happy we are with MFW K! I have loved reflecting on how God made our world such a beautiful a place for us to live. I like delving into a particular theme and how science and the Bible are so well-integrated. God has used this program in our lives as a family and I want to thank the Hazells for all their labors in setting up MFW!

We were studying about the sun and light when I turned to our next reading in a book we have from the library, "The Children's Book of Faith" by William Bennett. The next 2 readings were, "A Light to Guide Us" and "The Boy Who Brought Light into a World of Darkness" (the story of Louis Braille). Wow - what a wonderful blending of ideas.

Also, we have used the "Space Science for Children" 5 video series that includes, "All about the Sun", "All about Planets", etc. Seeing how inhospitable the other planets are for sustaining life has helped me to appreciate how God created the earth. I really enjoy studying one theme each week related to, "My Father's World".

We had been going with a different curriculum, but my heart is so thankful that we have found MFW this year! I never expected that I, the teacher, would be impacted spiritually like I have been already (and we are only in the 3rd week!!)

Thanks again,
ds 5.5
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Donna T.

So glad to hear that!

Unread post by Donna T. »

Brenda, I'm glad you took the plunge after putting so much thought into it. I am also very happy that we decided on MFW. For some reason, I do still worry that it is not "enough". But, I think it is really an irrational worry. It's hard not to compare our family to others that I know where the children are working for hours a day and covering many more subjects than we are. I keep reminding myself that MFW is very age appropriate and that we have many more years ahead of us to cover it all! Also, my son is actually enjoying his school work! I have felt blessed, also. I know I am giving him the biblical foundation that he needs and deserves. I am very thankful for this curriculum and know that we are in God's will.
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dd prayed with me today!

Unread post by JoyfulDancer »

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 3:53 pm
I have to share once again about the blessings of this wonderful curriculum. I am using MFWK with my 5 & 7 yodds. We are on Water this week. This morning I read through the Bible verses and then we were talking about needing to fill our souls with Jesus just like needing to drink water when we are thirsty, and then what is the result of filling our souls with Jesus. My 5 yo said she wanted to make sure her soul was filled with Jesus and so, after asking a few "make sure" questions, we prayed together and she accepted Jesus into her heart. Yay! If I had emotecoms on here I'd have a jumping-up-and-down one! :)

Thanks for letting me share, and thank you, MFW!

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Unread post by michelle price »

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 7:15 pm

Praise the Lord! I am reminded often that we are not preparing our children for Harvard, but for Heaven. Blessings to you and your family as you nuture her walk and faith in Christ.
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MFW K is the reason I continue to homeschool

Unread post by 2lilreds »

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 5:20 pm
I have to add my 2 cents here - MFW K is the reason I continue to homeschool my children. When I started with my daughter last year, I tried a "classical" approach which included phonics, handwriting and a little math with a practice workbook. She HATED it, and I was convinced I was a failure and that she would have to go to school. Then, by a fluke, I came across the MFW website when searching for a bible curriculum. I am SO GLAD I ordered it! We loved it, and will be using it again this year with my little one, so using the K science with my 1st grader, and she will be doing the reat of the 1st grade program.

When we considered curriculum for this coming year, I went through every single option, trying to see if I could do better than MFW. The short answer is, I can't. This is an outstanding curriculum. I don't think you will regret it for one minute once you get started.
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Just had to share about MFW K

Unread post by Momto2 »

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 9:21 am
Today, my daughter and I finished day 6 of MFW K. She noticed that there was one more day of creation and groaned. I was surprised because I thought she was moaning because she didn't want to do it, but she said, "Awww, I was having so much fun and it's almost over".

This makes me feel so wonderful. I agonized about whether to do this program with her or not and now I know I made the right decision. She was so excited to hear that tomorrow is not "the end" and that we will be doing many more things with MFW.

My daughter will not be 5 until November, but I have an older child in first grade and I spend so much time working with him, I wanted something special to do with her. This has been perfect!

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Unread post by nehschooler2three »

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 2:05 pm

Today we just finished day 10 and my daughter too was sad that the creation unit was over! She is just loving mfw k and is learning sooo much! I can't wait to see how much we learn as we do our 6 day units! We're very excited for S-s-sun. have fun with mfw k!

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Unread post by Texas Gal »

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 9:48 pm

We started our Creation unit on a Monday, so Friday of that week was Day 5. At the breakfast table Saturday morning, my kids hollered, "Today is Day 6!" They were so disappointed when I told them that we weren't having school that day because it was Saturday!

We have all been loving MFW-K and have had so much fun while learning so much. This is definitely the right curriculum for us! Thanks, MFW!
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Enjoying MFWK

Unread post by NHMom »

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 3:32 pm
We're on lesson 12 of K. It has been such a wonderful year for us. My daughter is thriving and starting to read books (short vowels and sight words, but books none the less).

She LOVES to do school and is having a ball. I'm loving that it doesn't take a ton of time, but is really effective.

We're also doing Adventures with my older two, so she sits in on that a lot and does all the Bible, History and Science with them. We usually end up doing a light study on the K topic.

This has been our best year yet, and I'm so looking forward to 1st and ECC next year!

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006

We've just finished 'Octopus' in MFWK. My daughter has really come to love school. When we started in September, she would happily color while I worked with my son. She now says, "Mommy, when can I have another lesson?" Challenging for me, but good for her! She especially loves to select a number from the number cup & draw that number of something. It's so fun & interesting to see their favorites develop over the course of a year.

Have a great year in My Father's World!
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Now that I have my K manual -- I get it!

Unread post by mrs_mike98 »

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:45 pm
Now that I have my K teacher's manual in front of me and have been able to dive into it, read everything and figure it all out, I get it! I get why this curriculum is such a blessing to those using it, I get how even at at this young age there's encouragement for all to be witnesses for our Lord, I get how all ages can benefit! I know that we'll soon be reaping these blessings, and I'm so excited! I have found where my preschooler can join in, my K'er will flourish, and my almost 7 yr old will love it. In each and every lesson!! Its beautiful, and I completely understand the MFW love from its users now. I'm so thankful to have found this curriculum!

Just had to share my excitement with those who understand! :-)
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Unread post by familyof5 »

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:55 pm

I so understand now as well Erin. Just 30 minutes ago I finally broke open the box for MFWK and WOW!!! what a blessing. Just reading over the lessons I am overwhelmed by all of the amazing options, activities, service projects and everything and I especially pray that my busy little boys will be as blessed and excited about it as much as their mommy surely is. I certainly PRAISE MY DEAR LORD for Marie Hazell and her Godly wisdom.
Let's stay excited for the LORD,
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Unread post by hollybygolly »

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:39 am

We're starting the Nest Lesson today (Lesson #5) in MFW Kindergarten. I can't rave about this curriculum enough...I absolutely love it and my kiddos BEG for it. Almost every morning I'm greeted with "Good morning mom, is it time for school?" This at 6:30 am!!! I feel so blessed that the Lord lead us to this curriculum...it's just a perfect fit for our family.

As for my 3 year old, she does the 100 Chart and calendar with us, sings the Apple or ABC song and then she goes to work with her sticker work book which is her school (according to her) and she loves it. So, things are going well for us!! No complaints at all...I know eventually we'll hit a rough patch, but praising the Lord right now for a so-far awesome school year.

Have a blessed day loving our Savior-Holly
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New and a quick testimony

Unread post by ab.grace »

New here,

I just wanted to say how much I love this 'new' curriculum!! Last week while doing the Moon study, my dd (age 5) wanted to ask Jesus into her heart so that 'He could Light Her Up!' How exciting to be able to lead my little daughter to the Lord while teaching her school! What a blessing. Just wanted to share.

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How has MFWK helped in character training?

Unread post by far above rubies »

Bandy wrote:I'm just wanting to hear experiences about how MFWK has helped in training your child's heart toward obedience and reverence toward God. I'm especially interested in hearing how has the program been helpful in creating godly character. I know MFWK is a starting point in helping to create a relationship with Christ, I would be so thankful to hear how the program has helped your little one/s start to "look" toward God, especially related to character. Thank you for ANY thoughts!
The little phrases that go with each animal help some. My children have also enjoyed some of the little lessons that go with it, but it wasn't really until we got into the higher years--it builds. :)
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Re: How has MFWK helped in character training?

Unread post by Ruby »

i didn't start using mfw until my ds was ready for 1st grade so i can only tell you about those experiences. and they were awesome! he really gets it, the Bible, God, Jesus, that we need to pray for people who don't know Jesus. sunday school is one thing but i think when you are learning about God as part of your homeschool, it really puts discipleship on a whole new level. much of this was learned from mfw. i think this curriculum helps us moms teach that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are truly the most important things in our lives, that we are not just teaching our children reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, but that we are trying to disciple them to be like Jesus. isn't that the best way to help build their character?
soapbox moment over.

Re: How has MFWK helped in character training?

Unread post by cbollin »

looking back a few years.... I can see how the Bible memory words played a role in my autistic daughter's character. It gave her something special to say and repeat. Like many on the autism spectrum, she's really good at echolalia (repeating things out loud).... but to see how God let her have some meaning and purpose with repeating was really sweet to me...

I still remember the day when her older sisters and I were doing memory in ECC with "light of the world... city on a hill...".... and youngest ran to join us and brought her badge.... Jesus is Light of the world.

she felt part of what we were doing.... and could repeat things with meaning. if you aren't around autistics, it might not mean as much to you. but I can look back and know that was a turning point... from doing those badges, she show value in Bible memory work..... and she does a lot with memory work from veggie tales and looking up things..... definitely a key moment in it from those badges.

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Re: How has MFWK helped in character training?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Julie, married 29 yrs, finding our way without Shane
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Re: How has MFWK helped in character training?

Unread post by gratitude »

Ruby wrote: sunday school is one thing but i think when you are learning about God as part of your homeschool, it really puts discipleship on a whole new level. much of this was learned from mfw. i think this curriculum helps us moms teach that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are truly the most important things in our lives, that we are not just teaching our children reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, but that we are trying to disciple them to be like Jesus. isn't that the best way to help build their character?
I agree. !!

Specifically from MFWK would be the character badges. Since I was doing it with an active boy who wasn't much interested in badges he took great joy in putting his on our dining room wall. I still find myself saying those badges at needed moments and pointing to them. Then there are the moments when they will quote the badges and point to them. Time to persevere like the turtle did in his race with the hare or obey like the horse (I obey right away) or Jesus is the light of the world. MFWK is delightful, and by far my favorite part of the program was the character training built into it.

Character training is on-going in our home, but MFWK has certainly been a wonderful part of it. I am really looking forward to starting it again next fall.
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Re: How has MFWK helped in character training?

Unread post by Yodergoat »

Oh, it has been awesome! But I must preface it by saying the following, and I understand that this will not fit with everyone's theological beliefs... it will just give you a good idea of ours:

Now, our daughter knows the gospel forward and backward because she has sat under good biblical preaching and has heard my husband witnessing to others and has even watched training videos for a particular witnessing method. She could tell someone the gospel. And a few days ago when I asked her what was something we could thank God for that He has done for us, she answered, "He sent His only Son to earth to live a perfect life and then die on a cross as the only way to save us from our sins." Good answer. But that said, she hasn't taken the step to accept Christ for herself. She sees why others need Him, but hasn't applied it to her own life yet. I know that if we just ever-so-gently nudged, we could get her to make a "commitment" to Christ, because she knows that is what people should do. Easily! But I don't think at this point that it would come with the contrite and broken spirit necessary for true repentance... and thus it would not be genuine. She is a sweet child but is not very aware at this point of the severity of her own sinfulness. And I think she assumes she is already a Christian because our family is Christian. I believe that God is working on her heart, though, and we are not going to try to be the Holy Spirit for her and push her towards it. I've seen that happen with so many young children and then later they realize that they never made the choice themselves, but were just asked to repeat a prayer and they did it because they knew it was what would please their parents/Sunday School teacher/church leader and it causes great turmoil and confusion for them in later years. I have seen, while working in various children's ministries, so many children make a "profession of faith" when asked to, but have seen absolutely no heart change in the child. We once left a church which presented a very solid gospel to adults but which simply asked children, "Who wants to go to heaven? Pray this prayer along with me and your life will be great and Jesus will be your forever friend!" ;( That may get lots of raised hands and prayers and baptisms, but it is NOT the gospel in the Bible. But then, I have also seen the opposite... I've seen children who hear the Word and the Holy Spirit convicts them and they come broken before the Lord... and are grateful for their salvation and then show the fruit of God's Spirit working within them. So I fully believe that even young children can be truly saved.

Having had these experiences, I am wary of just flat-out asking Gail, "So, are you going to put your faith in Jesus to save you or not?" because I know she would say yes, and then have assurance in a possibly false experience. Whereas I can see God working on her in so many little ways every day, ways that I pray and believe will come together in time to create in her a desire not to please me or her Daddy, but a desire to become acceptable and pure before a holy and righteous God. Right now, she loves God but does not fear God in that biblical way which brings one to salvation. But I believe that day is coming rather soon. I feel that we must just continue to be faithful to present the gospel and talk about why we need Christ... so that when that day comes she will know what she must do. And as for now, I believe with all my heart that little children are under God's grace and will go to heaven if they die as a child. I know that our God is a just and good God, and that He will do the right thing should tragedy befall in these tender years.

Okay, so, that's aside! Phew! So what we are doing right now as a way to prepare her heart is to teach her about God. His power, His righteousness, His holiness, His perfection, His love and His justice. Because I think when she grasps those things, she will realize fully why even she, a relatively "good" girl, needs a savior... and that Jesus is needed to cover her sins also and not just those of the "oviously sinful" like my carousing drunken cousin living next door or the one who steals or kills or bows down before an idol in India.

MFW K is helping to do that. Hearing every single day about our amazing creator God during school is helping her learn Who this God of the Bible is. The character lessons and Words to Remember themselves certainly help with everyday obedience... as in, "Are you going to obey me right away?" and "I know it is hard, but you don't quit, you persevere!" That of course is very nice. ;)

But something about the way the lessons are building on each other makes me think that these were deliberately chosen to give children the full picture of God.

The "rebellious leaf" from the L-l-leaf lesson early on is a great example. That really stuck with her, even though she knew from the moment we plucked the leaf that it would die apart from the plant. Now, she doesn't yet see herself as the rebellious leaf, even when I told her that anyone can go against what God wants. But it caused her to pray earnestly for my husband's brother, a devout atheist who rails against Christianity (he was one of those kids who "came forward" because he knew his parents wanted him to do it and made a false profession, then wondered later why God allows suffering and such and turned against God). Gail prayed so hard for him because when she looked at the withered rebellious leaf, she saw her Uncle David. But she didn't see herself in it.... yet. But that lesson has come up again and again in conversation. My husband might be recounting a witnessing encounter with a stranger and she will shake her head sadly and say, "Doesn't that man know he will die apart from God?" Every bit of my flesh wants to ask her, "Don't you know that you will, too?" but the Holy Spirit has urged me to wait... let her see it for herself... she will see it one day and when she does she will reach out for it with all her being instead of half-heartedly trying to please you.

I really like that the curriculum reinforces the things she hears at church, and that the church reinforces things she learned during school. We have decided to bring her out of children's church (for ages 4-7 at our church) for various reasons and have her sit with me in the service (my husband is in choir so doesn't sit with us in the morning, just for evening service). She fidgets a bit but listens, and when the pastor or a song during worship touches on a subject we covered, she lights up and looks at me with wide incredulous eyes and whispers (loudly!), "We just learned that in school!" or "He is talking about remembering what God has done for us, just like in Elephant!" or "That song was talking about how the whole earth praises God, just like the octopus!" or "Pastor said people will die apart from God, just like the leaf." You get the idea! And it is amazing how many times the same scripture has been used as we used in school that week... we call these God-cidences because we know they are not by random chance. I am so thankful for dedicated children's church workers and the role they play (I used to lead it as well), but I think there is great value in her hearing the things she has learned reinforced by our pastor or in worship and letting her hear it and recognize the connections herself. Those lightbulb moments are precious to me and worth all of the admonitions every week of "just sit still" and "stop thumping the pew" and "don't stare at that lady behind us" and "please don't pick your nose and wipe it on me!" :~

A few days ago, when we ordered the First Grade package, my husband asked Gail about how she liked K. She answered, "It is really fun and I have learned so much! I know how to read now, even though it was hard at first. And I like learning about animals and the world. But there is also so much God stuff in there, Daddy. Did you know how much God stuff there is? Every day we learn more about God. That has been the best thing." :-)

So that is how MFW K is affecting us. It is giving her a great picture of God and his sovereignty, plus some great examples of wisdom and obedience. It is an amazing foundation for both character/behavior and a foundation of what it will mean to fully trust in a holy God. I could think of so many other little ways, but feel I have written enough! I am so excited to start First with its trip straight through the Bible.
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Re: How has MFWK helped in character training?

Unread post by Bandy »

Ladies, thank you very much for taking the time out to share your wonderful experiences.
It seems that every post written really spoke to me as I was looking for a little encouragement and direction as far as character training.
Julie, thank you for the links, I enjoyed very much reading through them.
Shawna, I appreciated you sharing so fully, I loved hearing about the many God-cidences you have been blessed with!
Again, thanks very much to all of you for sharing, it is obvious how MFW has been a special part of the journey for all of you.
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Re: How has MFWK helped in character training?

Unread post by asheslawson »

Absolutely! My daughter really enjoyed MFWK and got so much out of it. One of the lessons that really impacted her the most was removing a healthy leaf from a healthy plant and watching how quickly it withered when separated from the plant. I even caught her witnessing to a girl we met whose family is agnostic. She still prays for that little girl. I could probably recall many stories - but the short answer is yes - I can say that biblical character and values are some of the greatest 'bonus' lessons my children have learned from using MFW.
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