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Ideas for 2yo? Back-to-school items

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HSMom03 wrote:I was listening to David Hazell's "Occupying Preschoolers..." talk and I agree that the little ones should get a little something new too when the older siblings get their new school items. I was going to get my toddler an educational sticker book but then everyone wanted one! So, I still need something just for him. Any ideas? Thanks!!
How about his own special brand new: playdough, crayons/coloring books, puzzles, fingerpaints, dot markers. Or you could make him a toddler friendly school box (plastic shoebox) with his own supplies that he can use while you are teaching olders. You could put items I mentioned, plus little toys and maybe some special snacks in it. Sort of a busy box. Take a look at the preschool items sold by MFW. My little guy likes to drive his matchbox cars (also slightly larger construction trucks) in a pan of rice, beans, or cornmeal. Couple of ideas.....
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Re: Ideas for 2yo? Back-to-school items

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I agree that MFW has some great preschool toys. Putting them in their own bins can make them "schoolish." And all the other ideas Lori gave, including the different tactile pans.

My kids would probably have liked just their own school supplies -- a couple of blank spiral notebooks, glue sticks, a pencil case with some large pencils and a large sharpener, a small marker board and washable markers and an eraser.

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