**The many delights of MFW-1st - More testimonies

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**The many delights of MFW-1st - More testimonies

Unread post by Poohbee »

The many delights of MFW First Grade

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 7:46 am

I cannot tell you how much we have been enjoying MFW1 this year. We have just completed Day 7. There have been so many little delights in our days.

First, I love how gently the year begins with a review of the alphabet: letters, sounds, and handwriting. It's nice to do that brief review before digging back into phonics and reading instruction again following the end of MFWK.

I love the gentle approach to math, also. The first week, as we learned about patterns, we did a hands-on activity 4 different days, read math literature 3 days, and did a worksheet one day. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the Complete Book of Math, thinking of how to schedule it. There is just so much material in it. But, as we got started, I could see that it broke itself up pretty easily into the more easy exercises for the first time through the topics and the more challenging things for the second time through. I love knowing that we'll go through each topic twice, so that I can introduce it slowly and gently the first time around and know that we won't miss anything because we can step it up a notch and get more challenging the second time around. Also, the Number of the Day, coin cup, bean cup, and 100 chart activities seemed like a lot when I first read about them, but they go very quickly and are a great way to begin our math time each day!

I love the recipe for the clay jars that is included in the teacher's manual! It was so neat to make that air-dry clay using things I had in my kitchen. My dd wanted her pots to be purple, so we added blue and red food coloring to the water. Our jars and lids turned out great! They are a beautiful lavendar color, and they dried nicely. What a great and easy project!

I love the Peter and the Wolf CD! We were going to listen to it yesterday in school, but we ended up taking a little road trip about half an hour away. So, we ended school a bit early. I decided to listen to Peter and the Wolf in the car. My dds, ages 6 & 2, were both entranced by the story. My 2-year-old dd lasted for about 15 min. before her attention span drifted, but my 6-year-old listened carefully to the whole story. The girls loved that the animals were represented by different instruments, and both my older dd and I couldn't wait to see what would happen in the story.

I love the science topics and the faithfulness of God! My dd really loved learning about worms this past week! She couldn't wait to do the worms-in-a-jar activity! I was a bit worried that we wouldn't find any worms because it has been a bit dry here, but my dh went digging in a corner of our yard last night, and sure enough, we found about 5 small worms. It was so precious to see both dds gently holding the worms in their little garden-gloved hands. :-)

Those are just a few of the delights we experienced in our first few days of MFW First Grade. I thank the Lord for leading us to this wonderful, Biblically-based, hands-on, literature-centered curriculum. I thank the Hazell family for all of the work they've done on this wonderful curriculum! And, I thank all of you on this message board for your questions, responses, and encouragement!

Have a wonderful day in my Father's world!

In Christ,
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Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Poohbee wrote:I cannot tell you how much we have been enjoying MFW1 this year. I thank the Lord for leading us to this wonderful, Biblically-based, hands-on, literature-centered curriculum. I thank the Hazell family for all of the work they've done on this wonderful curriculum! And, I thank all of you on this message board for your questions, responses, and encouragement!
Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 2:03 pm

I could not agree more!!! This feels so much like "home" I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I enjoyed reading your post.

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 10:12 pm

As for our family, we LOVE MFW1. It is the neatest first grade program with everything you need all wrapped up with a bow on it! The phonics go right along with the Bible lessons, which relate to the science lessons, and the hands-on math is fun as well as the Complete Book of Math pages. The extras like art and music are so easy for a mom to use, and my dd just loves them. We're also ready to start sprinkling in Rosetta Stone Spanish now that she's had some exposure to Spanish. That sounds like so much, doesn't it? But we spend anywhere from an hour to two hours a day on school, four days a week. The lessons are concise, rich and effective and perfectly suited to a first grader. I highly recommend it. I'll say a prayer that God guides your decision in the way that best suits your family.
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Unread post by lisa062797 »

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 2:29 pm

I agree too! We did MFW1 last year, and it is a wonderful curriculum. Yes, thank you for sharing...it was a blessing to read and reflect on 1st before we soon start Adventures. The Hazell's have truly put together an absolutely awesome curriculum. God is doing some amazing work here!
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Unread post by StarrMama »

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 9:57 am

So glad to hear your testimony!

We are enjoying Adventures as much as we enjoyed 1st! I second all you said and just love everything as well. I thank God for the Hazell's and this curriculum and the opportunity to stay home with my kids and teach them myself. It is not always easy, but I know that the small sacrifices I make now for my kids will pay off in the long run. I wouldn't want them anywhere else!

May God be glorified in all we (MFW users) do!!!!! And may He use us and our kids to shine our lights and share His love with the lost all around us.
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Testimony for MFW 1, which at first seemed light for my dd

Unread post by 705emily »

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:58 am

I have to say that while last year dd often said "Mom, I don't want to do school," or, "I don't like school," this year she has not said that once!! I credit that to the gentle child-friendly approach MFW1 has.

I think last year (my first year HSing) I pushed too much and this year it just all seems so manageable. I know that's great. I think my tendency is to push, push, push--so it is helpful to me to have a curriculum that is set up by each day so that I don't need to do that. I did call MFW and they did recommend that if things are still too simple--to double up and do 2 days on one--but I think for now I'm going to keep going as we are and to really stress doing her BEST writing, and really BEST of everything--and for her to just still enjoy the time playing and helping me -- she helps me with canning, etc.

I am so thankful for this curriculum--really I am!!! It is such a joy to see God's word exalted! We have SO enjoyed the hands-on activities so far--also in K. This week--we made the sun-dial--LOVED it! We watched All About the Sun--which was fantastic, and today we built a big 2' x 3' floor puzzle of the solar system--that's learning right??

We also made the clay pot (actually had to make 2 because dd carried it around with her all day and oops--it broke), made the scroll and the Jewish calendar. I thank God for bringing this curriculum to our family and for each of you. It just helps to know that you are there to bounce things off of!


Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:47 am

We are on day 18 of MFW1 and day 2 of the Moon week! I have to say I am LOVING MFW. My dd said to me TWICE--"Mom," I like 1st grade!! Are you going to be my teacher in 2nd grade too??" Boy was that music to my ears--especially since last year she didn't seem to enjoy school that much! She especially loves the hands on projects--like the Animal Tales books and the science activities that we are doing in K. She also loves book basket--what a great idea. MFW is giving my kids the love of learning that I so want them to have! And the emphasis on God's word and HIS world is so great as well!

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:06 pm

Just had to share this!! We are doing MFW1 about day 87---and were studying about the Passover. My dd asked, "Mom," "Why don't we have to paint blood over our doors--like they did back then?" I said, well, that's because God sent His son Jesus, who died on the cross and shed His blood for us--and when we believe in Him and are sorry for our sins--he sees that we have been made clean and new by Jesus' blood--so he passes over us and does not punish us!

She said, "Oh, I understand now!" "So you mean that Jesus' blood protects us like the blood on the door protected them??" YES!! I'm just SO happy and excited to have these special opportunities to share God's word. Just being there in that moment was really special for me. Thanks MFW!!

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MFW first grade - Thank you!

Unread post by amelasky »

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 10:37 am

My daughter and I are LOVING our MFW First Grade curriculum. We used MFW K last year (and LOVED it as well!) I am not able to post very often, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of you that do post frequently. I have gained so much insight and encouragement from you all. Whenever we hit a "wall" and start struggling with something, I immediately pray for wisdom and search the previous posts.

Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging each other! Thank you for helping me not become discouraged and for inspiring me....even though you were doing so without knowing it.

God bless you all and have a wonderful school day.
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I am so excited!

Unread post by TammyB »

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:50 pm

My 7 year old is making beautiful progress with his reading. Praise the Lord! He read three times his required reading today!

Homeschool life is good right now. MFW is playing such a huge part in that. Even though I have a degree in secondary English education and taught in the classroom for eight years before beginning hsing, I was wholly and completely clueless about early elementary education. (Analyze Shakespeare...No problem! Teach a five year old? No way!)

I thank God for Marie Hazell who has poured her insight, ideas, wisdom and experience into My Father's World curriculum. It blesses me daily and gives me..... yes, even perfectionistic, overachieving, easily out of balance ME.....a sense of reassurance about the future.

I am excited about today, tomorrow, and all of our future years with My Father's World! Just wanted to share!
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Love it

Unread post by mgardenh »

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:34 pm

I (Dad here) love MFW 1st. I have a special needs daughter and we were doing a diff program and switched in November to this. My daughter likes it, asks for more, and even asked if we could do it one weekend a month too.
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Unread post by momto6 »

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2007 9:06 pm

This is my second year homeschooling and my second year with MFW. My ds6 and I love MFW1. He is a total boy so sometimes we omit coloring but he has really taken off with drawing and writing this year. The reading program is so great and easy to teach and I love that Bible is woven through I recommend it 100%!!!

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 1:23 pm

We're on our second go-round with MFW1 & loving it again. It's been neat to see how the same program can be effective with two very different children. I have found it easy to adapt to suit both their learning styles. My favorite thing is still the character focus (Proverbs) & integrated reading/Bible.

PS - with my son, we started MFW1 in January, after not having a curriculum from starting in August. We stopped in July after finishing the OT portion of the curriculum. It was a perfect fit for our family. We love MFW!
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YAH HOO - MFW math has paid off!

Unread post by Mississippi Jenni »

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:02 pm

We are on day 81 in K. After we figured out how many straws were in the cups I decided to do an experiment. I took all of the straws out and we discussed how many straws are in a bundle. I put the two empty cups next to one another and dropped the bundles in one at a time. They counted by tens to eighty with no problem. They can both also count to 100.

At first I thought that MFW was just not working, but it has all paid off. Ds can also read pretty good when he tries.
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Unread post by RachelT »

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:47 pm

Hi Donna! I just completed MFW 1st with my oldest ds and we will be doing Adventures next year, while my younger dd will finish up MFWK and then begin MFW 1st. I do not know yet how they will work together, but I just love MFW!

MFW 1st gave us a great overview of the Bible and the Proverbs study gave us a lot of verses to ponder and put in our hearts. The Bible Notebook will be one of the most special things to keep from our homeschool work. We have also enjoyed the fun science activities and reading lots of books from the library. I feel like MFW makes it easy for different ages to learn together whenever it's appropriate. I like it that we can do unit studies, Bible, art, music, science together and just do separate math, reading, and writing.

Happy planning!
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Why did I love MFW1?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

*leah wrote:I am just on pins and needles waiting for our materials. :) A little nervous the crafts might be "too much" for my personality, a little nervous it might require lots of prep but SOOOOOOOO EXCITED that Jake will most likely love it. :)
Why did I love MFW1?

* The chronological Bible lessons were awesome
* My dd memorized the books of the Bible - a precious skill
* The timeline is an incredible tool (everyone was jealous of it)
* The science was fun and easy (for me) and not too messy
* The math, especially the lit books, was perfect
* The art lessons actually taught my dd to draw well
* It required almost no prep -- and the hands-on projects were very easy for this uncrafty mommy!

Be sure to check the archive for Quinne's materials lists. She did a great job of listing what you'll need ahead of time. It's not like you need much, but it's nice to see ahead of time.
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Re: Can anyone compare MFW for me?

Unread post by 705emily »

IMO--a lot of why you might pick a particular curriculum relates back to what you are looking for in a curriculum. If you are looking for "hands-on", classical, Bible-centered, chronological history, written for multiple-age kids with a heart for missions--you will probably pick MFW--that's why we did. I have found it to be a very balanced, well-laid out curriculum that is easy to use. It is a great framework that you can either use as is or build on if you want to. One of the unique aspects to MFW is the "book basket". At the back of every teacher's manual is a GREAT list of books--organized by week--all of which have been read by the Hazells. The books are age appropriate, and the summary for each book indicates for the parent, any questionable content. For every week of the school year--there are different recommended books related to the topic being studied that you can either purchase or borrow from the library. This makes the curriculum so rich!! (Of course--if you can't locate the particular recommended book--you can use something similar from your library.)

I can speak to the MFW first grade program. I have used it twice now--and each time I have found it to be such a wonderful foundation for further study. It begins with creation and moves through the Old Testament and then into the New Testament. Proverbs are used as material for handwriting and memorization. The kids make a Bible notebook in which they learn to summarize Bible stories and illustrate them. They read from a Bible reader. They make a timeline. There are numerous projects along the way that they will do like making a bible costume, making a 3D map of the Bible lands, etc. The MFW first grade program is a complete curriculum that includes math and science as well. The math includes everything in terms of scope and sequence that a typical first grade math program would. It is thorough, gentle, and child friendly.

Again--it's what you are looking for in a curriculum. Pray about it. God will show you what's best for your family.!
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Re: Check-in!

Unread post by Angie »

Today we did Day 40 in MFW 1st. My dd, 6, loves school. Her favorite thing right now is reading. She wants to read everything she can get her hands on and drives me crazy. She will interrupt my reading every time she spots a sentence that she can read. We are doing the Book It program this year and I set a goal of 10 books for her to read this month and she is sitting here next to me reading the 10th book and we are just now half way through the month.

The phonics part of this program has been just what she has needed to take off with reading. I'm so thankful that I found MFW 1st. Back on Day 1 she was still sounding out cvc words. Once she started learning the phonics rules it seemed to unlock the door to reading for her and she has just taken off with reading.

The math portion of this program is a lot of fun and has been great too. We especially like the library books on each math topic it seems to draw my dd interest into the math topic and makes her want to learn it more.

Overall I love this program - I just can't wait to get to Adventures!!!
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I just ordered Adventures!!

Unread post by kanderson »

We are finishing up 1st right now and we are love, love, loving it. My son especially likes the Bible notebook and reader. We did MFWK last year and it was great too! We used and are currently using both of the preschool sets with some Rod & Staff mixed in as well for my 4 and 3 year olds. Did I mention we also have a newborn? Oh boy!

Hope everyone enjoys MFW as much as we do!
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1st grade-

Unread post by gratitude »

We absolutely LOVED MFW Grade 1. The Bible History, Drawing book, science, Bible notebook, etc. are all wonderful. My ds6 finished MFW K last month and is really wanting to continue learning to read, so I am looking forward to starting it over again soon. Enjoy!
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MFW 1st

Unread post by meljen »

I've sort of hit the ground running with this curriculum (we started only a week after it got here, lol). Yeah, we're having a blast! Some days are hard, and the writing is a BIG push for our daughter, as is the math (she has a hard time with comprehension sometimes, she's a daydreamer like me :-) ) ...but it is SO MUCH FUN!
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Fun little thing she does with math probs...

Unread post by asheslawson »

My dd in 1st has been struggling to read - but is finally getting a bit better - she was great until we gave her multiple sounds for vowels!!! Then we started talking about consonants that can make other sounds like 'G' & 'C'!!! AAAAH - she was ready to bail! But things are getting smoother with a lot of patient practice...phew!

However - when it comes to math - she LOVES it! I always save it for last as a reward (who knew)?? And she attacks her math papers with zeal!

Lately, she has started doing something that I think is pretty neat...she is working in the math book that comes with MFW 1st Deluxe. When there are multiple math problems on the page running in neat little rows - or even sometimes on the pages with cute little pics that hold groups of math probs..she likes to work the problems that she is supposed to...but then she does something else. She will work some problems in between...such as if she has 8-3=5 and 16-11=5 side by side (or one on top of the other) - she will circle the two problems with the answer (5 if using the example just used) she's solved and write a 10 between the problems (the answer to the new problem she sees by adding the two answers together). She will usually pick the doubles to do this on (such as 10 & 10, 5 & 5, 1 & 1, 2 & 2). I was puzzled at first at why she was solving them correctly, but circling 2 problems and writing a number in between that always was the answer to adding the two answers together of the problems on the page. When I asked her she said she 'sees' or 'imagines' those answers when she solves the 1st problems so she goes ahead and writes them down for me!

I just thought it was a fun little thing and it just makes me smile to see her so excited about math (particularly since my boys are more into history, science, reading, etc. & I was never that thrilled with math either)! Sure hoping I have a future mathematician on my hand...I'm terrible at upper level math!
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Finally ordering! Questions

Unread post by afelton »

2girls2boysnme wrote:If I am looking for something to do over the summer with my younger daughter who struggled in public school first grade with reading and spelling, would it be a good idea to go ahead and purchase the first grade program and use parts of it with her (I plan to use it for my son in several years anyway, or, is it possible that I will then have an outdated ed). I will have to purchase K next year as well as adv and hs, so I am trying to spread out the buying.
Welcome to MFW. I just finished MFW 1 with my son. I will say that it really helped him with his reading. He is reading chapter books with only minimal help. If you purchase 1st grade you could just use the bible reader, bible notebook, workbook and math. Then she could join the others in the rest of ECC.

If your manual becomes outdated before your next child needs it then you can trade your old one in for I think only 45 dollars or so??? You can only trade it in if you purchase it new though. Something to consider. Like you said, you will need it in a couple of years anyway. Blessings as you decide!

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First Grade: first day a success, despite...

Unread post by Yodergoat »

We had our first day of First Grade here today! Can't believe I have a first grader... probably my only time to have one. I am going to try to really enjoy this year, as we did in K!

I'd had great plans to really get everything for First all ready and planned out. 8| Didn't really end up that way... VBS prep,sickness, and [gallbladder attack] got in the way. But I had told Gail we were starting today, so I kept my promise despite not having everything squared away to my liking. I hastily made copies of the number of the day sheet and such. After we had measured her height and marked it on the wall with the date (about an inch and a half above the K line), took pictures and prayed, we actually dove in. It was lots of fun!

We had gotten a craft project together as a "first day surprise," a wooden hinged box for her to paint like a treasure box, in which we will put cards with her Proverbs memory work... I had read the idea on here, I think. After she had finished all the other work, plus a reading from the Apologia Zoology 1 which we are also doing, she got to do her box. She loved it!

I am really liking the curriculum. It came together without all that planning I had thought I needed. And it was funny how Gail kept saying things as I was reading from the manual about scrolls and pottery jars... it was like MFW had read her little mind:

"Oooh, can we make a scroll? I love Bible times scrolls."

"Yes, we will make a scroll soon, out of your alphabet sheets."

"With rods and everything? Yay! I love this school!"

Then, "Oooh, can I make a pottery jar?"

"Yes, we will make a pottery jar tomorrow."

"Really?!? I can't believe how fun first grade is going to be!"

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I must share...

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

We just finished our Summer Reading program at our library and my 7 yo dd read 53 books over the course of 7 weeks!!! :-) She started the school year with little confidence in her reading abilities, could read simple three letter words and was balking at further instruction. I was at a loss. At the convention last spring, I fell in love with MFW and throughout the school year I have loved how well thought out the lessons are and how complete everything is. Having struggled two years with my ds and reading, I am amazed at how much my dd has blossomed within the past year and how well she is reading! Her summer reading list includes simple chapter books and even a few simple non-fiction books. Now she sits with a pile of books and is so engrossed it is slightly hilarious. She walked into the library today reading a book!! Just had to finish one more...the librarian was even trying to get her attention but she was so in the zone she didn't hear her. Lol. I am finding books everywhere!

A HUGE thank you MFW for an excellent 1st grade curriculum! :)

And the "honey for a child's heart" has given us help on choosing books for the older one - he read a 400 page book in one week!! this is the child that I thought would never read. Heehee. :-)
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Re: I must share...

Unread post by Mom2theteam »


Our experience was the same. I don't know how many books Zack read for his summer reading program because I have not counted, many more than required. At that beginning of 1st, he was barely reading CVC words. He HATED reading...anything to do with it. He complained and complained. Somewhere around day 90 of 160 days of 1st (old edition), he started to complain less and even started to read on his own. He would come back from AWANA (where he took his Bible reader for points) and say, "I read 3 stories today while waiting to say my verses." :-) It was awesome!

Now, I can't keep him out of books. He just said to me today, "I used to not like to read, but now I love to read. It's fun!" :-)

He sticks with high level easy readers and tons of nonfiction. His favorite things to read are nonfiction about animals. He really enjoys it. I've had to push him a little to get him to read fiction, but he has come around. :)

Right now, he is glued to an A Beka reader. Someone gifted us the 2nd grade A Beka readers. The last one is level 2.9 (so supposed to be farthest into the 2nd grade year, most advanced). But, it is the only one that is nonfiction and about animals. (Called All About Animals) He insisted on reading that one and he is doing great! I'm wondering if I should get him the 3rd grade readers.

Yay for MFW and our progressing readers!!!! It makes my heart swell just thinking about how far he has come. :-)
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Re: I must share...

Unread post by kw4blessings »


Our experience is similar as well. My daughter began 1st last fall with very little confidence in reading even CVC words. She had an amazing turn around in late fall/early winter and realized that she loved to read! We picked up two Boxcar children books at the library last Monday and by Tuesday she had finished both. :-) She would rather read now than do just about anything else. I can't believe how far she has come in less than a year.

This would be a good thread to add to the recent one questioning the "light" nature of MFW K and 1st. Gentle? Yes. Fun? Yes. Light? No way! Thank you Marie!!

**LOVE that your dd walked into the library reading! Awesome.
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How is everyone's school year going???

Unread post by kw4blessings »

We are going through 1st grade for the second time and I'm being reminded how much I love MFW. My son is soaring through the early phonics lessons and loving everything. I wasn't sure if I was going to use the math as written in the 1st manual until several weeks before we started school, but I'm so glad we went with it! He is a math boy and likes to give me mental math problems to work out with him just for fun. We are moving through the math at a quicker pace but he is loving the hands on. I love the new manual's approach to the number of the day. It's not too different from the first version, but seems to work much better!
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