Weeks 12-13 Norway

If you are using Exploring Countries and Cultures, please share your ideas with us.
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Weeks 12-13 Norway

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Weeks 12-13
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Well, we just finished Norway on Friday, and I just asked our 7yodd if we did anything special for Norway that I could add here for ideas.

She says... "I know one thing we did that was special........

(special "Momma moment" here)......

"that we did it with each other." ;o) :o)

Mom: gush... hugs... and kisses!!

(Just thought I would share, since it was too precious for me not to write down and remember.)
Love in Christ,
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AWWWWW:-) Precious!
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That is really really sweet. Thanks for sharing. Oh, we had a fun time with Norway. We read Snow Treasure and this is the first time my girls really talked about WWII. The story sure encouraged bravery and obedience.

Anyway, I came up with a silly activity for Norway that the kids liked a lot more than I thought. When I was finding library books, I found one about Norwegian knitting and the beautiful sweaters that they made. Okay, that's a bit off the beaten path, but my older daughter knits some, so I thought she'd like browsing through the book. She did.

So, for kicks, I drew in heavy black marker, the outline of a basic crew neck sweater (I'm no artist) and I copied it and gave each child a copy and let them design sweaters. They loved this and it was an easy art activity (assuming you have access to a copier). They kept asking for more blank sweaters! I think we designed a total of about 20 sweaters. Silly activity but really fun.

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Norway rosemaling

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We explored the Norweigen art form of rosemaling. The rosemalers painted everything from plates to furniture. They used specific colors and techniques and it was much harder than I thought it would be, which made me appreciated it more.

Also, at Epcot we visited NOrway and we saw a replica of a Nave church, which are very beautiful. There are only a few of these left in the country. We had breakfast at the Norway castle and rode the Viking ride. I found a good book from Usbourne on Vikings.
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I am really enjoying the cookbooks that are suggested -- we used Cooking the Norwegian Way during our study of Norway. We made the rice pudding and I have yet to try the Norwegian meatballs -- but I copied the recipe.
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1. We had fun with the metric conversion activity. And "Very Last First Time" was a dearly loved book. (Woops, this finally arrived from the library, from the Canada books, but fit in nicely with the northern Reindeer books.)

2. Since a flag isn't in the Around the World books for Norway, for those un-creative types like myself, the flag can be found at EnchantedLearning, Colouring Book of Flags (http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/cbk-ne.html), and other online sites. And after reading about the Norway flag, we also compared it to the Sweden, Denmark, & France flags to see their effects on one another.

3. I know we don't need to "add" to ECC, but I did get the second volume of Hero Tales, since we had a couple weeks off from it during Norway & I realized ECC uses every single story in Volume 1 so there were no extras. We enjoyed reading about Florence Nightingale in Vol. 2.

4. The *islands* page in the Geography Packt is a fun one for Europe, since there are a lot of big islands. We spread our map on the floor & use markers so ds can draw big longitude & latitude lines until they meet at the island. Some small islands aren't named on our map, so we had to find the closest country, then go to encyclopedia for that country & find names of nearby islands.
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Hi: I wanted to add that we had a really great first two weeks with Europe. We read Snow Treasure and loved it, which prompted our interest of that time frame. We love the Christian Heros, Then and Now series, and we read Corrie Ten Boom during our Norway study and loved it. It fit right in with Snow Treasure and what what happening in Europe during that time. Of course, dc are still young, but it really brought to their minds the freedom and protection we have in this country. We praised God for the USA during this study, and we praised Him also for people such as Corrie and her sister Betsy to teach us about God's great forgiveness.
We are half way thru Hans Brinker, which also takes place in the Netherlands (Holland) and I am going to add Holland to our Europe study. We will only color the flag and maybe do whatever is in ATATW or ATATW. It is neat to see how all these books tie together! We have started George Muller now. We have also taken a great interest in Germany and can't wait to get there.
The children and I also participated in a cookie swap with our HS group and each family made cookies from a particular country. We of course, did Norway. It was also a time that we could share and do a small presentation for what we have learned about Norway. It was neat to see what my two dc got from our two weeks studying it. (Ds 7, remembered the fjords, and how cold it is there, and that it is in Northern Europe. Dd was so interested in the fact that the Norwegian people saved their gold during WWII, she talked about that (snow treasure) and also how they put things into their rice pudding at Christmas and these certain "treasures" each mean something (from books "At Christmas Time" and Annika's Secret Wish").
Needless to say, we are enjoying the study. Thanks Hazell's for the KRAM recipe (juice).
I love how it all fits together. We as a family are learning so much! Oh, also, I really appreciate the ladies who posted last year when they were doing the study. I have found several of your ideas and experiences very helpful. Thank you.
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Unread post by Tricia »

Just wanted to share a GREAT video we found about Norway through the interloan library system: Discovering Norway......really good video that gives the viewer an hour "guided tour" through this beautiful country. Try not too miss this one :)

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Ancient Viking Game: Hnefatafl

Unread post by mommaduckofmany »

Ancient Viking Game: Hnefatafl


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Unread post by DS4home »

For our reading selections during Europe my second grader really enjoyed the book Nate the Great Saves the King of Sweden. And I had my older dd read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe using the TLP guide along with it.
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Unread post by southernshae »

We just finished our Norwegian art.....rosemaling, from Global Art. For the cardboard "chests", I bought some inexpensive chests (brown cardboard) from our local craft and hobby store. They even have a little gold "lock" on them. The children enjoyed painting them so much and have already put things into them and have them displayed on their dressers. Since tomorrow is Mother's Day, I painted one for my MIL and put a gift card to her favorite store inside.

Kelly Bell, thank you for the Norwegian sweater design idea. I think my dd will *love* that !

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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 8:35 am

First, let me just say that ECC is a fun, fun, FUN year. My kids are LOVING learning about geography. And they LOVE the missionary stories so far. There is some heavy content in those stories (ie. George Muller's father was a stern disciplinarian and I had to soften the descriptions of his punishments while reading about them) but the kids are learning (truly learning) what it means to have a heart that serves the Lord.

Another MFW user (Hi Tiffany) stated she was reading Rainbow Garden to her children and all were enjoying it. I took her suggestion and got the book from our local library (it's on the ECC recommended reading list.)


If you have the chance to get it, don't miss that chance. My kids (ages 8, 6 and 4½) are a captive audience. It's about God's grace, salvation, changed hearts and more, all told through the eyes of a lonely and somewhat bitter little girl who goes to live in the countryside with a large Christian family because her mother is "too busy" to care for her.

And I just had a thought here. If you're regularly keeping a nature journal, there are all kinds of flowers and other plants mentioned in the story that I'm unfamiliar with. They could make a good research project for your journal.

Geography packets

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 2:03 pm
Europe endangered species -- This one lists by all continents. http://www.earthsendangered.com/continent.asp?ID=6

Traditional clothing -- We just observed clothing from different pictures in book basket books. And when appropriate, we would look through recent photos that were available from various missionaries that our church supports.


Historical fiction

Unread post by cbollin »

A fun adventures series of chapter books to go along with Norway. "historical fiction" set in the time of the vikings and with the adventure of being Christians in that time. really fun series.

Viking Quest series from Moody Publisher.

Books in the series include:
Raiders from the Sea (book 1)
Mystery of the Silver Coins (book 2)
Invisible Friend (book 3)
Heart of Courage (book 4)
The Raider's Promise (book 5)

age level from publisher ages 10 and up.

Post by cbollin » Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:33 pm
Just some follow up here on the titles (ok, so I wanted to read them before I gave them to my oldest....)

The 1st book takes mostly place at sea.

Book 2, Mystery of the Silver Coins --- takes place in Norway. there is enough filling in from the first story (retelling certain stuff at the right time) that if you just started with book 2 you'd be ok :) But if you need a chapter book set in Norway, this one will do. Should have enough for boys and girls to enjoy this adventure. And honestly, it was the first title that popped up on the catalog search :)
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Norway Links

Unread post by buckhome »

Here are some links I found while researching this topic for next week:

http://www.welcometonorway.co.uk/index.shtml - colorful website that helps your child learn about the geography, people, and culture of Norway.

http://www.norway.org/education/teacher ... Norway.htm - A list of Norway Links (look on the right) for teaching about Norway.

http://www.visitnorway.com/en/home/travel-to-norway/ - A tourist Norway website. If you go down to the bottom and click on MULTIMEDIA there are videos you can watch about Norway..everything from scenery to skiing.

Hope this helps!
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Great Rosemaling patterns

Unread post by PaulaA »

We are in Norway this week. Since my mother-n-law is 100% Norweign, we want to surprise her with a special gift of Rosemaling a craft box.
I am NOT an artist so this website has been a great help.


I'll post our finished products on our blog.
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Unread post by cbollin »

We did that project a few weeks. I went to the local craft store and found a stencil with rose designs on it and some very inexpensive cardboard boxes to use. We went with poster paint and the stencils. My youngest used stickers with roses too. So, we didn't go the fancy route with real boxes.

But then again, I wasn't thinking in terms of how it could be a gift to give to others. What a great idea!!!
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Unread post by JenniferF »

Last year when we studied Norway I found this printable to make a 3-D paper chest with rosemaling design printed on it that you can color in. My girls loved making it.

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Has anyone done the Rosemailing project?

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

705emily wrote:We are studying Norway and this week we are supposed to do the rosemailing project. I was just wondering if anyone had done this project and how it turned out?? I'd like to attempt it--but--not sure if it might be a little tough for a 6 and 8 yo. We did the Lapland Felt Square today--(that's scheduled for next week). Any ideas??
Posted by TammyB » Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:12 pm
My eight and six year olds did the project last year, but they did not do their painting on boxes. They just painted on white artist paper after looking at lots of samples online. They really enjoyed it, and I loved how they turned out!

Posted by TriciaMR » Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:22 pm
My dd just painted hers however she wanted. We talked about what the project specified, and she made some swirly designs, but I let her design/paint her box however she felt led. (We got a white box with a hinged lid. I think I had bought it the year before for a different project that we never go to.)

Posted by 705emily » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:34 pm
Thanks so much everyone!! The patterns will really help!! I think we'll try this next week! Crystal--the roses look beautiful!! And the stenciling was a good idea too! Edie--your boxes were really cute as well! It helps to see what everyone is doing!

Posted by kellybell » Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:40 am
We did it in 2003 and the kids still have their boxes. I simply showed them pictures in a book of rosemaling and sat out bright paints and brushes and let them do the rest. We got cardboard boxes at either Walmart or Hobby Lobby (wish I had gotten wooden ones though). They are nothing to look at but special and still being used. My middle daughter (2nd grade at the time) gave me her box and it remains in my room to this day as a special keepsake.

Re: Has anyone done the Rosemailing project?

Unread post by cbollin »

This is what we did.

Went to Michael's craft store and bought small cardboard "gift boxes". They were less than $1 each. In retrospect, I wish I would have gone with white instead of brown.

Then, got some rose design stencils. tempa paints, and used the stencil for the paint on the boxes. no, wait a minute.. that's not paint on there --- that's colored pencil from the stencil shapes.

youngest kid (who was Kindy last year) -- I bought Rose stickers for her box.

So we had these beautiful shiny rose stickers, and then the color pencil with stencils. wait a minute.... that's definitely paint on this side of the box.....

let's see if these pics work...
box with roses...
box with roses...
rose project norway 1.jpg (46.98 KiB) Viewed 17284 times
my kids liked doing them.... not award winning or anything, right?

and one other post to read so it isn't missed....in this link, there is a link to a rose pattern for the project.
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 408#p44344

rose pic 2.jpg
rose pic 2.jpg (50.66 KiB) Viewed 17284 times
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Re: Has anyone done the Rosemailing project?

Unread post by doubleportion »

We got a pdf file of a printable box that had rosemaling on it. I got it from someone on the board. If you would like a copy of it send me an email and I will forward the pdf to you. I really wanted to do the whole painting project but I chickened out. I had a rough week that week and just didn't have the energy to deal with the mess etc. This turned out really cute and dd enjoyed coloring in and taping the box together.

rosemaling 3.jpg
rosemaling 3.jpg (53.75 KiB) Viewed 17256 times
norwegian rosemaling 3.jpg
norwegian rosemaling 3.jpg (80.12 KiB) Viewed 17256 times
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Re: Has anyone done the Rosemailing project?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

RachelT wrote: how could I make it a little more manly?? Any ideas anyone?
We never did the activity, but at the time I had thought of getting a small, hinged wooden box at Michael's for a couple of dollars, and having ds paint & varnish it for grandma. I think he would have gone for that.
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Norway feast

Unread post by sojen »

I came to post about our Norway feast, what a fun night. We live near Ikea so I picked up Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam, potatoes. gjetost (although the one I found ended up having fish in it- it's so hard to read labels!) and a bread that seemed like Lefse. Now there is yummy fruit soup simmering on the stove and we are settling in to watch Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates.

MFW has not only changed how I feel about homeschooling, but it has also helped us create wonderful family memories. Thank you for such a wonderful curriculum that has truly changed our lives.
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Re: Weeks 12-13 Norway

Unread post by pfamilygal »

We had a great time making our rosemaling boxes. Used small wooden boxes from JoAnn ($4) and painted the outsides green with craft paint. Then the kids decorated using Sharpie paint pens.

Found a great site for all sorts of Norwegian fun: http://www.norway-hei.com/index.html. We made the waffles this morning with graham flour. Super yummy - loved the cardamom. Next week we will have our Viking feast with baked fish, potato dumplings and lefse.

On another note, where is the Weight Watchers friendly country? We keep making all this yummy food. :)
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