General ideas for Writing a State Report - all ages

If you are using Exploration to 1850, please share your ideas with us.
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Re: State research for 2nd/3rd grade in EX-1850 ?

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I loved reading your post - this was probably the favorite thing we did this year! I did this with a 3rd grader & two 7th graders. Honestly - I just assigned it to all and spent time helping them learn to research - we made some field trips out of it - and it turned out to be awesome. I didn't tell my 3rd grader that my expectations were not that she would do quite as much extensive research as the boys - but she wowed me! They all did. We began with a field trip to our local - tiny library. We reviewed the online "card" catalog - I spent time showing them all the ways they could search (title, author, subject, etc). I let them find tons of Texas books and we checked out our limit of 15 books. Later we planned a trip to the Dallas library & toured every floor of the library before camping in the Texas section. Here I picked out a book that covered a topic each of them had included as a sub-heading in their report and we found a really fun fact. I helped them create a bibliography card for this fact, step by step. I found some great resources online to help with internet research & created cut-outs for the back of their card so they could note their fact on one side & fill in the blanks on the back with my cut & glue bibliography info card for each type of resource.

We did mail off to the capital for our state information. The boys each just got a simple magazine, but my daughter was sent maps, stickers, magazines, pamphlets, posters, literature galore! I have no idea why, but I was glad each child mailed their own letter separately so at least one of the packets arrived full of goodies!

I asked them all to write a report, create a cover of some type, and create some type of physical display, whether it be a diorama, an artifact, etc. My daughter spent weeks creating a slide show on her Nintendo DS of backyard, neighborhood photos, and then she created a huge display board with goodies she'd drawn, made, or found in Texas! She even dressed a teddy bear in a tiny bandana for fun. My son built a salt dough Alamo & painted a bluebonnet on canvas. My other student set up a huge Alamo play model and had some bones he'd dug up in his own yard.

Their reports were great - and they all incorporated some personal touches into their books they created. They decorated the covers, inserted a title page, table of contents, their report, some personal things they chose such as pictures of places they wanted to visit glued into a collage or a poem they'd written. After this they had a research folder with all of their rough draft copies, their bibliography notecards, and any internet sources they printed out. They made this folder out of a manila folder, which they made a lapbook from and added pockets for their cards. They added a state flag or state map to the front of this that they drew.

For our final week of school, we held a share night. We cooked up a wonderful Texas barbeque, complete with all the sides and a delicious Texas pie! They set up their displays and placed their research and their reports on the table. We all gathered to hear them read their reports and then had a wonderful dinner. It was a memorable night & I will keep their reports. They did fantastic!

My 3rd grader worked every bit as hard on her report, too. She went far above and beyond when it came to the extras - she loved this part. Decorated covers, diorama, many beautiful hand drawn pictures, and a very well written report were the end result. I am so glad I never told her I would not expect any less from her than her older brother and friend. Even though her report was not written with quite as much extensive research as theirs - hers went above and beyond anything else she'd written thus far! Therefore, in my opinion, give your 2nd or 3rd grader plenty of gently guidance, and help where they need it - but encourage them to participate in this as much as they are able. The end result was a report she, and her mom & dad, were very pleased with!
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Re: State research for 2nd/3rd grade in EX-1850 ?

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We printed off ten or so pages from the book and had our 3rd grader read a state history juvenile non fiction. He just filled out those pages. We found a state bird, flag and flower coloring page online and that's what we dd for his report.
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General ideas for Writing a State Report

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We just completed EX1850 in May. Instead of asking my 7th grader and 3rd grader to do a written report about the state, I came up with a list of projects they could do and let them choose from the list. They had to choose 4 projects to complete, and I had a list of required information they had to include. They did the research, but they had more fun presenting it with projects rather than in written form.

Some of the projects they chose to do were to design a t-shirt, design a billboard, create a travel brochure, make a diorama, make a mini-book, create a map of the state, etc.

For me, it was more important that my girls learn about and remember information about our state than it was for them to learn how to do a research report, at this stage in their learning. My eldest has done a few research reports in the past, and I know she will do some in the future.
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