Schedule - Can I start MFW-K in the wrong season? Midyear?

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Schedule - Can I start MFW-K in the wrong season? Midyear?

Unread post by kellybell »

Guest wrote:I just ordered MFW-K for my son, and am excited to receive it and start using it. I will need to wait till the material arrives, and look it over, before I decide whether to jump right in and start it now, or wait till September.

I hope to start it now, but if it seems like the Seasons wont match up right with the lessons, I will wait till September. Looking forward to becoming part of the MFW family! This website, and message board, are both so helpful. Thanks!

I think you'll like MFW. It's gentle but it's also got a lot of good learning in it. I wouldn't worry too much about lining up the seasons to fit the curriculum. Instead, start when your son is ready and work at his speed.

When you start in the fall, you'll probably be able to visit the U-Pick apple farm during a-a-apple week, and while that is nice, it's not required. I found that it's just fine, in fact it's downright nice, to do some activities a bit out of order. Let's assume that you started in January and did a-a-apple in February. You will be able to do an apple taste test due to the supply at grocery stores and you'll be able to make a nice warm pie. Then, in September, when the U-pick orchard is ready for apple picking, you spend a day remembering the a-a-apple activities you did 7 months ago, maybe watch a video or read a book on apple orchards and the next day go to the apple farm. The review a few months later actually seems to make the learning "stick" more than doing it all in one week. Well, that's my experience. It will be just as special doing it a half year later if you spend a day (or a morning) reviewing what you learned earlier.

Also, if you hit b-b-butterfly during a cold month, simply wait until summer. You can say, "remember when we learned about butterflies? Well, now we'll see them grow!" You said your son is 6.5 years old, so why not give him a butterfly garden for his 7th birthday which is probably summer time? Order the caterpillars to arrive at his birthday and have fun!

We've hit some of these units at unusual times and have saved some activities for months later and have enjoyed reviewing what we learned. The kids were (and me too) delighted to realize they remembered what they learned months earlier.

So, start when your son is ready and go at the right pace for him and if you need to, schedule some activities based on the weather where you live.

Have fun!
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Starting MFW K late in the year . . .

Unread post by LoveBaby »

racegirl wrote:Is there any rearranging recommended if K is going to be started this late in the year? I'm thinking particularly with science stuff, if some of it's seasonal. We may still stretch it out over all next year, but she's really excited about starting and so am I. She knows her sounds and can read short three letter words, although she is not used to copying more than a couple words at a time. Do you see any problem with slowly getting started now? Thanks so much!!!! Lisa
No, I don't think it would be a problem to start slowly right now. Off the top of my head, I can't think of too many things that would be seasonal, except maybe the leaf rubbings in the L unit. You could always wait on that activity and do it in the spring.
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Re: Starting MFW K late in the year . . .

Unread post by cbollin »

There are alternative activities listed in each unit (or you can look for other alternatives on the Kindy ideas forum) if something seasonal pops up in science. in Sun unit -- you don't have to make raisin from grape (I managed to do that indoors in the winter), you can just do other activity such as weather chart instead.

seasonal stuff, hmm... thinking out loud.

You can just use indoor plants for L L leaf unit if needed. If they don't get a full leaf collection, it'll be ok. or go to floral shop and ask for something and tell them it's for school and show them the manual. They might even give you a less than perfect/old flower.

You can go to the grocery store for apples.

We did our butterfly garden in the summer months, took pictures, then reviewed it all when we came to the unit during school.

ants -- same idea....

I think in general it works fine to start at whatever time of the year. MFW K does not have to be started in the fall in order to do the units. You might adjust some activities, or remember to do a field trip at a time much later in the year than when you study the science theme. We did that with the apple. We had already done A A apple, and it was several weeks later before our local co-op took a field trip to the big apple orchard. It was fine to review and talk later.

I do not recommend that the units be taught out of order as they are chosen to integrate with phonics lessons and the phonics lessons are arranged in a certain order to pick up the pace in learning how to read. Also, some lessons are done together in groupings so that they have a connection to each other.

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Re: Starting MFW K late in the year . . .

Unread post by LoveBaby »

racegirl wrote:Thank you so much Crystal and Jesse! I'm off to order. One more thing . . . I can't get the deluxe package right now, just the basics. How soon do you use the butterfly kit and anthill? How about the math manipulatives? I won't be able to get them for a while. Thanks so much!!!!
I think the anthill is lesson 11 and the butterfly kit is 22 or maybe later. You don't *have* to have the ant hill on lesson 11 though. We bought it around lesson 20 or so and my children still loved it. Those types of things are fun whenever you can add them in. We just talked about how hard the ants were working building their home. We never did get the butterfly garden but we did watch Braconid wasps hatch off of a tomato worm. Equally cool, I think!
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Question about time of year to start K curr.

Unread post by finley3001 »

Chic_Mama wrote:I am considering starting MFW Kindergarten curriculum next January with my son, but I was just wondering if any of the units are dependent on being done at a certain time of year. Is it going to throw things off if we start in the middle of the year instead of the beginning?
We started K last March and it was totally fine. There were a few units (like Apple) that would have been ideal to do during another time of year but those were few and far between. You can always review a unit during the time of year it would "fit." For example, if you did Apple in January you could visit an apple orchard in September and review the words to remember, make apple pie, etc. then.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Question about time of year to start K curr.

Unread post by jasntas »

We did our butterfly unit the first of Feb and it turned out fine. We just couldn't release them due to the cold weather. I just had to remember to "feed" them. But no big deal.
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Re: Question about time of year to start K curr.

Unread post by Chic_Mama »

Great! Thank you so much!

Couple more questions about Kindergarten from a newbie m

Unread post by cbollin »

kewkew34 wrote:I was so excited to be ordering next month, now I guess I will be waiting until March as I was reading the thread about the updated Kindergarten.
I had another question. Is the curriculum set up assuming people are going to be starting in the Fall. In other words are there lessons that will have to take place in the fall and in the spring, in which case it would not be recommended to start, say during the summer? Am I making any sense. Thank you.
I've done MFW K (1st edition ) twice. One time we started in the spring. It was fine. One time we started in fall. It was fine. There are a few times where a field trip is recommended (like the apple unit) that you might schedule when the field trip makes sense. It is set up with traditional school year start, but even when I started in spring, I didn't find it a big deal. We did the ants and butterfly when it was fun. I didn't worry about that lining up exactly with the units either. Oh.. I remember we did those in summer both times.. then took pictures... and reviewed the pictures in the unit. So if you do the butterfly garden and ant hill and it isn't exactly when it pops up in unit.. it's ok :)

If you start in winter and sun unit isn't working.. there are other ideas to work around that for drying a grape into a raisin. Funny story on that for me.... we got some grapes one time. .and unknown to me, one of them dropped out of the baggie,. My youngest or someone picked it up and placed it in a warm cabinet in our room temperature kitchen..... guess what? it still turned into a raisin!

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Re: Couple more questions about Kindergarten from a newbie m

Unread post by far above rubies »

I agree... this is my 2nd time using K and we started at different times of the year. The biggest issue was getting the ants/butterflies when we did the unit, but it's not a huge deal not to do those things at the exact time of the unit.
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Re: Couple more questions about Kindergarten from a newbie m

Unread post by Yodergoat »

I'm doing K right now... loving it!

Regarding which season and how that lines up... we started K at the traditional time for our school district (early August), but have gone pretty slowly because we only get in four days per week due to going to co-op once a week. The only unit so far that hasn't lined up well is the I-i-insect unit. (I think that was unit 11?) It was just too cold for us to order our ants or to look for insects outside. Best we could do was a look at a somewhat torpid ladybug which was crawling around in the house. :) Mayhap if we were a little more ahead we could have gotten the ants, as it was just barely too cold here in TN. I doubt it will be incredibly warm during B-b-butterfly (21) either... but we raised our butterflies back in September and will just review the pictures. Or we may order more, since it was so fun!

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Re: Couple more questions about Kindergarten from a newbie m

Unread post by CaseyVG »

We started at the beginning of August, and we live in Wisconsin. We are mostly done with lesson 15. The insect lesson didn't line up too good, as we weren't able to go outside and observe insects, but we did order our ants, they came the day after Thanksgiving. We just finished all the farm animals, and it would have been nice to go to a petting zoo, or a regular zoo since we're doing Elephants right now, but it's just too cold. But we will be able to do that stuff in the spring. We have watched some animal movies instead, which they have been fine with.

If you'd like to see what we do every week, I have a blog that I've been posting our highlights on. It's Just go to the homeschool links tab on the top and you can click on each lesson to see what we've done.

I'm sure you'll have a great kindergarten year no matter when you start!

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Re: Couple more questions about Kindergarten from a newbie m

Unread post by MelissaB »


We started K in early July and it worked out just fine.

Enjoy the new stuff that's in K! The K curriculum is just wonderful. You'll really enjoy it. :-)

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Re: Couple more questions about Kindergarten from a newbie m

Unread post by kewkew34 »

Sorry it took me so long to get back on here and reply. Your replies have been very helpful. I am looking forward to starting MFW.
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Regret that I didn't choose MFW K

Unread post by mothermayi »

HSMom03 wrote:Every year I do this to myself! I choose something besides MFW and then regret it. Last year I chose a curriculum from another company, and wished I had chosen MFW K. Then we decided to wait a year on K anyway (late birthday), so I was excited again thinking that we'd get to do MFW K this year. Well, I've done it again and I decided to piece my own curriculum together. Now I find myself wishing I had just ordered MFW K! I'm not sure what my question is, I guess I am just hoping someone will talk me into spending the money (I've already spent quite a bit) and starting MFW K as soon as we receive it. We are 3 weeks into our school year. My son will turn 6 late fall.

What would you do? I suppose I could start MFW 1st with him in January, at least we'd be switching to MFW :). Then I might feel like I'm not exactly wasting money since I'd be purchasing 1st grade (we already have so many K materials)! Don't know if that is even a good idea or makes sense! I would just hate for us to miss out on the K program. It looks so fun and organized. Love that everything is so Bible-based. Either way, thanks for letting me ramble.
Sorry I don't have any advice on placement, as we are just beginning MFW K, PreK, and RTR. However, I have been in your place recently. I felt a tugging on my heart to go with MFW but I kept fighting it. It just didn't *look* like it was sufficient to me bc I didn't see a plethora of books. So I bought another well known boxed curriculum for kindy. I still felt uneasy about my decision but hey, at least I had a lot of books so I could *see* where the money went, right?... I couldn't shake the feeling that I was suppose to go with MFW K so finally I just sold the other curriculum and bought MFW.

I felt such a sense of peace afterwards. My dd5 has learned so much about God and science over the last month! She asks for more school each day. She is blossoming into a young girl with a heart for our Savior and I thank MFW for providing the structure I needed to begin biblically teaching the young ones. Go with your heart. Even if you have to sell the other program first. Go with your heart and find peace in your curriculum choice :-). Blessings!
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Re: Regret that I didn't choose MFW K

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

Well, if you want me to talk you into K, I can definitely do that. ;)

Personally, I have hesitated to get MFW, but done it anyway. I am SO happy I decided to go with it. I don't know why but I came really close to changing after K...I have grass is greener syndrome, what can I say? &) It wasn't until after we were almost finished with grade 1 that I really fully grasped the amazing awesomeness that MFW K and 1st are. They work together SO perfectly. The blending foundation that the phonics in K gives is really, really good. My son can blend anything. The LA in 1st is really good. My son was struggling in LA as we came into first. (nothing to do with K, just him) He is advanced and even enjoys reading and writing when he hated it as we started 1st. (he is 8wks into 2nd now, BTW.) So, for me, hind sight being 20/20, I never plan to use anything other than MFW K and 1st to teach those foundational phonics. It's too good to use anything else.

This isn't even touching the Bible or science portion of K (or 1st). The words to remember (Bible) are really good. My kids are often quoting them to themselves, to each other and even to us. It's gentle and strong at the same time. It's firm but not pushy. My kids love the badges (although, they don't wear them as badges. We put them up on our wall in the kitchen.) It's really great.

The science is so much fun. My oldest learned SO much from science in K. We checked out a lot of books on the topics and really expounded on them and he learned a ton.

We are doing K a second time now with my twin K'ers. We are doing the Bible, but very little of the science. It's sad to me that we aren't doing as much of the science. But, that is life with lots of littles. They tag along with the oldest in science and history with Adv. They actually did a lot of K with him anyway. I hope to repeat K in it's entirety when my twin 3 year olds hit K.

As for starting 1st in Jan. You could do that...if he is ready. My son is an older for grade student. He has an Oct b-day. I started the year before he would have started K and ended up putting it away also. For mine, I don't think he would have been ready for 1st in Jan, shortly after turning 6. MFW 1st is quite a bit more work and more intense than K. I liked the gentle intro to formal schooling that K gave. He was definitely ready for 1st when it came, but I wouldn't have wanted to start it sooner. But, of course, that is just my experience.

At any rate, I encourage you to invest in MFW 1st. It is so wonderful! The Bible integration is phenomenal and the phonics and LA is outstanding too. I admit, I didn't realize how good it was till we were almost done. But, now I see the results and all I can say is "wow!" So, go for it!

As for buying K now, pray about it. God will lead you to what is best for your family. Either way, I pray you find peace for this year. Have a wonderful year in K!!!
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Re: Regret that I didn't choose MFW K

Unread post by hsm »

In my experience when I continually feel pulled one direction and go a different direction, it is usually God leading me the other way. When I don't listen, I don't have peace. This applies to my life in all areas not just homeschooling. This is only my 2nd year homeschooling and my first year with MFW. I am doing MFW K and ECC. Last year, I pieced my own stuff together. While the year wasn't awful, I didn't feel a sense of peace. I had been drawn repeatedly to MFW and I had good friends try to talk me away from it because they are eclectic/piece their stuff together veteran homeschoolers. I listened to them the first year. While they are not necessarily doing the wrong thing for their families, their way wasn't right for my family and for me. This year, I heard and listened to God and purchased MFW. Boy, I am ever so grateful for this curriculum on so many levels. I cannot express that enough. The material is fantastic, the online support here is amazing, and the customer service is stellar. All of that combined with strong yet gentle academics and a strong biblical foundation!

As far as spending more money...ugh...I hear you on that one. No one likes to do that. If it isn't too much of a financial strain, maybe just purchase the basic package? I think it is worth the money. The peace you feel could be well worth the money you spend. If you are really feeling pulled to MFW, it could be God leading you here :) If you think your son would be ready for 1st in January, then you could just do that, but I am loving the K program and wouldn't want to miss it. It is so sweet and gentle, yet thorough. My son will be 6 mid October so he is an older K-er also and we just started K. It is perfect for him. Each child is different though. My son wouldn't be ready for 1st shortly after turning 6. He is strong academically, but he has fine motor delays and needs more time to mature and from what I understand 1st picks up pretty quickly. Whatever you choose to do, pray and go from there. I pray for a wonderful year for you with a peaceful and joyful heart in your decision.
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Re: Regret that I didn't choose MFW K

Unread post by gratitude »

How is your son's reading and writing? Would he place at this point in MFWK or MFW1? Where do you think he will place in January? Is he reading three letter words easily? I am trying to help with your January for MFW1 idea! :-)

MFW1 was our first MFW program. It is still my favorite of the MFW programs I have done.

My oldest started it when he was 6 1/2. He was reading 3 letter words easily; plus some longer words. His writing was about what a student would have at the end of MFWK. It worked out well for us. He was 1/2 way through his K year at that point.

So.... if he is ready for MFW1 now or in January I would just go ahead and do MFW1. If the phonics in MFWK are something you still need then that would make more sense if you decide to switch to MFW.

I guess I would add:

Look realistically at where your son is as far as reading goes and what he honestly needs. Pray about it. God's leading does matter in home school decisions. Different curriculum can also meet our needs in different seasons. What is right for one season may not be another. I have no idea what is best for your son's K year. I do know though it sounds like MFW will be a part of your journey at some point. MFW has blessed us, and I hope it does for you as well.
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Re: Regret that I didn't choose MFW K

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I bought MFW-K even though it was for my grandson, and even though I would only be able to squeeze in small portions since he went to full-day public-school kindergarten. No regrets here.

Last week he watched the movie Daddy Daycare, and so this week he decided he should run a daycare for children to teach them about... the Bible. So, his "play" this week is carefully planning out what little children need to know about God :) I really feel MFW-K has been more than a little extra help in reading -- it's given him the understanding of his world and of his Creator that he craved, written just at his age level, and the lessons are so very understandable to him.

I don't regret the expense even though we use such a small portion of K II

gratitude wrote:A Beautiful Story of your grandson at play Julie. Thank you for sharing.
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Re: Regret that I didn't choose MFW K

Unread post by jhagberg »

I bought MFW 1st in April with the intention of starting it this fall. My son started learning his ABCs in March, so I "knew" that with a whole summer to go, he would be ready for 1st Grade by his 6th birthday in October. Well, after finishing the other ABCs program in record time, I decided to buy MFW K, and we started that in June. I was sure that he would fly through it, but I was wrong! MFW K is so rich and full that we are actually moving through it at a normal pace--even though he already learned all his ABCs (with short and long vowels) in the spring! Will we be done before Christmas? Will he start 1st Grade in January? I don't know, but I'm not worried about it. We are enjoying this program so MUCH! :-)

Side note: The solid review of phonics is great, and it is really helping my 5th grader with spelling (who never grasped phonics before). He sings the short vowel songs with us!

I am the mother of 4 boys, and I've been using MFW since 2010. :-)
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Re: Regret that I didn't choose MFW K

Unread post by HSMom03 »

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the helpful responses. I don't know why I had the "start 1st grade in January" idea. I really don't think he'd be ready for that. So I guess that answers that question! I think I just wanted to switch to MFW as soon as possible - haha! There is just something about this curriculum that keeps drawing me to it. However (at this point), I am leaning toward making what we have work for us this year. I did notice quite a few similarities between the curriculum that I pieced together and MFW K. Imagine all the time and money I could have saved had I gone with MFW K! :-) Not to mention all the other benefits... supporting bible translation, family unity - I love that my 3yo could be working on the same student sheets as his big brother! That is what he wants to do anyway. Plus, I would just feel more organized. There is a small chance that I might still order MFW K and hopefully start it by October. Then I could sell some of the materials we are using now and recover most of the cost that way. I just wish it wasn't so much work to sell our stuff, order new curriculum, and get started all over again! I am going to pray about it. If we wait until next year, I will remember this when I am planning for 1st grade. It does keep tugging at me! Thanks again!

Postby HSMom03 » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:24 pm

On second thought, maybe I will be ordering soon. MFW K is still tugging at me! I am also having a very difficult time getting my son to do any "school work" and he keeps saying that "school is boring" :(.
Julie in MN wrote:Prayers for you to find peace as you try to do what's best for your little guy!
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Re: Regret that I didn't choose MFW K

Unread post by asheslawson »

I agree with Julie in praying you find peace. It is tough. The first few years I homeschooled, I kept wavering - but I am thankful I always ended up getting MFW despite wondering if I should try something else. Their plan has REALLY worked. I have deviated just a little with writing - but otherwise I have followed their plan and I am so pleased. This year I am homeschooling another child who was public schooled until now, he and my son went to the same public school until 3rd grade. My 3rd grade daughter can almost do all the math he can - and though he's not really behind - he struggles so much with the basics. I am so thankful for the foundation of core basic knowledge that MFW helped build with my children at a slow gently pace. I can truly see the result of it now in my children as they have developed skills I never even realized they had until this year when things really reached a point of "this is working"!

My dd started with MFW K, she turned 6 at the end of September & I started her in late August, at the beginnning of the school year, right when she would have started K with public school. No regrets - and WONDERFUL memories! So, though I don't think you HAVE to switch to MFW when you've already spent money on other items - I also don't think it's too late by any means. You can still finish school by late May or early June if you started now, I think. Whatever you decide, know this - I was always second-guessing my choices - I wanted to provide them the best academic opportunities I could and I wanted to undergird them with a firm foundation in the Word. But rest easy, that is evident that you want that too - I remember my frantic indecision. If you taught from nothing more than the bible and few phonics and math items - you would do just fine. But - I will tell you that I always wish I'd found MFW with my ds and started homeschooling earlier, because I yearn to go back & do MFW K again! It was such a precious, sweet year!
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