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Web Filter Suggestions

Unread post by Lucy »

Just Clay wrote:We are setting up a computer for our kids to use when given permission for controlled amounts of time. Does anyone have a web filter, or any other resources, that you like to help eliminate the viewing of "junk" on the internet. I understand the internet will always need some level of supervision.

Thank you,
Hi Annette,

Our family uses Safe Eyes, which also allows us to set a timer for each child. I think it is about $50 per year, but it has been well worth it. There are times that we are trying to look something up and we know the site is o.k. (like Old Navy) and we have to turn it off. One thing I like is once you log out it automatically kicks back in the next time.

Anyway this has been very helpful for the I-Touch my son has as well since there is a Safe Eyes app available. I would recommend visiting their site to get some more information. They have 30 day money back guarantee too.

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Re: Web Browser Suggestions

Unread post by Q-father »

We use bSecure, http://www.bSecure.com (it used to be bSafe). We like it because it can be customized by signed in user. It can block websites, content categories, and times of day. It also will block programs on individual computers per user. It shows us users full internet activity including what searches were performed. It allows us to set up alerts. We have had problems with alerts as my wife triggers alerts to me for her facebook activity that do not apply.

We would recommend this filter to others.

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Suplementing with educational websites?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

got2catz wrote:I have two children doing God's Creation from a-z and Learning God's Story. Last year we did school all together; or at least we were all talking back and forth about the same thing even if the little guy wasn't doing the worksheet, so transitioning this year to trying to teach them separately for at least part of the lesson has been challenging! We are trying to follow the recommendation about just working separately for the language arts and math portions, but that still means one kid needs my undivided attention while we are learning the new concept. And we all have to be in the same area together so it's not like I can tell one to go play while the other has to stay in school.

I had an idea of possibly setting up a laptop and headphones and getting one kid started on an educational program or quiz or whatever while I worked with the other one. But I am not 100% how that would work- my preference would be to find something that reinforces the concept we are currently learning, but I am worried about the internet, for one- does anyone have problems with them "wandering off" and searching for other things (like batman toys, which my 6 year old already has figured out how to type into a search bar) and has anyone run into any bad problems/issues? Or does anyone have any super awesome recommendations? Thanks for the help!
When kids are playing or listening to your own disks on the computer, you can set your browser to work offline. For instance, we had Quarter Mile Math for math drill, and that was loaded on our computer from our own disk, so the computer didn't need to be online.

If you want the kids to play a game or watch something educational online, of course that's different. Check your computer for settings that help with this. Different versions of Windows may call it "family safety" or "parental controls."

There are also filters you can add. Here are a couple of past discussions, although software does change quickly.
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 517#p68517
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 177#p92177

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Re: Suplementing with educational websites?

Unread post by klewfor3 »

Just a couple of quick suggestions for the computer options. If you buy educational software to install on the computer your kids wouldn't have to be online to use it. When my kids were younger we used the Reader Rabbit program. It was a gift so I didn't research it but they all liked that. And it was nice for me because I didn't have to worry about them clicking into ads or other websites.

If you are looking for a website that is fun but educational..I would recommend Funbrain. Click on Playground and it has a lot of games that are fun but help with math and reading skills without being obvious to your kids. This website does have advertisers on it though.

Also, Starfall is a website that was highly recommended by the ps that my kids attended. It is a great program for phonics and it's free! But,if you have a tablet or iPad, they also have Starfall as an app. With an app you wouldn't have to worry about them getting onto other sites. When my kids were in first grade, I had them play on it every day. It is REALLY good.

Hope that helps!
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