Student Sheets - Descriptions, Questions

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Student Sheets - Descriptions, Questions

Unread post by gratitude »

Adventures Notebook - Anyone supplement much with it?
Mamto2PeasinaPod wrote:I wish there were more examples on this site of the notebook sheets. I was looking over a nice state curriculum. I am wondering if I can actually have both and still make it all work together! :-)

Editor's Note: Samples of the Student Sheets can now be found under the "Contents/Samples" tab on the Adventures package web page!
I will try and describe the notebook pages! :-) ;)

The ones for History have a top part that has a picture to do with the subject being studied, for example a picture of a Viking Ship. This picture can be colored by the student, but does not have to be. I bought the sheets for my ds8, doing ADV, and my ds6 & dd4 to join in some. They color the top part of the sheet while I read the story that goes with the picture. The bottom part has student lines for the written summary my ds8 uses this part. There are other sheets that have to do with the Nutcracker and various Historical figures.

Then next is the state sheets. Each one has the state bird for coloring, and stickers to put on for each flag for each state (I think a flag to color too?). The stickers are the state flags. Then on the back are various facts about the state being studied. There are 50 state sheets, one for each state.

I am really glad that I bought the student sheets. My children enjoy coloring them, and then they provide a place for the summaries. I like things organized, and the sheets are organized. I also have only so many hours in a day with 4 young children, so I am very grateful for the time and effort Marie put into these sheets and that I can benefit. It would take me hours & hours & hours to reproduce them and all of the information they contain on the back of the state sheets.

I hope this helps, and that I didn't cross any copyright laws in my descriptions.
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Re: Adventures Notebook - Anyone supplement much with it?

Unread post by MicheleMomOfTwo »

We just completed Adventures last year and really loved it. I did not supplement my Notebook, and didn't feel I needed to. I used a 1" three-ring binder and it is stuffed full now. Some of the items included are:

journaling pages that have already been mentioned, with a picture or a title at the top (sometimes student draws the picture), and lines for student to journal below.
lyrics to all the patriotic songs (my daughter decorated them)
student made copy of Poor Richard's Almanac
copy of Declaration of Independence
STATE SHEETS (these were so awesome, and very thorough... color the state/flower/bird and add flag sticker)
coloring pages for various patriotic symbols such as Statue of Liberty
morse code
and we included our apple survey done while studying Washington state

I didn't find the need to supplement - our days were plenty full. If I were going to go back and add anything, we'd just read more of the book basket books (as opposed to doing more worksheets). If you do supplement, make sure to get a bigger than 1" binder to hold them all! :)

Hope this was helpful,
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Re: Adventures Notebook - Anyone supplement much with it?

Unread post by Mamto2PeasinaPod »

You are all so helpful! Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to share this.
I actually did go to the convention in my state and did see the ADV notebook but I don't remember if it had everything in it and it has been a little while. So I needed a memory refresher. Thank you!!

This is my first year homeschooling and I'm a teacher as well.... and I think I'm more nervous about teaching my own children than I've been about anyone else's. :-)
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Notebook in Adventures

Unread post by Ohmomjacquie »

Melany wrote:This may be a silly question. But we are getting ready to start Adventures tomorrow (I'm so excited!!) and I was putting together the notebooks.

There is the front cover sheet for the United States notebook, but what do we use for the other notebook?

Is the "Student Sheets" sheet the one that goes in the front of it?

Did you do a 3rd separate notebook for the Nature notebook or did you just combine it with the other one?
I didn't use anything for the other one.

For nature stuff we haven't done much yet but I will probably add it in souk her science stuff. Hth.and have fun tomorrow!
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Re: Adventures Notebooks

Unread post by Poohbee »

I can just tell you what we've done to give you some ideas. For Adventures (and each of the other years), we keep two notebooks. I use three-ring binders with a clear window on the front that you can put a cover page in and page protectors. One is a history notebook (1" binder) and the other is for all of the other subjects (2 1/2 " or 3" binder). We use the cover page that comes with the student sheets for the history notebook, and my girls make their own cover page for the other notebook. They draw a picture and write the current school year and grade on the sheet. Within the other subjects notebook, we use index dividers to make sections for science, math, language arts, etc. At the end of the school year, I take all of the sheets out of the page protectors and bind them together with my comb binder to make them into a book. Then, we reuse the binders and page protectors for the next year. That's just what we do for notebooks and organization, but there are lots of ways to do it.
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Sample for "Adventures in...History" STUDENT PGS??

Unread post by Bret Welshymer »

jamieleigh1979 wrote:I'm considering using MFW in the fall. The Student Pages for Adventures in US History -- how many pages is it? It's helpful to see the instructor manual, but I'd love to be able to look at ALL the products.

Thanks so much!
Adventures Student Sheets include over 160 pages used throughout the year.

Student Sheets are convenient consumable pages designed to make life easier for Mom! Create lasting notebooks for each child as you complete activities scheduled in the Teacher’s Manual. Student Sheets include history or geography notebook pages, map work, hands-on projects, science activities, writing projects, games, and timeline figures.

One set of Student Sheets is included in a Deluxe or Basic Package. Purchase additional sets so that all your 2nd-8th graders have their own. (Student Sheets include cardstock, color printing, and colored paper and may not be photocopied.) We recommend purchasing Student Sheets for ages 3-1st grade as well—building unity in the family as younger children participate in games, activities, and projects with big brothers and sisters.
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Re: Sample for "Adventures in...History" STUDENT PGS??

Unread post by jamieleigh1979 »

I'm really interested in the Student Pages, as I like the idea of workbook-type activities that my daughter can do. (I'm assuming the new student book is very similar to the old?)

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Re: Sample for "Adventures in...History" STUDENT PGS??

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Hi Jamie,
You can see the two pages that are used during week 11, the week that is in the sample teacher's manual -- one notebooking page for history and one coloring page for music. The two pages are done by one child, and MFW always tries to show samples by the most average of children, not the fancy-dancy pages that some children out there create :)

I'm not sure that you will find lots of "workbook" type activities in MFW. The focus is more on Charlotte Mason ideas of listening and telling back in order to learn. Because we have small class sizes (LOL), we can avoid the busywork of keeping children writing in workbooks. Not to say that children never write. They create a notebook of history using the student sheets, they do Bible verse copywork, and have various assignments in spelling and language arts.

The student sheets have 160 pages with a variety of things, but the largest groups I can think of are:
- 50 two-sided State pages that they put in their notebook in the order that states joined the union (the back of each page has tons of interesting facts, and the front has the flag, state bird, and state flower that can be colored to match the bird/flower flashcards)
- The bird/flower flashcards
- State flag stickers
- History pages where they tell back what they have learned, such as the one in the sample with the picture of George Washington and the lines to write, or one with a Viking ship to color and lines to write
- Pages that are cut out and put on a timeline (the second photo here is from Adventures ... 976#p28384 )
- Maps
- Lyrics to patriotic songs
- Historical pages such as the Declaration of Independence and the Morse Code
- Coloring pages for music, patriotic symbols, etc

Oh, and if you are having trouble seeing the new samples they started up, refresh your screen.

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Re: Sample for "Adventures in...History" STUDENT PGS??

Unread post by jamieleigh1979 »

Thanks very much for your reply! I appreciate the info... Continuing to think on this... Will it ever end!?! LOL
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Adventures: Bible & History, together or separate??

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

Smoakhouse wrote:Hi all,
I wanted to go ahead and set up the History Notebook with the pages already in it. But I see that the Bible & History pages are mixed together. Are they taught together much like 1st grade or are they more separate subjects that can be done completely separately? From a quick look over the lesson plans I thought they looked separate.
They look separate to me. I've found that the student sheets are put together by week/unit. So, you might have a Bible sheet after a history sheet, but that is because they are scheduled the same day or week. If you want all the history sheets already in the notebook, which I may do also, just pull them out and put them in leaving the Bible ones in the pack for when you need them.
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Re: Adventures: Bible & History, together or separate??

Unread post by DaniWestRN »

In Adventures, yes, Bible and History are taught separate. Bible and Science are actually the two subjects that feed off each other. The student sheets are "mixed" together because they are organized by when they are used (week/unit) NOT by their subject.
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Re: Adventures: Bible & History, together or separate??

Unread post by Smoakhouse »

Great! That's perfect. I'm setting up the History notebook and a Bible verse notebook too.

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Adventures: line spacing for notebook pages

Unread post by Missy OH »

Yodergoat wrote:We're about to start Adventures here... next week! I am just now getting the student pages out of their protective plastic and am trying to organize and get ready. Looks like fun!

One thing which I knew already (but had forgotten) was that the line spacing for the notebooking pages included in the student sheets is quite large, like what was in the Bible Notebook for First. My daughter writes so much more neatly with narrower lines, more like the "wide rule" notebook paper. She also writes lengthy summaries and runs out of room with these extra wide lines. It was a real challenge to get all her writing on the page in the Bible Notebook from First.

I don't think she'd be pleased with "drawn in" lines to make the wide lines more narrow. She wouldn't think it looked very neat. :~

Any ideas for this? Should we cut out the coloring picture and paste it onto a different sort of paper with narrower lines? I think I have some paper here that has regular "wide rule notebook" lines on bottom and a blank area at top, journal style. But I would have to tear it out of a notebook and so it wouldn't be the same size as the rest of the student sheets.

Another thought I had was to cut out the coloring portion, glue it on a blank sheet, let her color and decorate at will, then put the writing portion on a sheet of notebook paper opposite it in her History Notebook, to make a 2-page spread. Then she could write to her heart's content and add more to the coloring portion if she wished... stickers or a border or something. She likes that sort of thing. ;)

Please help with other suggestions!
Try donna young's site. She has free printable notebook pages that should work with the blank top. I would then let my child choose to color the picture and glue it there or draw her own.

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Re: Adventures: line spacing for notebook pages

Unread post by gratitude »

My dd6 likes to write small too. For her MFW1 note book she is writing below the dotted line; thus, in-between the dotted line and the bottom line. Does that make sense? So she uses 1/2 of space given for the first/second grade lined paper for her note booking. It seems to be working well for us.
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Re: Adventures: line spacing for notebook pages

Unread post by MuzzaBunny »

Yep, just like gratitude said, I used a ruler and just made the dotted line a solid line. Then were twice as many lines, half the size, and dd does a nicer job. :)
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Re: Adventures: line spacing for notebook pages

Unread post by yvonneh »

LOL, have no helpful suggestions, but I love that her summaries were so long they wouldn't fit on one page...a girl after my own heart. My oldest dd dislikes writing so much, I am going to have to institute a 3-sentence summary rule with her. Sigh.
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Re: Adventures: line spacing for notebook pages

Unread post by romans8x28 »

I would think a sharpie and ruler would be able to help you make those dotted lines solid and still be pretty neat looking. My daughter dreads summaries, so we usually didn't run out of room. :) But I'm guessing her handwriting would improve if she was writing a bit smaller. Even I have a hard time writing neatly using the full spaces when I write on that big of lined paper.
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Re: Adventures: line spacing for notebook pages

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

I don't really have any good ideas, but I'm giggling over here. Shawna, as usual, Gail and Zack are two peas in a a T.
lea_lpz wrote:And I am over here wondering in we'd do better with HWOT style handwriting paper. She gets thrown when letters go past the bottom line, like j & g. I got a HwOT notebook for her science journal and am wondering if that'd work better for her Bible notebook when we get there (we just wrapped up week 2). I'd hate not to use it though with the cover matching and all. Usually going between HWOT and standard paper hasn't been a big deal :)
Just FYI - You can print HWOT similar paper for free off of Easy Peasy-All In One Homeschooling website. Google it if you haven't heard of it. :)
lea_lpz wrote:Thanks! I will have to check it out. DD had a lot if trouble learning her letters until we did a very multisensory approach.
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Adventures history notebook pictures

Unread post by Yodergoat »

We're doing Adventures here and have been creating our own notebooking pages. The ones included with the student sheets are nice, but my girl likes to write smaller and include more pictures on her pages. I thought I'd share some of what we've been doing.

We use colored cardstock as a background, then she uses a combination of pictures on her pages. Some are printed off the internet and then colored and cut out, some are drawn by Gail, and some are cut from old history books. We have one old book in particular which I don't mind cutting up. I got it at the library bookstore for 25 cents, and it has a very skewed and secular view of American history. I don't like the content, yet the pictures are nice. What was meant for evil, we have used for good! ;) In the following picture, you can see how we found a famous painting of the pilgrims (the picture of them walking in the woods) in that book and used it, along with a different picture cut from another book and Gail's drawing of Squanto. Lots of the pages are a mix similar to this, pretty straightforward, but with nice pictures because we get them from that book. You will have to use the scroll bar to see it all.
IMG_0438.JPG (124.92 KiB) Viewed 6164 times
Gail arranges the pictures however she likes and then adds embellishments like stickers. But her favorite way to embellish and add a little life to the pages is to use "word bubble" stickers with quotes inside. You'll have to scroll down the page to see it all, I have trouble making photos fit.
IMG_0443.JPG (105.66 KiB) Viewed 6164 times
In this page which we did leading up to the Revolutionary War, she wanted to put some quotes by famous patriots which she enjoyed from our reading. Patrick Henry is saying "Give me liberty or give me death." (of course) Samuel Adams is saying "Where there is a spark of patriot fire, we will rekindle it." And she liked the idea of "minutemen" and so colored a minuteman soldier and wrote him saying "I can be ready at a minute's notice!" This made it a little more interesting for the reader and helped explain the idea of patriots.

We had a little fun with this recent page with word bubble quotes. Again, use the scroll bar.
IMG_0445.JPG (112.97 KiB) Viewed 6164 times
If you have trouble seeing it, that is President Jefferson offering to buy the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon. He is saying, "Will you take $15,000,000 for it?" to which Napoleon answers (with a slight inclination of his head), "Oui. You've got a deal." Heh heh. Not sure how accurate this face to face meeting is, but it was fun to portray. Below it there was a map of the purchase, but I cropped it out in the photo. I don't know where we got those word bubble stickers, but they have made notebooking fun!

We also enjoy adding three dimensional objects and items. For example, on one of Benjamin Franklin's pages (he got TWO pages), there is a pocket to hold the miniature Poor Richard's Almanac. There is a pocket by the Declaration of Independence page to hold a small copy of the Declaration that people could pull out and read. By the Eli Whitney page we have a wee pocket with real cotton bolls so you can take them out and feel the seeds, and cotton seeds to make a frame around a picture of people using the gin. In that one, I put photos of Gail struggling to get the seeds out and put a "thought bubble" sticker that said, "This is hard." That sort of thing. Not as elaborate as a lapbook, but still a little bit dynamic and varied.

We've really enjoyed making the history notebook. and Gail enjoys sharing it with family.
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Re: Adventures history notebook pictures

Unread post by Poohbee »

What a beautiful notebook! How fun to see some other ways for documenting a student's learning. It will be a priceless treasure for you in years to come! Thanks for sharing!
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