Combining - Can we do TWO math programs?

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Combining - Can we do TWO math programs?

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Eve wrote:Could one possibly do TWO math programs?

I keep finding Singapore interesting, and wonder about it for my 2nd grader in the fall. Is there a way to incorporate both our current math program together with Singapore? Or is that too complicated and confusing? If I CAN do both, how would you recommend doing it?

well, my plan

I know many many people who use Singapore's Challenging Word Problems (CWP) to supplement their math program. I am told you will need to get CWP at a lower level, but they still require a great deal of reasoning though. I am excited about the combination.
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We do both. They do their main program each day, then do a few pages of Singapore. Sometimes they get to something in Singapore that they haven't had yet, so I teach it to them. But most of it is review. I like having the variety and the mental math of Singapore.

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I do two as well. Friday is Singapore day. I just do one Singapore lesson on Friday to keep the Friday schedule light.

If we get to something they struggled with we did slow down, but generally that schedule works well for us. My daughter had to slow way down when we hit double-digit multiplication, but she is up and running now!

When we finish 2 Singapore books we do a Challenging Word Problem book.

That is what it looks like at our house. I feel like we have the best of both worlds. I love Singapore's make-you-think math, but we need a program with drill.
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Hello ladies!
Thank you so much for your wonderful replies! I am so happy to see how this really could work, combining programs!

I'll have to get online and see where my children would be at in the program with Singapore.

I am getting excited about this, now!
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We use two. I chose Singapore as our core program. My goals are always with Singapore.

However, some students are greatly distraught when the going gets tough. So when we get to something that ds decides is painful in Singapore, even after playing games & such, I ask if he'd like to switch programs this week. He is so happy to see a break! I am so happy to be able to sit a while in that area of math :o)

In our second program, we usually go quickly and do a week's lesson all in one day. He is not "learning new concepts" with this, but only reviewing & seeing it from a different perspective.

This has slowed him down in Singapore, so we may not finish a complete year of Singapore; however, he has done two programs And he has played a ton of math games, and done a serious math drill program.

So it's mostly "mom" who has to be okay with not being at a superstar level if you add a program, because you don't want to burn the child out. And maybe "dad" who has to be willing to make the investment in 2 programs & hope for good resale value with the partially-used program.

Disclaimer: If you have lots of kids, I think they probably have variety built into their day already, & you do NOT need to purchase ANY extra math program -- mom is busy ENOUGH!

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When I switched a few years ago with my 2 kids, I decided that if I needed a back up I would keep the other math, but I have not needed. When we needed some extra practice in fractions for my daughter, I just used the Key to Fractions series to have a few days of extra practice.

It has worked well for us and I think would be too much for kids in the older years to use two programs at the same time.

I like the way Julie talked about how they had used another math as a break from but not at the same time.

I really like that way Singapore has the kids work on mastering a part of an operation and then comes back to it for review before moving on to the next step in the next level. This has made it easier for my daughter especially who needs more time and extra practice. Moving on too fast with a series of steps in one area or math was too much for her.

I have also really liked the word problems and how they teach thinking about them. My son is able to most of the work in his head. My daughter has to write out more so the program is working for both of my 2 different kinds of learners.

I also like that there is not too much on a page or in one lesson at a time. It is really broken down into incremental steps very well.

I would not suggest waiting to switch. Other programs do not cover some of the material so my kids had to start back in 3B.

I know that choosing a math program is probably one of the hardest decisions you will make. I can feel for you because I am now having to make decisions for daughter as she moves into Algebra next year. I am trusting Him to help us and I know that He help us as He has so many times before.

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Elementary math curriculum

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asheslawson wrote:Here is my dilemma. My son used Singapore all the way through 6th grade & is now in 7th using Saxon 87. My daughter did MFW K & MFW 1st with the math as directed, then I had her do Singapore 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, which she did great & completed in a year. She loves math & does fine.

She had seen Horizon's & really wanted to use it though. She'd seen it because my son had seen it originally in a placement test I gave him when I was originally beginning to homeschool him in 4th. He has always struggled with math - but he's hanging in there & doing ok in Saxon 87. He always told her she'd like Horizon's better - that was what he wished I had chosen. This year, for my dd's 3rd grade year, I gave in & bought Horizon's 3rd. She loved it - she did fine & rarely even misses any problems - despite the fact that Horizon's seems fairly advanced. So - I really have no major concerns with either Horizon's or Singapore as far as both seem to be thorough and are good math curriculum choices.

Here is my concern - I have Singapore on the shelf through 6th already bought & paid for. I ordered 2 workbooks - so I have everything - the textbooks, workbooks, MFW lesson plans, even the home instructor guides for Singapore. I could take it all to my co-op used book sale - but I won't likely get much for it. And buying Horizon's isn't terribly pricey, but I think it's still around $70 for a year - if I pre-order it at convention, this Friday. We are not just flowing over with money! So...I thought I'd see what some of your opinions are. She's bright and math is her easiest subject - so either is really fine. But it's about what she says she LOVES, or what I have right here, already paid for! Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts!
Thought I'd chime in with a little feedback. If you want to just switch to Horizons, then you could try selling Singapore online. You may get a little more for it there since you have complete sets. I'm all for using what excites my kids, so I'd probably go that route. Just my opinion :)
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Re: Elementary math curriculum

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I think either will be fine -- your sticking with what you have (you're the mom/teacher, after all) or selling and changing like Stephanie mentioned.

For myself, I admit I'm strongly biased towards Singapore. It's not a matter of being "advanced" in terms of doing multiplication early. It's a matter of learning to "think math" rather than plug-n-chug like most American math programs (I haven't used Horizons but assume it's a typical American method). I like getting in the Singapore lessons for sure, and then kids can do all kinds of other math things as extras. My youngest used to do Math-U-See as an extra when he wanted to hover for a while in math, and we had lots of other math materials around here. I know it's an expense, but sometimes it can even be a gift at Christmas-time or something. Or there is resale, as Stephanie mentioned.

My grandson does his public school math, including the math enrichment class there, plus he does MFW-1st math as an activity with me sometimes, but he also wanted more math workbooks last birthday/Christmas. I took him over to the teacher supply store and he chose a big, fat one for me to give to him. He does that in the car or during long church sermons (maybe I shouldn't admit that ;) ) or just when he wants something to do. He loves it when he comes to something new and I explain it to him. I don't necessarily think he gets more than a surface understanding when I tell him how to do "hard stuff," and I hope to be able to teach him deeper understanding using Singapore next year, but he stays excited this way and has plenty of confidence. We also do a lot of math via board games -- he likes to make them up and he likes to get thousands of points LOL.

Well, I've digressed pretty far by now from helping you make a choice, but just wanted to add there are different options for blending things, as well, including gift-giving. We like math at my house :)

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Re: Elementary math curriculum

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I started with Singapore and used it for three years before we tried any other programs. This past fall we tried R&S math and then we tried Bob Jones Math this past winter before coming back to Singapore. If you asked my children I think they would pick the Bob Jones, which is similar in some ways to Horizon.

The reason I am glad I went back to Singapore is that I have already seen, in the past month, a return to the strong mental math they had prior to trying R&S and Bob Jones. I see them 'thinking math' again, which they started to lose some without Singapore. I think Singapore is the slow and steady road that gives them the 'why' behind math that over time produces good results. Math facts are worth adding to Singapore, but otherwise it really does a wonderful job of teaching math on its own.

I also found it interesting to note that my oldest placed 3 grade levels higher in BJU than his Singapore level and then when we came back to Singapore he had to more or less start where he left off. I think it says something about the advanced nature of Singapore, but more importantly that it really does teach them how to 'think math'.

So for me I did choose the program I thought was best for their learning, rather than the direction my children would go.
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Re: Elementary math curriculum

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Great thoughts everyone & I appreciate them. Sometimes I just need to hear a bit of what others would do - because a part of me is thinking - I'm the parent & she doesn't get to choose, while another part of me is thinking that if she's excited about math - go with that. However, she loves math & has from day 1. I do worry about the deeper thinking skills she would miss from not doing Singapore. I'm still surprised at how much, even my son who struggles with math, can do mentally with little difficulty. He can work out multi-step equations completely in his head, to the point that it frustrates me because I can't see his work to see what went wrong if he missed one. I'll tell him to take another look at it, and he quickly refigures in his head and catches his error and corrects the problem. That is something I attribute to Singapore and I worry if she doesn't use it she might miss out on that attribute of SM!
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