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Re: pocket chart timeline

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Thanks Crystal! I'll have hubby stop by tomorrow. You're right....it's so fun to get new "stuff"....giggle.

Cindi, You gave me a good laugh to start my day! :-)

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Cardstock foldable timeline ?

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C4Car wrote:We are using this year for the first time the cardstock foldable method for timelines. Those that do this, any advice? Would it be beneficial to laminate or cover the pages with contact paper? Guess I'm worried I will have to take them apart or have to move a timeline piece. We are using CTG, but hoping to add to it next year. In the past we have used a wall in our living room, but ready for a change. We got so used to it being there that we never looked at it! This year they will each make their own. I have enjoyed looking at everyones pics of timelines. You are very creative ladies! Thanks!
We use this method for our timelines. I tape the cardstock end to end together using packing tape, different colors for each student. I do not laminate the cardstock, just the timeline pieces. I do have to move the pieces around sometimes. I just try to be careful when removing the pieces so as not to tear the cardstock. We use regular (Scotch) tape folded to make a double-sided tape on the back of the timeline pieces. Sometimes tearing of the cardstock has happened when moving the timeline piece but not so bad that I have ever felt like I needed to replace it. Laminating the cardstock might be a good idea if you had a laminating machine. I do not. We use contact paper to laminate. I just don't see the benefit of taking the time to try to contact paper each piece of cardstock. However, if I had a laminater, well then that might be a different story.

We added to our CTG timeline when doing RTR, but started a new one this year (Exp1850). It might not have been necessary, but I found that the other timeline was getting really bulky when folded. I think it would have been hard to store the timeline had we added any more to it. Plus it was getting hard to fold because it was so thick. We can always add this year's timeline to the other later if we decide to.

That is the way we timeline here. Hope this helps.

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Re: Cardstock foldable timeline ?

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We used Banner Paper (not as thick as cardstock) but folds up wonderful
It took 11 sheets completed, I didn't laminate any of it.
We kept it folded up last year then after it was completed we hung it up.
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Re: Cardstock foldable timeline ?

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We use a cardstock foldable timeline. I 3-hole punch one sheet and then I slice 1 inch off the long side of each additional sheet before taping together with clear packing tape on the back side, so it will fit nicely in the history section of their binder. You could use different color cardstock for BC and AD if you like. TIP: Tape mountain folds together while cardstock is folded so that it folds away easier. We do not laminate our sheets and we use glue sticks to adhere the timeline pieces. If you plan on continuing with the same timeline with RtR then I would not add the composer pieces yet or at least not tape that sheet on to the BC timeline pieces. The CtG composers are the AD pieces and RtR starts in the BC side of the timeline, so you will need more room before adding that sheet on and also the early AD pieces before you add on the composers.

I use the pocket dividers for the binders, so I just place all of my dc's timeline sheets in the front pocket of the history divider, upcoming notebooking sheets, and blank maps in the back pocket of the same divider for when we need them. They just pull out the piece they need, color it, unfold timeline, and glue on. easy & organized. :)

Re: Cardstock foldable timeline ?

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Mom2theteam wrote:Can someone tell me how this works? And, can I do it with 1st? We are still really struggling with how to make this timeline work on our walls. I want him to have it, but the only places we have to put it up are places I'd really rather not put a timeline. It sounds like this one folds up and you put it away when you aren't using it which would be great. How do you make it fold nicely? We do have a laminating machine and I do prefer to laminate things. Thanks!

maybe this picture would help a little in the ideas?
oh wait... the first pictures in there are traditional wall based timeline. but then the same person moved and needed to change style to cardstock foldable thingy.
so.. second set of pictures...
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 130#p65130
Mom2theteam wrote:Thanks Crystal! That's an awesome link!
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Re: Cardstock foldable timeline ?

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For 1st grade, I colored and laminated each piece and used velcro on a tri-fold presentation board. The kiddos never looked at it! This year for CTG, I took a plastic page protector and cut off all but an inch long-ways, so I was left with the 3-hole part plus an inch of clear plastic (two layers). I fit cardstock in between the two layers and stapled it, so it stays sturdy in the binder. Then for each additional page, we just add another piece of cardstock with clear tape, and we don't lose any of the cardstock, like a previous poster mentioned.
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Re: Cardstock foldable timeline ?

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Thanks so much for all the replies. You are all so helpful. Really great Ideas! This has helped me to picture in my mind how I want to do the timeline this year. Still not sure if I will laminate or not but I dont think it will matter either way. Getting excited to begin on Sept 10th. Already completed some of the preparations for the Sabbath Feast. (so I have no excuses!)
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Re: Cardstock foldable timeline ?

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This topic has me thinking since I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to use, expand and store our current timeline. I used to have ours on the wall and I'm able to accordion fold it but I currently have no wall space (and no longer have a classroom :( ) and I'm afraid that, since we'll be using it for at least 3 years, it's not going to hold up well.

So, I'm thinking about purchasing an 11"X17" binder and 11"X17" fold out sheet protectors (from Staples). Has anyone ever done this? If so, what size folder did you use? Would you do it again? Staples carries 1" to 3". I'm just wondering if it would be worth it.
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Re: Cardstock foldable timeline ?

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I thought I would chime in as I have just completed putting together my new timeline. first, I have my 2 kids do their own timelines using the cut out pieces from MFW. I made their timelines out of cardstock....I cut a 12x12 piece of card stock in half and taped end to end with packing tape. We did CTG last year and now have added more card stock for RTR.

For a broader more detailed timeline of historical events I purchased from our convention an Add-A-Century timeline. This is a kit I just put together with dates ranging from 3000bc to the present. This uses 12x12 cardstock with a grid printed on it. 12x12 sheets are taped together (fold like an accordion) and with 40 pages provided, that's on long timeline. BUT- you can store in a binder and pull out sections as you study them. Along the top are the dates and down the side are categories (ie...history, art/music, religion, people, etc....) The kit also provides little thumbnail pictures of historical events OR you can make and print out our own thumbnails. Just bought a binder for it yesterday and it is ready to go. It may be expensive, but I decided it was worth my pennies. :)
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Re: Cardstock foldable timeline ?

Unread post by Mallorie »

I also thought i'd chime in with another idea for the timeline. I'd been contemplating this for a while, because we are really short on wall space, the way our house is set up. I needed something durable and cheap, but I didn't want it to look shabby, either.

I ended up buying a black Elmers tri-fold display board that is 36"x48", and putting masking tape straight across with 4" in between. The lines really stand out, as well as the colored timeline pieces. I'm very pleased with how it looks, and it only cost me $2.50 for the board (we already had the masking tape). Now it gets folded up, tucked behind a chair and taken out as needed. HTH someone. :)

Cardstock Timeline: Years per page?

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RB wrote:For those who do a cardstock timeline, do you have each page represent a consistent number of years? We made a cardstock timeline when we started CtG 2 years ago, with each piece of cardstock representing 250 years. It was a bit sparse during the first couple millenia, but worked really well overall for CtG and RtR. Now that we are beginning Expl1850 I see that it will be impossible to fit all the timeline pieces this year on the two cardstock pieces that represent 1500-2000. Just wondering if anyone has run into this problem, and how you fixed it? Or whether you started a new timeline for the final 2 years of the family cycle.

We currently have our timeline on our hallway wall, but it is too long so we paperclip the sections that are not currently being studied, and we periodically take it down and look at the whole thing.
Just so you are know--in year 5 MFW provides a timeline book to be used for that year (there are many timeline pieces for this year). It is also a nice way to end the 5 year cycle and all previous figures are printed in the book. We do however recommend continuing to keep it up on a wall as you are doing during the other years, since this helps young children to better grasp when events happened.

The book has year 4 timeline spaced at 49 years a part and year 5 at 9 years a part (2 page spread). But this book is longer than 11" so you will have to make adjustments to at least 1/2 of that for year 4 timeline pieces. So maybe 25 year increments would work for you this year (that would be on a 2 page spread). Hope that helps you a bit.

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Dumb Timeline question....

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annaz wrote:I've only done these via 3x5 cards folded accordion style and via book....even drawing and recording info in columns! But dd wants a wall timeline and frankly I can't wrap my brain around it. We don't have a long wall, but we have one spot down the hall that could work well. So it needs to do a back and forth sort of thing. But I really can't figure out how to make them stick, short of poking oodles of holes in my walls, via bulletin board pins that my cat loves to remove!

So perhaps I need wall timeline ideas. I think dd would love an overall visual!

I also need to know, doing RTR, how much gets clumped together in one area and these pieces go completely in chronological order. Or does MFW backtrack a bit?
We use our timeline around the top of the ceiling (where a wallpaper border would go). RTR does overlap CTG just a tiny bit. We had to backtrack for the founding of Rome, etc. And I believe there's some items at the end of the year that will cross over with EX1850, but as far as the year goes, they are all in order. The exception would be the music notes for the composers, which I bunch all together like notes on a staff.

I'm figuring I need about 14' of wall for our timeline pieces this year (RTR), but I'm going to have gaps. It would probably fit in less than 10' if I just did them side by side. If you loop them back around, could you go 5' and then turn around and go back?

There's so many ways. I hope someone who's better at this chimes in with links and pictures and wisdom.
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Re: Dumb Timeline question....

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We did just a straight one, and I just used masking tape (painters tape would work), rolled a piece so it would stick to the back of the timeline piece and on the tape. You could just do strips straight across, so the right-end of the top row, then go to the left end of the next row. I did strips of tape about 8 inches apart (I only needed two rows), and that was enough room for the pieces. Or, do like Crystal did and get a pocket chart from a teacher supply store and hang it and just put each piece in next. The pieces from RTR on forward usually have a date on them.

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Re: Dumb Timeline question....

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We just used tape, on a closet door, vertically. Here's a photo. Aand there are other folks' photos on the thread, too.
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 382#p28382
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Re: Dumb Timeline question....

Unread post by annaz »

Yeah....pics are good! I thought of a pocket chart, but I wasn't sure if it wrapped too much. We did the wall timeline back when we did "K" but I had a different room and space back then. ;) Konos timeline (my original thought...well, there's no way I'm spending that much money for that. !! ). We have textured walls, so I can see that the tape would drop the longer it stayed up there. I LOVE a pic I saw on Pinterest that the wall was painted. :-) Kind of a "gasp!", but my wall needs painting anyway. A little drastic though.

Thanks for the links! I know timeline threads are posted ad nauseum, but somehow when it comes to yourself and you want to change the way you've been doing things, it comes up again!
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Separate timeline for 1st and CTG or share?

Unread post by klewfor3 »

Theresa wrote: Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:56 am I have a daughter in CTG and she is doing a timeline. I also have a daughter in first grade and she is supposed to do a timeline as well. My question is this....do they each do their own timeline or share one? The timelines look pretty similar (if not identical) and I only have so much wall space. Any thoughts/ideas? What did other people do? Thanks
If your kids are both enjoying doing the timelines, I would have two. If they're not, then just do the one. I always liked having at least the one up because it is a quick reference point for a quick review.
I think how you use the timeline is up to you. This is only my opinion though, not MFW based. ;)

I'll let you know what we have done: We have 3 identical timelines going right now. Each of my kids wanted to make their own. In other years, I only had one going and we alternated who was to color the timeline piece. Another year we also tried gluing the pieces onto a fold out page and that didn't work at our house so well.

Hope you get some good ideas!
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Re: Separate timeline for 1st and CTG or share?

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

Taking into account you have limited wall space, I would just do one. There are less timeline pieces in 1st than CtG. So, keep that in mind. I have 3 kids doing CtG together. We alternate who gets to color the piece we put up. They all color one though.
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Re: Seperate timeline for 1st and CTG or share?

Unread post by Theresa »

Ok, thanks for all the helpful input!
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Re: Seperate timeline for 1st and CTG or share?

Unread post by Poohbee »

14467315633421.jpg (202.63 KiB) Viewed 13691 times
We ended up having a single line, but each of my daughters colored her own pieces. We put one set of pieces above the line and the other set below the line. Here is a picture of how a small section of it looks. You may have to scroll around on the picture in order to see it.
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