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Re: MFW K minimal order and a few ?

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albanyaloe wrote:I'm looking forward to those Bible lessons and the time with her. I think that combined with Mommy time, is just what she's needing, perhaps, dare I say, more so than academics at this stage.
YES!!! (Hitting the invisible "like" button.) :-)
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Re: MFW K minimal order and a few ?

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I'll try not to repeat anything anyone else said, but I might. I agree MFW K would be perfect and I don't think you need the deluxe package. :)

I just wanted to encourage you by letting you know that I started my 5 year old in MFW K when he was about to turn 6. His b-day is Oct 19th. So, I understand your feelings that she might be able to go into first or that she might be behind. It does seem that most K'ers start K earlier and even though they turn 6 before they are done, they are a bit younger still. My son is a grade level behind many of his peers. So, I get that. I tried to start my son a year prior and he was just not ready maturity wise. Since trying to start, realizing he wasn't ready and waiting despite feeling like he might be a bit behind, I have decided that I am strongly pro "better late than early" when it comes to starting K. Knowing the phonics and math doesn't mean they are ready for K or 1st early. Maturity is a huge factor, in my opinion. So, I think starting at K is right on target. :-)

As for just going with the basic, you really don't need the deluxe even though it is nice. I did get the deluxe and the lit package. I didn't use a lot of the package and admittedly, I didn't need the lit pack. I used the rods and the Dino book. I didn't use the butterfly garden because we found and raised our own caterpillars the summer before (and again this summer too). I didn't use the ant farm because...well...basically I didn't feel like it. &) As with the caterpillars, we have raised tadpoles to frogs and lots of other bug things. I felt like we didn't need that ant farm for us and I just didn't feel like dealing with it. (5 kids 6 and under including 2 sets of twins, one set young toddlers at the time, and dealing with intense nausea from pregnancy.) I had good intentions with the music, but didn't get to it. We had a full and fun year without using those things and I think you will too!

Have fun and enjoy! Oh and pray about her placement in K. Pray for guidance and peace. :-)
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Re: MFW K minimal order and a few ?

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Yeah, we didn't get to the music in K either. &) I mean, we listened to the CD, but didn't do the activities. And we still had a great year!
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Supplies for K

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GLPerky wrote:I am thinking of starting my youngest in K now instead of waiting til the fall. However, it's not really in the budget, so it would be pushing just buying the basic package? Is it enough? And are there a lot of supplies that I am going to need on top of the package? Is there a supply list somewhere? Sorry for all the questions. i just need to make an informed decision. TIA
In general, typical homeschool / school supplies are all you need. Such as crayons, markers, scissors, glue, & construction paper. A hole punch, card stock, tempra paints, and laminator are nice extras. You will also need a ruler, Popsicle sticks or straws (for the hundred chart / cup) and a container for the 100 cup. I use a mason jar and craft sticks, a binder to put student sheets in is also helpful. Some people like to make a file box and have a file for each unit to keep add ins they find for each unit. Some people also like to get a second binder to make a k scrapbook.

Hope that's helpful.
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Re: Supplies for K

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Yes, you can do Kindergarten with the basic package, and still have a great year!

Everything you need comes with the package. There are a few things around the house that you'll use throughout the year. In place of the Ant Hill in the Deluxe package, you can use a jar. For classical music study, you can find youtube videos of symphonies playing Beethoven and Mozart pieces (they're really beautiful). The Cuisenaire Rods are fun and good for spatial development, but not a necessity.

That said, if you have an extra $16, I think the butterfly garden is a nice extra. :)

MFW K is very hands-on. You'll have so many activities that are easy, easy, easy, and so much fun.(!) We were amazed at how much our daughter had learned in just one year's time.

One note: You might begin gathering magazines from friends and start cutting out pictures for your envelopes. (Apples for A; Butterflies or Boxes for B; Cat, Carrots, Couch for C; etc.) The more you cut out, the more fun you'll have with that activity. :)

You're going to have such a special year with your kindergartner.

Enjoy. :-)
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Re: Supplies for K

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Thanks ladies. You were both very helpful.
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Re: Supplies for K

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I agree with Melissa you can definitely do without the extras in the deluxe package fine. The library has lots of cds, so you can check out various classical music cds or you tube. To be perfectly honest, the classical music activites are what I usually end up skipping and so to make up for that I try to play classical music if we are baking or doing a craft to make up for it.

If I were going to get items from the deluxe items, I would get the cuisenaire rods and book (we use this regularily) and would consider getting the ant farm and butterfly pavilion later on down the road, perhaps as a gift? An ant farm could be a nice birthday gift. The butterfly house a nice Easter present? Just a thought.

The teacher manuel has recommendations for luring ant to make your own "ant farm" in a jar and you could check out if their is a butterfly house or monarch migration spot close to where you live. We have a beach about an hour away that is filled with monarch butterflies from October through April. We went during the insect unit and if we get to unit 21 before they leave, we'll go again. We also have an Explortorium with a rainforest simulation that has these huge rainforest butterflies about an hour away we will likely visit then.

Or of course you might be able to find catepillars in the spring and do an old fashioned stick in a jar with some grass and leaves, etc, and just poke some holes on top. I did this as a kid and we had 2/5 become butterflies. I think we just chanced upon them in a nearby meadow (me and some other children).
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