Schedule - How long is the K year?

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Schedule - How long is the K year?

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DEP from MO wrote:We have just ordered MFWK and I am sooo excited! Can't wait to get it!!

Also, maybe I am wrong, but if there are 28 lesson weeks in K and I start in mid August, that puts us at finishing some time in March?? Do you review after that? Just wondering how I explain finishing early to those that believe in a traditional public school year :) Thanks in advance!
Just a tiny clarification....

There are 166 days of study in the MFW K. 10 days of the introduction unit on Creation. And then 26 units. Each unit is 6 days long (26*6 better equal 156 days). That does NOt mean that you do school on Saturday. In other words, you don't start each of the phonics units on a Monday.

I don't know how many days you are required in your state. In my state we have to do 180 days. I filled those 14 days with other fun stuff --- extra field trips, library programs, some review time, a special day or two to learn about Thanksgiving and Christmas ---- and the 14 days get filled fast.

Usually I've started in June, and take a big spring break instead of a big summer break. And we add in other regular breaks throughout the year as well. As a precaution, you'll want to ask local homeschoolers if there are any specific laws about start dates.

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We reviewed and worked on reading Bob books when finished. That could be an option for you. Also, I had him write simple sentences.
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Here's a tip a friend gave me when we first started homeschooling:

When starting up a new program or a new grade, you might want to ease into school. So, on day one of school, do just Bible and art. The next day add spelling and math. Whatever. In a week or two, you are doing all your subjects. Starting a subject at a time allows you to iron out any kinks with new programs and that way you don't need to know how to teach everything new at once...

This would stretch your year out a few more days.
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We started MFWK last year on July 5 and finished on April 7. We took time off throughout the year for Drs appts, holidays, Daddy's day off, etc. I really liked how flexible the K program was that way. I think it was hard for me to understand the 6-day unit concept until I actually started doing it.

I can't remember where I read this idea, but I'll be using it this year: take a photo of your student(s) on the first day of school and make up a list of their favorites: color, video, lunch food, etc. Then do the same thing on the last day of school and compare.

A special first and last day might use up an extra day or two
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My box came in the mail yesterday! Everything is a lot easier to understand now that I have it in front of me. Winkie, I like the photo idea. My mom always took a picture of us on our first day of school each year. Thanks for all of your advice!
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