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Science - Supplies

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Wendy B. wrote:I've really enjoyed having science kits that I had purchased for my older kids ages ago. The only purchases that I needed for science were consumable items such as fruit, etc.

I would like to have the same set up for ECC! There are options for science kits for the apologia texts so I'm not too concerned about the years that use apologia. Has anyone found a science kit for ECC?
Our Wildlife and Parks offers quite a bit that fit with ECC. I understand about just buying a kit though, we do that for the Apologia books, and LOVE having it all right there ready to go.
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Re: Science Kits

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For ECC, some experiments are in the teacher manual and I doubt any kit has been created just for an MFW manual (great idea, though!). You could contact one of the homeschool vendors like Home Science Tools and ask if they'd do it?

The other ECC experiments are in the Properties of Ecosystems book. You can look at a supply list for that & order them, if you like. But more likely, it will help you to see that you probably have the materials at home. It's the last 5 pages of this sample (and the last column on the right side): ... -1-369.pdf

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Where to get a Magnifying glass?

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Jenn (MD) wrote:Hello, I am going through the preparation list for ECC and it's suggested to have a magnifying glass for nature observation. I was just wondering where you all have purchased one of these? We just borrowed our neighbors for 1st grade but i'm thinking we should probably own one. :-) Thanks!
we've done ok with the ones that come with "bug hunter" kits (target or educational supply stores)

then later one we got on that came with an apologia kit from Home Science Tools.

do you have any kind of school supply near by? I'd start there in the science sections. my local one has test tubes, and all kinds of stuff.

or hobby lobby sells them with a 4X lens. (at least online they do.... guess the brick and mortar stores do too)

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Re: Where to get a Magnifying glass?

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I got a nice one at Joann's Fabric - it was in the notions dept, but I'm sure someone there would help you find one. It was pretty inexpensive too. They were BOGO when I got mine so I got two since I have four children.

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Re: Where to get a Magnifying glass?

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We found one at WalMart near the pharmacy by the reading glasses (2 years ago already-time flies)--I think it was $5.

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Re: Where to get a Magnifying glass?

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Thank you for the suggestions! I really appreciate it. :-)
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