1st, K, Preschool - Help choosing priorities in CTG

Including using "English From The Roots Up," "God & the History of Art," & Composer Studies
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1st, K, Preschool - Help choosing priorities in CTG

Unread post by Lucy »

sheilanne wrote:I have some priority questions. I am in my fourth year using MFW. I started with MFWK then MFW1 with my two oldest. We did everything, every library book, every experiment, stuff I added to expand when I wanted to, extra art projects, etc. It was wonderful. Then I did ADV and was able to go more "by the book" since it was more appropriate for my older daughter. This year, I am doing MFWK with #3 dc and ECC with #1 and #2. However, also this year we joined a co-op that meets from 9-4:30 every Mon. The co-op offers classes that meet the NYS requirement. Health, art, science, writing, music and Spanish are all covered through the co-op with homework. It's been wonderful, but it's been tough trying to figure out exactly what to make my top priorities in ECC and MFWK. We've been through some trial and error.

My questions are related to next year. I plan to do CTG and MFW1 and then some pre-K/K4 stuff. I'm going to need to do some prioritizing again. What do you feel are the most important parts of CTG, the parts that shouldn't be missed? And what parts can be minimized or eliminated entirely without tremendous detriment to the program? I love everything about MFW so eliminating anything feels like cutting off a finger, but we can only do so much.
Hi Sheila,

This is a hard and tricky question because I think that some families would chose different things but I am going to give you my thoughts and I am sure others will have some too.

Bible-yes, very connected to this years study of history

Vocabulary(English From the Roots Up)-this does not take much time each day and is very valuable in building reading skills.


Science-could let this go if you are doing it somewhere else. This year is very experiment-based and only uses library books to go deeper with. So you could choose to do only the experiments with the information given in the book and not try to go much deeper with the books.

God and the History of Art-very good and connects to art of the time period but may need to let this one go.

Music-famous artists, but not connected to history

Read Alouds-These are excellent books although they are not connected to the study of history in this year. I would try to read them if at all possible.

I hope this helps you a bit as look ahead to next year.

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Unread post by kellybell »

Lucy really hit the nail on the head, and I probably would've written the same recommendations if I got to it first.

Yes, art, Bible, and history all fit together and they all just belong in CTG.

The main science text has a variety of different (and usually fun and easy) experiments and activities that simply point to God's creation and creativity. My kids enjoyed the book a lot. It's fine for both a science-loving mom or a science-phobic mom, since the activities are easy to do and use relatively easy to get ingredients (I remember one or two weird items).

The read-alouds are great, but you could also save those for the summer, etc. Also, consider using "books on tape" (or on CD) for some of the read-alouds. Check the library and see if any of the recommended books are available on tape/CD. Then, whenever you are driving in the car to your other classes (or church, or running errands) play a little more of the tape or CD. We do this a lot.

You could also rearrange your schedule and move Bible to nightly devotions after dad gets home from work.

Remember that CTG also has the lighter Fridays. Use this to your advantage!

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Unread post by LSH in MS »

The O.T. feasts are worth doing, one of my favorite parts of CTG. Even if they are simply done, they make history come alive.

I agree with the others regarding the other subjects.

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Unread post by Julie in MN »

I am agreeing with everyone, as well.

I would add:

* If you already have a science program, then the main science book could be just an optional extra. I really valued the smaller science books -- dinosaurs, Archimedes, & pyramid science.

* The Patricia St. John read-alouds don't connect to anything you study so would be easy enough to put off til summer, as someone suggested. However, a couple of the read-alouds (Homer & Aesop) are scheduled in your daily lesson plans & do relate to your studies.

* Bible is a huge part of ancient history, so if you are able to do this in the evenings, as already suggested, then you have taken care of a large lesson each day. It's also a wonderful family blessing to do it this way.
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I ditto what Lucy said. :o)
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New Homeschooler-Where to start??

Unread post by MelissaB »

kwaterman1 wrote:This is my first year to homeschool my 2 boys who are 6 (1st grader) and 10 (5th grader). I would possibly like to use MFW, but was wondering if I could start at year 2 "Creation to the Greeks" instead of year 1? My first grader is advanced and is reading on an 1st/2nd grade level. I've read that most suggest that you do ECC, but was just wondering if it was possible to start on year 2 and if my first grader would be able to hang?

We did CTG and MFW 1st together last year. I would recommend doing MFW 1st math & phonics for one hour, and letting your 1st grader join in CTG's Bible, history, science and music. If you do that, you'll want to order a separate set of Student Sheets for the first grader. It's going be a really fun(!) year. Enjoy! :-)

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CTG question - too hard to include my 6 year old?

Unread post by cbollin »

joyfulmom wrote:Three years ago I used ECC and MFW K and part of 1st. Now am back to MFW for the duration. Wish I had never left!

So...I am putting my son in US History to 1877. My daughter will be starting Ancients. She is finishing up ECC with my other daughter right now. (we went back to it after our lengthy break).

So my other daughter will be moving to CTG. Here is my question. I have 2 in K right now - and will be working on their reading slowly. I would like to include them in CTG (they are 6 & 8 (we started my son a little later)). Is there enough "activity", etc - especially for my 6 year old to join in with - or would it be way above her and should I simply keep her in 1st?

I am trying to keep life simple - I have a 3 1/2 year old as well - so..... Thanks for any advice from those who have done CTG!
Things that I think the younger siblings in CTG will enjoy....

dressing up for Egypt crowns..
feasts (OT, Egypt and Greece)
building stuff
some coloring page style in notebooking....
Bible memory work. and Bible

work with the younger children on "3'rs" stuff. get that done with them.(whether it is with MFW materials or other things you want to use)..Then invite them to join in anything else from CTG that they want to do. let them walk away when it's too much. At those ages.. it's about gently letting them hear stuff and being part of it. I'm guessing they will like the Egypt crowns and that story. and many crafts from Egypt stuff. they might enjoy the day of frogs frogs everywhere!

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