Science - Apologia extra CDs, kits, lapbooks, fun?

Issues specific to teaching 6th to 8th graders, including the transition to Saxon math, Apologia science, Progeny Press guides, and grammar lessons
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Science - Apologia extra CDs, kits, lapbooks, fun?

Unread post by Lucy »

Supply Kits?

Hi Ladies,

For the benefit of those who may not realize it, when you purchase the MFW upper level apologia programs, a list is provided of items that are needed for the whole year. MFW has taken the time to divide these into 5 stores that you would purchase these from: grocery, hardware, drugstore, office supplies, and other. The "other" are things that may not be at these stores or that you need to collect (like jars) or things that you will have around the house (like a chopping board). I think I had some of it from other years like clay and plaster of paris. These things can be found at Wal-mart usually and that is where I also got all of my drugstore items so it was not an extra trip since this is a place I go anyway for other purchases.

This has been very helpful. The only one of these places that I do not usually go is the hardware store and my husband does not mind that job!

This has made it very easy to have everything on hand for the experiments. I keep it all in one place so that when my daughter needs something she knows where to look.

I understand that ordering a kit will be easier for some of you. I did want you to be aware that there will still be weeks that you need to get certain items that I do not think will come in your kit, like plants, corn syrup, 2-liter bottles, water hose etc. MFW has also listed all the items needed for each module at the beginning of each one. This is part of my daughter's job before she begins a new module -- to check and make sure she has everything. She then gives me a list if she needs something. So you may want to check the kit once you have received it, check it off against the MFW list, and then go ahead and plan to purchase the other items you will need for the year too.

We have used two of these books now and have not found it difficult if we simply made a plan to purchase all these things before school began. It is a lot of items but MFW has already made the list for me which for me is half of the battle.

Hope this extra information will be helpful to all of you as you prepare for next year.

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Re: Supply kits?

Unread post by MJP »

I am the one who combined an old 5th grader and an old 7th grader for Gen. Science. We did not have any trouble. The younger one is very strong in math and science and will probably want to do more of the science classes anyway so this will give him time.

I have not had to purchase many items for the Gen. Science this year--alum (grocery store), purple cabbage, nylon rope, Plaster of Paris and distilled water so far. I also had to purchase a small plant (sad that we did not have one, I know!). Some other iffy items might be balloons, vinegar, TUMS, toilet bowl cleaner, and lemon juice.

When I looked at the kits that are available at various sites, I did not buy one because almost all the items that I needed help with were not included anyway.
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Multimedia Companion CD vs. Audio CD

Unread post by Lucy »

To clarify, the multi-media CD is used to introduce new vocabulary for each module and occasionally an experiment or video that shows a concept from that module. It is scheduled in the lesson plans for the student so that they know when to use it. This CD comes with the Apologia bundles that MFW sells, which also includes lesson plans for the student to use.

The Audio book is the whole text read on CD, and is not sold by MFW.

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Apologia Gen Science - Additional CDs?

Unread post by momrandles »

livingfree wrote:I'm considering using this for my 7th grade son in the fall.

He is not very fond of reading and still struggles with comprehension. I was wondering if anyone has used the mp3 audio book or the cd/rom [not sold by MFW]? If so could you give me some input. I know I could hold off another year, but I think he would enjoy the course, just not the reading.

Thanks, Christi
We tried the cd rom version this year (7th grade) with my reluctant reader....he actually said he would prefer the book--go figure!! :~ :-) I did get him the book, but I could see it helping to have the audio version so he could listen while he follows along. It helps with MY retention, so maybe it would work for your child. For me, the more senses I use the more it makes sense and the more I remember.

I think it would work well for your 7th grader....there are a lot of really cool experiments that help to solidify the material as well.

Apologia General Science lapbook journal

Unread post by cbollin »

certainly someone has done it [the lapbook journal] and loves it and thinks it's fantastic, etc........

I did get the free sample of it that was for the 1st module (chapter). Free can't hurt to try. right? then if it is great and what your child benefits from, then well..... I did not end up using it.

The lapbook journal for this jr. high science has:
pages to take notes in the chapter
pre drawn writing lines to write answers to the On Your Own questions (all of those questions are in the book itself)
a place to take study notes for the end of module study guides. (all of those questions are in the book -- so it's not as if you need this lapbook for study questions either)
and sample templates of lab reports.

Reasons my family didn't go beyond the free sample:
1. cha ching. We did not want to spend another $25-28 dollars when notebook paper and typing in Word was an option for us. It would be $25 for the e-book, then a lot of ink to print a lot of pages. (module one was 47 pages! there are 16 module in that book! eek! how small/big are the rest!)
Maybe there is a pre printed edition out there, I know the cd rom version says it is 649 pages! I was quickly discouraged from further investigation.
so cost was a serious factor. but uh... we're all different.

2. We decided to do the On Your Own questions (you'll see those on the sample) as out loud together work - i.e. narration after the day's reading. It was a way for me to know if my daughter was really doing her work and I didn't want to read all of that as written answers. She was getting plenty of writing in other subjects that year. So, out loud on those was a better use of 5 minutes. Those questions are in the textbook. So it's not as if you don't get those question if you don't get the lapbook. kwim?

3. the end of module (chapter) study guides -- again, we decided not to require written answers to this. The study guides are designed to help prep for the next day's test. So, I remember when I was in jr. high and studied out loud with my friends. So.... again.... those questions are in the text.

4. lab reports. Well, the template is nice. We used donna young's site and then just had my daughter type her labs in Word. But you can use that free sample template from many places. Apologia does have samples on their site too. there's a password in the textbook for that.

it just seems like a lot of money and a lot of time to print those things when we can either do it out loud for a few minutes with our child, or use the computer to type, or let them use notebook paper. There is nothing really in the sample version of that lapbook journal that isn't already in the book - except it looks fancier.

General Science module 1 is a long chapter. There are benefits of taking notes. I'm not saying that kids shouldn't take notes -- they should.
there are other ways to do that -- notebook paper
or even on donnayoung site --- she provides a 7 page study sheet to help take notes on that very long 1st module on all of those famous science people.

So, we got through General and Physical without the need for the longer "lapbook" journals. We're all different in our needs.

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Apologia Kits

Unread post by cbollin »

faithmom wrote:I have done some of the elementary Apologia books in the past and have found that I really like to buy the kits with all the equipment for the experiments all put together. Otherwise, if I'm searching for stuff I don't get the experiments done. My oldest will be in 7th grade (that sounds weird!). I think that is the General Science course. Would the kit be helpful for that also?
one opinion from someone who hasn't used them.....
If buying the pre made supply kits is in your budget and it means you get the experiments done --- then get them. ;)
So it's not the case that if you buy the kits that it would be wasted.

It is optional to buy the pre made stuff. I've never gone that route with those programs. I'm just the type who likes zipping to the grocery store or scrambling around for quick subs. I'm not as organized as other people. But we're all different.

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Re: Apologia Kits

Unread post by tiffany »

We've used the kits from Creation Sensation and have been happy with them. I've bought 3 of their sets. Home Training Tools also sells kits for a lesser cost and only includes the hard to find items. I've been tempted to buy from them to save money, but I also know my limitations with everything I have on my plate right now.

So you have a couple of options with the pre-made kits at two different price points. Creation Sensation includes everything but the kitchen sink. Both companies should give a product list on their website that tells what's included. At least they used to.

Do you need a kit? Even with a kit, we still don't get to every experiment, but we do a lot more than we would without a kit. Many families probably get by just fine without it. You know your family best. Finances are a concern for a lot of homeschooling families. I think the Home Training Tool kits are extremely affordable and might be a great way to try out a kit to see if you like it without a big $ commitment.

Postby tiffany » Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:16 pm
I see you've already used kits in the past. Sorry for the info overload then.

I looked at your signature also. I think you should get yourself a kit pronto! :-)
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Re: Apologia Kits

Unread post by LSH in MS »

i got the kits for Elementary science and General. They were worth it to me, especially the General Science. It has one bag per module and you just pull it out and do it!

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Re: Apologia Kits

Unread post by faithmom »

Thanks for your replies. I have used Nature's Workshop Plus in the past and found them very helpful for us. I just don't have time to go digging for stuff. By using them I can just open up my book and go. Thanks again for your info.
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KBC Apologia Science lapbooks...

Unread post by DS4home »

Heart4Home wrote:Hi- Have any of you used Knowledge Box Central's Apologia lapbooks?? Am interested in the General Science one for 8th grader next year. Science is her least favorite subject and I thought lapbooking would make it more enjoyable. Any thoughts???
Yes, I am using this now. I also own A Learn 'n Folder CD for Apologia Biology. I have a child in each this year, so I tried two different companies. They are basically only used at the end of each module in place of the study guide. They are the exact same study guide questions, only on foldables. I think it does help with memory and recall when studying with foldables rather than just a page of typed questions. I sit with them and do the cutting while they fold and write in the answers. I have the study guide answers beside me to make sure they are correct or help steer them in the right direction if they are drawing a blank ;) After the foldables are made they glue them on 3 hole punched cardstock to then put in their binder. We don't actually make an official lapbook with a file folder.

As far as comparing the two, they are both essentially the same thing. But I like the learn n folder company's a lot better. I have been frustrated many times with the KBC one. The graphics feel like they were pieces together very quickly and they didn't pay attention to details. For example: you have an accordion folded piece to cut out, each section was made with a text box design but the boxes don't line up perfectly for a nice even line to cut. They are pretty close, with maybe only one out of line slightly, but it really bothers me that they didn't take the time to line it up right. That's just one example. I have also found they are not consistent with directions of folding vs. cutting on solid and dotted lines. Another thing is the pictures to cut out are not always easily cuttable, does that make sense? Sometimes they are too intricate for what I need. When I am cutting out a dozen of these at a time, I want them to be pretty easy to quickly cut out. One more difference I've noted between the two: They both have the question printed out on the foldable, but the LNF one also included the question number. This helps when you have a stack of them cut before them and they grab one to answer and you are trying to check it - it's nice to say "what question are you on?"

Overall, I have been disappointed in the KBC product and very pleased with the LNF product. LNF does cost a little more, but it is definitely done with higher quality standards. The questions are numbered, the foldables are printed with easily definable lines for cutting and dotted lines for folding, and they have a bit more variety of foldables. LNF has been the funner and easier one of the two for us to use. One more detail - KBC is mostly black and white and they encourage you to use colored paper to print them on. LNF uses more colored graphics and print, so you would want to use plain white paper to print them on.

Sorry about the book, I guess I just want you to make a good choice that you will be happy with. Doing foldables like this to help spruce up a tougher subject is a great idea :-)
Heart4Home wrote:Dawn, Thank you so much for your thorough reply. I hadn't looked at Learn n Folders but am going to now! The little things you mentioned really could add up to a lot of frustration. Does the lapbook make the learning more enjoyable for your kiddos?? (as opposed to just busiwork??)

Thank you again, so nice to chat with someone who uses something rather than mere speculation!!
My dd responds with a yes, she enjoys the lapbook stuff. If you haven't used the upper level Apologia yet, I'll give a short synopsis. Each chapter, or module as they call them, will usually take 2 weeks to get through. MFW has a nice schedule already worked out for this. At the end of each module there will be a page labeled "Study Guide". The schedule assigns this page to be done in one day and the test administered the next day. So the study guide will be worked through regardless of using lapbook foldables or not. In this respect it isn't just busywork.

The lapbook material is not used throughout the module, only as a study aid at the end of the two week module. My dd does like it, I think she also likes that I do it with her. She knows that if I weren't doing the foldables with her, she would be writting the answers out in a spiral notebook, for the most part, alone. :~ Therefore the lapbook is FUN !! It does probably take a little longer than it would if you don't do it lapbook style. But, again, you have to study the material in some fashion anyway, why not make it fun? :-)

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Science Fun ideas for 7th grader?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

fdjoyce wrote:I will have a 7th grader using the Apologia General Science next school year. I would like to get him something for fun that would complement this science. I have looked at some things from timber doodle- science kits, building sets, etc. I'm really not wanting something to be extra work- just something that would be really fun, that he can explore on his own, & that would complement what he is studying in science. Any ideas or suggestions?
Well, one way to make it fun is to ensure he does all of the experiments within the Apologia text. You could prepare supplies in advance, I've heard of folks creating a ziploc bag for each one or something like that, with maybe a list of fresh supplies needed, and then he'd be sure to enjoy all those activities in the book.

I've also heard of folks who like the lapbooks and journals that you can find around the homeschool marketplace.

Something we like at our house is our microscope. It's not necessarily recommended until high school, but if you might get one anyways, you could try getting one earlier and using it along the way. A simple microscope book like Usborne's will have little suggestions of things you could look at under there, how to create a slide, etc.

We like videos at our house, and you could order some that go with the topics in General. Hmmm, looking at the General table of contents ( ... 223fc7dd2b ), I think Ken Ham's website might have one on the Grand Canyon/geology and maybe fossils.

Since DNA is a topic, you could get a model kit. I used to have a Kinex DNA kit in my Amazon basket, but have finally let that idea go :) You can also get other blood ID kits and use that microscope :)

Bacteria experiments are always fun. Around that age, my son did one where he cultured between his toes and on various surfaces, and, well, ewww - but fun for boys! You could also get a kit to build a compost center in your yard and watch decomposition in action. Or if you like goofy, there's a CD on some of the General Science topics from Lyrical Life Science. There are also some goofy YouTube science songs and videos, if you allow that.

There's lots of stuff out there on the human body topics. There's a whole giant Teaching Company lecture series, if he's a biology fan - it's really college level, but no pressure to remember everything.

Another option is to assign him a "science fair" type of project to complete over the year. Give him one of those trifold poster boards and maybe find an audience, and let him delve into something of interest?

So, lots of ideas, but you are right in taking care not to add too much! (Ask me how I learned that lesson LOL.)
P.S. I wanted to say that an "extra project" doesn't have to be related to science or to anything else at all. My ds had a sort of "shop class with dad" in 7th & 8th, and they fixed some things and did some woodworking crafts and read a book. Another time, they did an electronic circuit type of project, and some kind of paper hot air balloon kit. My son also did a part of a "kitchen chemistry" course with dad (who's the better cook in the family), and some sewing with me (it's a typical junior high project at our public schools).
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Re: Science Fun ideas for 7th grader?

Unread post by weareborgswife »

I am not there yet age wise, but wanted to chime in on the Lyrical Life Science Cd's we love them and my kids are only 4, 7, and 9. My 9 year old listens to them on his own just for fun.

As far as other science things, from our current elementary Apologia experiences if you make sure he has the supplies for the experiments is the way to go... I have used the ones from: and they are so complete and make it SO easy, I found two of the Deluxe kits 2nd hand, (astronomy and botany) and will def. be getting more from them. I so appreciate just going to the "box" and getting the pieces I need without rummaging through the kitchen. We have been able to do every experiment mentioned, right away (botany does need a bag of potting soil and something to plant in).

On the extras, what does he like to study? That would determine the 'extras' to add in... I look at the "themes" of science and then explore and look for well-reviewed things to add to our wish list.

There are also science kits of the month club... like the Young Scientists Club, which is good for up to 12 year olds... not sure if that is a bit young for the 7th grade age, but might be a fun "extra".

We also have one of these: EyeClops Bionic Eye Multizoom, Green - it is a microscope that plugs into your TV, and we LOVE it... everyone can see at once and it really works well. I found our's at the thrift store for $2.99, and there are several used/out of box ones on amazon for a reasonable price :)
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Re: Science Fun ideas for 7th grader?

Unread post by fdjoyce »

thanks so much; those are both great responses with super ideas!
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Apologia General Science....I am Excited!

Unread post by ilovemy4kids »

momonthemove wrote:Well, I will have a 7th grader next year. :) And, this is our first year in MFW. I looked through science last night and can I just say how excited I am about the General Science for him! And, I do not usually care for science! :) God is so good and will bless us! :)
My daughter loves using these with Apologia.... Learn 'N Folders: ... ategory=18

I do all the cutting and assembly before the year starts, then she fills them in as she goes. Works great for her!

My son, however, won't touch them with a ten foot pole! He's strictly a notebook kind of guy.


Gen Sci Apologia Notebook (Lapbook Journal)

Unread post by cbollin »

rebeccal2002 wrote:For those who use the Knowledge Box Lapbook Journal: the author recommends to organize into 3 sections: On Your Own, Lapbook, then Lab Reports. There are 16 modules and I have some numbered dividers. It makes more sense to me to divide by modules. (So there would be 16 sections.) Is there any downside to this?

Thanks for the help. Trying to gear up for our next "year."
I didn't do it that way with modules, but I often thought, why isn't this by modules? It was doable by sections, the same way mfw K first edition was by sections. I could work with it. wasn't that frustrating... but you know..... by modules should be fine.

I'm trying to think... what might be a road bump... or grrrr moment... no matter what order, there will be flipping around. i can't see a way to easily do the On your own sheets mixed with lab report then back to the On your Own (all of that within the same module).... so there will be some minor flipping around.... sounds minor and not a big deal. Talking one or two sheets of paper versus flipping to another section... minor. I'd try within each module to have On Your Own, followed by Lab, then Study Guide things at the end if you do it by modules. maybe the reason for the original way by sections was to encourage students to have a "separate lab notebook" from "text notebook"... hmm.... maybe by sections is a better idea longer term than it first appears..... so that students get used to having a separate notebook for labs from the rest of their notes?


some experience with that journal? If your student begins to balk at having to writing the On your Own answers..... they really can do it as "self check" out loud as originally set up in apologia text. eventually that section of pages was ignored by middle gal in my family....
and she never made the study guide sheets into a "booklet". wrote some answers and eventually weaned from writing down answers on study guide.
but we liked those lab reports..... :) I was glad to not get the book for Physical. She'll really not needing as much pre made stuff in 8th grade. seeing a lot of growth. I'm glad we used the lab reports in 7th...

how's that for confusing answer? :)

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Re: Gen Sci Apologia Notebook (Lapbook Journal)

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I would divide it however it makes sense to you. We're mostly just using it for the lab reports, and just putting them in the magazine holder that holds all her science books. But, yeah, I would probably divide by Module if I were setting it up as a notebook.

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Apologia General Science - Notebook?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

my3sons wrote:BTDT Mamas- would you recommend the Apologia notebook for this year? We are currently doing Botany and I like having the notebook. I know it is not necessary, but it helps keep us on track a bit. We do not do all the pages, however. Would the same be true for General Science? Thanks!
We have found it helpful for my dd. It helped narrow down what was important in each module. Also, the study questions are in the notebook, with space to write out an answer. And there is a section that has lab reports to fill in. I think there was a sample on their website you could look at. It's a way for the kids to learn to take notes about what they are reading. It offers some fill in the blank ideas, but also different graphic organizers to organize information.
my3sons wrote: Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:41 pm Thank you!!! :)
Posted Thu May 09, 2013 1:40 pm by TriciaMR
We have used it this year. I like that it kept all her notes in one book. The sections in the notebook seem to be broken down similarly to the lesson plans that MFW sells. I also like that the study guide is pre-printed in the notebook, too. I liked it enough to buy the one for Physical Science for next year, too. They have them at Apologia's website and Christian Book Distributor's website.
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Apologia Physical Science question - Notebook?

Unread post by mdarce »

cjgrubbs wrote:I'm planning to purchase Apologia Physical Science with my 8th grader next year. I'm wondering if anyone has purchased and used the Student Notebook along with this? I know MFW doesn't sell it and that it's optional. I'm just thinking it might be helpful to keep my son organized and on track for answering the questions.
We have not used it yet but I have purchased it to use next year . I really like the looks of it. I will say that , having done Apologia General this year withOUT a notebook, it may be a bit of a " step down" in workload, as all the on your own and study guide questions, diagrams and blank lab report sheets are provided. It seems very user friendly and great for a visual learner. I like that everything is all located in one book for easy organization. For what it is worth, my daughter is very excited about it. :-)
cjgrubbs wrote:mdarce - "step down" as in easier or less work for the student? or as in less work for the parent?
sorry , maybe "step down" wasn't the best choice of words. I only meant that compared to doing General Science with out a notebooking component , using the notebook with Physical science will probably seem like less work . My daughter seemed to spend a tremendous amount of time writing out and answering the questions ( I realize not everyone may do this). With the notebook, some of that time will be eliminated. Plus, having everything nicely laid out in one notebook, I believe will be more efficient as well.
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Re: Apologia Physical Science question

Unread post by TriciaMR »

We used the notebook for General Science and I bought the notebook for Physical Science. I feel that it helped my dd realize what was important to take notes on... It has blank charts, areas to write notes in, and then the On Your Own questions with space to write answers, and the study guide with space for answers.

I didn't use the experiment pages - I bought a lapbook from currclick dot com that had Experiment pages with the Procedure section filled in (copying for my dyslexic child is very hard and time consuming), and we used those for the experiments.

For Middle School, I see it as a transition time, and using things to help them learn what to take notes on, how to take them, is fine. We'll gradually be transitioning away from filled in Experiment pages this next year..

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Re: Apologia Physical Science question

Unread post by fdjoyce »

My son used the lap book by Knowledge Box this past year for General Science & we have purchased it to use for Physical Science as well. He is not a "crafty type" but has really enjoyed using it & learned a lot. It has note sheets to answer the questions on as he reads, lab sheets (you can use either the blanks or those with the supplies & steps per-printed,) & then a fold-it or graphic organizer which corresponds to every question at the end of the module.

I wasn't sure if he would want to do it again this year because it does add a little more time to his science but he said he definitely wanted it & feels it helped him learn lots more. We purchased the ebook which is a download & you print the ages yourself & it is only $10. I have never used the apologia notebook but I do highly recommend this resource.
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Re: Apologia Physical Science question

Unread post by kugoi »

We're using the notebook for General Science and it has really helped my dsd organize everythign and know what is important and what isn't. She's not science inclined though so she's still struggling. I may need to look into that lapbook...
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Re: Apologia Physical Science question

Unread post by fdjoyce »

I honestly didn't look at the apologia notebook so I can't compare the two but we have been really pleased with the knowledge box lapbook. I like the ebook because we only print the pages we will be actually using. In my opinion, it has made science easier without losing anything important.

The questions that they answer in the reading are printed on note pages so they simply write their answer under the question. To me this is so much more beneficial than answering on notebook paper because when you go back & look over it you have the question & answer (without having to use time copying questions.). Same for the science experiments- we use the pre-printed pages. I know my son could write the supplies & procedure out but I choose not to have him use his science time in that way. I prefer for him to spend his science time DOING the experiments & learning, not copying stuff. The experiment pages are also available without the supplies & procedure printed in case you prefer it that way.

The last portion are the lapbook pages. There is a foldit for every module study guide question. Often, the information for more than one question is correlated into a single foldit. I love this because they are integrating information instead of just listing answers. For the first few modules assembling the foldits took him a bit of time. They are not difficult & there is a sheet of directions for every modules foldits but as I said before my son IS NOT CRAFTY! I offered to assemble the foldits for him & him just put in the info to save time but to my surprise he wanted to do them. After a few times he got much quicker because the same types of foldits are used again & again & they are pretty self explanatory once you have done a few. You don't actually put the foldits into a traditional lapbook (file folder.). Instead you mount them on card stock & put them into your notebook. They have a page with a border for you to print on cardstock & mount the foldits on but we just use plain cardstock to save ink! These pages are so great in the notebook. For review (or just for fun) it's great to go back through & do the foldits- so much better than reading over pages of notes & questions!

We are finishing up our school year now & my son who used this still has a lot of math & science left that he will be finishing over the summer. (We farm & take a good portion of harvest season off to work.). I offered for him just to read his science & leave off the lapbook portions which would cut his science time in half. He said no, he wants to finish it! That in & of itself says a lot! Science is probably his least favorite subject (although I will say he is a typical firstborn & loves school & learning) so I think anything that helps him enjoy it more & want to do it is great!
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Re: Apologia Physical Science question

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Thanks fdjoyce for posting the info on Knowledge Box. I used the notebook this year with Apologia Astronomy - but if I chose not to do a portion - it is just sitting there blank. I like the Knowledge Box too - now I have a choice of which way to go for general science this year! Thanks!!
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Page #'s when using Apologia CDrom vs. text?

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Ann of MI wrote:I was wondering if any of you have used the CDrom instead of the text for Apologia's Physical Science. He is reading the text from a laptop screen.; however, while doing his reading via his laptop (& the CDrom), there are no page numbers to indicate where to begin/stop reading. HELP!!! :~
HERE IS THE EMAIL RESPONSE I GOT FROM APOLOGIA (in case it helps anyone else):

Thank you for your email. On our General Science book extras
website, we have a daily reading schedule for those students
who are using the full-course CD-ROM.

In the "Student Notes" section of "Before You Begin," under
"Learning Aids," you will see a web address along with a
password that will enable you to enter the book extras
website. Once there, go to "General Links for the whole book."
Click on the link, "Using the Full Course CD with the Student
Notebook," to access the daily reading schedule is it
corresponds to the full-course CD-ROM. It will tell you which
sections to read each day.

In addition to this, you can also view the table of contents
in the textbook on the CD-ROM. When the first menu comes up,
click on "Readme" instead of "Start the Course."

On the last line, "Please see further information and links to
programs in our readme.html," click on "readme.html."

Click on "table of contents" under "How does the material on
the CD correspond to the printed textbook?"

You may find it helpful to print this table of contents since
it correlates section titles with page numbers.
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Re: ?Page #'s when using Apologia CDrom vs. text?

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We are also using this and were a bit confused with page numbers at first but then realized that all the section titles were listed in the assigned reading in the notebook and it was easy to follow in the CD index because the same section titles were listed there.
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