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Supplies: Student Materials & storage

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Mom2theteam wrote:Is there any reason I shouldn't put the worksheet pages in a notebook? I was going to 3 hole punch them and put them in a binder to keep them neat and easy to file. 'I thought, I would put it back in after he completes it too and it would be a good way to file them to keep records. Is there a reason not to do this? Thanks!! :)
I think it sounds like a Great Idea! :-)

I have not done what you are thinking of for MFW K, but I do for other things, and it is a super way to keep papers organized. I move MFW K papers from one folder (not done) to another folder (completed). Your idea though would make a nice keep sake and record of K work, and there isn't any reason I can think of to not do it.
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Re: Student Materials for K

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Thats exactly what I did last year and it worked out perfectly. HTH.
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Re: Student Materials for K

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I bought two of those expandable files from WalMart. I put all the student materials for each unit into manilla folders labeled for each individual unit like the manual suggests (along with the badge card) and then put half the folders in one expandable file and half in the other. (I could fit them all in one expandable but 2 allows me some extra room.) Then DD has one cute folder she chose for herself. At the beginning of a unit, I pull all of the student materials and badge out of the manilla and into her kitty folder. Each page comes out of and goes back into the kitty folder until the unit is complete. When we finish the unit, the completed work, along with any flat crafts, go back into the unit's manilla and I pull out the next one. It's working really well for us. :)

Hmm, when I read that it sounds as clear as mud! Hope it makes some sense. Anyway, I think your idea will be great! Just wanted to throw out our arrangement for you or anyone else interested. :-)
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Re: Student Materials for K

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I set up the file folders as per the manual - one folder per unit, and I filed all the student sheets in the right folder. I also have our calendar and hundred chart in the current folder, and then just move it along as we finish up the unit. I like the folders because as I come across thing that I can use for future units (crafts, recipes, magazine articles, pictures, whatever), I can file them in the right spot - when we get to that unit, hey look - there's a recipe here I forgot all about that fits in perfectly!

When dd was in K, I put all the completed work back in the file folder, and at the end of the year I had a box of completed files - a nice record of our K year. This year with ds, I have been filing the completed work in his own 3-ring binder. I'm finding that he likes to go back and look through all the pages and remember what we did. It's a great review and it's fun.

Long way of saying, yes, I think a notebook will work fine, LOL.

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Re: Student Materials for K

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Thanks Melissa. I am actually doing something similar, but in a notebook. I got pocket dividers for each unit. I plan to put anything I come across in the pocket for that unit. I will keep the things we use repeatedly in the front. I also got a notebook for my son. I plan to have him keep his calendar and the 100 chart in the front of his notebook. I'm going to have him keep his workbook pages for the unit in his notebook. I picked him up a pouch that will go in there too and have his pencil and eraser. I think he will enjoy that. We will see how it works. This is our first year homeschooling and I have no experience with this sort of thing. I'm sure I'll be learning a lot as I go. :)
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Re: Student Materials for K

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I am new to this also and we have just started K about a month ago. We are using a expandable file with 26 pockets and I have doubled up on the 1st one with creation. I keep all the worksheets in there and anything I come across for each unit in it's own pocket. We hang the calendar and 100 chart on the wall and refer to them daily. I hand all the projects we do and completed worksheets each week as completed then when we start the new unit we clear the "art" and refile them into the pocket. Repeat each unit. Then I will just keep the expanding file as record of K completed! Hope this helped! Not exciting but works for us! :-)
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